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EYE-BALL’s Harry’ Growl on – Craig Thompson – there are no words to describe this GRUB …

October 17, 2012

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– Craig Thompson –
– there are no words to describe this GRUB …  –
| Author: EYE-BALL’s Harry’s Growl | 16th Oct 2012 |
The Grub of all Grubs is allowed to sit in the Australian House of Representatives every day Parliament sits.   He is a protect species – protected by a Labour Party slime that has infected our Nations Leaders with a morality that is destroying the soul of this Nation.

This peanut of a pissant – one of two that sit in the HOR’s as Independents, is named Craig Thompson, the other is Peter Slipper – two slime balls that allow this Government to remain in power.

Fair Work Australia (FWA) has disclosed that they have charged The ‘GRUB’ with some 67 charges of abuse and fraud according to documents filed with the Courts.

News report out yesterday indicate that the ‘GRUB’ is using the ‘Statute of Limitations’ that may shield himself from the Courts and the Justice he so richly deserves.

To reflect and get your head around how this Government  supported and voted against a motion bought on by the Opposition in the HOR’s earlier this year – gives a level of disgust and an aftertaste that will not go away until Gillard and her ‘jackboot’ caucus goes away.

Power corrupts – a statement of fact when it comes to summarising Gillard and her lust to cling to power.  Not only that – the continued support Thompson gives the Government whist now serving as an Independent gives real insight to the hypocrisy on display.

This Government is based on a corrupted past and its agenda from the outset has been about retaining power as opposed to serving the people of Australia.   Not one ALP MP crossed the floor to make a statement about Thompsons actions in defrauding Union funds, not one of them had courage enough to stand up and defend the integrity of the Parliament and our democracy.

If Thompson is guilty – then every ALP member is also guilty.  First and foremost in our democracy is the requirement for MP’s to vote their conscience above all else – their first allegiance is to the people they represent.  This is naive in the extreme, to think that our democracy is a true democracy is just turning a blind eye.  It’s a cry of hope more than anything – but it is futile to think it whilst the ALP’s defense of this ‘GRUB’ and the other ‘GRUB’ remains al with the purpose of retaining power – again Power corrupts …

Thompson is not a person who should be serving in our Parliament yet there he is – in full view and challenging anyone to remove him.   He retains the support of an equally corrupted PM who’s histort will surely sink her as it will Thompson.  For both these criminals to serve the high office entrusted to them is a reflection of our vetting system of chosing candidates.

The Australian Federal Police generally are responsible for misconduct in the Parliamentary arena, leaks, bribery, and inappropriate behaviour are all mandated as areas where the AFP get involved.   Where have they been in the HSU scandal and the AWU scandal?

This Government has a conflict and a vested interest in having Thompson and Slipper remain in Government.  Both go hand in hand with everyday dealings in this Government.  As the Ashby v Slipper scandal implodes the AG will be caught short when it comes to discovery of her involvement to have the ‘text transcripts’ suppressed and contained.

How can the public have any respect for politicians when this behaviour is representative and dish up day after day?

The full list of the 67 charges Thompson faces can be read using this link [PDF file format] – it runs to some 194 pages and is very thorough.

An ABC report on the filing of the charges can be read below:

Thomson case may have been filed too late

| Author: ABC | Date: 16th Oct 2012 | Link to On-Line Story. |

More than half the civil charges laid against independent MP Craig Thomson may have been initiated too late.

Fair Work Australia (FWA) has laid 62 civil charges against the former Labor MP over allegations he misspent funds on prostitutes and his 2007 election campaign while he was national secretary of the Health Services Union.

A total of 37 of the civil charges are for alleged breaches of the general duties imposed on officers of registered organisations.

But a separate Federal Court case is testing whether that type of charge should attract a two-year statute of limitations.

If that case is successful, it could provide a precedent for Mr Thomson to argue the general duties breaches he is facing are too old because they relate to allegations about his conduct five years ago.

FWA says it is in the public interest to pursue all 62 charges.

It says the maximum financial penalty that can be imposed by the court for each contravention of the general duties is $6,600.

Mr Thomson has continued to maintain he has done nothing wrong.

The Coalition has raised questions about whether Mr Thomson can afford to defend the legal action and pay any associated compensation costs if he is found guilty.

Under the constitution, any MP declared bankrupt is not allowed to continue serving in Parliament.

Senior Labor figures have already ruled out using party funds to help pay Mr Thomson’s legal fees.

But Mr Thomson has rejected suggestions he might go bankrupt and says he expects to win the case.

“I’m not raising that I’m going bankrupt, I’m not filing for bankruptcy, I’m proceeding in relation to a full defence of these matters and that’s where we’re going,” he told Sky News.

“Bankruptcy is not something we’ve looked at, thought about in any sense because we’re defending these issues.”

The Thomson case will begin in December.

Before the ALP threw Thompson out of the ALP – they had already provided in excess of $200,000 to cover his legal expenses to stave off a bankruptcy issue when he initially faced HSU fraud charges.   Had he been declared a bankrupt it would have  forced Thompson from Government.

Not only is he alleged to have defrauded HSU members to the tune of $500k – this $200k was more Union members funds used to cover his legal fees in a desperate bid for Gillard to cling to power.

This abuse of Union Members funds to protect this GRUB and the Governments numbers represents an even greater abuse of Union Members funds.   A crime to protect the crime as one could say …

The Government powerbrokers who made the choice to cover these legal costs had to have had approval from some Union heavy to do so after a request from someone in Government.  That person is now culpable in fostering a greater fraud on Union members because there will be no recovery of these funds.   It was not made as a loan, but a gifted amount to cover legal expenses.

The ABC report above indicates the time-lapse may see Thompson avoid almost half of his alleged frauds – how can justice be so slow to respond – the HSU spent almost two years investigating the original claims an that has to mitigate the statue time frame.   We wait and are forced to watch as our Government drags us over a cliff – god help us all.

It almost prompts a thought to do something drastic …


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