About the EYE-BALL Authors

The persona of the EYE-BALL Opinion is an opinionated and crusty 57yo living the backside of life … he has many opinions … some fierce, and some not so, but will blog on any topic, anytime and from anywhere.

There is a lot that could be better in the world … and to that I say – ‘my words are but a whisper carried long and far by the echoes of technology and its wisdom’ … those opinions are not always agreed with but it is honest toil and will reflect what I believe in …

One of his current passions lies in trying to get the not-for-profit Fraser Coast Aqua Therapy Association – (F.C.A.T.A.) program up and running. It has been 4 years of effort now and is very slow progress with a Council that will not accept its demographic responsibilities …

The opinions expressed are not always agreed with – or mainstream – but they are honest, researched and hope to make a difference.

EYE-BALL also produces the JokeZone and MovieZone index and content pages listed as a part of this site

Please if any of the stories appearing at this site by any of the AUTHORS moves you in any direction – please post a feedback comment – open debate is what is necessary for the WORLD to deal with the serious issues that confront us all. You can subscribe vis the RSS Feeds if you want regular updates delivered to your Mail Inbox – or you can E-Mail The EYE-BALL Opinion using the links provided throughout the site. – please ignore the many typos – I am not an editor and I would rather blog new posts then spend repeat time editing – please have a great day and enjoy the site. …

There are many images and research material included on this site sourced from many different media outlets and the internet. If anyone is aggrieved at their use and have the copyright ownership to any of the material, and you [the owner] object to their use, and there use falls outside the parameters and fair use provisions included in: ss. 40 – 42 of the Copyright Act 1968 (Cth), please contact me with the post title and the content you would like removed.

Apart for all that – have a great day and enjoy the site.

Link to latest EYE-BALL posts …

Herman O’HERMITAGE is a most exciting addition to the EYE-BALL OPINION team. His “Herman’s LECTRUM” is his pulpit – and he comes from academia land. He has recently fought many battles with Macquarie University and is still awaiting the just outcome … he is not afraid to take on the highest level of Government over his mis-fortunes in seeking that justice.He is fully equipped with the wit and folly to expose mediocrity wherever it lurks. He was offered the role of a Roving Reporter and was happy to accept – his posts will appear when he thinks a topic is worth reporting and there are no set deadlines. He is a man of few words and believes ‘less is best’ … He has been known to the EYE-BALL for over 30 years and is an exciting fellow from the order of all orders – please don’t ask me to explain what his blogs really mean – just read them and if you don’t understand – then just accept that – ‘you don’t understand what it is that you don’t understand’.

Link to latest Herman O’HERMITAGE posts …

Harry HOUND_DOG – or HARRY HD as he is affectionately known around Political circles is a Political journalist – with specialist skills – the EYE-BALL team are are lucky to have him as a contributing AUTHOR. He has contacts far and wide – his spies are everywhere and he intends to blog about Australian and Overseas politics when he deems it important enough that the world needs to know. He is exceptionally well credentialed – having served in the parliamentary system for many decades –Harry HD was a Press secretary for a former well known Federal Minister – and like most in the chambers – he is bi-sexual. So one can never argue about his bias or from which side of the house he gets his scoops from. He can intercourse with both sides of the political divide and other sides when necessary. Everybody that he relies on for information and ground-breaking stories all give as good as they get and expect favours in return. He is on first name basis with all the heavyweights – and he has carried them home many a time. He will hopefully bring some colour to the Australian Political scene.Link to latest Harry HOUND-DOG posts …
The EYE-BALL GURU has joined the EYE-BALL team and is the FINANCIAL MARKETS commentator and annalist that everybody wants on their team.Some 25 odd years ago – he was forced underground because he pulled off the biggest Financial Market sting in Australian Market history – not quite as big as the attempted Bunker-Hunt Silver heist of the early 80?s – but GURU’s ‘sting’ was a successful heist – some $75 million back in 1988. It had everybody in the market scratching their heads trying to understand the play – all the REGULATORS to this day have no idea what happened – if you asked them – they wouldn’t even think there had been a ‘sting’ – but he can assure you all it happened.In the last few years GURU has researched it in great detail and written two books about the event and well into a third about the aftermath. The first book has being published at this site as a Non-Fiction Novel called – ‘BALLS Like an ELEPHANT’ – all the 40 chapters can be read on-line by clicking on the link here.The GURU has now come out of hiding and has lost none of his skills in market perceptions or predictions – he currently sits atop the great big crap heap representing the BEAR’s – the crap is representative of the crow he has had to eat and shit since he began to hide from all those chasing him. It won’t take him long to re-assert his credentials – he has blogged elsewhere during his time away as the ‘GOLD-DIGGER report – and rumours that those investors are still chasing him are without foundation – in fact some of them are still loyal clients …

Link to latest EYE-BALL Guru posts …

The most recent AUTHOR to join the EYE-BALL team is Sports commentator SNOOP-POOP with the SCOOP – he is a sports fanatic – and has joined the team to give his expert opinions on the NRL [National Rugby League] season. He is of course from BroncoLand and supports that local brand …He has his pet hates – Hayne – Galen – and any niggling player – Innis and the like – he yells at his TV and his neighbours usually go out on game days so their children do not have to put up with the Police visits for excessive noise and abuse …He is a loudmouth and thinks Parramatta should be booted form the competition because most of their players wear skirts … He was never a fan of Gallop and happy to see him gone – Besides all these petty prejudices – he has pledged to give you his all in tipping the teams he thinks can win – but by the same token – he reserves the right to crush when he thinks fit … E-Mail Snoop Poop …Link to latest SNOOP-POOP posts …
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