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Updated 11th Mar 2012
Hello – this is a new site – early 2012 – and is published to allow for the indexing of research documents discovered in a long ago FRAUD and Corporate RAPE of a NSW Building Society by the NSW State Government – (NSWG) and its agent – The State Bank of NSW– (SBNSW)

.This matter continues to be a work in progress and as the documents are reviewed, their upload will depend on importance, relevance and whether public display will hinder intended legal action.   For ease of reference and continuity – the will is to upload in date order – earliest to latest.  The documents held cover a period from 1930 through to 1996. Many of these documents in isolation will not mean a great deal – but where relevance is important – comments will be made connecting the document to is place in the overall timeline of events.

The identify of persons of interest who played a role in what took place include – Nick Greiner, Barrie Unsworth, Neville Wran, Gerry Peacocke, Ron Baker, David Horton, Uri Windt, Terence Sheahan, Nick Whitlam, John O’Neill, Paul Kearns, Rick Turner, Ian Fraser, Bob Thomas, RA Brown, RM Northam, A Knowles, RG Booth, Reg Watson, and many others who played lesser roles.

Documents held incriminate all these persons at various stages and at degrees of ‘skullduggery’ – some became more directly involved during 1988 when the end-game agenda played out with the deliberate intent to defraud the SBS Members and Staff.

Some of the more serious allegations carry criminal charges and depending on what level of Government investigates, i.e. Federal, State, Administrative, ICAC, ACCC, ASIC, Civil or other form of prosecutorial structure – the level of charges against named parties will vary – that is of course if any investigation happens at all.

All that can be said from advice received to date – that time limitation statutes will not apply provided the evidence implicates Government Ministers – and civil proceedings may flow as a result.

There is a call out to all past SBS employees and members to register current contact details for ready reference. A class-action is being investigated – and these details are required to create a database of potential litigants. You will find the FORM submission at the bottom of this page.

Links to Document Uploads, Listings and Comments:

Most recent uploads at the top …

Updated 11th Mar 2012 :


Updated 5th Feb 2012:


Updated 29th Jan 2012:


Updated 26th Jan 2012:

Comments: Australia Day and what irony for the little bloke.  The big blokes – John O’Neill and Nick Greiner are probably celebrating on Sydney Harbour comparing notes – separately of course – because by now Greiner knows O’Neill has dumped him right in it.   But he knew that 24 years ago and the ‘ghosts of past deeds’ are now hovering and the eerie nightmares are just beginning – except they are the boot noise of the ICAC’s, ACCC, and ASIC all marching to a door nobody can hide from.

[Please excuse the ‘puns’ and attempts at ‘dry wit’ – this has been a long time in the making and having some fun doin’ it is not meant to gloss over the seriousness of what this expose represents.  These are serious allegations and to date the main players have not responded.]

Update: An e-mail was sent to every NSW MP earlier in the week – with the following text:

Dear Honourable Members,

For 3 years I have been researching a project that occurred during 1988 and happened during the early months of NSW Premier Greiner’s term in office.

The origins of the story stretch as far back as 1931 when Jack Lang was NSW Premier, and the events that led to the then 1931 Amalgamation Agreement between the NSW Government, the Federal Government and their then owned Commonwealth Savings Bank, and the financial bailout of the Government Savings Bank of NSW.

The revelations attached to the research during the 1988 period in question are astonishing – a FRAUD with a 1988 value of $75 million was committed with the sanction of Premier Greiner – and over an ensuring four month period – additional criminal behaviour occurred to cover-up the mistakes made along the way.

This FRAUD was masterminded and carried out by the then agent of the NSW Government – The State Bank of NSW and its Executive officers.

Some 250,000+ Members and 600+ Staff of the then – State Building Society were subjected to this Corporate FRAUD. They lost their $1.6 billion Society, members were defrauded, careers were burned, and a once proud and successful State Building Society was no more.

When the originally planned merger between the State Bank and the State Building Society came unstuck in May ’88 – the Premier agreed to a hastily hatched plan to sell the State Building Society to the St George Building Society for the $75 million value attached to the retained earnings, and goodwill value attached to the State Building Society. The members were locked out of any say in the matter.

These sale negotiations were all carried out whilst the State Bank MD, as Chairman of the State Building Society and acting under a stay of proceedings with three of his State Bank Executives who were also on the Building Society Board – were all acting in an acknowledged – ‘conflict of interest’ position directing the sale of the State Building Society to St George that netted the State Bank a $75 million windfall.  At the time the state Bank was experiencing severe financial hardship as a fallout of the Oct ’87 global equities crash and were in need of capital.

The result was the State Bank obtained a financial gain of $75 million in 1988 value terms – against a State Bank owned fixed-capital shareholding in the State Building Society of $3.049 million.

Legislative laws were broken, others ignored, and the SBS members were totally incarcerated and marginalised by the State Bank executives serving on their Board.  Various options suggested by the then Minister to protect the members were never followed up on or enforced, and the recommended Takeover Review Committee – (TRC) – put in place to protect members never happened. Premier Greiner pleaded with the then Minister to override the TRC review process only days before the sale to St George was due to happen.

This ‘conflict on interest’ status pertaining to the State Bank appointed Directors sitting on the State Building Society Board – was proved to be so when Co-Operatives Minister – Gerry Peacocke sought Legal advice at the time from the Solicitor Generals office.  This opinion was supported by the Attorney General – John Dowd – responding to Premier Greiner, and from outside Independent Counsel sought by the Australian Association of Permanent Building Societies.

The research has uncovered numerous documents relating to this FRAUD and they incriminate Premier’s – Wran and Greiner, Co-Operatives Ministers – Sheehan and Peacocke, their staffers, Department Heads all at varying degrees of involvement.  Similar documents concerning Executives of the State Bank of NSW – including John O’Neill, Paul Kearns, Rick Turner, and Bob Thomas – who all served as SBNSW appointed Directors on the State Building Society Board throughout the conduct of the FRAUD – are also held.

Links to all these Documents and commentary can be access via the links below – they have been uploaded and posted on-line via – “The EYE-Ball Opinion” – NovelZone Zombie-Leaks Upload website.

Attempts to involve the previous Keneally Labour Government to investigate these allegations during their last months in office failed to generate any action.

This is a most serious matter and whilst I can appreciate the 24 year time-lapse might generate a ‘who cares’ attitude – Premier Greiner and John O’Neill are still very high-profile Corporate identities – and given what these documents and witness accounts can attest to – their position in society conflicts with their deeds during the time the research covers.

I ask you to read the linked information and documents and make an impartial judgement – and if you think that what you have read indicates a criminal and corporate crime – then as Members of the NSW Parliament – you are duty bound to act to bring to justice those who broke the laws that our society is supposed to uphold.

[Links to all post uploads were included at this point of the letter:]

Your E-Mail address(s) have been added to the mailing list for all future Document releases on this matter – if you wish to unsubscribe from future mail-outs – please reply to this message using this link: ‘UNSUBSCRIBE’

A read receipt has been requested as a part of this initial mail-out to ensure correctness of contact information.

Regards … The EYE-BALL Opinion

Within 30 minutes of this message being sent – two messages were received with “UNSUBSCRIBE” in the subject line. These NSW MP’s who registered for “UNSUBSCRIBE” were:

Now in all fairness – this may have turned up in their ‘junk-mail’ folded and the message ignored – but for someone to reply to the message using the “UNSUBSCRIBE” link provided at the footer of the message – meant someone had to have read at least part of the message.

Their wishes will be complied with – but the point is made that the NSW Minister for Police and Emergency Services office did not want to read any of the uploaded evidence and take a pause to at least find out what these allegations are all about.


Updated 24th Jan 2012:


Updated 22nd Jan 2012:

  • Link to Human Evil Exposed – John O’Neill CEO-ARU – Part 8 – The Regulatory Response to the SBS Boardroom Coup …
  • Link to – Dept Business and Consumer Affairs Internal Memos and request for Legal opinion – [PDF]
  • Link to Legal Opinions – [PDF]
  • Link to 16th May Regulatory Investigation Report – [PDF – 2.5mb] – [WORD – 6.5mb]


Updated 20th Jan 2012:


Updated 18th Jan 2012:


Updated 16th Jan 2012:

Updated 14th Jan 2012:


Updated 9th Jan 2012:


Updated 5th Jan 2012:


Updated 4th Jan 2012:

These newspaper articles come from many angles – pro SBNSW and pro SBS – they make for interesting reading to gather knowledge on how O’Neill and Greiner played their game via the media and how the SBS and OFT Minister played their defence strategy. Nobody got the real story – many hedged around it but it was a controlled environment with the NSWG and O’Neill’s henchmen holding all the cards. Hope you enjoy the history …


Updated 3rd Jan 2012:

Some Background:

The links below provide a history timeline of events that led to the 1931 Amalgamation Agreement Act between the then Government Savings Bank of NSW and NSW Government and the Commonwealth Savings Bank – CSB.

[This is as extracted in part from the text of the verdict summation at the end of the 1985 court proceedings between the CSB as plaintiff and then as defendant and the NSW Government – NSWG – and their agent – The State Bank of NSW – SBNSW – both as defendants and then plaintiff’s.

  • Link to History Summation – PDF fileWord file. – some 25 pages of riveting Australian Banking history at a time when the ‘Great Depression’ era flowed over into State and Federal politics. Justice Lockhart receives high praise to his summation of the evidence presented during the 3 year court drama.
  • Link to Auslii site – full judgement – some 130 pages …
  • Link to 1931 Amalgamation Agreement Act – PDF fileWord File.


Updated 2nd Jan 2012:

  • Link to Original story – Human Evil Exposed – John O’Neill CEO-ARU – Part 2
  • Link to Novel – “Balls Like and Elephant” – about the SBS Treasurer and his time with the SBS – relates only to the Treasury function and how the ‘money was made’ … a real insight to a full-on Treasury operation …
  • Link to Introductory Chapter of ‘Novel 2‘ – this story is about the Corporate Rape of the State Building Society – how it was orchestrated – who was involved and is in edit phase at the moment… this first chapter is a snippet of the Book.
  • Link to SBS Registration FORM – allows for ex SBS members and staff and any other interested observers to register for updates and provide information if they so wish about their SBS experience … this form appears across a number of Uploaded posts – please spread the word to fellow staff and members if you can …


Updated 31st Dec 2011:


The FORM submission below will allow you to register your details if you so wish. If you register you will be placed on a mailing list for all future updates relative to document uploads and other matters being pursued in this matter.

  1. Ex SBS Employee
    July 17, 2012 at 7:53 am

    Ths is an enlightening expose. I hope you have success in bring those responsible to justice. A great number of us have always wondered what happened. Thank you for filling in so many blanks.

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