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EYE-BALL Opinion – The Gender Debate and “Mandated Elevation”


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– The Gender Debate –
| Author: EYE-BALL Opinion | 4th June 2013 |
The gender equality debate has raged for generations and continues to do so.  In that timeframe an outsiders perspective might advocate that men have allowed themselves to be seduced by the fairer sex to help the feminist movement move forward.

It is that ‘seduction’ that fosters a thought that as women use their womanly favours to get what they want – logic allows the opinion that the feminist agenda and its ‘privilege creep’ is a result of that ‘seduction’ and begs the question as to how far it will go.

That advancement has sometimes been achieved through sheer intimidation,  open and militant threats to withdraw sex within marriage, and other formats all aimed at making men feel uncomfortable with their lot and their assertive controls over women.

History shows the gender battle has been forged by some outstanding feminists with policy platforms that could not be argue against.   It’s was always a yield based on a logic to ‘keep the peace’ – and to ‘not upset the women’ … it was in many ways a pity agreement formed from a man’s perspective to keep women happy.

Was that man’s guilt at having it too good – or was it a simple way to get their women back into bed willingly?

This advancement has come far – women are now the deciding force in all western elections – it is where media campaigns are targeted, won and lost.

Politicians now live and die on the will of women voters as they vote for charm and charisma above policy and logic – WOW – did those words just come forward or were they formed as a part of a inner belief?

Generally – men have cowered from the advance – they are simpletons and they enjoy their sex willingly offered as opposed to begrudgedly yielded.

Imagine if the ‘right to vote’ was refused and was still the case today – stupid, ridiculous you might advocate …but reflect for a moment – how has giving women the voting changed society, changed the way our Governments function?  Every female Leader in State and at the Federal level has been kicked from office – assuming Gillard is headed the same way come September 14th.

How many States have given a women a 2nd chance – none that I know of – Kirner, Lawrence, Bligh, Keneally – all gone and their States have never had a female Premier since.

The current Tasmanian Premier may become the exception … ?

But rest assured – it will be a long time before Australian’s elect another female PM … we never really elected this one and the way she became PM is a stigma on all female politicians.

This post is not meant as an opinion story about whether the question on equality is right or wrong, the question is about a subject that was raised in a story published a few days ago – ‘mandated elevation’ …

Read story below:

‘Glacial’ gender move may lead to quotas

| Author: John Durie | Date: 3rd June 2013 | Link to On-Line Story. |

GLOBAL funds management giant BlackRock has warned Australian boards that their “glacial” moves to gender equality at board and executive levels risk the imposition of mandatory quotas and other regulations.

Pru Bennett, head of corporate governance for the fund’s Asia-Pacific operations, issued the warning after her second annual survey testing progress towards meeting the new Australian Securities Exchange governance standards.

“Less than 50 per cent of ASX 200 companies disclosed the existence of diversity programs and 65 per cent of companies made just perfunctory disclosures,” Ms Bennett said.

The survey, to be publicly released today, follows the report in The Weekend Australian from the group Chief Executive Women bemoaning the lack of progress.

Just 17.5 per cent of non-executive board members were women in February this year, up from 14.4 per cent last year.

The survey shows 80 per cent of men appointed to boards in the last year had no previous board experience, compared with 57 per cent of women.

New female appointees tended to be moving from one to several board seats.

Chief executives have a walk-up start to being appointed to boards, yet the proportion of females in senior executive ranks in big companies peaked at 12.1 per cent in 2006, before falling to 10.1 per cent. The survey shows only 30 per cent of companies made reference to pay equity in their reports at a time when starting salaries for women stood at 91 per cent of male salaries.

Last November, the gender pay gap stood at 17.6 per cent. The survey says: “Given this significant difference we would have expected more companies to have included pay equity in their measurable objectives.”

Ms Bennett singled out Mirvac as one of the best companies in reporting and explaining its diversity policies due to the commitment of chairman James MacKenzie and chief executive Susan Lloyd-Hurwitz.

Others providing good disclosure included CSL, Computershare, Mirabela Nickel, Pacific Brands, Telstra, Westfield, Woolworths and Woodside, she said.

“BlackRock expects large companies should be able to explain their diversity policies, why they were introduced and how they assisted long-term value creation,” Ms Bennett said.

The ALP have a gender mandate that wants to have women make up 40% of all ALP elected members.

Surely a mandate in this context is flawed – surely the best person, female or male should be the bench mark.  If not – how many males who bust a gut to get ahead and strive are beaten by a mandated quota of female appointments.   Is that not a reverse sexism argument.

Surely our society has evolved to a point where women want the need to be embellished beyond their abilities.

The concept of total equality is misguided in its origins – there are things women can do that no man can ever do and vice versa. Women and Men are not the same there are differences, strengths and weakness’, genes and societal differences, and despite all the advances made to try and bridge the equality gap – are men and women any happier with their lot?

It is a debate akin to handling a live grenade with the pin pulled – ask women if they are happier wearing the responsibilities they now bear …  single motherhood is at its highest level .. why?

Is the feminist movement impacting on mothers and their role as nurtures – instincts that men will take another 100 years or so to figure out …

This is born of ‘Political Correctness’ and it’s a soft-cock debate – if men refused women the vote back in the early 1900’s would society be as promiscuous, as materialistic, as selfish, or as destructive when it comes to divorce and separation … women seem to be driving all these issues.

Would men have become cowards to women’s issues as they now do – none will stand up and say what they feel for fear of retribution as a sexist …

Would they have confusion issues surrounding women as their bosses, women challenging the role normally played by fathers and husbands, and would men be second guessing themselves over their abilities to satisfy their women given the expectations of women these days?

A man now has to think twice before he bats an eye at a women – yet women take their partners at will … men are scared of women who are assertive and can that be a good thing society …

The wheel has turned and for it to be OK to accept and expect mandated elevation based on gender, then that is another reason for man to feel despised and persecuted …

Where can this end – and there is only one answer … badly for children and their ability to understand 1000’s of years of evolved society … all ditched within a 100 years …

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