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EYE-BALL’s Harry’ Growl on – Julia Gillard does not understand Hypocrisy – ALP Powerbrokers dump Penny Wong – makes Gillard look foolish over her ‘sexism’ claims –

October 27, 2012
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– Julia Gillard does not understand Hypocrisy –
ALP Powerbrokers dump Penny Wong –
– makes Gillard look foolish over her ‘sexism’ claims –

| Author: EYE-BALL’s Harry’s Growl | 27th Oct 2012 |
News from South Australia that Penny Wong has today been dumped to second position on the South Australian ballot for Senate positions will shock many – especially those within the ALP caucus.

Ms Wong is looked upon as someone with great expectation from within the party, but Union influence has again caused a rift within the party that will again draw blood at a time when Gillard is desperately fending off the wolves hunting her down in a slow stalk.

Factional Union lobbying has seen SA Right-faction powerbroker Don Farrell from the ‘Shop, Distributive and Allied Employees Association’, and a Senator since 2008, topple Ms Wong by 112 votes to 83 to place first on the SA Senate Ballot.

This is major news – Farrell was seen as someone that helped Gillard topple Rudd in June 2010 – Wong was a Rudd supporter throughout that coup.  Gillard again has tested party loyalty and see a senior Minister fall from favour within the Union factional powerbrokers.

These Unions operate under a ‘sesist misogynist’ mandate and yet Gillard has stayed silent on the Wong demotion.   Gillards hypocrisy is there for all to see, whenever she remonstrates over sexism and misogynism in the future, she is fully embracing an entrenched sexist workplace where serving union heavyweights ply their sexist attitudes to women.

She is a hypocrite for all to see – and Australia is ashamed to have her as our PM.   A ‘Courier Mail’ story on this Wong demise appears below:

Women are listening to Julia Gillard with fresh ears, but it may not last long

| Author: Mark Kenny | Date: 27th Oct 2012 | Link to On-Line Story. |

THE fact the faceless men are male rankles with voters more than their union connections, says Mark Kenny.

THE term faceless men is thrown about freely by Opposition Leader Tony Abbott.

The phrase was brought to prominence half a century ago by the then Liberal prime minister Robert Menzies.

He used a photo of Labor leader Arthur Calwell and Gough Whitlam kicking stones around outside a Canberra hotel while the ALP platform was being settled inside.

The optics were awful and Menzies capitalised perfectly, decrying Labor’s “36 faceless men”.

The critique has proved durable.

But, as with Menzies before him, Mr Abbott’s beef is not with gender so much as the optics of union bosses and factional schemers pulling strings in smoke-filled backrooms.

Yet it is arguable these days that the fact the faceless men are just that, men, that rankles with voters more than their union connections – certainly among women.

If there is one clear lesson from the surprising cut-through of Prime Minister Julia Gillard’s “I’ve got a scream” speech in Parliament, it is that women voters long have felt voiceless and they resent a structural/cultural under-representation in the corridors of power.

And why not? Women have been equalling and often besting men in law schools and other university courses for years, but the political class has been slow to reflect this merit-based shift.

This weekend, South Australian Labor’s 200 delegates decide on Labor’s senate team for next year’s election.

When the votes are counted, Ms Gillard’s most prominent and senior figure in the state, Penny Wong, will be listed at No. 2 behind the Right’s Don Farrell.

Men on all sides say this is not a result of sexism as Ms Wong’s gender has nothing to do with it.

They say it is simply about numbers, of which the Right has the majority.

This means its candidate will prevail and Ms Wong will have to settle for second.

Voters, however, may not see it that way.

Just as many were unconcerned about the “Slippery” circumstances of Ms Gillard’s speech – the video of which has clocked over three million internet hits – most voters couldn’t care less about Labor’s internal machinations.

What they will be wondering about is why the PM’s straight-talking clarity across the dispatch boxes at Mr Abbott is absent when it comes to male factional bosses and their denial of the merit principle regarding one of her best ministers.

Why is it that the PM, who promised to name sexism wherever she saw it, has stayed aloof from this battle.

Officially, her position is that pre-selections are a matter for the party.

This reasoning should be seen for what it is – the standard fudge leaders offer on all but those occasions when suddenly they decide to act.

Ms Gillard made one such exception as deputy PM in 2009 when she intervened to rescue a supporter whose NSW seat had become unviable.

Presumably, Ms Gillard also shares the Labor view nothing about Ms Wong’s consolation prize constitutes sexism.

This is true only if sexism is defined in the deliberate and the particular – that is, if someone argued that Ms Wong should not be elected first, despite her obvious merit, because she is a woman.

Unsurprisingly, no one is running that line. They don’t need to.

The system sees to that. Indeed, if sexism has nothing to do with the final order on the ticket, merit has even less.

Think about it this way. If the sheep in Labor’s factions were given a free vote, how many of the 200 delegates would conclude that it is smart to put Mr Farrell ahead of one of the highest-profile and most senior ministers in the Gillard Cabinet?

The fact they intend to do so reflects not their individual sexism, but the discrimination against merit on the part of the system.

And, given a strict application of the merit principle would have seen many more female leaders in the past, it can be said to be a structural discrimination serving a sexist purpose.

The Government’s manager of business, Transport Minister Anthony Albanese, slammed the snub of Ms Wong.

Many female voters would agree with him.

Many more of the thousands of women who tuned in to Gillard-FM might even expect their new champion to take the same view.

Their hands are on the dial.
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  1. Gerry Hatrick
    October 27, 2012 at 10:33 pm

    Being relegated to 3rd position would be tenuous, and 4th position highly unlikely to succeed in a half senate election. Whatever of the swing away from the government at the next election, the 1st two spots in each state for ALP will win. The final result in the ACT territory elections show that there is a polarity towards the 2 major parties, and predominantly to Liberal.

    At the next Federal poll, Greens will not fair well.and Liberal could well collect 20 of the 38 spots but will still not take control of the senate. The Liberal party need a full senate election, a double dissolution.

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