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EYE-BALL MovieZone – Favourites Review: TV Series – “The Big C” –

June 3, 2013
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– EYE-BALL MovieZone review – TV Series:
-The Big C –
| Author: EYE-BALL MovieZone | Undated 3rd June 2013 |

Review Links – “The Big C”

“The Big C” [Pasted from linked Wikipedia reference above …]

The Big C is a Showtime original television series created by Darlene Hunt which premiered on August 16, 2010. It drew the largest audience for a Showtime original series premiere in eight years. The second season premiered on June 27, 2011. The third season premiered on April 8, 2012. On July 31, 2012, The Big C was renewed for a fourth and final season, which premiered on Monday, April 29, 2013.

The show follows teacher Cathy Jamison – a reserved, suburban wife and mother – who is diagnosed with melanoma. The realisation of this forces her to really begin to live for the first time in her adult life. At first she chooses to keep her diagnosis from her family, behaving in ways they find puzzling and increasingly bizarre. She finds new freedom to express herself. As the show progresses, Cathy allows her family and some new friends to support her as she copes with her terminal diagnosis, and finds both humor and pathos in the many idiosyncratic relationships in her life.

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EYE-BALL MovieZone Review:

“The Big C” is a show that makes light of ‘cancer’ and shows how a quirky family deals with all the pitfalls along the way.

It’s sad, endearing, funny, modernly hilariously so in parts, and Laura Linney plays the part of her career as the cancer sufferer.  Oliver Platt likewise as the suffering husband.

The story has humanity in spades and as we all become touched by the loss of loved ones at early ages due to this disease – this show will help those left behind and those enduring what happens as sufferers try to cope with the aura of death.

It is not sad – at least not up until the middle of the third season – but entertaining time spent contemplation all the things in life you wanted to do but never did.

Oh – and the weird brother totally cracks the mould …

Review Score: … Highly recommend viewing.

EYE-BALL MovieZone Rating: … 7.0/10 …

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