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EYE-BALL’s Harry’s Growl on – Election 2013 – Growl No: 45 – Gillard and Swine swill –

June 12, 2013
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– Election 2013 – Growl No: 45 –
– Gillard and Swine swill –
– PM prefers swine swill to civility and respect –
| Author: EYE-BALL’s Harry’s Growl | 12th June 2013|

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**Note: This post is not targeting women in general – however,  the latest Gillard gutter swill confirms the depth of desperation she is prepared to embrace to hold on to power.   Her ‘abortion’ speech proves her complete and utter disrespect for all Australians … she has to be called for what she is and represents.

Ilistened and then I watched the PM deliver her abortion speech into the political campaign.

It was done in front of a 100 or so ‘female rent a crowd’ wearing Gillard supporter t-shirts and eager to smile and clap whenever the camera panned their way.

It was a private affair – no mainstream cameras or reporters allowed, the second such media banishment in two days.

Hear a part of the speech below and ask yourself whether the ALP caucus approved this speech.

The crime is not the ‘gutter swill’ politics Gillard is advocating.  Gillard can’t help herself – once a sow always a sow – the crime is in the ALP caucus allowing this brand of politics into the electoral campaign.   It is divisive and desperate, and will do Australia more harm then good.

How dare the ALP caucus support this brand of politics.

Gillard’s ‘handbag brigade’ – i.e. Roxon, Plibersek, Macklin, Ellis, Lundy, Collins, King, and perhaps Penny Wong, although I believe she struggles with the Gillard vision of Women in Politics, can all be expected to blindly support Gillard’s view on abortion and sexism in politics.

The Gillard Ministry – see Gillard’s Ministry link here – has only three women serving in 20 senior Ministerial portfolios [i.e. The Cabinet] … Gillard, Macklin and Plibersek.

This is no where near the 40% gender divide benchmark that is ALP policy.

Surely as a female PM, and if Gillard was serious about ‘women in politics’, her Cabinet would reflect ALP policy on the 40% gender rule, or at least have somewhere near the 8 required to fulfil the quota requirement.

The reason it does not is multi reasoned, but in Gillard’s case – it is a ‘Union Faction’ issue and who Gillard owes favours to.

In this context – this feminista speech to this group of 100 women is made to appear all the more ludicrous.

It can’t be called a publicity stunt because the media were not invited.  The McTurd troupe – [i.e. McTernian] – recorded the gathering and leaked it to the media after their own editing.

The ABC provided the above clip and usually they don’t do ‘YouTube’ … so it can be seen as nothing but a cheap and nasty campaign setup to introduce the ‘abortion’ message.  It was Gillard’s own brand of selling herself with the thought: ‘how do I make myself popular with women’.

There is a question for Gillard arising from this – for a long time rumours have circulated that Gillard was pregnant to Bruce Wilson, what happened to that child – was it aborted, miscarried, or put up for adoption?

Gillard has confessed she had no want to have a child – and the question about whether the rumours are true are now important given Gillard’s stance on ‘abortion’ and her painting Abbott as a potential baby killer if he defeats Gillard in the upcoming election.

Creditability Credibility is something Gillard wears upside down … her ankles are trapped in sewerage swill along with Craig Thompson, Peter Slipper, and her own anchor – the AWU scandal currently being investigated by the Victorian police and many other interested parties.

Gillard has managed to avoid her fate because ‘men’ have offered and given her protection ever since the AWU scandal first broke in 1995.

That protection first came from her Slater and Gordon boss Peter Gordon.  Gordon’s reason were self-preservation for his Law firm, then the AWU itself waived its right to sue Slater and Gordon for fear of the exposure of Wilson and Gillard’s scheme to defraud the AWU.   Since then the number of past and present ALP MP’s and Senators who have protected her is limitless.

All the ALP are aware of Gillard’s sordid past, all of Australia are aware – yet those in positions of power still chose to promote her to the PM role.

Bill Ludwig, the AWU stalwart for many decades has his own Gillard payback in his son serving as a Senator – remember his involvement in the live cattle export fiasco. He is only one of the Gillard Ministerial appointments she owed to the AWU faction i.e. Ludwig, Shorten, Howes for her becoming the PM when Rudd was assassinated.

Ministers like Plibersek, Macklin, Ellis, Wong [reluctantly], have limited ability – Plibersek married a felon, Macklin and Bronwyn Bishop have so much in common, the plump filling of a safe electoral seat because they fear what comes after politics, and Ellis former Sports Minister after Arbib went AWOL, and now struggling with choices she was never prepared for.

This Gillard ‘abortion’ rally has no place in politics – it demonstrates Gillard’s complete misread of the Australian people. Even her greatest supporters – the ‘ABC’, and the ‘Fairfax’ media are pulling away from her. Barry Cassidy from ABC’s ‘Insiders’ confirmed last Sunday his view that she will be gone before the election from comments made to him by people in the know.

All this ‘enlightenment’ begs further comment. Many of us have known of Gillard’s unworthiness to lead this Nation. Does that make all those now coming to the same opinion stupid, or just ALP loyalist not ready to face their own political conscience.

*** In a breaking story this morning about a Gillard Menu description at a Liberal fundraiser held in March earlier this year. The Menu’s authenticity has been confirmed by Mal Brough, Liberal candidate for the Peter Slipper held Federal seat of ‘Fisher’. The Gillard Menu choice is displayed below: [click image to enlarge in a new window.]

To view the full menu – click here

The story is building and is an obvious retaliation for the ‘abortion’ coverage damaging Gillard this morning.

March this year – why would the ‘menu’ emerge now … and to add to that, Mal Brough has had his own demons over the Peter Slipper/Ashby involvement why would he tempt fate with this type of nausea crap?

This is the level of our Politics and our Politicians – it would have been a staffer who adder the ‘political context’ wording to the menu to ignite the humour for the night.

This is the cross-roads readers … this is where this political campaign goes full-tilt negative.

I think Gillard’s ‘abortion’ speech has the greater damage.  This ‘menu’ story is a block stunt to give the media a sleazy choice to offset the abortion story.   It does no favours for Mal Brough and Abbott is due to front the media to speak about the ‘menu’.

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  1. June 12, 2013 at 3:43 pm

    Gillards full transcript of her ‘Women for Gillard’ launch linked below:


  2. June 12, 2013 at 10:50 pm

    I find it strange that the seat of Fisher should give us both Peter Slipper and Mal Brough.

    One a sexist pig, and the other a sex maniac, particularly with younger homosexual folk like James Ashby.

    I don’t know either from a bar of soap, and don’t want to go at Qld particularly before the 2nd SOO. It will be great to see the NSW state flag on the Storey Bridge in a couple of weeks.


    Qld has given us;

    Red Ted Theodore, Bill Hayden, Kevin Rudd, Pauline Hansen, Kevin Rudd and Wayne Swan.

    Did I miss anyone, Oh yeah, the seat of Fisher, the mythical character of Steele Rudd, and a whole lot of other over inflated egos that include;

    Wally Lewis, (s)mal Mafinger, Alfie Clanger, the cumquat twins including the Walters bros, and now Mal Brough and Peter Slipper fighting for the title of greatest dip shit of all time.

    Go for it you Red Necks.

    On red, who is the red head you can believe, Precious PM or Pauline Hanson?

    If Pauline Hanson was to get 1 more chance, this time in the senate, wouldn’t she want to see Tony Abbott sent to prison and strip searched. The Abbott without his habit.

    We love you QLD

  3. Barry M
    June 13, 2013 at 5:06 am

    Too many people have been far to quick to rush to print over this story. The age of twitter and ‘news’ going to air instantly is leading to sloppy non researched opinions being expressed by experienced, professional journalists. We commenters are as much to blame as the opinion writers.
    Politicians from all sides need to ensure their advisors have done their research as well before making fools of themselves. (I’m thinking Turnbull/Grech) (Gillard/many)
    The ‘author’ of the menu has come out and put his hand up which clears Brough and Hockey of any involvement. I’m sure there will be plenty of ‘yeah rights’ being whispered behind hands.
    I know Joe Richards from the days when he owned and ran one of Brisbane’s finest menswear stores. Joe was a man about town, a good bloke with a gregarious personality, with plenty of friends and acquaintances in both business and politics. He was also associated with the ‘progressive’ side in the thoroughbred racing game. He, like many Qld businessmen had cordial relationships with Ministers in the Labor Govt of the time. In the 90’s Qld Labor Govt had some honourable members (until Beattie got rid of those who might be a threat to his leadership).
    For what it is worth I believe if Joe said he or his staff concocted the menu and that it was not distributed on the night and Brough knew nothing about then that will be the case.

  4. Colin N Spencer
    June 13, 2013 at 8:32 am

    Credibility versus creditability….continues ????

  5. June 13, 2013 at 9:45 am

    What I find vile and vulgar is this type of politicking.

    We are talking about giving a group of people the right to run this country for the next 3 years, and this is what is thrown up. Yes thrown up, vomited.

    At best the menu is pre pubescent humour. At worse it has been used to create a gender war, when there is no war. Australia has made giant strides towards women in my lifetime. Something I am proud to associate with. I like others rejoiced when Julia was made PM. Like others I am now appalled. Appalled her misogynist speech was delivered defending Peter Slipper, and further appalled at this latest rot.

    Where is the economic debate? We only get this trash of convenience. That McTernan should have his 457 visa revoked immediately. Who needs this nonsense?

    September 14 can’t come fast enough.

    Today I have turned off the TV and radio in disgust. It is time to do some gardening or read a book. The media should take a long hard look at themselves as well.

    A tick to all the comments above.

  6. June 13, 2013 at 9:54 am

    Thanks Colin …

  7. June 13, 2013 at 10:00 am

    Many have egg on their faces this morning – it was revealed last night that the person who copied the menu sent it to Gillard in March – she had the copy all this time and held onto it …

    It was a ‘stored’ counter attack and it has now backfired …

    It was easy to believe the Brough involvement on account of the Slipper/Ashby matter – and when he admitted he knew about the menu shortly it became public – that pretty much confirmed the story … the lesson for Brough is that he should have held back on his confession until he had the letter from Richards … about how the menu got itself into the public domain …

    The after the fact confession of Richards which is believeable … does not obsolve Brough from his early guilty plea …

    You are right Barry M – the ABC were the ones who carried this story to the market early yesterday … their ‘credibility’ [thanks Colin] is again in question …

  8. Paul
    June 13, 2013 at 3:44 pm

    Kevin Rudd twice? A bit too much predictive programming there LLE.

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