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EYE-BALL’s Harry’s Growl on – Election 2013 – Growl No: 37 – Police Investigation into Gillard – When will the Media do their job –

May 2, 2013
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– Election 2013 – Growl No: 37 –
– Police Investigation into Gillard –
– When will the Media do their job –
| Author: EYE-BALL’s Harry’s Growl | 2nd May 2013|
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The revelation last week that Prime Minister Julia Gillard is under a police investigation barely caused a ripple in the media cycle.  Why is that?

The highest office in the land is a position that must have the highest integrity and moral standards.  If Australian’s are  expected to have any respect for their Leaders – surely politicians must know this.

Any failure to meet these expectations can only bring disdain and diminish the ability of the Government to function with the people’s support.   This is where Gillard and her Government are – languishing at 30% in the polls and under an election threshold – Gillard is desperate and prepared to do anything to save herself – why don’t the media report on her police investigation in association with the poll ranking of her status?

The electorate no longer believes in her vision of a better Australia – yet she sells a good message and there is still fight left.   But for the media to abstain in the pursuit of a PM under a police investigation is a choice made, and worthy of closer introspection.   The media are failing Australian’s.

Her appearance during yesterdays ‘Disability Care’ – the new name for the NDIS press conference was disheveled … hair looking ragged, lips turned downward,  no upbeat in her responses to questions, and a flatline performance in her delivery of the Disability Care pitch.

She had Swan and Macklin beside her to prop her up … but the question is why was Gillard’s performance so downbeat on such a major issue?  Could it be that the Police investigation into the AWU scandal is closer than ever to her door?

I question the media’s integrity, its bias, and its inability to do their job in reporting the news.  Gillard under a police investigation has to be major news right?

There is only one mainstream Media outlet giving it any air – News Ltd – and Hedley Thomas their National Correspondent is the only reputable journalist telling the story.  This has been the case for some time – ever since the Aug and Nov ’12 Press conferences Gillard gave when she pleaded – ‘I did nothing wrong’.

You do not trust a Politician at their word – history has proven that with regard to Gillard.

The media show signs of being intimidated by Gillard and the question is why?  What did Gillard threaten both News Ltd and Fairfax with in Nov 2011 when both were sworn off the then breaking AWU story?   What is it she held over them?

News sacked their boss John Hartigan a few weeks after News Ltd published their apology for running the Glen Milne story.  Presumably because Hartigan caved into Gillard’s threats.  The new guy – Kim Williams – then threw the ball to Hedley Thomas and said ‘hang the bitch’ … or something to that effect …

‘Nobody threatens us to not run a story’ … was Murdock’s message for Kim Williams to follow – and they would be right.

Ever since it’s been a one horse race in exposing Gillard’s fraud with the help from some dedicated bloggers who all agree – a criminal or someone involved in a criminal activity should never be serving as our Prime Minister.

Fairfax on the other hand have still to poke their head out of their craven’s hideout on the Gillard involvement in the AWU scandal.   In fact they run the other way – in fact when Gillard is exposed they run harder at the Opposition … go figure …

As such – Fairfax remain a meek, and pathetic version of their once proud traditions.   They are a publication without a soul.   They join the ABC National broadcaster as media pigeons to the Gillard message and landlord status. Most of Australia remain oblivious to the facts.

How do you wake up a behemoth to its own moral conscience?

Fairfax were once a proud and much sought after Media empire. The recent tilt by Rinehart to seek a Board position through shareholder numbers was rejected by the Fairfax board – a Board with many Fairfax journalists and staffers among their number. Their share price has languished for some years and it is a empty vessel in an every changing media world.   A typical case of the asylum dwellers in charge of the asylum.

Update on Craig Thompson’s Web Appeal:

Another Gillard crony Craig Thompson had some mates set up a web site to elicit donations from the public to help pay for his legal bills in criminal and civil court cases pending over his HSU fraud and embezzlement charges.

There are three issues with this type of fund raising:

  1. Can the donations made be construed as a form or electoral donation and come under the AEC rules pertaining to electoral payments,
  2. The TWU [Transport Workers Union] has been rumoured to be paying Thompsons legal expenses for some time with the sanction of Gillard.  With recent exposure on Union expenses perhaps the TWU are tying to find a means to hide their Thompson support.
  3. If Thompson is unable to pay his legal expenses and becomes exposed in court proceedings as not having an adequate defence, he will be able to avails himself to the appeals process due to inadequate defence … pity about everybody else who have to rely on Legal AId for their defence … who said justice was equal or fair.

Update on Peter Slipper Cours Proceedings:

Slipper is due to appear in court on the 23rd May after his lawyers failed to extend the proceedings further at a hearing in early April.    Read story here:

Each of these stories, Gillard and the AWU police investigation, the Craig Thompson court appearances, and the Peter Slipper affair,  deserve to be updated and kept in the minds of voters for reasons that go beyond party allegiances.

There are no jury’s involved nor tainting of the pool – this is about the Government of the day and the media for the most don’t give a flying fu_k about whether criminals are serving in our Parliament.

This is news and when our Leaders are exposed and being investigated over their involvement in crimes, the media have a responsibility to expose the cover-up’s, the other parties involved, and to deliver the truth to the public – that is their obligation.

If they fail in this responsibility – they fail to live up to the rights and privileges won by all who have gone before them.  They dishonour the industry.

The No-Confidence Motion:

Abbott’s pledge to have a no-confidence motion heard on the Budget sitting day seems to have been lost in transit.  Nowhere can I find a journalist who has asked Abbott on the record about the no-confidence motion in the last 2-3 weeks.

Surely the chatter about this has to be happening – or had Abbott done the numbers and the Independents have indicated that won’t move.  Or better still – is Abbott lying in the tall grass looking to ambush Gillard with the motion – me thinks this latter option is a fools errand … particularly after having flagged the intent.

No readers – if you are of like mind I completely agree with the hidden thoughts in what we should do with our Parliamentary system.   Having to accept the behaviour, the false illusions and statements, the agendarised bullshit,  it is all too much.   Something is about to happen … but a society can only take so much before they rally and force change themselves.   We are not there yet – but it is coming … ‘viva la revolution’ …

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  1. Barry M
    May 2, 2013 at 11:34 am

    News Ltd may have given Hedley Thomas the green light to investigate the AWU-WRA fraud but in recent months they have chosen to virtually hide his articles in the on-line edition of The Australian. His work used to run in the Investigation section but now it appears in some magazine section in the Weekend edition.
    When someone from the Tele runs a story it is usually riddled with errors in the detail. A sure sign the journalist is not keeping abreast of the latest exposures of facts. Lewis and Benson spring to mind on this. I can understand Lewis being weary after running foul of Gillard over the Slipper case, but that is not an excuse for poor research.
    If it wasn’t for Pickering and his entertaining way of reporting the story, Smith and his excellent investigative skills and the amazing work done by some of his legally qualified followers and Thomas with one of his arms tied behind his back and then sites like Eyeball, Akerman,Blair, Bolt and others and the public had to rely on the MSM they would believe that Union fraud and corruption was a totally acceptable way of conducting business.

  2. May 2, 2013 at 12:33 pm

    Barry M,

    It might be that the police have asked the main players to hold off on the story becasue of the on-going investigations … I think that is possible … but I don’t agree –

    If the media were reporting the story and the pressure on Gillard became such that she had to stand aside – I would think that would clear the way for the police to question Gillard without the PM’s office to protect her.

  3. Barry M
    May 2, 2013 at 1:26 pm

    Absolutely right, Harry

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