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EYE-BALL’s Harry’ Growl on – The Preponderance of Fate – From the depths of the AWU scandal – to PM –

August 26, 2012
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– The Preponderance of Fate –
– From the depths of the AWU scandal – to PM  –
| Author: EYE-BALL’s Harry’s Growl | 26th Aug 2012 |
Can anyone presume to comprehend the depths of despair Julia Gillard must have been enduring through mid to late 1995 and into 1996?

Her life at that time from the peeled back exposures of the last few months – has generated many perspectives into her character, her fighting courage, her never say die attitude, and her ability to make poor and bad choices.

From the stark and frightening reality that she could have ended up being involved in a criminal fraud prosecution,  to her loss of employment and the fact that she might never practice Law again, and then there were the challenges associated with her ‘do I – don’t I’ pregnancy decision,  and the realisation that her lover, know to be still married with children really was a shyster of the worst kind for a Lawyer to get hooked up with … could she have ever imagined that some 15 years later she would be the Prime Minister of Australia?

All of that story – and if it were all true – and to have overcome all of what the story entailed – can only be viewed as inspirational and represent the comeback of all comebacks.

Fate is ever a reason to remind oneself to look forward, to see the ‘glass as half full’.  Given Ms Gillard’s pondering of what her life had become, and the demons tugging at her conscience over her complicity in the AWU scandal – her choice to finally decide to dump Law as a career and seek Political office – had to have been the most challenging and extreme of choices available.

How could she have believed that with the ongoing and developing AWU scandal, and revelations being leaked on a weekly basis,  and the matter being raised in the Victorian Parliament – in what mindset did she even think she had a shot at a political career?

To add to the AWU scandal, there was her political past how as a card-carrying ‘communist’, and a youth and early adult life spent advocating communist ideals.  Now with a law career in tatters – why would she even think politics as an alternative career path?

Is this choice some reflection of where the ALP and the Unions go to seek candidates – failed Lawyers with communist history?  Can it been seen as some sort of statement about the Australian Labour Party?

The Australian Parliament is full of Politicians who in a previous life tried to make a living as lawyers.   Can our Parliament be viewed as a gathering of failed lawyers all huddled together in the highest chamber in the land?

This ALP Government’s Cabinet has a history of sexual trysts between its Members and one has to ask – does that indicate why they are so united behind Ms Gillard?

What is it that binds them together – is it a blind faith that Gillard can save them – is it their past personal history embracing a communal type sharing arrangement going back decades, or is it that many come from the same era of Victorian Labour and working for Slater and Gordon and Maurice Blackburn lawyers in the early 1990’s?

Julia Gillard is truly a remarkable example that you can never know what the future might hold.

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