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EYE-BALL’s Harry’s Growl on – Election 2013 – Growl No: 43 – The Independents and The Greens – why do they accept an alleged Criminal as PM? –

June 8, 2013
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– Election 2013 – Growl No: 43 –
– The Independents and The Greens –
– why do they Accept an alleged  Criminal as our PM? –
| Author: EYE-BALL’s Harry’s Growl | 8th June 2013|
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When is it acceptable to support someone under a ‘Police Investigation’?

Is it when that person is a family member, a work colleague, a friend, someone that you think has been wrongly accused … how about when the Prime Minister is that person who is under police investigation?

Julia Eileen Gillard is the ‘person of interest’ in a police investigations as is Bruce Wilson, and Ralph Blewitt, and many others connected with the AWU fraud and its cover-up that happened during the early 1990’s.

Ralph Blewitt has confessed exposing Gillard and others, Wilson has also coughed up a statement to the media, but Gillard will not confess to the media or the Australian people that she is under a police investigation connected to the AWU fraud.

To further confound – the media have not asked Gillard the question(s) –

“Prime Minister – are you under a police investigation – have you been formally advised of the said investigation, and have you been approached to give an interview associated with the said investigation?

Why not is an obvious response?

Surely this is news – surely if all Australia became informed about the police investigation in a formal way they would be in a position to make a judgement call about all those in Parliament who continue to support Ms Gillard as the PM.

Independent Mr Windsor and Senator Barnaby Joyce made comments on the record yesterday as reported below:-

Nationals’ challenger for New England, Barnaby Joyce, is working on voters

| Author: Jamie Walker and Jared Owens | Date: June 8th, 2013 | Link to On-Line Story. |

BARNABY Joyce has ramped up the pressure on the man who stands in his way of switching to the lower house of parliament and politics’ main game.

Senator Joyce has warned voters in the seat of New England that they would be out in the cold if they stuck with veteran independent MP Tony Windsor.

He shrugged off Tony Abbott’s warnings about the dangers of overconfidence and referred to the “reality” of a Coalition victory in the September 14 federal election.

The Nationals’ Senate leader has moved his wife, Natalie, and their youngest daughter into a home in Tamworth as he gears up for the battle against Mr Windsor, who holds the northern NSW seat by a commanding margin of 21.5 per cent.

As The Weekend Australian took the pulse of the electorate this week, interviewing local voters about their views on Mr Windsor and his high-profile opponent, Senator Joyce was in overdrive.

He worked the crowd watching Wednesday’s State of Origin rugby league clash at Tamworth’s Court House Hotel while Mr Windsor was in Canberra for parliament.

Senator Joyce is counting on lingering anger in the conservative-leaning electorate over Mr Windsor’s decision to support Labor after the inconclusive 2010 election and fears that Mr Windsor would have no cachet with a Coalition government.

But Mr Windsor has the advantages of his big buffer, incumbency as a four-term federal MP and proven record of delivering projects and funding for New England.

Senator Joyce warned yesterday that staying with Mr Windsor would come “at a price” for the electorate, which rolls north from Tamworth to the NSW northern tablelands and the university town of Armidale.

“The reality is that the Coalition are going to win the election and then New England will be in opposition,” he told radio 2SM.

“We don’t want New England in opposition, we want New England in government, because Mr Windsor will not be seen as an independent. He’ll be seen as a member of the Green-Labor Party-independent alliance.”

Mr Windsor insisted yesterday he had no regrets about backing Julia Gillard along with other balance-of-power independents and the Greens’ Adam Bandt.

“I think the correct choice was made,” he told ABC radio. “It hasn’t been easy for the Prime Minister, obviously. It hasn’t been all that easy on us, either.”

Mr Windsor said Mr Abbott wouldn’t have handled the hung parliament if he had become prime minister after the last election, and the independents might have “done him a favour” by ensuring he stayed Opposition Leader.

Windsor once again has tied himself to Gillard with his above comments – that creates a question of why if he is aware of the ‘police investigation’.  Or – it could be that he sees no creditable case against Gillard and that would mean that his dismisses all the allegations made – but yet again nobody asks him the questions about his position on the AWU fraud scandal and the police investigation.

Windsor’s Parliamentary actions seem to be honourable and there has been only a blimp of exposure to his feelings towards Tony Abbott.  That was when he unleashed on him in the House over the undertaking Abbott gave if Windsor supported the Coalition to form Government in 2010 – that was during the ‘boat people’ Immigration debate late 2012.

That outburst exposed the hatred Windsor has for Abbott and it’s a hatred still evident if a police investigation is not enough to make Windsor reconsider his support for Gillard.   Windsor’s exposure on so many levels in his support for Gillard is what Joyce sees as the reasons he can unseat WIndsor …

Independents Windsor, Wilkie, Katter, and Oakeshott, along with The Greens Adam Brandt, and forced new Independents Peter Slipper, and Craig Thompson have held the balance of power in the House since the 2010 election.  Gillard survives on the support of at least four of these Independents in any ‘no-confidence’ or ‘supply’ motion.

The Greens Brandt has pledged support to Gillard on matters of ‘supply’ and ‘no confidence’ – Thompson and Slipper will support Gillard given Gillard’s support for both through their own criminal investigations.  So the balance comes down to Wilkie, Oakeshott, Katter, and Windsor.

Katter has supported the Coalition and Government on various Bills and is a ‘loose cannon’ in any debate on ‘no-confidence’.

The Coalition need all four of these Independent votes to roll Gillard, and that is the dilemma why the promised ‘no-confidence’ motion has not happened, and will not happen.

The election is three months away – less than 100 days – and Windsor is the Independent under most pressure. Yet he has the highest margin of any of the Independents. Joyce needs a swing greater that 21% to oust Windsor – that is a big ask but Joyce must have polling that suggests he can succeed.

Oakeshott’s intention about re-contesting his own seat is still unknown – he has delayed his decision twice already and that only diminishes his comments about good governance and how he thinks this Government has been a good Government.  He fears the voter backlash and embarrassment at the trouncing the polls are predicting … all his outspoken comments about Gillard’s achievements make him also guilty of supporting a PM under an on-going police investigation.

ALP have 71 seats with the ousting of Thompson, the Coalition 72 with the loss of Slipper, and an ‘absolute majority’ of 76 votes is needed to have a ‘no confidence’ motion passed.  Of course – if any of the marginalised and booted ALP ex Ministers had an inkling to do the right thing – the Independents would not be needed.   ‘Crossing the floor’ is the most powerful statement any MP can make –

The Police Investigation:

The ‘she’ says, ‘he’ says on whether a police investigation exists comes down to two sources –

  1. Mike Smith News – Mike has been pursuing this matter since it broke again over the Glen Milne story in late 2011.  He has a database of evidence that is exhaustive and utterly revealing in Gillard’s complicity.

    There is no doubt that she and Wilson set about a course of action – all facilitated by Gillard and her work as a Slater and Gordon Partner.  Her on the record interview with Peter Gordon in 1995 when the fraud was uncovered by Slater and Gordon senior Partners is most incriminating – you must read this post from Mike Smith to get a grasp of the complexity of intent to cover up the crime. – post linked here

    Smith’s research has implicated many individuals and to read all his research documents and comments will leave no doubt to Gillards guilt and those of Wilson and Slater and Gordon who did their best then, and continue to cover up the crime and fraud involved.Smith instigated the police investigation in November 2012 when he lodged a complaint – see his post here – this sets out the reasons and foundations in law as to why Gillard is under police investigation.

  2. 2GB’s Ben Fordham:  Fordham interview Gillard during her ‘Rooty Hill’ week earlier this year – that interview is available via YouTube replay below:

    Subsequent to the above interview Fordham was approached by the Victorian Police to be interview over the Gillard statements in his ‘Rooty Hill’ interview – Fordham told his 2GB listeners about this police approach and how Gillard misled or lied to Fordham about her knowledge of an ongoing police investigation into her involvement in the AWU fraud investigation – that Fordham broadcast can be heard again below:  [EYE-BALL’s original post on this interview can be read here …]

    Both these stories made National headlines yet the PM was never asked directly on the House, or buy the media in the countless new conferences she has given since about whether she is under Police Investigation – why is that?

Both these sources are impeccable – no writs have been issued by Gillard or any other party to have the allegations suppressed,  or withdrawn which can only lead to the assumption there is fact and truth in the allegations made.

How is this not news – that our Prime Minister is under a serious crime investigation and is one of the ‘prime suspects’ –

The Independents Windsor, Oakeshott and Wilkie stand behind a PM under police investigation – how would that trade in their electorates …

Abbott is also not blameless – why did he not ask during ‘Question Time’ in the past two weeks whether the PM could confirm she is under a police investigation?

Gillard’s answer under oath else she would be misleading the House, would have given the Independents no room to move in a ‘no confidence’ motion.

If it was on the public record it would have to be news and then all Australia would have undeniable proof that their PM is part way to being proved a criminal.

Why none of this happened is connected with protecting all the politicians involved – that means everybody – if it became confirmed that the ALP caucus, the Independents, the Greens, and the Coalition stopped short of ousting Gillard because of the harm that would cause to our parliamentary process – then they are all guilty of the cover-up.

Where is the strength of character, integrity, and moral sustenance to stand up and say – this is wrong and if by association I cannot bring this to an end – then my conscience cannot go forward knowing what I know to be true …

The Politicians think they play by a set of different rules – what other excuse can there be …

There is no more moral wrong then what is being delivered to Australians as the democracy they are ruled by.

How can this be democracy when lies and fraud are the foundation stones upon which it is built?

Please – consider all the above and make up your own mind – Gillard is a criminal – but she is only part of the problem as her caucus rallies behind her, as do the Independents and to some extent – the Opposition fail to ask the important questions that would sink Gillard and the ALP …

Perhaps a reason can be found in the duplicity of recent exposure of the Coalitions support to grab some $60 million of taxpayers funds to boost ‘electoral funding’ backdated to ensure war chest funds for he upcoming election.

Perhaps all political parties have some unwritten laws that they only can go so far in exposing MPs …  I can’t accept that but what can the alternative be in not exposing in the House that Gillard is under a police investigation?

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  1. Barry M
    June 8, 2013 at 11:41 am

    No one would expect the toadies at Fairfax to chase this story, the ABC/SBS flunkies have their heads up each others backsides when it comes to this fraud case, but we could and should expect more from Murdoch’s News Ltd. The question is why is there no intent to make the public aware?. News Ltd ran with it for a while through Hedley Thomas but after Gillard threw her rags at them and Hartigan was replaced by Gough’s son in law it appears Thomas has lost interest or has been muzzled. Their mainstream mastheads have done diddly-squat.
    When we look at the commercial TV stations we find Ch 7 has (how can we help you) Riley and Kevvies mate Koch, Ch 10 has Rimmington and Bongiorno who would rather top themselves than give Abbott any credit and Ch 9 has Jabba Oakes so we can’t expect the public to be informed by any of these joints.

  2. hillbilly33
    June 8, 2013 at 12:32 pm

    In a ”summary of issues” submitted to the Press Council, Mr Grech objected to accusations by lawyers representing Mr Blewitt that Slater & Gordon was stalling the release of an unofficial file created by Ms Gillard detailing work on the incorporation.
    ”The only documentary evidence Slater & Gordon was in possession of was that Ms Gillard acted directly for Mr Blewitt in relation to a conveyancing matter, a union dispute and a defamation matter,” he said.
    Mr Grech confirmed to Fairfax on October 16 (2012) that the file was missing.


    Julia Gillard acting for Blewitt in a “conveyancing” matter was her “finest moment” of betrayal of trust of her equity partnership employers (Bernard Murphy excepted – he knew all about it)!

    She’d got away with concealing her conflict of interest from them in 1991, by failing to disclose her illicit relationship with married AWU employee Bruce Morton Wilson.

    She’d got away with the same thing in 1992 when setting up, registering and incorporating the sham entity AWUWRA; plus breaching every relevant rule of the firm’s principal AWU client; contravening every relevant rule of the Legal Profession Practice Act 1958; ignoring her affirmed oath as a solicitor; and breaching her obligations to act in utmost good faith and make timely disclosure to her partners, and in addition opening herself to a charge of defrauding them by not charging Wilson and not opening a file on the firm’s system, thereby concealing her unlawful,unethical actions!

    Throw in misleading the W.A Corporate Affairs Commissioner for good measure and it would be more correct for her to claim – “I did nothing right”!

    Gillard and Wilson must have felt they were “bulletproof” when they conceived and instituted the 1/85 Kerr St. “love nest” purchase! Any analytical reading of the tone and thrust of Peter Gordon’s intensive questioning of her and her farcical responses in her “exit interview” on the matter, show the deep concern it held for the partners.

    Because Nick Styant-Browne had been so deceived by Gillard that it had been dealt with as a normal transaction through the commercial section he led, and he had actually put his name to Blewitt’s Trust ledger Account as “Client Manager” and partner responsible, his concern was emphasised in Gillard’s admission -“When Geoff (Shaw) and Nick came down and saw me about the conveyancing file,……”. That was apparently on 14th August 1995 when she made certain other admissions about the “incorporation file” and the Power of Attorney she had drawn up, acting for donor and donee and said she had witnessed Blewitt’s signature, a claim he denies publicly and in statements to the police.

    It is critical and imperative to realise that almost, if not all actions Gillard undertook for Wilson were unlawful from a legal perspective, and that collectively, and even some individually, could have spelt the end of Slater & Gordon as a law firm and financial ruin for all her partners under the terms of Professional Indemnity and joint partnership responsibility.

    Arguably S & G or her former partners could still be sued by the AWU, as they should have been in 1995-96, and also arguably would have been, if Gillard’s pivotal involvement had not been kept secret by her partners for 17 years, aided and abetted by many AWU and political identities either involved in the fraud, or whose credibility and futures could have been severely damaged if the truth had come out



  3. June 8, 2013 at 12:52 pm

    Once again Hillbilly33 you provide the depth of imput that makes us all wonder why the Legal faternity has not rallied behind this injustice …

    Your opinion on this would be welcome …

    Harry G.

  4. Firecracker
    June 8, 2013 at 12:56 pm

    Wonderful comment Hillbilly33. I puruse this site all the time for stories on the AWU and read all your comments here and on other sites about the AWU as well. I’m sure I speak for many when I say thank you for your contribution and efforts.

  5. hillbilly33
    June 8, 2013 at 12:59 pm

    Hi Barry. Don’t look to the MSM or ABC in general to expose any of this. Most commentators and self-styled investigative journalists have backed themselves so far into a corner with their outlandish sycophantic support of Gillard, unsupported by any shred of evidence or remotely substantive statements from Madam Trash herself, they don’t even have room to back out!

    Michael Smith’s evidence-driven site, backed up by the many professionals from many fields who post their analytical comments, together with support from sites such as Eyeball and many others, is creating enormous public pressure on the guilty ones.

    Victorian Police Fraud Squad are doing an incredibly thorough investigation and don’t forget their witnesses include those who know most about the fraud and whose credentials are impeccable,such as Ian Walter Cambridge who publicly pledged to put everything at his disposal before the police, and encouraged others who knew what went on to do their public duty and do the same. Mike Smith has given extensive evidence as have Bob Kernohan and many others. Ralph Blewitt’s evidence will be carefully weighed but he has no doubt given some fascinating valuable insights and leads to the police.

    Every i will be dotted and t crossed before people are charged, but the substantive facts are so self-evident, rest assured people will eventually be charged, no matter how deep and how far the web of corruption and coverup has spread. We the people have had enough and will not settle for less!

  6. Barry M
    June 8, 2013 at 1:13 pm

    What you say is so true Hillbilly, I follow MSNews religiously. It is amazing that so many highly qualified people like yourself are prepared contribute their time and expertise to that site with their expert opinions. It must gall Gillard and her fellow fraudsters and their followers that so much documentary evidence has come to hand and available to the VIC Police Fraud Squad.
    When this fraud is finally and fully outed the Labor Party will be gutted, the likes of Shorten,Hayes,Feeney, Conroy, Roxon(going) are just a few of those who will be exposed over the cover up of the fraud. aka Mac1

  7. June 8, 2013 at 1:13 pm

    I posted on Bob Ellis’s blog this morning – still awaiting moderation – but he wrote – see here for full story – under a story titled: “Curse You, John Faulkner: A Cry Of The Heart”

    ” …It is certainly the case than many, many Labor MPs and their staffers think we are going to lose. It’s almost an article of faith, with no more supporting evidence than a number of polls from which a million ‘Undecideds’ are omitted.

    “The mood is powered in a large measure by the lazy, melancholic teetotaller John Faulkner. He declined to be part of the most talented ministry in federal history (count them: Carr, Clare, Combet, Albanese, Plibersek, Roxon, Garrett, Evans, Swan, Burke, Wong, Shorten, Bowen, Dreyfus, Crean, Macklin, Ferguson, Rudd for a while, Tanner for a while, McMullan for a while, Kerr for a while, Debus for a while, Gillard; twenty-three potential Prime Ministers, and where was he?), preferring to be outside the tent pissing in, the weakling’s option, the weakling’s way.

    “His view , in brief, is that because certain of Labor’s alumni are corrupt, and they are, and parts of its machinery are unjust, and they are, then Tony Abbott should own and run Australia hereinafter. Because we do not deserve it, this dry fool thinks, we should never, never have it, and he, Abbott, and Pyne, and Morrison, should have it in our stead, and whatsoever they do to the country, our country, they should have twenty years of power. …

    … and further into the post …

    “All this is delusional anyway. Abbott’s character flaws, and his connection with pederasts, and his habit of fucking girls while dressed as a priest, will do for him I think, and bring back the Undecideds, and Labor will win with 39 percent or 40, and 52 percent twi party preferred. This is my call, a hundred days out, or is it only ninety-nine. Polling in Dobell tomorrow and Sunday will support this, I am sure….


    The comments thread to Ellis’s post is a belly roll offering in how ALP supporters willing fall over themselves to agree and the sane contributors trying to convice them they are deluded … whether my comments get posted/approved is still to be seen –

    This is truly an example of how far apart this Nation is on all things … can Bob Ellis truly be this stupid …

  8. Barry M
    June 8, 2013 at 1:14 pm

    Abbott has to sue Ellis over those comments

  9. June 8, 2013 at 1:18 pm

    … But will he … Ellis must have some foundation to make a comment like that or he is just begging to be sued as you say …

  10. Barry M
    June 8, 2013 at 1:29 pm

    If it were true or even a hint of truth I somehow think those at Fairfax and Marr would have been all over it.
    Remember when they came up with the cameraman who was supposed to be Abbotts love child. Abbott admitted the bloke could have been his but DNA proved that the girlfriend had been two timing Abbott. He was at Uni then and not in the Seminary.
    The best they can come up with so far is that he MAY have punched a wall while a female was standing close by and today they have some sooky old lefty coming out with stories that Abbott looked like he MIGHT have been going to punch the sook way back in 1978. Fair dinkum.

  11. Barry M
    June 8, 2013 at 1:32 pm

    Bligh tried the same tactic with Newman in the lead up to the Qld election and she got caned by the public for doing it. In the end she had to admit she had no evidence to her claims. The same will happen here.

  12. HissyFit
    June 8, 2013 at 1:46 pm

    Barry, you heard the News about Bligh and the big “C”. She is now living in Sydney with her family after she became a Medicare Board member under a Gillard appointment after she vacated her seat and forced a bi-election 6-7 weeks after she won her seat in the election. Cost QLD taxpayers $500k or so and she did not have to contribute a cent for turning her nose up at the humuliating defeat.

    Loath to say it, but ‘karma’ is real.

  13. June 8, 2013 at 1:47 pm

    I would love to hear Hillbilly’s take on that as well Harry …

  14. Barry M
    June 8, 2013 at 1:51 pm

    I am sorry for her latest fate and hope she recovers. But it doesn’t change the fact these people in Labor are low lifes and will spew bile if it suits their need.

  15. hillbilly33
    June 8, 2013 at 3:12 pm

    Harry and Eyeball. There are many fine lawyers, ex-lawyers and a former judge who post on Mike’s site and also provide info directly to him. I think they all ask the same question and one in particular has actually begged Labor lawyers to come forward and speak out virtually saying they’d worked too hard and valued their principles too much to stay silent and be “tarred with the same brush” as Gillard .and those supporting her.

    I can’t provide any definitive answer because I too am gobsmacked that such obvious crimes can be ignored by those who know better.
    Aplogies for the length of what’s coming but IMHO this particular ladder often used to get into Parliament does not help one bit!

    Acknowledgment to SID MAHER, The Australian November 02, 201212:00AM for headline and Gillard quote.

    Julia Gillard grilled on Australia Workers Union file dates.

    In parliament yesterday, Ms Bishop asked: “Why won’t the Prime Minister inform the house why she said on August 23 she had no involvement when this proves that 12 months later she did?”

    Ms Gillard said she had dealt with these questions at the August 23 press conference.
    “I stand by those TRUTHFUL statements,” Ms Gillard said. “I refer her to my extensive press conference, where I dealt with ALL of these issues in a great deal of detail.” end quote.

    Breakthrough!! Finally, what I’ve been waiting for, thanks to pressure from Michael, this blog and Julie Bishop, Gillard has stumbled and made the fatal error of putting something on record where she now becomes accountable!

    The transcript shows her PC was a tissue of lies, half-truths and evasions and this gives us all a line of attack. I already have a lot of the work done and will deal with it question by question, but start with the one on ethics. I hope others here will join me in a concentrated effort to exploit the opening kindly offered by Gillard.

    Q7#. Are you satisfied, was your conduct as a lawyer throughout this matter ethical?
    PM: Yes.

    What does Julia Gillard consider ethical? Let’s look at her actions.!

    A Guide to Ethical Behaviour for Female Solicitors inspired by an actual case history.

    1. In case of future problems, first learn these three mantras by heart until you actually believe them to be true and can repeat them ad nauseum!
    (a) I was young and naive!. (b) I did nothing wrong! (c) I was a solicitor acting under instructions of my client!
    2. Gain your Practising Certificate by any means possible, like not bothering doing articles, but immediately forget or ignore your obligations under the Rules of Practice set down in the relevant Legal Practice Act.
    3. Acquire by any means possible, a Union to represent. If you have political ambitions and belong to the Labor Party, this step is absolutely essential!
    4. Get rapid promotion in your law firm by any and every means possible, and I stress that point, by any and every means possible.
    5. At the first opportunity go to bed with a rising star in the Union movement and begin a long-term relationship.It doesn’t matter if he’s from a different faction. You’ll learn to play that game, count the numbers and you can switch sides anytime. This is another essential step as in 3.
    6. Don’t worry if he already has a wife and a couple of young children. They’re of no consequence measured against your personal ambitions.
    7. At the first possible opportunity, provide him with the means to access and launder loads of other people’s money. You’ll both need heaps to finance where you want to go!
    8. Don’t worry if that involves helping set up, register and incorporate a sham asociation contravening relevant Rules of an Associations Incorporation Act.
    9. Don’t worry if it contravenes all the Rules prohibiting such actions without the specific authority of either the National or Branch Executive of the Union you represent and also the breaches of Rules for handling of Union moneys set down by your principal client.
    10. Don’t worry about any other obligations to your principal client under the Legal Practice Act.
    11. If you’re a salaried partner don’t worry about your obligations to the equity partners to act in utmost good faith, especially with regard to timely disclosure.
    12. If the true aims of the sham association are to illegally access taxpayers or Union money provided for a specific purpose, draw up the rules but don’t sign the application yourself. By the same token, the association title is so important, don’t trust your accomplices to write down the specific, necessary name. Do it yourself in your own handwriting on the required accompanying certificate and the application for incorporation,
    13. Keep your actions and relationship secret from anyone who could cause problems, particularly your principal client and your employing partners. So don’t put any related file on the firm’s system.
    14. If your lover is from another State, assist him to acquire a little love nest for you both in your home town, utilising the taxpayer’s or someone else’s money you’ve enabled him to access and misappropriate. That will assist you to keep the relationship secret from your main client and your employers.
    15. Don’t worry if all that involves deceiving the equity partners of your firm. If you lie convincingly enough, you might even prevail upon them to treat it as a normal private property purchase and also to provide a mortgage loan. You may even get one or more of them to sign their name to mortgage and/or other purchase documents.
    !6. To make the scam not quite so obvious, get your lover to find a “fall” guy in a State far away in case things go wrong, and put the love nest purchase in his name.The same one you conned into signing the association incorporation application form would be fine! It may also assist your lover to hide assets from his wife, should she sue for divorce.
    !7. The love nest can be purchased first, then you can worry about doing some of the other things necessary, like writing up and backdating a Power of Attorney to “legalise” your lover signing for the purchase and a mortgage loan. No need to tell the “fall” guy about the big mortgage though.
    18. After the love nest purchase, get your lover to fly to the far-off State with the Power of Attorney, get the “fall” guy to donate his PoA, have him sign it so your lover can bring it back to you.
    19. Type in an earlier date on the PoA, witness the “fall”guy’s signature and don’t worry that you, as your lover’s girlfriend just added another conflict of interest and also didn’t actually see the donor sign.
    20. If you own a property yourself, you will probably gets loads of “free” assistance and help from Union friends to carry out renovations.
    21 With plenty of other people’s money to spend, you will be able to afford a good lifestyle, fine foods, fine wines and many trips and outings.
    22. Make lots of promises to people about possible future appointments to various boards and/or statutory authorities or even judicial appoinments should they choose to help you achieve your ultimate goal.
    23. If by some remote mis-chance, one or two honest Union officials arise and start asking awkward questions, you’ll have gained many allies to help you hamper, obstruct and sidetrack them to help cover up your misdeeds.
    24. If they still persist you have plenty of Union “heavies” availabe to bully, intimidate and/or bash them if deemed necessary.
    25. If your Union lover is finally caught up with, you plead ignorance of any of the naughty things that have taken place, then recite your pre-learned mantras “I was young and naive”, “I did nothing wrong”, “as a solicitor I was instructed” by that naughty con-man, even though he wasn’t really your client, to do unlawful things that legally you were not obliged nor permitted to do!
    26. Claim “he was a conman who broke my heart” and some women everywhere will empathise and love you for it. ABC presenters, the MSM and various compliant doyens of journalism, academics and numerous other left -wing luvvies will repeat your lies and give them the “ring of truth”.
    27. You will be defended by many unlikely sources including other lawyers, university vice-chancellors, academics, Law schools and journalism professors etc., etc.
    28. Even if equity partners in your own firm investigate and put the most serious allegations to you, in their own interests they will most likely give you the choice of resigning rather than doing their duty and reporting you to the Law Society and/or taking proceedings against you.
    29. You can then make up all sorts of fanciful reasons why you are no longer with the firm and others will lie to assist you to protect themselves.
    30. By this time you will have so much dirt on so many other corrupt people, you can continue to bluff, lie, cheat and bully your way to the top.
    31. The powerful Union “friends” you have made along the way may even see a huge advantage in manipulating you to the highest Office in the land.
    32. Then you can exercise your unlawfully achieved power to bully and threaten to shut down any person or organisation who dares to criticise you.
    33. You wlll be able to pick up the phone to have people who dare ask awkward questions sacked!
    34. You can set up a statutory authority and appoint people who have been helpful to you or shut others up who could cause you trouble. They’ll also protect your friends if they’re unlucky enough to get caught with their fingers in some Union’s till for hundreds of thousands of dollars!
    35. Under no circumstances report any serious indictable offences by your lover to the appropriate authorities as you’re legally required to do. Just another silly old law to be ignored.

    You have finally made it, by strictly adhering to the very helpful and informative Julia Gillard -inspired “Guide to Ethical Behaviour as a Female Solicitor”!!

    If you have learnt your oft-repeated mantras by heart “I was young and naive”, “I did nothing wrong”,” I was a solicitor acting under instructions”, if anyone asks you on National TV “Are you satisfied, was your conduct as a lawyer throughout this matter ethical?” you’ll be self-indoctrinated enough to automatically say, Yes!

    The unthinking gullible media and other sycophants will laud you for a “strong performance”, swallow your lies unquestionably then tell everyone end of story, move on!!

    Only those misogynist nutjobs on the internet who are old enough to remember what it was like to live under those old-fashioned long-gone principles like
    decency, honour, integrity, fairness and justice for all, will raise any objections. Most of them don’t vote Labor and many of them will probably die soon anyway!

    ***** URGENT UPDATES: October 2012
    ***** Two Urgent and Most Important Supplementary Rules:

    36. Never at any time, under any circumstances swear or declare any document for which you could be held accountable!

    37. As Prime Minister, never, ever under any circumstances whatsoever, answer a question or make a statement in a place where you could be held accountable for your words!!!

    OOOOPS!! Temporarily forgot that last rule. What have I done!!
    Friday, 02 November 2012 at 11:39 AM


  16. June 8, 2013 at 3:36 pm

    Brilliant synopsis … and I believed every word the first time I read it

    Thanks for the repeat performance …

  17. June 8, 2013 at 3:55 pm

    Hillbilly – the Mike Smith News (MSN) is a doyen of insightful data … Mike has the support of so many people – perhaps just not the ones that count.

    I’ve believed for some time that our legal system can’t go after the sitting PM – there is no precedence and there is not rule of law that dictates she should stand aside if she is under a police investigation. Common sense would dictate otherwise.

    I would take Brandis’ law interpretation over that of Dreyfus anytime – that of Roxon as well as the former and current AG. Then why the hesitation from the Law fraternity?

    Example – The Victorian Law Society must have interest in both Gillard’s conduct, and that of Slater and Gordon. Surely they have a vested interest in pursuing an investigation – I know Mike Smith has blogged about this in recent days … but it seems they would rather it all stay buried then confront their own culpability when it all happened and when Cambridge called for a Royal Commission and it was tabled in the Victorian Hansard …

    Through experience I don’t believe that Justice or he Law operates in this Nation on a level playing field – have money you can buy a great defence and influence the Courts via reputation alone …

    Get stuck with the Public Defender and you put your life in the hands of a whole other Law process …

    The Mike Smith documentation is a forensic example where nobody can hide – I know this because I helped EYE-BALL put his ‘John O’Neill and Nick Greiner’ fraud case together involving the NSW Governments 1988 $75 million fraud against “The State Building Society” members some 3 odd years ago … linked here –

    It’s still an open case today …

    However I play the Gillard fraud out – she escapes for if she goes so do a 100 or so other people involved … as a Nation we should not have to deal with that history … and if Abbott does not pursue the matter after he attains office – then all creditability is and will be questioned.

    Thanks Hillbilly for the contribution … always appreciated.


  18. June 8, 2013 at 3:59 pm

    Still no approval from Bob Ellis on comments posted over six hours ago …

  19. barry
    June 8, 2013 at 5:41 pm

    Quote:- [He declined to be part of the most talented ministry in federal history (count them: Carr, Clare, Combet, Albanese, Plibersek, Roxon, Garrett, Evans, Swan, Burke, Wong, Shorten, Bowen, Dreyfus, Crean, Macklin, Ferguson, Rudd for a while, Tanner for a while, McMullan for a while, Kerr for a while, Debus for a while, Gillard; twenty-three potential Prime Ministers, and where was he?), preferring to be outside the tent pissing in, the weakling’s option, the weakling’s way.]

    Talented???? He doesn’t state exactly “which” talents these people are supposed to have !!!!!!
    Talented???? Wow, if this is the best Australia has to offer , it is little wonder Australia is in the trouble it is !!!!!!
    Talented???? At what ? Blind Freddy could see through the lies , the deception , the arrogance , the idiocy , and the blatant attack on Australia itself , with absolutely “NO” regard for the citizens of the country.
    This last factor alone should be enough to have the lot of these “talented” individuals expelled from the country.
    As they have no purpose here.
    Talented???? Who was it that said that ? Oh yes, that’s right ……well one would have to question the integrity and sanity of the individual who called this lot “talented”.

    But let’s just consider, perhaps we have the meaning of the word “talented ” in the incorrect context.
    Talented these people may well be .
    Sadly their “talents” appear to be directed in all directions excluding the benefit to Australia.

  20. June 8, 2013 at 7:42 pm

    Yes – I was shocked that supposedly clever people could be so stupid in assessing the ‘talents’ of such a wickedly flawed Cabinet … Ellis has to be writing his blog in a fairy tale world where accountability is not a requirement …

    I read a number of his posts and it’s all the same dribble where there is only one opinion … ALP is the only option … I’ve subscribed and am sure that the shocks will keep coming .. as well as the laughs …

  21. June 9, 2013 at 5:35 pm

    Checked today and none of the comments went through – so Bob Ellis is a censorer with chickens for courage …

  22. Barry M
    June 9, 2013 at 5:56 pm

    Eyeball, I would like to know your comments, can you post them here.

  23. June 10, 2013 at 7:50 am

    Barry M – the comments are lost – there were three – one directly at a response comment Ellis made to another comment and a stand-alone comment re the Cabinet makeup and Bob’s view on it – both on the post mentioned above –

    There was a third comment on another post made a day before the above post –

    Sorry I can’t provide more info but I did not think to take a copy of the comment fearful they would not be posted – they weren’t crass or contained profanity … they were aimed at the blindness of the comment threads and Bob’s own comments in dismissing those who argued against him …

  24. June 11, 2013 at 5:41 am

    What I perceive here is a group of committed and impassioned Australians want to get rid of a bad government. The criminal allegations regarding Julia Gillard are just the tip of how bad, despite them being too much. Far too much.

    Across the weekend no matter where I went it is the same. Rudd, not the messiah just a very naughty boy. Swan, we are now into 2 successive qtrs of neg Gross National Expenditure, technical recession, yet he wants to say positive things and berate the opposition for talking the economy (government down). Dreyfus will lose his seat, he deserves it. Garrett will lose his seat. He deserves it. Swan will lose his seat. He deserves it.

    Yesterday as I approached my car at Hawthorne Canal Parklands 3 people were chatting on the side of the road. I am a bystander. “There will be a pickup in consumer demand after September 14”. “I am not sure about that”. Might Albanese lose Grayndler? He definitely deserves it. Grayndler is a funny seat more based around Marrickville, but stll taking in Lewisham to Ashfield, to Leichhardt and Haberfield, to parts of Newtown.

    Name one that should be allowed to pick up the pieces. I believe all talk around Rudd and Shorten is jockeying about who will lead after the election but of course it is complex. More than that the leadership will be a poisoned chalice.

    On this particular aspect of this ALP disease. I wonder whether Gillard will see the inside of a gaol cell. The same cuts for Eddie Obeid, McDonald, Williamson and Thomson. It needs to happen. There are not 2 sets of standards, one for the hoi poloi and the others.

    Maintain the rage.

    Constructive conversation between now and polling day will be on the upper house. Get rid of the Greens. But then what? Who wants Shooters and Fishers cutting deals with the Government?

    Truth is the Greens will survive in the balance of power with reduced numbers. It is by virtue of the 6 year electoral cycle. Will they then espouse allowing Parliament to run it full term? Yes but in a modefied form. They wont want to give the government a double dissolution trigger, but they will try to maintain their agenda, therefore appeal.

    By the way Tony Windsor won’t contest New England. Nor will Oakschott contest Lyne. Show us are you a man or a mouse?

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