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EYE-BALL’s Harry’s Growl on – Election 2013 – Growl No: 48 – Gillard’s “Mrs Doubtfire” moment –

June 25, 2013
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– Election 2013 – Growl No: 48 –
– Gillard’s “Mrs Doubtfire” moment –
| Author: EYE-BALL’s Harry’s Growl | 25th June 2013|

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In all truth, what has Gillard offered in the time she has been Prime Minister?   What has she done to advance Governance, to foster Australian unity, to create confidence, to make Australian lives less stressful …

The image at right is Gillard being a ‘whore’ – dressed up and presenting herself to attract votes – ALP voters who deserted her in droves.

For every vote she wins she gets $2.51 from the AEC for her party … the ‘whore’ tag is appropriate and truthful – as is the criminal background, as is the tripe she has fed this Nation for all her time as PM.

Who gives a toss about who she knits for … this is McTernan and his ‘pimp’ efforts to prostitute Gillard for the media and to reason with her caucus colleagues that she has the goods.

Her desperation in avoiding the police investigation awaiting her has made her deranged … and this Nation is the worse for having to endure it.

Australia is done with women in politics in Leadership roles for a long time – it is appropriate to consider Gillard’s as a misandryist failure and someone who plays  the sexist card whenever under pressure.

It is appropiate to pose the same scenario of all past female Leaders this Nation has had – i.e. State Premiers, Keneally, Bligh, Kirner, and Lawrence – all ALP Premiers and all booted from office in landslide defeats.

What did these women ever do or create or legislate that made a difference with the power they had when they lead their States?

A story 12 months ago about Joan Kirner had her looking to get special considerations to enable her to receive a parliamentary pension – read story here …  Herald Sun – June 16, 2012

VICTORIAN Premier Ted Baillieu has refused to get involved in providing a parliamentary pension for former state premier Joan Kirner.

The former Victorian Labor leader, who left politics in 1992, is said to now face financial pressures since she was never given a parliamentary pension.

Ms Kirner served less than the required 15 years in office to qualify.

But the current premier said he would not step in to fix the matter.

“I’m not going to make any presumptions about Joan’s situation or what she might be seeking or need,” Mr Baillieu told reporters today.

“But no one has approached the government in that regard, and when it comes to the trust fund, that’s a matter for the trustees.”

Ms Kirner’s financial issues were first raised during an ABC 7.30 Victoria interview with former state police chief Christine Nixon.

“Joan is a very proud woman,” Ms Nixon told the ABC in a Friday night broadcast, adding that she was shocked to hear Ms Kirner doesn’t have a parliamentary pension.

“She has a lot of medical expenses and she’s not well,” she said.

“Some assistance financially would be greatly appreciated.”

Parliamentary pensions are managed by trustees made up of a bi-partisan committee.

Can you believe the affront to ask or have someone else ask for a pension when under the rules no pension is due … if any other non-parliamentarian asked for the same deal how would the trustees respond …

Anna Bligh has had her own health issues – she quit her elected seat less than a month after being elected at the last QLD election and forced a bi-election.   The cost of that bi-election was for QLD taxpayers and was only called when Bligh realised she only had 7 other ALP MP’s to join her in a desicmated ALP representation.

What does that say about Bligh – she should have been made to pay for her bi-election … she elected to run and was prepared to serve another term if she won – she should not be able to penalise the voters as taxpayers for voting her out of office …

Gillard’s ‘Mrs Doubtfire’ picture above is how she likes to play her politics – we all know that her true colours have nothing to do with wholesome motherhood – how dare she trash the image of “Mrs Doubtfire” for millions of fans …

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  1. June 26, 2013 at 12:32 am

    I haven’t bothered buying the Weekly for decades. I still read it from time to time, at the hairdressers, at friends places and the like. I always liked Arthur Bowman’s astrological column. But I don’t really expect parliamentary leaders to feature in such a mag but more their wives or grandkids.

    What are her minders thinking?

    Are they preparing for her profile with the Weekly offering cooking ideas or gardening tips post September 14th? She fits the bill nicely. My winter warmers from frigid Canberra. How I got the Rhododendrons thriving at the Lodge.

    My wish to adopt grand kids.

  2. June 26, 2013 at 10:20 am

    The base article oozes with disdain and frustration (and the comment – maybe more tongue in cheek). If you were watching Lateline last night you might understand Russell Crowe wants a very long chat with you. The office of the PM demands some respect.

    The current situation in Canberra wants a catharsis, but we are forced by history to sit tight and wait for due process to take place. There will be an election. The government will be shredded. The new government will address some issues. Only time will tell. Some things won’t change, the alternatives are barely acceptable, much hand wringing will ensue.

    At times you just need to change what you can change and try not to change what won’t change. There will not be direct addressing of the core issues but a mix of indirect addressing and veneering the issues, because starting from a clean sheet means chaos. Mistakes will be repeated. Either way.

    This is the lesson from QLD and NSW State parliaments. Undoing Joh and his gerrymander gave us Goss and Springborg and Beattie and Anna Bligh. Now it is up to Newman.

    In NSW it appears to be similar but different. Obeid and McDonald both rightly and wrongly will be the sacrificial lambs for a government who took the electorate for granted. What are the Liberal government doing to really clean out the vermin from all the cracks and crevices?

    In Canberra to undo mainly Work Choices and a few other bits and pieces, we the collective have anointed the most inept and possibly most contemptuous federal government of all time.

    Another snippet on late night TV was Oakschott announcing at age 44 come December he is retiring from public life. He has a young family and wants to spend more time with them. So, the piece then twisted to feature Windsor, Wilkie and Katter and ask their read on this parliament. Windsor and Wilkie each spoke with a view to being re elected. Wilkie spoke on Tasmanian mental health and being double crossed over gambling reform. Katter shook his head over the desecration of the beef industry.

    I am really laughing over the role currently played by Kevin ’07. Yesterday’s hero. Still spitting the dummy. Who is the Dummy?

    If, (and I really doubt it) the sordid AWU matter every reaches the court rooms, then Bruce Wilson is the ringleader. Gillard would be an accomplice. The whistleblowers will need to account for their part. What is their motive in coming clean? We are unsure just how clean. Conjecture and self interest will always be front and centre.

    What Oakschott really shows is how Canberra’s elite are unable to really deal with truth. He succeeded Mark Vale in the by election of September 2008. On election day he will have served 5 years and 6 days in Canberra. He has achieved all he set out to do. ????? What does that mean? The mind boggles.

    We as scribes can only present the questions. The answers in the words of Bob Dylan are Blowin in the Wind. Just how many times must a cannon ball be fired, before they are forever banned?

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