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EYE-BALL’s Snoop-Poop – Ricky Stuart – NRL Supercoach!!! Poor, Poor, Parramatta –

August 4, 2013
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– Ricky Stuart – NRL Supercoach!!! –
– Poor, poor, Parramatta –
| Author: EYE-BALL’s Snoop-Poop | 31st July 2013 |
The fall of the Parramatta Rugby League dynasty has been many years in the making – they last won a premiership in 1986 – their 4th and all since their first in 1981.

It was the era of Jack Gibson, Stirling, Price, Kenny, Cronin, Groth, Ella, and many other Eels legends – it is the only era Eels fans have had to cheer about.   Ever since they have been a Club trying to recapture those glory days and their fans have been kept waited a long time.

The most recent history of the manic coach musical chairs sees Ricky Stuart sitting in the job.  When his time is done it will be proven that Parramatta are a Club without a soul, without a heartbeat, a club where the rudder of Leadership is a bankrupt and left meandering in an abyss where the fans keep showing up, the players keep turning up, but the outcome stays the same.

As an outsider it is easy to see all this – my friend as an insider defends the Club to the hilt and blindly trusts his judgement as a fan to believe Ricky Stuart is the answer.  It is a crime to even try to tear down his belief.

When a racehorse fails to do what is expected who do the punters blame – it is never the horses fault – it is always the Trainer, the jockey, or just plain bad luck in running – it is never the horses fault.

Then why is it in the human world of sport and the Parramatta League team in particular,  where a 3 and 17 win loss record is not the trainer/coach/owners fault – it is the player rosters fault?

Parramatta’s defining crisis point will come mid way through the 2014 season when all Parramatta fans realise that Ricky Stuart is the problem.  What will they do then?

The new player roster Ricky Stuart has promised will be weaker than this season – firstly – who will he attract to the club – money players at best and we all now how that works in professional football.

How Parramatta can be so stupid to allow Stuart to lead the Club down a path that will tear the heart and soul from the club is something only the Club can answer.

Returning to the Coach musical chair appointments see the are list below –

… can anyone remember the anguish the club went through with each of these appointments?

Then a few years back many though a change of Administration was the answer when Fitzgerald was dumped after decades of service – did that solve the problem – where is Paul Orchard now?

Lets recap Ricky Stuart’s credentials – Stuart won an NRL premiership in 2002 when in his first year as head coach of Easts – we all know that he was hand-held throughout the season by Phil Gould and Graham Murray – in the next three seasons when he flew solo he saw the Roosters make successive Grand finals and lose – and then in 2006 he was booted from the club – all the while his player pool was of high quality.

His stats appear below: [Sourced from Wikipedia.]

Years Team Gms W D L W%
2002–06 Sydney Roosters 130 79 1 50 61
2007–10 Cronulla Sharks 74 33 0 41 45
2013– Parramatta Eels 18 3 0 17 17
Total 222 115 1 106 52
Years Team Gms W D L W%
2004 Country Origin 1 1 0 0 100
2005 New South Wales 3 2 0 1 67
2006–08 Australia 11 10 0 1 91
2011– New South Wales 6 2 0 4 33

Stuart’s Club Coaching performance can be viewed further using this source link: [sourced from Wikipedia.]

During the 2011-2012 period he was a NSW appointed State Of Origin head Coach and was appointed so because NSW felt that the rigors of a NRL Coach coaching the SOO team was too much.

Stuart’s State of Origin performance history is displayed in first table above – coached 9, won 4 and lost 5, with a series win in 2005 – the last time NSW won a SOO series.

For Parramatta fans and Administrators to have placed the Club’s survival prospects in the hands of Ricky Stuart it is an almighty gamble.

At Test level we all remember losing the WOrld Cup and Stuart going on a rant about the referee that is his living legacy.

I asked a question of the Parramatta fans – ‘do you not think that if the players were getting the job done the Club would be better off?’  A stupid Q&A scenario – of course on field success brings contentment within the Club.  But Parramatta fans have gone past this point – now it is the thought of on-field success at some point in the future that brings contentment.

If Parramatta’s problems have not been solved with a revolving coach policy, how do they think they will succeed with a revolving player policy?

WIth their recent performance history as the only incentive to attract players – who do they think will get to come and play at Parramatta – let alone under a Coach like Stuart who thinks the current player roster can’t get the job done – walking this player dump walk is inviting players to be judged based on a Coach’s ability to win games.  Stuart’s record over his whole coaching career is not that great – how do Parramatta fans think he will change that around?

Stuart strikes all as someone who has anger issues – his emotive sideline antics has a two-sided impact – we all see his passion and him wearing his heart on his sleeve – but so do the players.

Again we all remember his post match antics when he lost the World Cup – Australia losing to NZ in Australia – Wayne Bennett helped coach that NZ side with Stephen Kearney – in fact that Kearney performance and his Assistant Coach record with the Storm under Bellamy, was the reason Parramatta gave Kearney two years coaching at Parramatta.

Stuart has come after Kearney and now in his 1st season he has three wins from 18 matches and his answer is to dump half the 1st grade player roster and the Club supports him in the action.

Poor … Poor … Parramatta …

Blind Freddie can see that the problem the players have on the field comes from the Coach and the Administration’s desperation … why should the players put their bodies on the line when all they see is a Club self-destructing.

Players can read the signs, and it is they who go out there and get booed by the fans every week for their performances.  All on behalf of the real failures – the Coach and the Club Administrators.

It’s time for the fans to get real, wake up and take back their club.

The ‘dreamland’ the fans live in is all a part of the fracture that is the Parramatta Rugby League Club … an example – Chris Sandow – a Souths reject picked up by Parramatta for $500+ when any league fan could see he was a dud … even my friend who supported the buy initially has come on bended knee and acknowledged that he can’t play and it was a bad buy.

No – Parramatta will agin own the wooden spoon and in the next season when Stuart has promised all – they will again be favourites to run last.

Poor … Poor … Parramatta … Stuart leaves his mark – look where Cronulla are now – and how long did it take Easts to again be a competitive force in the competition.

Ricky Stuart is no supercoach – in fact this blogger thinks he should just bow out of the game and learn to deal with his anger issues.

Perhaps when he has learnt some humility and wants to give back to the game,  he should try coaching some kids where he can let the players teach him about respect and a true coach’s role in getting the best out of players.

Stuart has to learn how to give rather than take from the game … that is his story.

EYE-BALL’s Snoop-Poop …

  1. Barry M
    August 4, 2013 at 4:45 pm

    Ricky Stuart was and is NEVER going to revive or save Parramatta or any other club or NSW. Ricky has ADHAHDA or whatev they call it. MAYBE he was a good footballer at best. As a coach his persona and demeanour does not allow him to be a successful leader.

  2. August 4, 2013 at 4:54 pm

    The greater concern is for the Parramatta Club – my friend the fan tells me they are the richest club in the league – I asked him how does he measure wealth in terms of ‘richest’ in the leagus … he said money – and I said – wrong answer.

    If Stuart busts Parramatta financially who does he hurt – fans, players, or the NRL … the reason for the story is that the NRL should oversee the Club’s Management when a Club is as desperate as Parramatta ..

  3. Barry M
    August 4, 2013 at 6:01 pm

    Agree absolutely

  4. david the pragmatist
    August 4, 2013 at 7:44 pm

    I cannot let this go. Snoop Poop comments are very repetitive and the fact that he has Barry supporting his views I am sure gives him great confidence.
    NB Barry it is “ADD” Attention Deficit Disorder. I am sure between Snoopy and yourself you can figure that one out.
    The dilemma of Parra is very difficult for someone like me. My father took me to my first game when I was 10 and now at age 61 I have never followed anyone else and never could.

    My two eldest sons follow Parra and so do my grandsons. My Sydney based grandson (8) and his father go regularily to games and has only now stopped crying after Parramatta losses. He reminds me that “we can’t win all the time Poppy” and I say it is much better following through hard times because you learn to appreciate the good times. He actually does remember when we made the grand final in 2009.

    In an interview I had with Snoopy over Parramatta I mentioned that Parra’s administration is a huge mess and I explained that they were the richest club in the competition, not in the context of “wrong answer” but explaining money is not the problem.

    With regard to Sandow being the wrong buy, I never went down on bended knee. I agree he has been a bad buy for Parra as his defence is deplorable. If he was playing behind Souths pack he would still be a superstar, personal issues that have since emerged notwithstanding.

    I am not going to go into some statistical defence of Ricky Stuart but I am going to defend him in this sense.
    All the coaches mentioned in Snoopys’ article I had particular problems with and I do not think had long term abilities to changes Parra’s fortune. Brian Smith made the big mistake of staying too long. The others were fundamentally not suited to the club and the issues prevailing.
    I have observed Stuart since he has been at Parra and he has handled himself very well and very calmly. I think he did an excellent job for NSW and installed a passion that was missing.

    I think if he can hang in there and ignore the ignorances of ill informed critics like Snoopy, then he can install a passion back into Parra, it is probably a 5 year programme and will result in him having Phil Gould type role after he finishes his tenor as a coach.

    NB Snoopy the CEO you referred to after Fitzgerald was Osborne, not Orchard and he was dismissed under a huge personal integrity issue last year, his replacement has subsequently been overthrown in a coupe by the Football Club board and there is an interim incumbent in place for the time being. As said the club is in a real mess on and off the field.

    I find it very difficult to respect Snoopy as he has a very biased approach to individuals and always sees the glass half empty. He is extremely critical of Michael Clarke because he doesn’t like him, a similar attitude exists with Ricky Stuart. If you follow a pattern and review Snoopy’s comments you will see the same patterns, time and time again.

    One of the most important aspects of commentating is being objective, the reporting of Snoopy lacks such and is well illustrated by the misrepresented comments he has referred to me as quoted in this article.

    I feel sorry for anybody that does not have a passion they can follow and support through thick and thin, the same goes for understanding and empathy.

    Yes I follow Parra and will continue to do so, if they don’t improve then it is fair summation to say the coach will probably go. In the interim there is an old Australian saying that we like to give a person “a fair go”.
    Come on Snoopy, you can do that can’t you.

    Now Barry, did you follow all that or did ADD set in again.

  5. August 4, 2013 at 8:06 pm

    We can all feast for weeks on the big fish just hooked … the party is open to everybody!!!!

    David you big sook … the opinions about Stuart and his coaching ability render it all subjective … answer this question: how many other coaches turned Parramatta down before they had to go to the bottom of the barrel … and in addition … how many Clubs turned Stuart down before Parramatta accepted him … there are no excuses for those who are so blind they don’t want to see …

    I take your point about Orchard/Osborne …

    But what I did not do is tell readers how you told me what a blowhole I was when I first told you Sandow was a dud … and it took a season and more before you realised what everyone else knew before he even went to Parramatta.

    This is an opinion site … not like the main-stream media where an opinion is bought and paid for … as for Clarke I’ve had to eat some crow in the last season … but fundamentally when the pressure is on he fails in the opposite way someone like a Merv Hughes or Justin Langer stands up.

    The Ashes are already lost – what does his century mean if Australia don’t win the test … the team is more important than any individual … if Watson is a cancer then Clarke’s leadership is as weak as piss water …

  6. August 4, 2013 at 10:50 pm

    David the P,
    Please supply address for delivery of the wooden spoon.

  7. david the pragmatist
    August 5, 2013 at 1:02 am

    The Penthouse is fine, I have been to the shithouse and the only real difference is the depth of the shit that you stand in.
    There is an old saying I am sure you have heard of ie “every dog has his day”, my last one was 1986 and I can only hope I have another one before I die.
    To counter that I would have to say to all you arm chair experts, it is better to have loved than to have never loved at all! Good luck in your negativity, I’m sure your lives are much richer for it.

    NB Snoopy, you asked this question “answer this question: how many other coaches turned Parramatta down before they had to go to the bottom of the barrel … and in addition … how many Clubs turned Stuart down before Parramatta accepted him ….”

    The answer was that Stuart after his perceived success for NSW was very much in demand at a club level, I would assume that Parra made him an exceptional offer to be able to obtain his services. The other side of this would have been the challenge to Stuart of going to a club that is renowned as a coach killer but recognising that they have the biggest junior base, the largest supporter base and the most successful leagues club in Australia… a wonderful opportunity to get in at ground level and no where near as challenging as coaching a Melbourne or Gold Coast with limited resources.

  8. Barry M
    August 5, 2013 at 3:09 am

    Sorry David I can’t return a comment on what I think of you for two reasons.
    1) I have never met you
    2) I’m not aware of anything you have achieved or not achieved or if you have ADD.
    Therefore it would be inappropriate to comment on you.
    But Ricky has put himself in the public eye and therefore opened himself up for public praise or criticism. I offered my view on Ricky, it is my view and in the eye of this beholder I think I am right.
    Now as far I know you have no idea of who I am or ever met me.

  9. August 5, 2013 at 9:01 am

    Mr Legend,
    Is this wooden spoon for Mr David, because since he has been back he hasn’t stirred enough shit, or because Parramatta are in tatters? It real doesn’t matta, Parra.

    In my childhood there was a famous club motto “Play to win – Learn to lose”. Is this about the narc who coaches parra, sacked as Australian coach after petulance of Australia losing Rugby League World Cup, lack of dignity and grace


    The PM.

    They got rid of Ms Gillard because she kept insisting on supporting failed policies, and labeling opposition negativity, and now her replacement is singing from the same song sheet.

    By next month both Rudd and little Ricky will be staring at starting over from a blank sheet. Both have the heart of a pea. Who will learn to lose better? I expect both will fall short

  10. david the pragmatist
    August 5, 2013 at 11:21 am

    Well said, Jeannie
    One of the cleverest comments made on this site for a long time, wit,satire and well directed.

    You see Barrie when you live in glass houses you have to expect people to throw stones, Jeannie’s comments were directed at me in such a clever way, I can’t help but admire them.

    If you manage something similar I will aknowlege you also. We don’t have to know each other or what our achievements have been to be objective and comment thoughtfully..

    PS My achievements are nothing compared to Ricky Stuart.
    International Rugby Union
    Canberra premiership winner
    State of Origin winner
    Premiership winning coach
    Passionate, but have not asked his wife wether he is a good lover or his children that he is a good father, I’m sure he does his best at most things he attempts though.

  11. julia
    August 5, 2013 at 6:25 pm

    oh david i read every word of course you make sence it is clear barry m is a yes man

  12. david the pragmatist
    August 5, 2013 at 7:03 pm

    I our wondered where you have been Julia, I can feel your throaty voice as you hum my name.
    Its worth coming back just to feel your presence on the site. I wonder if we can get a video cam to communicate more clearly. I can’t wait to see that 30 year old body and bright blue eyes busting to come through the camera to me and Ricky, I don’t want you to spoil the moment by mentioning “that Barrie”, I know how much you are attracted to Yes Men!
    I’m jealous already! Then again we might be making an assumption he is a man, you never know on this site, there’s been known to be a few cross dressers around when Eye Ball’s on the prowell !

  13. August 5, 2013 at 8:53 pm

    The cheapest of porn sleeze imageable … DtheP you had better get your groupie followers out of here or your gone – yet again …


  14. August 5, 2013 at 8:57 pm


    your hero worship is scary creepy … want you to stay on topic or you’ll find a whole heap of Gillard haters on your ass …

    Moderator …

  15. August 27, 2013 at 7:54 pm

    The biggest problem at Parra is the off field disharmony. Until this is fixed, the club has no chance of moving forward. Wayne Bennett himself would struggle with this roster. Stuart has done the right thing by starting the clean out of the mess that Kearney left.

  16. August 27, 2013 at 8:46 pm

    The biggest problem at Parra is the constant undermining by what appears to be various people with a self serving agenda. How can this club get back on track when the leaders (the board) aren’t allowed a fair crack at doing their job? This type of thing filters down. Whether Sticky is the right man or not is yet to be seen. Next year will be make or break, as the squad is his, not Kearney’s.

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