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EYE-BALL’s Harry’s Growl on – Election 2013 – Growl No: 36 – Minister Jenny Macklin – Delusional and in Complete Denial –

April 22, 2013
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– Election 2013  – Growl No: 36 –
– Minister Jenny Macklin  –
– Delusional and in Complete Denial –
| Author: EYE-BALL’s Harry’s Growl | 22nd Apr 2013|
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The Gillard Front Bench are in denial … their obsession with Gillard and her continued frail leadership defies all logical argument.

The caucus must know there is only the thin wedge between absolute annihilation at the next election and/or the complete demise of the Australian Labor Party.   One would think that all ALP MP’s would be doing their own soul searching and establishing their reasons to jump ship and fight for their own survival at the next election.  The blind support these so-called ALP MP’s only damages the images all politicians have with the electorate.

How can these ALP ‘twats’ – and I mean ‘twat’ in the dictionary context i.e. ‘foolish or despicable person(s)’ … continue to support their Leader when the ALP is falling apart all around them.

The internal destruction has already happened – it now just needs a ‘gust of truth’ to finish the job.

The current Minister for Families, Community Services, Indigenous Affairs, and Disability reform – Jenny Macklin has been in politics since 1996 – her background is in research and health – see link here.

Where Macklin fails in her Ministerial responsibilities and her duty of care is that she lies to the Australian people and is happy to do so.   Macklin is fully aware of her lying when she promises a better funding program for indigenous policies.  Given the enormous ‘black holes’ that keep opening up anew in Treasurer Swan’s budget and forward estimates, how can Macklin in all honesty claim that her policies will be funded to the degree she has promised.

The immediate confusion is whether Treasurer Swan’s claim over the weekend that it was the ‘High A$’ that caused te $7.7 billion black-hole since last October.   Yet it was at the same time that Swan gave an upgraded budget estimate revision from a $1.5 billion surplus to a $0.5 billion surplus in the mid year review.  Swans reasons given then and ever since the Dec ’12 surplus backflip has been ‘revenue writedowns’ … the high A$ excuse was never mentioned at the time.

As a Senior Minister Macklin knows she is misleading the public over the funding promises and the poor record of this Government in keeping its promises.  Her hubris and contempt for the Australian public is almost criminal in its intent.

Whether Macklin is a slumgullion served up as a-la- cart, or just a shag dancer used by all and sundry, she is obviously just someone who is happy to serve on the Gillard feminista team.

Read what she is expected to say at an address to be given to the ‘Committee for Economic Development of Australia conference’

Macklin raises risk from Libs to Closing the Gap

| Author: Patricia Karvelas | Date: Apr 22, 2013 | Link to On-Line Story. |

INDIGENOUS Affairs Minister Jenny Macklin will tonight draw a stark distinction between Labor and the Coalition’s approach to closing the gap between black and white Australia.

In a keynote speech, Ms Macklin will say that only her side of politics can deliver long-term sustained funding to meet the policy’s ambitious goals.

The speech, to be delivered at the Committee for Economic Development of Australia conference in Perth, will articulate Labor’s case for re-election, with the central argument it needs more time to complete the “national project”.


How can Macklin keep a straight face on her funding pledge … how can she deliver a speech claiming the high moral ground on funding and committment to indigenous policies when nothing this Government has said or done on its budget forecasts has any truth to it?

Macklin performs like a foot soldier armed with the latest wedge of ALP propaganda and all designed to create an illusionary perception – the truth is that this Government is toxic to the core and so desperate to paint the other side as the reason for their own demise …

It is so pathetic to watch this crippled Government go through the motions … the Opposition pledge to bring on a May ‘no-confidence’ motion will hopefully end it all and save Swan the humiliation of his Budget Speech …

Politics is a bore at the moment .. same old same oh … the media are not even talking about the no-confidence motion … they are not questioning what Thompson and Slipper will do when they face court in May … the AWU scandal investigation seems at a standstill … and all Gillard can do is make more empty promises.

Who will listen to Macklin deliver her speech … more importantly who will take any notice …

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  1. April 22, 2013 at 6:21 pm

    Link to Macklin’s full text of her speech …

  2. RP_Man
    April 23, 2013 at 6:38 am

    I cant wait to see the back end of the handbag hit squad.
    They are a particular breed of Labor bred mindless beings that are busy trashing their own sex with their so called liberated woman stance.
    What they have shown (by example) is how totally incompetent, vicious, lacking in any good qualities and seriously deluded they are.
    Most woman I know, and thats quite a lot, are really nice respectable people, they are horrified by these ALP beings and buffoons that can only pretend to be woman while they trash everything they touch.
    Gillard is totally poisonous and the electorate is very slowly starting to wake up to her.
    Basically when they get thrown out…poor old Abbott and crew will have to disinfect the halls of Canberra to try and make a clean start on the mess these morons have left behind.
    I dont envy him.

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