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EYE-BALL’s Herman on – Gone-Ski – Prime Minister Julia Gillard

June 27, 2013
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Gone-Ski: Prime Minister Julia Gillard
| Author: EYE-BALL’s Herman O’Hermitage | 27th June 2013 |


ate against Mate, State against State – Vale Gillard, Swan, Conroy, Emerson, Garrett, Ludwig, Combet, Windsor & Oakeshott  – (who have I missed)?

At this point in time Swan, Conroy, Ludwig and Combet remain in Parliament. There is time to fix that.

It was fascinating to watch the ten pins line up – it was great to see them fall. It will be interesting to hear TV viewer ratings – Channel 2 v Channel 9 (State of Origin) & State of Origin v Channel Nine Go. For me Laurie Oakes was no match against Leigh Sales & Tony Jones but I did watch the football when Barry Cassidy came on.

I was constantly thinking about my previous article “the tears of a prime minister” or “a March early election” and some more. Why didn’t Rudd do this last March and save Australia so much embarrassment? Was it really about Albanese being caught with his pants down at a Marrickville brothel? Hence Crean saying he would run as deputy?

By next Monday the opinion polls will be showing on 1st party preference ALP trailing Coalition but only just – however the final result on election night is now too hard to prognosticate. We are now uncertain when the election will be called.

Australia is still sick of this ALP machine, insipid – self interested and other soliloquy but Kevin Rudd is a statesman of the first order and makes Tony Abbott look corny. Seeing so many of the fools gone in one fell swoop is pleasing. More than pleasing it is an absolute delight.

By next Monday, not only will Krudd have had a chance to build a piecemeal staff, but they will have a chance to put together an advertisement to lampoon the resurrection of Tony Abbott, the crown jester of the Howard frontbench, to Tony Abbott the man of steel (and no policy just negativity) – just steel cutting blades – cutting this and cutting that.

Where Julia was fighting back the tears, her petulance continued – her staff should continue. Yeah onya!

Windsor broke down.

Today who is more pompous and grandiloquent? Grandiloquent is Rudd, and pompous is shared between Gillard, Windsor and ? Will Rudd ultimately be judged as grandiloquent? He still has time to develop his humility. He has earned a dimension to his character from the back benches that will be shadow in history.

Yesterday morning I wrote we needed a catharsis. Now we have one. Catharsis by their very nature means creating chaos to effect change. Radical change, an absolute re evaluation.

Last night on Lateline Bob Carr started to address policy. “On the boats, times are changed. Those arriving by boat are not humanitarian refugees but economic refugees!” Thank you for finally listening to the constituency.

There is Rudd’s trip to China and Gillard’s trip to Indonesia to be addressed. Carr and Bowen could most ably deputise in Indonesia, Rudd will have to somehow save face. Bowen as new treasurer is very well versed in immigration. His offerings mean much. I personally find him a statesman above the average.

Bob Carr remains enigmatic. I can’t say much about him beyond he remains a NSW fringe right operator and is very confused and confusing. At times he is deluded and delusional. For example he is only in the Federal senate courtesy of Julia Gillard, yet now he is running with the foxes. Why would you trust him?

Penny Wong and Jacinta Collins in the Upper House are some form of balance.

The AWU connection is illuminating. Ludwig will not serve in a Rudd ministry. Shorten came out offering support and thereby ended his own credibility and that of Paul Howes.

The high moral ground remains the trump of all trumps. A full public investigation of WRA and HSU would guarantee election victory to either side. I first said that at least 12 months ago.

I expect WRA will now barely see daylight again. It is the hatchet of all hatchets and will be buried along with others only used if the AWU attempts to resurrect. Gillard is gone.

While writing this I needed to go driving. I got to thinking what a waste of space talk back radio is. Rhonda from Katoomba said Gillard is not finished. Gillard has only promised not to contest the seat of Lalor at the forthcoming election.

One more, Onya!

The people of Australia are seething that they didn’t get to thrash the ALP for this period of evil self indulgence. It was an episode of unbelievable shame upon democracy. Far too many would love to express their opinion through the ballot box. But one shambles would have lead to greater catastrophe. It is thankfully over.

The seat of Kingsford Smith is now a bellwether. Heartland ALP formed in 1949 that through time has become marginal. It produced Lionel Bowen of Mooramie St, Kensington, but Kensington is now a border with Wentworth. It also produced Lionel Murphy of Todman Ave, Kensington, The Hills of MacDougal St, and the Brereton’s of Balfour Rd. Daniel Curtin preceded Lionel Bowen. Laurie Brereton succeeded him. In the 64 years only 6 have sat there, all ALP. Traditional areas like Coogee and South Coogee have been taken over by nouveau rich. They are now traditional right wing polling stations. Pagewood is no longer industrial. There are only 2 real contestants for the ALP pre selection to replace Peter Garrett. Bob Carr or Kristina Keneally? I expect to see Kristina get the nod, but am not absolutely sure. The ALP had a margin in 2010 of over 5%. On election night it is worth watching. The Liberal Party has nominated a Michael Feneley. He is Cardiology Director at St Vincent’s Hospital and ran in 2010.

The other seat I will be watching is Rankin (and Lilley). I heard Dr Jim Chalmers former Chief of Staff of Wayne Swan is seeking ALP pre selection. Lilley represents one of the few seats where the electorate can punish the Federal ALP. Jim Chalmers represents something similar. Having released a book only a month ago on the destructive internal power struggles, what skin does he have in the game? Labor needs to retain every seat, and cover for New England and Lyne. Rankin is no different to Lindsay. Rankin was first formed in 1984. There have only been 2 sitting members. It is outer metropolitan Brisbane.

In 2007 QLD carried the result for Kevin Rudd. First Qld Prime Minister and treasurer to boot. Chris Bowen is no guaranteed ALP retain as the treasurer.

At this early stage, I predict the result will be known on election night by about 11pm. Every seat will matter. There will be Coalition 85, Ind 2, ALP 59 with 4 too close to call, due to counting postal and absentee. I can’t think when the election date will be, but if it is not on August 10 or 17 then there is no reason to not wait for September 14.

Very importantly the Coalition will need to watch themselves. The funniest quip last night was “if 1993 was the sweetest victory, then 2013 might just be a diabetic attack.

I am delighted. Farewell Julia, fare thee well. Farewell Emerson and Swan and Garrett and hopefully later today Tony Burke. And a couple more.

Believing in sanity is insanity.

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    Wonderful critique Herman – spot on and deserving of a much wider audience …

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