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EYE-BALL’s Harry’s Growl on – Election 2013 – Growl No: 49 – Shorten has to be made accountable –

June 27, 2013
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– Election 2013 – Growl No: 49 –
– Shorten has to be made accountable –
| Author: EYE-BALL’s Harry’s Growl | 27th June 2013|

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Bill Shorten looks like a hunted man – his struggle to get the words out in his press conference before the ballot last night appeared genuine and heartfelt.

People like ‘Insiders’ Barry Cassidy saw that as a personal conflict because of a divided loyalty … the fact is Shorten moved to get rid of Rudd three years ago, and was again forced to move to get rid of Gillard in favour of Rudd last night.

Who is Bill Shorten – ex AWU boss and Ludwig puppet – what Shorten does is what Bill Ludwig Snr wants … so it can only be assumed that Shorten’s move last night was at the bequest of Bill Ludwig, Gillards staunchest supporter and the real ALP ‘kingmaker’.

Why did Ludwig switch support – had Gillard gone rogue on her AWU support base – not so according to AWU boss Paul Howes only a matter of days and hours before the spill last night.  It was fear of the election defeat and decimation of the ALP.

Will the ALP learn that when Unions rule the roost the ALP is at its weakest?

In the wash up and after the Gillard ‘wake’ – the questions will become quick-fire on the Shorten/Howes/Ludwig roles in what has happened over the last three years.

Labor finds itself where it was in 2010 – Rudd as Leader and facing an election – the difference is where the poll numbers are stacked … Rudd and Shorten – can that relationship ever be trusted from either side – Shorten knows that Rudd knows that Ludwig knows, that Rudds revival is to try and save the ALP over what Rudd knows, and Shorten knows, as Ludwig knows was all of their own making.

[Hope there is not to many ‘knows’ in that alignment.]

The other idiot that needs to find a hole is Conroy – he fell on his sword over Ministerial positions but he also needs to resign from the Senate … he is just such an embarrassment … Wong gets her chance to shine and should have gone there before Gillard promoted Conroy …

Tony Burke apparently offered his resignation yet Rudd refused.  Perhaps there is reconciliation in the air!

Emerson is leaving to console Julia and their shared parliamentary pension will allow them to live a lifestyle for a period – Gillards goal cell awaits and the cost of a defence to keep her out will keep them both poor for a while

But it all swings back to Shorten and what role he now plays …

Any tears for Shorten and his tough decision are wasted, the man knows only one way to lie in bed – the Union way and his ambitions are still there.   If Rudd loses the election – a 60% chance – and Shorten becomes Leader the ALP are a party done with the electorate …

Shorten’s tenure in any capacity now and after the election is what Roman tragedies are all about … his role can only every be as a messenger acting on instructions from persons outside the parliament – that can never be allowed to happen.

If Shorten’s position last night was him acting to distance himself from Ludwig and Howes then that has to be made public.

What is very noticeable is that the roll out of commentary across all the TV media and news is all focused on the ALP – the Coalition will be surprised at how hard it is for them to get any air time to speak …

The ABC ALP bias is very alive and for the next few days Abbott will be hung drawn and quartered and any attempt to get air time will have to be purchased with election war chest funds …

Another point if note is why Wayne Swan still going to contest his marginal seat of Lilly … is it because an MP ejected gets a better crack at the Parliamentary pension scheme … or is he after his own form of payback given his anti Rudd stance that will run front and center in the Coalition’s election  campaign?

The question on whether the Union factions still have control over the caucus remains a real issue for many disenfranchised ALP supporters.   The Howes/Ludwig AWU franchise, along with the HSU/Thompson/Williamson dramas have convinced Australians that all Unions are steeped in corruption – they want nothing to do with Unions and that will be an afterbirth issue Rudd will have to deal with if the ALP are to retain long term support.

One thing is certain – the current Leadership team have targeted Abbott’s lack of clarity as their election ramp … challenge Abbott’s ability to lead and you gain clear air if it sticks …

With the House rising for the last time before the schedules Sept 14th election, and that is still to be confirmed by Rudd – perhaps this afternoon – but with the Parliament closed much of the introspection will be done away from the media and public view.

And yes – QLD won the State of Origin and it was a thrashing …

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  1. barry
    June 27, 2013 at 1:18 pm

    Anybody who thinks it’s ok to rip off the hard workers of the country , treat them like dirt , and spit in the country’s face , should be hung from the nearest tree……seems quite a few in the political arena fit that bill of late.
    Australia has become a joke , and it’s left itself wide open to rabble like this.

    No wonder so many are thinking of leaving .

    How could anyone call these monkeys “Leaders”.

    It must be the biggest joke in the history of the planet .

    But I’m not surprised Australia has them .

    You reap what you sow .

  2. Barry M
    June 27, 2013 at 1:40 pm

    This article has nailed it on the Ludwig/Shorten/Howes tag team for what they are. Duplicitous arse covering crooks

  3. June 27, 2013 at 2:34 pm

    Ludwig and Conroy are not due to face re election in 2013. There are 18 ALP and 18 Coalition senators and 3 Greens and 1 Independent who are up for re election this year. In the 2 territories they only serve for 1 term each, therefore face re election each 3 years.

    Bill Ludwig might think to offer a casual vacancy to Trish Crossin. She could then be elevated to Minister for Indigenous Affairs. Then Shadow Minister after ALP loose government. Conroy will end up in academia. Poor old academia get all the duds.

    Bob Carr, Doug Cameron, Marise Payne (all ALP), Arthur Sinodinos, Ursula Stephens (Lib) and John Williams (Nationals) are all up for re election in NSW. It is interesting researching this on APH website who else are up for re election. In SA it includes Penny Wong, Sarah Hansen Young, Nick Xenophon, Don Farrell, Cory Bernardi and Simon Birmingham.

    Conroy has 17 years service, and Ludwig 14 years as a senator. In these cases some might prefer the word leeching to service.

    Watching politics over many years you see bright stars burn out very quickly through over ambition maybe Arbib or Gillard or Keating, and plods rise to great positions like Albanese. The Peter principle fits all cases. They are promoted to their level of incompetence.

    Go and sin no more! John 8:11

  4. Barry M
    June 27, 2013 at 2:46 pm

    There is at least one mature and intelligent grown up in that lot of names. Arthur Sinodinos.
    I’m sure the rest have ‘grown up’ but I would debate the mature and intelligent part on all the others.

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