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EYE-BALL Opinion – True Leadership – Australia is still to experience it the way it was meant –


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– True Leadership –
– we are yet to experience the way it was meant to be –
| Author: EYE-BALL Opinion | 6th June 2013 |
Leadership is on the mind constantly – in recent times it is the lack of that prompts concern and angst.

Who among our previous Leaders understood Australia – all of Australia, its People, its Industry, its desires, its resources, its indigenous occupiers, the island context, the convict heritage, the Head of State concept,  there is a need to embrace and understand it all before anyone can hope to satisfy the needs of the Nation.

Walking backwards –

  1. Gillard – the worst experiment of a PM in the history of the Nation
  2. Rudd – ego driven with a vision that floated with no underbelly support
  3. Howard – a man trapped in his 70’s mandate to break the Unions and clean up the waterfront –
  4. Keating – a maverick with vision that had us on the right track until his contempt for anyone who disagreed with him caused a thud
  5. Hawke – a Unionist with vision but his need to be loved gave him weakness
  6. Fraser – a stuffshirt born of privilege who could never get the people to like him
  7. Whitlam – another maverick in a hurry with radicals all around him
  8. Gorton, McMahon, Holt – all bit part players who never attained any continuity nor gave us direction during those Vietnam years …

None of the above Prime Ministers offered Australia anything other than party politics – some did tried to be different but were frustrated by factional structures and individual ambitions.

An observation might be that none truly governed for Australian’s, and that is an extreme failing in the choices Australian’s had to choose from.

The people have to have confidence in their Leader – confidence as different to party loyalty – a belief that they have some idea in how to run a Nation as opposed to beating the other side with opposing positions and pistols drawn …

Bi-Partisan support is a must if Government is to get the respect of the people – without it the Nation is divided and that can never be a good thing.  When was the last time that Question Time showed genuine respect for the other side … both sides are guilty – all are guilty …

Policy on Immigration, Indigenous affairs, Defence, National Security, Health, and Education – the policy for each of these areas should all be agreed to via  bi-partisan cooperation.   Australia’s interests are damaged if both sides fight and don’t agree in these areas, and the public brawling over one another’s deficiencies divide us further.

Having two mainstream Political Party’s that form our choices for Government – one who supports the working class, the other the employers and Business sector create the divide.

Neither will ever come together to unite the Nation.  Our convict heritage is entrenched in our belief in the ‘haves’, and ‘have nots’ – and that cultural handicap is with us forever …

Politician’s created and foster the divide, and as each side gets a stint at the helm – the trenches on both sides become more engrained – it’s a WWI thinking and the Leaders and their party powerbrokers have the same General’s perspective as they did in WWI – sheer insanity in their belief that their way is the only way …

The National Party have align with the Liberals to help out farmers and the like … but as Australian’s we need to know that who ever is in power will have all our backs and Govern for the whole of the Nation – and not for the secular groups that fund their election campaigns – i.e. Unions and Big Business …

We are no closer than we were 100 years ago to evolving as a Global Democracy whilst our Leaders continue to have these selfish party instincts – to reject everything a Government proposes when in Opposition, and/or a Government who don’t give a shit about what the other side cares about – nothing will change.

As an example – nobody can say that this current Government is not the worst in living memory – neither side would pour water on the other if they were on fire … in most cases they would both light the fires …

Watching Senate Hearings, the HOR and the Upper House give us good reason to blame our Leaders for the divide created … and it will take a Leader with a vision 10 times what Gillard or Abbott offer to make this Nation come together.

The re-emergence of the Republic debate in recent days showing Swan and Turnbull holding hands selling a joint message about becoming a Republic is a distraction and an example of selfish interests.

Neither thinks the other worthy in any other forum and is an example of the gross hypocrisy on display in our so called Democracy every day of the week.

The attacks in the House this week by the Government against State Governments who don’t support the Gillard Gonski plan is another example of how divided politics and policy has become.

Gillard threatens to punish States who do not agree with her plan – as if her plan is the best and only plan … the hubris in that ultimatum is the example of how divided the Nation has become and no election result will meld it back together again.

The Abbott Government are just as hellbent on their choices and it will be more of the same and that is the wrong.

What Leader can get us past this party politics divide … what Leader will yield and extend an open hand to the other side for better Government?

The minority Government of the last three years was an experiment in bi-partisan politics – the Greens, The Independents, all had their price to support the Party they supported to form Government.  It was not a willing agreement because both extracted financial and policy gains in trade for their coercion … bribes and payoffs by another name.

Democracy is Government of the people – and putting the Greens with 11+% of the vote in a position to demand the ‘Carbon Tax’ to do a deal for Gillard to form Government – how is that Government of the people … Green voters got their want – but they represent 11+%  of the vote – the informal vote was higher in the 2010 election.   How does that serve the will of the people?

Wilkie was offered a $billion hospital – Windsor and Oakeshott had their hands out as well … and all that has got us is three years of the worst Government outcome possible…

As the Nation limps to a September election – people believe relief will embrace them … it will be more of the same and within six months it’ll be everybody complaining about Abbott’s choices …

There is an option – make ‘None of the Above’ the most popular vote and have our political leaders forced to accept change – if enough people make the statement that they don’t support either side of the political equation – it will force change … that might take a decade to get right … but that beats $100’s billions of ALP debt and $100’s billions of Coalition cuts and the like as both sides square up against one another …

Surely the divide is a place where all Leaders should meet and talk policy – not the powerbrokers and special interest groups wanting favours … policy should be about what is best for the majority, not the minority …

Many will say this opinion is naive – and perhaps it is.  To think that Political Parties can be aligned on common interests – would that not be a great thing … please think a little deeper first before you throw out the messenger before you really understand the message …

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  1. Paul
    June 7, 2013 at 8:42 am

    To govern for all Australians they would have to think like leaders, and the Corporation doesn’t want that. They want Gatekeepers. Patriots need not apply.

  2. Herman O Hermitage
    June 7, 2013 at 9:47 am

    There is simply so much in all of this. Today we hear J R Simplot is intending to move production of the Chiko roll to Malaysia. Earlier this week we heard how the late Dr Yunupingu struggled to obtain access to dialysis in Arnhem land.

    Something like the Edgells and Bird-eye brands are 15% production, 30% distribution and the rest branding. Why do we need Simplot? The distribution is typical already outsourced. Simplot wants our primary production access, be it beef, potato, asparagus or peas. Yet they now want to access cheaper production runs (scale) or sanitary standards and other red tape offshore. 457 visas are one problem and so is high AUD another. In the thinking of the John Gorton era they would offer grants to Australians to start up in opposition to Simplot. There is a business case without subsidies.

    Health and Education under the constitution are State Government issues. Yet successive Federal governments keep encroaching. Often for good reasons, too often for political purposes. When you consider the lack of access to health services outside the major metropolis it makes you wonder. Why are our leaders so tunneled vision?

    While I am trying to write this there is an Aust Post delivery at the door. As I am racing to get the door the contractor excessively rings. Upon opening the door, I chastise him. He is of South American complexion.

    Why is it that Australia is a sponge cake for anyone else to enjoy, carve up, take for granted? Who will develop an Australian identity that we can all aspire to?

    We are simply craving leadership.

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