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EYE-BALL MovieZone – Favourites Review: “Garrow’s Law” (2009) TV Show Seasons 1-2 …

November 9, 2012
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– EYE-BALL MovieZone review –

TV Show: “Garrow’s Law” –
| Author: EYE-BALL MovieZone | Undated 9th Nov 2012 |
Review Links – 2009-10 TV Show – “Garrow’s Law”

TV Show Review:

Garrow’s Law:

[Pasted from Wikipedia]-

Garrow’s Law is a British period legal drama about the 19th-century lawyer William Garrow. The series debuted on 1 November 2009 on BBC One and BBC HD. A second series was announced on 7 July 2010 and was broadcast from 14 November 2010.

A third series consisting of four episodes was commissioned and was aired from 13 November 2011. Garrow’s Law was cancelled after three series in February 2012.
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EYE-BALL MovieZone Review:

I love quality Law drama that is both engaging and creative … by far ‘Boston Legal’ offered the best law drama ever with wit, humour, and orations about Political and Social issues that both engaged and had relevance.

Garrow’s Law is Boston Legal 200 years ago – William Garrow was a barrister in the early form of the profession and his court was the ‘Old Baily’. The three season, 12 episodes cover some of the land breaking laws of the time that have relevance today … there is a love triangle introduced that works and presents Garrow as a complex man for simple times ..

The idea of innocence before proven guilt was challenged by Garrow in real-life – read William Garrow’s bio here – you will thoroughly enjoy this series …

Highly recommend viewing

EYE-BALL MovieZone Rating: 7.5/10 …

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