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EYE-BALL Opinion’s “YUCK” Files – ABC’s “Insiders” – Barry Cassidy –

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– ABC’s “Insiders” – Barry Cassidy –
| Author: EYE-BALL Opinion “YUCK” Files | 28th Oct 2012 |
The ABC’s “Insiders” chiseled faced presenter Barry Cassidy, is a senior political commentator.

As a part of his resume – Mr Cassidy served as Bob Hawke’s Press Secretary before embarking on a travelled career as an international journalist and holds a steadfast reputation built upon decades of serious journalist endeavours.

His Wikipedia profile outlines Mr Cassidy’s career further …

Barrie Cassidy (born 4 March 1950) is a veteran Australian political journalist.

Cassidy was born in Wangaratta and grew up in the Victorian town of Chiltern, attending Rutherglen High School. He had many brothers and an elder sister, and grew up with a love of football and sports. Starting his career as a cadet on the Albury Border Morning Mail in 1969,[1] he moved to the Shepparton News about a year later before being hired as a court reporter for the Melbourne Herald. Joining the ABC Network, he initially covered state politics. He moved to Canberra to become the ABC’s federal political correspondent for radio and television in 1979.

In 1986, Cassidy was approached by the then Prime Minister, Bob Hawke, to become his personal press secretary. He remained in the job — which he has described as “the most rewarding and interesting period of my life” — until Paul Keating took over the leadership in 1991 following a challenge.

Moving to Washington, Cassidy worked as a correspondent for The Australian (a News Corporation newspaper) before returning to Australia to host the Last Shout and Meet the Press programs on Network Ten. Cassidy returned to the ABC to replace Paul Lyneham as host on The 7.30 Report before he, his daughter and his wife (Heather Ewart) were sent to Brussels as European correspondents.

In 2010, Cassidy wrote The Party Thieves: the real story of the 2010 election (Melbourne University Press, October 2010, ISBN 978-0-522-85780-1), which one reviewer called “the standard text on precisely what happened in 2010.”

Cassidy currently hosts the Sunday morning political discussion show Insiders, the sports panel show Offsiders and was until recently hosting the morning show ABC News Breakfast. He stepped down from his role as host of Offsiders to write The Party Thieves. He has a keen interest in horseracing, and is a devout fan of Collingwood in the Australian Football League. Cassidy is also a keen jogger, running almost every day. Cassidy appeared as himself in the first episode of the 1998 Australia television series The Games.

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In recent times Cassidy’s unashamed reporting has become increasingly biased toward the Julia Gillard Government, and to the detriment in the quality of the ABC’s “Insiders” program.

It is no secret that Mr Cassidy is a ‘Labour’ man … and having spent the time with Bob Hawke as his private Press Secretary, his political persuasion is understood and to be admired in loyalty terms.   Bob Hawke was a Prime Minister all Australian’s can be proud of …

But his performance this morning [28th Oct 2012] as host of ‘Insiders’ was one that was a bridge too far in the biased ABC’s support for Julia Gillard …

His interview with Joe Hockey, Opposition Treasury spokesperson made himself look utterly unprofessional when he pursued questioning of Mr Hockey in relation to Hockey’s comments during the week  relating to the Government’s  mini-budget, but forgot the fundamental law of media interviews – Cassidy forgot to pay heed to Mr Hockey’s response answers …

Cassidy had a script of questions in front of him that was tasked with trying to make Hockey look stupid – in the end Cassidy forgot to take his que from Mr Hockey’s responses and adjust his questioning accordingly … it was the worst possible interview and showed how Cassidy has lost his objectivity, and no longer can be trusted as a journalist to present facts, and allow the audience to draw their own conclusions.

To view the ABC “Insiders” program in question on ‘Iview’ – click here[available for two weeks] – use this link to ‘Insiders’ webpage for more ‘Insiders’ program links …

Mr Cassidy is not alone in this biased presentation of facts – for some months now the quality of the guest commentators appearing on ‘Insiders’ has been questionable., or an odd-mix.  Print journalist’s generally make up the guests commentators, and as Gillard’s leadership becomes more questionable under scrutiny from a number of angels – so does the political porous bias of the ‘Insiders’ discussion groups.

This ‘biased’ reporting does not just extend to ‘Insiders’ and Barry Cassidy – News 24, and other ABC News broadcasts on ‘Channel 21’ continue to report only parts of political stories that slant a negative bias to the Opposition, and edit broadcasts to paint the Government in a favourable light.  It has become so obvious that I for one no longer trust the ABC and its News reporting.

The quality of all TV News and Current Affairs including commercial networks, and their political reporting has become a convoluted mix of hit and miss style reporting.

So much so that there are very few reporters and presenters the viewing and reading public can trust – I refer to ‘The Australian’s’ National Correspondent Hedley Thomas, and the ABC’s ‘7:30 Report’ presenter Leigh Sails, as two sources that I still hold as trustworthy.  ‘Q&A’s’ Tony Jones is another that does his best to be unbiased – yet he too is a ALP supporter and allows his allegiance to flow through at times.

The Opposition is wary of where they appear on TV – i.e. The Bolt Report is equally unfriendly to the Government and you rarely see Government representatives fronting on that program.

There is definitely a ‘them’ and ‘us’ developing within the editorial ranks of TV networks and that brings all media reporting into question.

When Journalists of the Barry Cassidy experience stoop to personal agenda’s, either because he wants to, or editors and producers have told him to, then democracy and the role of the Media is no longer serving the readership, viewers, or the Australian Nation as they were so charged with doing.

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The EYE-BALL Opinion …

  1. November 23, 2012 at 7:03 pm

    Sent to The Insiders, Att Barry Cassidy – 23rd Nov 2012.


    To Mr Barry Cassidy and the Producers of the ABC Insiders Program,

    Title: – “YUCK FILES” – ABC’s “Insiders” – Barry Cassidy –
    Link: https://bleyzie.wordpress.com/2012/10/28/eye-ball-opinions-yuck-files-abcs-insiders-barry-cassidy/

    As the campaign against the Prime Minister and her association with the AWU scandal heated up this week – the question is will Barry Cassidy roll away from his obvious bias and present a balanced presentation on Sunday?

    The EYE-BALL Opinion and its Authors have pursued a cause against the legitimacy of Ms Gillard to hold the office of PM for well over 12 months.

    Throughout that period the ABC ‘Insiders’ has not offered a balanced perspective, their denial of Gillard’s involvement and willingness to give her all benefit of the doubt, is not true journalism but a biased position held by Barry Cassidy and other guests on the program.

    The dismissal of Glenn Milne over this story 12 months ago is a revisit that will be a hard pill to swallow – but when it all falls and Gillard abdicates – will ‘Insiders’ and Cassidy be big enough to say sorry to the Australian people for not doing their job.

    The EYE-BALL Opinion.

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