EYE-BALL’s – “On the Hustings” – The Campaign Trail – Day 2

August 6, 2013
– EYE-BALL’s “On the Hustings” –
– The Campaign Trail – Day 2 –
| Author: No-Way José | 6th Aug 2013 |
Policy Issue Debate – Corruption in Politics: [EYE-BALL]

For most of us our biggest concern in politics is political corruption. Yet – all sides of the political divide don’t debate or put this issue front and center in any of their policy platforms.

Why Not?

With the Obeid/MacDonald ICAC revelations, the ongoing Craig Thompson saga that started in 2010, the AWU scandal on the go since the early 1990’s and both still not resolved, and then there is the Peter Slipper affair that goes back to the Howard years – political corruption and the abuse of parliamentary privileges is a big issue for the electorate.

The Gillard assist in having the Thompson and Slipper incidents waylaid to allow the Gillard minority Government to stay in power is another issue that reeks of corrupt deals – yet and nobody in politics is interested in seeking the truth or having those deals exposed.

The electorate want the debate, they want positive action to clean up the corruption issues and the longer Rudd and Abbott and other candidates hold off on the debate the more disengaged the electorate will become.

When the rorting or travel and other personal expenses is excused as in the case of the Opposition Leader, the vested self serving interests that allow these claim error hiccups to go away is not the way these matters should be dealt with.

We want the overseas trips for cooking lessons, and Test cricket junkets, the family trip to Tuscany to all stop.  We want MP’s to pay for their own lunches and stop dining on the public purse. We want them to use taxi’s, buses and rail to experience the real public transport shortcomings the public are forced to endure.

Claiming security needs and time constraints should be restricted to Cabinet Ministers – not backbenchers nor Senators.

The first candidate to take a hard-line on political corruption will set a trend that can only drag all the other candidates into the same debate.  Being soft on corruption is a great negative to any party or individual …

If this be so – then why won’t they talk or debate the issue?

Simple really – they are all a part of the problem and because they operate under a self-policing arrangement, they will not advocate for independence of the ‘watchdog’ ensuring expense claim legitimacy.  Now that would be an election issue that most voters would be very interested in.

Do you agree: [Please vote your interest below.][EYE-BALL] …

The Day’s Updates – Media Stories: … [EYE-BALL] …

The most honest of all the media stories browsed/read yesterday and overnight was a story by Peter Hatcher from “The Age” titled Both parties peddle a fiscal fairytale … lead in below:

Both parties peddle a fiscal fairytale

| Author: Peter Hatcher | Date: Aug 6th 2013 | Link to On-Line Story. |

Even after resigning two years ago as the secretary of the Treasury, Ken Henry has been a model of discretion. But that doesn’t mean he’s content with the state of politics in Australia. In fact, he’s been growing increasingly frustrated.

The man who served as Australia’s top economic adviser for a decade under Liberal and Labor governments has now spoken his mind about the performance of the two parties in recent years, and he’s not impressed.

Australia faces an “immense challenge” in paying for its needs and both political parties are failing to deal with it, says Henry.

The key problem is an ageing population and rising health costs.

The size of the problem has been clear ever since Henry spelled it out in the first Intergenerational Report, published by the Treasury under the Howard Government in 2002: “Older people are more expensive than younger people,” Henry summarises. Not only will there be fewer workers paying taxes to meet the costs of pensions, the health care bill will soar.

“We see an inexorable increase in health costs and I don’t see any party saying we have to find ways to cut health spending.

“So then the question: Are there areas of government spending that can be addressed to offset these effects?” He answers his own question: “Maybe, but are they enough to offset 5 per cent of GDP? That’s $70 billion in today’s dollars.” That’s the Treasury estimate of the extra annual cost of our ageing society 30 years from now.

“I don’t think so,” says Henry. “I really don’t think so.” … continues

Hatchers story reflects what we all know but political leaders want to take no notice of.  Who wins an election with policies that increase taxes … yet that is what is needed.

Please give your feedback on tax increases:  … [EYE-BALL] …

The Day’s Updates – Political Campaign Stories: …[EYE-BALL Guru.]…

The obvious clanger of the day is the Opposition’s claim that lower interest rates translates to poor economic management.’ Joe Hockey made the statement in relation to the expectation the RBA will reduce official interest rates to 2.5% when the RBA meets today.

This level is a record low for official interest rates and Mr Hockey made the statement that this means that the economy is not doing well.  Mr Hockey has not updated his personal website with the text of link to his comments.  However,  Mike Pasco writing for the SMH posted a story on Mr Hockey’s credentials late last week – linked here – and points out Mr Hockey has some creditability issues as the alternative Treasurer.

Searching for confirmed text and video of Hockey making his comment re the lower interest rates mean poor economic management are still eluding search and research requests.  Perhaps Hockey has killed the story and the fact that his personal website does not carry the story is indicative.

Suffice to say – interest rates go up and down in this Nation in response to the RBA’s view on inflationary pressures.  EYE-BALL Guru has made the argument countless times that this inflation targeting by the RBA is in fact one of the major causes of our weakening economy.  Interest rates should have been at these levels 3-4 years ago as they were with the rest of our major trading partners suffering under the GFC impact – see Guru charts below:

Global Central Bank Cash Rates: – [click image to enlarge in a new window.]

10yr and 2yr CGS v RBA Cash Rate: – [click image to enlarge in a new window.]

Both these charts reflect the RBA’s policy in how Interest rates are used to kill inflation whether there be the threat of inflation or not.  The easiest message the Opposition can use on economic Management is to ask the question why mortgage holders have had to pay A$1,000’s in forced higher interest rates compared with our trading partners?   Why have offshore investors been allowed to plunder our riches at the expense of mortgage holders?

Both these policy explanations would stump the Government – nobody thinks inflation is an issue anywhere across the globe – why is the RBA stuck in this twilight zone where 20 odd years ago, inflation was a problem for all the western world.  All political parties are stuck in the mud on this issue and claim the RBA”s independence, just like Treasury – these bureaucrats get it wrong – just look at the $33 billion hole since the MAy ’13 budget.

Of course the higher interest rates here influenced the value of the A$ and that higher value had an impact on all our export industries leading to job losses and increased domestic labour costs relative to the rest of the world. The fact that the media nor the political brains of our Nation have not made the connect and acted accordingly gives insight to the how and why we are where we are economically speaking, and in the position of being forced to prop up the car industry and spend taxpayer funds to support ailing export and domestic business’.

Mr Hockey and Mr Robb would be a worse alternative to Swan and Wong, now the ALP has Evans … oops Bowen and Wong and Mr Bowen updated us on Swan’s $33 billion ‘book-cook’ since the May budget less that three months ago.

The economy will be a big election issue – on management, on spending restraint, and on policy implementation i.e. Gonski, NBN, Disability Insurance etc … but what it won’t be about is who best understands the global market and how Australia is an island in a cyclone tempest where we live and die by the value of the A$ and the export revenues that rise and fall on the back of the stability of the A$. …[EYE-BALL Guru.]…

Harry Growl’s Water Cooler Gossip: [Harry Growl] …

  • The Kevin Rudd hair flick is now officially the worst ‘tick’ put up by any Political performer … it costs him 1,000 votes every time he does it … come on Kevin you must see the footage and see how lame it is …
  • Peter Slipper announced he is still running in the seat of Fisher … he has to be kidding right … it can only mean he is after one last grab of the taxpayer purse through electoral refunds – if he polls 4% or more he’ll get $2.51 per vote … well done Peter …
  • Milne turned up in black today after her ‘frumpy’ appearance yesterday  … eyes were also darkened and the windy outdoor press conference with Melbourne candidate Adam Brandt made for challenging conditions.   The GREENS are in trouble will latest poll data showing slippage to 9% and todays policy focus was on ‘high speed rail’ … they still think they will control the Senate … but any chance they will have a seat at the table in the HOR’s is a pipe dream … at the next Senate election the goss is they will go the way of the Democrats …
  • All the other female candidates stayed indoors today … all afraid of the wind and how it would make for a Hitchcock “BIRDS’ bad hair day …
  • Has anyone heard or see Wayne Swan outside of his Facebook page … if so please take a pulse reading and post anything that might indicate he is still running in his seat of Lilly …
  • Same for Craig Emerson … many thought he would help the new guy but the word again suggests his mobile phone bill ony has the one number being dialed … coincidently – Julia’s mobile phone bill hardly registers any calls being made …
  • Word has circulated that Stephen Conroy has be in meetings with lawyers over his starring role at the next ICAC inquiry … has anyone seen him of the ski slopes or near Obeid’s ski cabin …
  • Out of the blue – someone showed me an image of a penis in a glass of red wine and said it belonged to a NSW MP – the penis that is … not the image … apparently the USA’s Anthony Weiner texting his genitalia has set a trend … yes he did it again only recently … who said Politicians weren’t addicted to sexual fantasy … all the more reason for staffers to wear condoms …
  • Word on the ALP Victorian pre-selection wars aren’t over … Shorten and Conroy pretty much got their way, as did Gillard … but the voters and branch members are said to have formed a group to ensure the last laugh … Feeney’s decision to move from the Senate might leave egg all over his face … just the word OK …
  • Oh … watching the Milne/Brandt press conference in the background … hear is a heads up guys … when the camera is showing the teeth chattering from the cold in the pretty journalist standing next to Brandt – it’s time to realise the audience aren’t listening anymore … talk about the need for a media guru …
  • On the former Gillard media advisor McTurd – his 457 visa won’t be renewed unless he can get himself another job – the FOI request by Hedley Thomas into the efforts Gillard made to find and/or hire someone locally have been released – read the story here … this should spell more trouble for Gillard … when asked for a response she said – ‘fu_k-off’.
  • Joe Hockey has a minder with him on the campaign trail who’s sole purpose is to count his calorie intake … Joe is serious about his weight loss … he hears political mileage can be made over an expanding girth when he becomes the Treasurer and journo’s connect the ‘fat-of-the-land’ disappearing,  and the ‘fat-of-Joe’s-girth’ reappearing …
  • Bronwyn Bishop – [known on this side of the fence as ”The BEEHIVE”, and HOR ”School Mam”] – is a living parliamentary miracle.  She proves once and for all that you only have to get into Parliament to earn the right to stay in Parliament …

[Harry Growl] …

The BULLSHIT Measure:

The graphs showing the “Bullshit” measure will be updated weekly or there abouts … please if you find a story or media report that reeks of the ‘bullshit’ context, please send a link of the story text via comments section below.

General Links to Election data and Information:

AEC’s Enrollment Drive: Linked here.

Today is Day 1 of the 34 day campaign and the immediate focus of the ALP and the Greens is to get as many un-enrolled electors enrolled … the deadline is seven (7) days and the AEC link to find more information about whether you are enrolled can be found here.  [EYE-BALL.]

ABC’s Vote Compass:  Linked here.

A brilliant on-line survey presented by the ABC’s Anthony Green will prove to be an election barometer never seen before.  His 30 question survey has gone ballistic this morning with 170,000 people logging on to give their responses.  His questions will decide the election issues seen as most important and the major party’s will be keenly seeking Green’s data to help them plan their election strategies. [EYE-BALL]

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  1. August 6, 2013 at 1:57 pm

    1 million
    Nearly 1 million is the number of jobs claimed to be created under this ALP administration;
    1 million is the number of jobs claimed to be created by a coalition Government in the next five years.

    Well over 1,000,000 is the population growth in Australia since Nov, 2007
    Conservatively 1,000,000 is the immigration intake over the coming 5 years.

    1,000,000 will be the ABS stat on unemployed Australians given population growth, economic expectations within the time frame of the next parliament (by 2017).
    Those 1,000,000 or so (roughly) not participating or underemployed. How can you measure underemployment?

    1,000,000 is the number of aghast utterances rallied against Rupert Murdoch’s NSW Daily Telegraph, in the concept of political interference with the headline “Time to throw this mob out”. Who is the mob? The editorial staff of Sydney’s Daily Mirror? A biased angry mob!

    1 tenth of a million is the estimate of Australian’s who slept rough last night – an estimate. Who knows or more correctly who cares?

    Well over 1.000.000 households are praying for a cut to official rates today so they might live slightly easier,
    Possibly 1,000,000 for self funded retirees who will have to pull their belts in, if they cut official rates.

    Well over 1,000,000 eligible Australian citizens who have failed to register to vote.
    About the same who will fail to register a valid vote throughout the voting time frame.
    Maybe 1,000,000 Australians who have not made up the mind on how to vote.

    1,000,000 distortions of fact uttered by politicians,
    in a day,
    in a week,
    in a month,
    in how many months?

    1,000,000 roughly the amount of parliamentary expenses endowed upon these thieves per annum.

    1million million might be where this administration starts to get real about public debt. If we continue to run deficits of 30bn pa, irrespective of economic cycle, how long before we are running at Greece, Ireland and Spain levels of debt to GDP?

  2. August 6, 2013 at 2:23 pm

    The QLD Payroll Dispute – files under Governemnt Incompetence …

    A report out today and reported in The Australian – linked here – and in part says …

    Premier Campbell Newman handed down the Queensland Health payroll system inquiry report in parliament today. IBM delivered the flawed payroll system in 2010. It resulted in thousands of health workers being underpaid, overpaid or not paid at all.

    The $6.19m contract blew out and will ultimately cost Queensland taxpayers an estimated $1.2 billion. The system, which was meant to be largely automated and cost-effective, continues to be labour-intensive and costly to operate. Commissioner Richard Chesterman’s report says the former Labor government should have terminated its contract with IBM.

    Instead, the Bligh government gave IBM an iron-clad agreement it would not terminate the contract and relinquished all rights to take legal action. Mr Newman says the inquiry has found the settlement is binding and the state cannot take any action to reclaim any money. Mr Chesterman’s report says the settlement was driven by assumptions that without IBM there was a substantial risk the payroll system would fail. “And that if the state insisted upon its contractual right to terminate, IBM would disregard its disengagement obligations and refuse to assist with the remediation and improvement of the system,” he said.
    … continues …

    Is this not a perfect example where negligence should be accountable … QLD are forced to wear the cost of an incompetent Minister (Lucas) and a Government that just did not seek advice to make the better choice.

    What we all have to remember is that Governments – State and Federal – and our Local Councils have been making these types of blunders for decades … and the next gys come along and make a whole new set of mistakes …

    If a MP defrauded taxpayers with expense rorting or an Obeid type scenario … how can incompetence not be a reason to pursue charges when billion dollard mistales are made … in the real world we have courts to levy fines and damages whenpeople male mistakes – there is no law that says you can’t sue the Government . it’s just that the taxpayers end up paying all the legal bills and the ultimade damages awarded.

    Ain’t it grand to be an MP’s or Senators in charge of absolutely nothing and stille be as incompetent as those who are in charge …

  3. August 6, 2013 at 3:54 pm

    Please – watch the video in this link:


    … and tell us who was worst – the journo or the candidate …

  4. August 7, 2013 at 8:54 am

    A massive black mark for Russell Howcroft on ABC’s breakfast cross promoting Gruen Nation to be screened on ABC stating that Federal government paid advertising of government program and policies is now an accepted part of the electoral cycle.

    Wrong – It compromises government of the people, for the people, by the people. He is a disgrace as a human being. Why do we need to be told what to think?

    Conversely a massive tick for Professor Warwick McKibbin for raising after RBA rate cut it is time to re assess the independence of the functionality of various government instrumentalities. For Example, Treasury is beholden to the current government. Or Will Dr Ian Watt survive a change of government as Secretary of DPMC? Is Dr Watt already planning for a change of government, or is he hell bent on trying to maintain an ALP government?

    What really can’t be measured is statements made during official election campaign that are hollow and will be shelved after the election has been run and won.

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