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EYE-BALL Zombie-Leaks – SBS Registration.
Updated 4th Jan 2012
Hello – this is a new site – early 2012 – and this page allows for former State Building Society – (SBS) – Members and Staff to register their interest in an ongoing recovery process targeted at the NSW Government – (NSWG) –  and former employees of their agents – the  State Bank of NSW – (SBNSW).

Records show there were more than 250,000 account holders and members of the SBS and staff numbering more than 600 at the time the SBS was sold to St George Building Society – (SGBS).  To reconnect with as many of these members and staff after such a long interval is a substantial undertaking and will not succeed without assistance.

If you can help – please take the time to try and remember any work associates and members who held SBS accounts.  The list currently sits at around 50 former SBS members and staff.    If you were a member of the SBS or a staff member – and want to register your interest please fill out the form below.  Your details will remain confidential and will only be used to keep you updated with developments in this further discovery period.

If you have any information that could be helpful – i.e. names and contact information of other known members and staff – can you please try to get in touch with them and let them know about this registration process.   If you want to stay updated to the progress of this matter – you can also subscribe to the RSS and E-Mail links provided at right and top of this page.

This has been a 24 year wait for justice thus far – the process began three years ago and much has been discovered through extensive research.  It still has a long way to go and the efforts to date to expose the FRAUD and the evidence gathered in the public arena has had mixed results.   A number of former SBNSW and NSWG staff have been contacted and their rebuttals were expected.  One SBNSW employee with Legal background indicated they were prepared to yield the whole story from the SBNSW position – yet when things heated up a little they backed down and broke off all communication.  This person is in a position to reveal all.

Another former SBNSW employee has provided crucial evidence and O’Neill will never recover from its contents and incriminations.  Because of the length of time that has elapsed – it becomes essential that the NSWG has to be proven to be involved in the FRAUD.  That Ministers and staff knew what was happening and made the conscious decision to turn a blind eye – or help perpetrate the FRAUD that saw the SBS reserves and goodwill value end up in the SBNSW coffers.  This happened despite all the Crown and outside Legal advice advising that the SBNSW was acting from a ‘conflict of interest’ position.  Ministerial posturing aside – what did happen – should never have been allowed to happen.

This was a planned and strategised agenda with its origins beginning shortly after Premier Neville Wran took office in 1976.  It took six years to get the principal agenda into Court – that being to rescind the 1931 Amalgamation Agreement – then another three years of court hearings and a further two years of appeals before they finally had the 1931 Amalgamation Agreement rescinded.

This then left the clean-up and that was thought to be the easiest of all the hurdles they faced when this first started.  Yet – on this matter they fell at the first hurdle and became desperate to conclude the matter.  The October 1987 crash interfered and as the SBNSW bad debts mounted – the need to get their hands on the SBS reserves and converted good-will became even more desperate.   At this point things began to unravel as control of the conditions encountered media and public resistance.  Scrutiny was applied and under the microscope the pressure forced hasty decisions which left a trail of evidence that could never be covered up from anyone who went looking.

The problem at the time was that nobody was really looking or looking out for the interests of the SBS Members and Staff.  The information flow was contained and choked off at the NSW Premiers Office and the SBNSW CEO Bunker.  SBS Staff in the know were sacked or sent on administrative leave and within three – four months it was all over for the SBS members and staff.   It was a Corporate RAPE – and there is so much that those SBS members and staff were never told or made aware of.  Had they known all that is now known at the time – and the media were alerted and encouraged to ask the right questions of the right people – what happened would never have happened the way it did.  Anyway – as this story unfolds and is told – the evidence and connective trail of mistakes will reveal the ‘evil’ desperate men are capable of.

Please – if you want to stay in touch with developments – please complete the FORM below.   The FORM submission below will allow you to register your details and comments if you so wish.  If you register you will be placed on a mailing list for all future updates relative to document uploads and other matters being pursued in this matter.   You can unsubscribe from this Mailing list at any time – and just a confirmation reminder that all your details will be kept private and confidential.


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