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EYE-BALL MovieZone’s Front Page:
EYE-BALL MovieZoneThe EYE-BALL Movie-Zone is a Blogsite that focus’ on Oscar Winning and Oscar Nominated movies.This presentation is a part of a much larger project that has researched all Oscar movies back to 1928 when the “OSCARS” first came into being.As each decade of movies has passed the research undertaken has disclosed many of societies responses, changes and concerns.The question arises and is fair to ask – are Movies reflective and a response to societal changes – or are the Movies actually contributing to the changes our Society has experienced over the last 90 odd years?This is a serious issue from the researches perspective – issues like morality of lifestyle and the political corruption dilemmas form part of this question. The outcome of the research hopes to shed further light on this question as each decade is reviewed – what came first in the ageless question – the ‘chicken’ or the ‘egg’ –

This research journey has uncovered some real gems of movies lost to many generations – movies like 1955 Oscar Winner – “MARTY” – and the delightful 1953 nominated – “ROMAN HOLIDAY” – are just two small gems and an example of a movie art long-lost on modern-day producers, directors and distributors.

Each decade of movie winners and nominations have thrown up many conclusions and each decade have their uniqueness. From first perspectives the movies watched reflect our society as it has progressed – the most notable changes appear to be the acceptance in changing moral values, the changing and direction of political messages, and the human interest stories that always reached us on so many emotional levels. All this can be seen and reflected upon when these selected movies are revisited and watched again – some for the very first time by younger movie fans – but I can assure you that if you take the time to download and watch these movies you will ne be disappointed.

Please enjoy the links provides and if you love moves as much as I do – I hope you get the same enjoyment as I have.



The links provided below lead to pages with EYE-BALL Movie-Zone reviews on Oscar Wining and Nominated movies – MovieZove YouTube uploaded scenes and commentary – and EYE-BALL MovieZone’s other favourute Movies.

They also provide links for bit torrent downloads to each movie – comments reviews and general information about all the movies – and direct Wikipedia reference links for further movie information.

The YouTube uploads are of some classic and famous Movie Scenes from past favourites.  These scenes are large files and you will need playback software to be able to view them.  The file size is displayed so you can manage your usage accordingly.


[Just a small note – this is a free website – and the information posted hereto is the product of genuine research which has taken considerable time and effort. If you have enjoyed the product of these efforts a small donation would be appreciated. There is a gratuity/donation link provided to the right of this text – please if you have the time and are so inclined to want to make a donation – please use the link provided. All funds received are thankfully received and they go a long way to help maintain the content of this site.]

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