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Chapter Index –
… Human Evil Exposed – John O’Neill …
… The State Building Society Story …

The “Human Evil Exposed” – John O’Neill  story thus far covers events that took place between 1931 – 1995.  The final ending is still to be played out.

The motives for what took place in the late 70’s and early 80’s happened in 1931 when the then NSW Government owned – ‘Government Savings Bank of NSW’ – was forced to close its doors. This set in motion a number of events that were not resolved until Dec 1987. The motives behind this story are steep in history and these grudges were held for a long time.

After they were finally settled – what then took place culminated in a $75 million FRAUD of public monies carried out by the NSW Government(NSWG) and its agent – The State Bank of NSW – (SBNSW) in 1988.

The players involved and connected with this FRAUD include:

  • Three consecutive NSW Premiers, Wran, Unsworth and Greiner,
  • Several Ministers serving in those Governments and their staffers – one of these Ministers is now a Justice with the NSW Land and Environment Court,
  • Regulatory Departments including the Department of Co-Operatives, Office of Business and Consumer Affairs, and the Australian Association of Permanent Building Societies, (AAPBS) and,
  • Employed State Bank of NSW Executives – the MD was John O’Neill – who all acted in proven ‘conflict of interest’ positions as Directors on the State Building Society Board, and whose intent was to facilitate a FRAUD against the 270,000 SBS members.

It’s a story that crushed the second largest NSW Building Society, at the time it had $1.6 billion in assets, some 270,000 Society members, and 650 staff.

This is a story told by someone who lived through the 87-88 period and is told from his perspective, and from the evidentiary proof collected from research undertaken to prove the allegations. This story comes from a corrupted base of Corporate greed, corrupt and immoral Director’s, complicit Government representative’s, ego’s driven by historical flawed motive’s, financial market operative’s, drugs, sex, and the brazen Corporate RAPE and THEFT of the $75 million value attached to the State Building Society.

John O’Neill as the MD of the SBNSW destroyed a profitable and functioning Building Society because he could. It was done out of spite and revenge because he lost the 10 year plan to merge the SBS with the SBNSW. In the process he stripped the SBS of its corporate worth and broke all the Corporate and Regulatory rules in doing so. Rules that were put aside by the Administrators charged with the protection of the SBS members and their entitlements. He had help in the NSW Premier Nick Greiner who sanctioned O’Neill’s actions.

The story has many sub-plots and plots within those sub-plots – it is complicated, and to get a full appreciation of these complexities there is much reading to be done.

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The EYE-BALL Opinion … [ … where evil lurks – so do friends of the devil … ]


Chapter Links for – “Human Evil Exposed – John O’Neill ” …

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  • Link to – Part 02 – The Ministerial interference …
  • Link to – Part 03 – The 1931 Amalgamation Agreement …
  • Link to – Part 04 – The Macquarie Bank Report …
  • Link to – Part 05 – O’Neill makes his move …
  • Link to – Part 06 – The Phil Gray Audit/Inspection Report …
  • Link to – Part 07 – The SBS 5th May ’88 Board Meeting …
  • Link to – Part 08 – The Regulatory Response to the SBS Boardroom coup …
  • Link to – Part 09 – The Regulatory Investigation begins …
  • Link to – Part 10 – The SBNSW Response …
  • Link to – Part 11 – The SBNSW Response continues …
  • Link to – Part 12 – The Sale to ST George Building Society …
  • Link to – Part 13 – The SBS AGM 22nd Aug 1988 …
  • Link to – Part 14 – The 1995 SBNSW sale to Colonial Mutual and the NSW Taxpayer inherited BAD DEBTS … (still to be uploaded)
  • Link to – Part 15 – The NSW Government Responses – 2010-12 … (still to be uploaded)
  • Link to – EYE-BALL’s NovelZone Zombie-Leaks – Index of all document/post uploads relative to this matter.
  • Link to – EYE-BALL’s NovelZone SBS Staff registration Page – registration Page for Updates …
  • Link to – “Balls Like an Elephant” – Novel about SBS Treasury Operations Aug ’87 – Mar ’88 – story is about how the SBS Treasury made all the money …
  • Link to – Introductory Chapter – A new Novel about the Alleged Fraud spoken of through the linked chapters above – set in 2017 …

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Examples of Allegations aimed at Mr John O’Neill …

Linked: The Definition of EVIL:

  • morally wrong or bad; immoral; wicked: evil deeds; an evil life.
  • harmful; injurious: evil laws.
  • characterized or accompanied by misfortune or suffering; unfortunate; disastrous: to be fallen on evil days.
  • due to actual or imputed bad conduct or character: an evil reputation.
  • marked by anger, irritability, irascibility, etc.: He is known for his evil disposition.

Linked: Moral Bankruptcy:

  • Definition: the state of being devoid of morality and ethics, used esp. for business and political entities
  • Example: A complete lack of morals is moral bankruptcy.

Linked: Definition of FRAUD:

  • – deceit, trickery, sharp practice, or breach of confidence, perpetrated for profit or to gain some unfair or dishonest advantage.
  • – a particular instance of such deceit or trickery: mail fraud; election frauds.
  • any deception, trickery, or humbug: That diet book is a fraud and a waste of time.
  • a person who makes deceitful pretenses; sham; poseur.


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