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EYE-BALL’s Herman on – Canberra – and black holes –

June 1, 2013
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– Canberra – and black holes –
| Author: EYE-BALL’s Herman O’Hermitage | 1st June 2013 |

A black hole is a region of space-time from which gravity prevents anything, including light, from escaping.

The theory of general relativity predicts that a sufficiently compact mass will deform space-time to form a black hole. [Cut and pasted directly from Wikipedia].

Don’t forget, on this year’s income tax return, to list the names of Members of Parliament and Senators as your “dependants”.

The saddest part, in such a joke, is the lack of respect for government (or should that be lack of respect by government). The joke also overlooks the bureaucracy.

When Michell and Marquis de Laplace first postulated their astronomical theories in the time of the French revolution were they inspired by Louisien France.  It is well documented that bloated civil stipends have been pre-cursors to revolutions that include the French, Meiji and Russian. The excessive taxation of the serfdom, will lead to an overthrow of the ruling class.

In the Court of the King Louis’ the civil stipend increased until Bastille. After Bastille, Napoleon seized power. Similar was life under the Shogun in Japan. Ninja protected the Shogunate, and would tax at will passing on up the chain like the Mafia. The ninja class grew and grew, until the Mitsui and Mitsubishi clan (both descended from Daimyo – who had their own ninja) secretly engineered the Meiji restoration to curtail the ever increasing tax creep. The Meiji Restoration was the seeds of modern Japan.

Well Russia is a different story, not much, but different. They had these zealots called Lenin and Stalin, who ceased power under the pretence of this German philosopher called Marx, and where Marx manifesto (translated and published by Engels) started with “one day the world will evolve to”.

Anyway. They are all dead now. And they start very heated battles just by what they represent. A totalitarian regime.

Many social commentators will extend this logic to colonisation, the great wars, 3rd world issues, and terrorism.

For me the most fascinating of all the great wars was the 30 year war [linked  here].

The allies shifted quite commonly throughout those times, no different to many other similar modern day events which might include our interpretation of the Middle East. It might be our understanding of Libya or Syria.

It is claimed that Shi’ite and Sunni crossed secular divide when groups were suppressed during the Iranian and Iraqi War. It is not that dissimilar to the cross benches of Federal parliament, shifting perspective on issues, out of their interpretation of greater good (clouded with self interest). Or the ever ongoing battles between the States and the Federated Government we now know to be Canberra.

If you try to plot a time line of any political revolution, you will find similarities to theories of the ebb and flow of space and time that might be deemed big bang. What was there before big bang? What was there before government?

Before big bang there was darkness (a black hole?), or there were other solar systems (prior big bangs) emitting matter into black holes that when bloated started a new big bang?

So before Government there was corrupt leaders that erupted into a different attempt at democratic ideals. That is this ideal we call Westminster.

I have come full circle to Yin and Yang. (excuse the pun)

Essentially, in the seeds of accretion lie the genetics of self destruction, while conversely in the seeds of desecration lie the genetics of great positive accretion.

Canberra 100 years ago was simply lush pasture land for old wethers and sheep. It is a common joke that it still is; despite the massive development and infrastructure that has been poured in since. (poored in since).

Canberra keeps us all broke. In 1928 they completed the old Parliament House. Now the Museum of Democrazy, and National Archive. Then came the War Memorial & Treasury Buildings, National Circuit and Capitol Hill, and the National Library, High Court etc. And it goes on. And on. And on.

While Australia started to move on in economic development, Canberra still tries to ride on the sheep’s back.

Canberra is the black hole of Australia.

Where is that definition again “which gravity prevents anything, including light, from escaping.”

Would it be gravity as in interplanetary pull, or gravity such as graveyard?

Maybe one and the same thing. I definitely fail to register when Canberra shone light upon anything, it more tends to confuse. Canberra has a distinct personality, quite noticeable from other economic zones of Australia.

So where did this corruption start in Australia. Most agree proportional representation started on the gold fields surrounding the Eureka stockade. They are all dead too – in the antiquities. But there was corruption in the NSW Rum Corp well before that. Well maybe it wasn’t really corruption at that stage it was just tyranny, often called penal servitude. Much of the rest of the history is pretty well outlined elsewhere.

History is littered with often well intentioned people, who simply were uncompromising. Don’t let the facts get in the way of a good story. This uncompromising attitude at times appears as a monster. Over belief. This over belief can display narcissistic tendencies even bordering on sociopathic traits. Best example politicians pay and funding of elections. For further research try Knight Commander and Governor of Victoria, Hotham and his part in the Eureka stockade. The law is the law and it will be enforced, no matter how unjust.

Then there are despots. In a scene from some 1920’s or 30’s re production of Charlie “Lucky” Luciano speaking to Vito Genovese “Geez this is a great country”.

A euphemism for we are just leeches sucking the goodness out of this country.

That is how we perceive someone like Eddie Obeid, or Michael Williamson or several others. Maybe even the PM herself and her part in the AWU scandal. Why has she stopped the long arm of the law from prosecuting Craig Thomson?

That is the general believe towards James Ashby’s allegations against Peter Slipper. Justice delayed is justice denied. Justice is intended to be as swift as due process will allow.

Then there are dead beats (deadshits in the vernacular or drop kicks).

At high school they were without motivation, or day dreamers, they finished the HSC because it was a path of least resistance, and when challenged at University they joined the public service. In time after several attempts they finally graduated into a batchelor’s degree. At University and at work in the public service they learned sycophantic ways and when they passed nepotism they were promoted.

Those 3 dimensions tend to sum up the personality of Canberra. They also tend to explain why Canberra is Australia’s black hole. They show how a government through downright stupidity can leave a fiscal black hole of $20 billion and accumulated public debt of $300 billion. They tend to explain Portugal and Spain and Greece.

The manifestations are immense. The consequences are dire. What might we do to correct this peacefully? History is not positive, however from above “in the seeds of desecration lie the genetics of great positive accretion.”

Believing in sanity is itself insanity.

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EYE-BALL’s ‘Herman’ …

  1. June 1, 2013 at 9:01 am

    Herman – the compot of skewered mendacity evidenced and constantly on display in a metaphorical Canberra, only confirms the ‘black-hole’ theory you presented so convincingly.

    This is a brilliantly constructed appraisal of our true ‘black hole’ and what is awaiting us all if we don’t take action to prevent what ‘black holes’ always do …

    Well done …

  2. June 3, 2013 at 1:22 pm

    Above I wrote “And it goes on. And on. And on.”

    Today, there is a renewed attempt to subvert public opinion from this wholly inept government, and one of the issues is a republic.

    The Queen costs us nothing. A bit of hospitality when she or any other royal visits. That would continue under any other alteration. We have an Australian head of State. She is the GG, Quentin Bryce. There is no right to appeal from the High Court to the Privy Council since 1974. Sure there are provisions in the constitution that are throwbacks to the time it was written. So what!

    Constitutional reform is very difficult and will always be met with cynicism. Is it really necessary? Could it be more surreptitiousness? At the Federal election we will be asked to consider recognising the role of local government. The constitution was an agreement between the States and a new Federated government on separation of powers. Even recognising local government appears to be a further erosion of state governments.

    I would even consider better regional government. Does Macquarie St govern for New England or Western NSW, when proportional representation means Greater Sydney is so over represented in decision making? The same holds for South East Qld to Qld etc.

    The real question always will be; “what is the real meaning behind the concept”. That is why most Australian vote no.

    At the republic vote in 1999, one question was should the constitution have a preamble. What will that preamble contain most specifically?

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