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EYE-BALL’s Harry’ Growl – The US Presidential Debate …

October 5, 2012
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The US Presidential Debate …!
| Author: EYE-BALL’s Harry’s Growl | 5th Oct 2012 |
Ijust want to say – how fuckin’ dumb the world has become.

The Big Picture, the one everyone wants to see because that is what the media and political will is what they want us to see is a picture without content.  It’s a picture driven by illusion and the globes population only see what the pundits want us to see.

The real picture is what nobody wants to see nor take to time to really look at how we have all become manipulated into thinking that the Leader of a Nation is the sole person responsible.

Obama nor Romney can save the World on their own – yet the build up to these Presidential debates has us believing that the winner of the debate is the right person to lead and become President.   Can you honestly believe that whoever wins these debates will ‘save the world’ – or at least the US of A?

A ‘team’ can only be as strong as its weakest link.   A belief that we all know and understand – in PM Gillard’s case where are her weakest links – Craig Thompson, Peter Slipper, Kevin Rudd, McClelland, Ferguson, or anybody else who does not agree with her.   Let us just say that she has more weak links than enough to sink herself without help for other corners.

In the USA where the Western World has sat back since WWII and allowed America to be the World’s watchdog and its police force – the World is now scared and more focused on America getting its Leadership right because the fear what may be if they don’t.

Again all an illusion – what is wrong with American politics is the same disease that the rest of the world suffers from – ‘democracy’ has been hijacked and reshaped to something that it was never meant to be.

Obama walks into the White House Jan 2008 with all the opportunity, optimism and desire to have America continue to be strong and the powerful Nation it has always been.   What does he find – the GFC in its infancy and everything he wanted to do sunk before it even began.

The attention span of the American people is that short – they have been conditioned by the political machine of both parties that ‘blame’ is always attached to failure – truth be told – GW Bush Jnr should be in jail and be there for the rest of his life.

The ‘Weapon’s of Mass Destruction’ (WMD) lie he sold to the World and the allies who joined him in invading Iraq – including Howard and Blair – or rather was advised to tell because he wanted an outcome that the American people would never live with if the truth of the matter was revealed – has been responsible more death and destruction than anyone in a thousand lives could ever achieve if they had evil intent.

Bush is a blimp in history that will be align with Hitler, Stalin and other Leaders who disgraced humanity.

No single person can save us from what awaits – to go about your business everyday hoping that our Leaders will find an answer makes us all pathetic.  Have them at least tell us the truth so we can all prepare … enticing us to spend to generate commerce in a hope the GDP numbers will influence some confidence that they hope will feed on itself gives worse odds of success that you get at any casino.

It’s a ‘hail-mary’ option that is further mortgaging the future lives of our children and grandchildren.

The amount of ‘noise’ – debate, printed comment, and general discussion as to who won the ‘Presidential’ debate is one big suck fest – placing stock in how a person performs in a single performance tells us so much about the ‘picture’ that nobody is really looking at.

It is as if the ‘debate’ and its outpouring was for TV ratings and advertising.  Who really understood the message – the policies talked about cannot be condensed into two and three minute responses – so the ‘game’ was ‘tag’ the other guy whenever and as often as you could because that is how people will decide the winner.  I can’t believe that Obams is seen as the lose because he did not stare down Romney when Romney was staring at him.

It’s like some high stakes reality TV show with the fate of the World to be decided.

What a fucking distraction from the real issues – can either fix America’s bankruptcy in a term of office?

Hell – Obama hasn’t been allowed to breath in his first term and he spent another US$6 trillion, that’s on top of the $5 trillion GW Bush spent in his 8 year term.   Obama has only been there 4 years and there will be no turn around in these numbers until American’s are told the truth.

Romney was not wrong when he made an off camera comment about 49% of Americans depend on the Government for a life.   That conditioning of receiving welfare in all its different forms does become addictive – take it away and you risk the same outcomes as an addict trying to wean themselves off drugs.

Crime is the immediate escalator if you try and it will become more violent as the people become more desperate.   Leaders know this and if you want reasons why ‘civil liberties’ are under threat all across the globe – you need not look further then the comments here.

It’s coming – and if you want to know what ‘it’ is – all I can tell you it’s not ‘ET’.

This abyss has been enclosing for 30 odd years – for as long as financial markets and Banks ripped the heart out of morality and integrity and politicians stood aside and let them do it because it fattened their wallet as well.

Money in itself has become the sole purpose of life – there is no quality family time – both parents are forced to work and put their children in day care – the cycle of life is blown apart by the need for money to survive.   We’re all conditioned to it – and in the process everyone has lost sight of the real picture of life.

Governments hand out taxpayer funds like candy to win elections with no accountability other than to not let it all fall apart on their watch.  GW Bush timed it so well – and to even think that Americans are giving a Republican candidate another shot at being in charge only 4 years later – tells much about the attention span of all Americans thinking of voting for Romney.

Obama gave everybody in the world a reason for hope 4 years ago.   We all expected too much and it has not been his failures – but our stupidity in thinking that a single man could save the world.   He was not GOD – yet we thought he could do what only God could ever do.

Fuckin’ wake up America – you too Australia – Gillard is the devil in charge – much the same as GW Bush was …

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  1. Gerry Hatrick
    October 5, 2012 at 12:54 pm

    No one can absolutely foretell the future. Different people see different signposts. At times they are jaundiced, or prejudiced. This presidential race has slightly more certainty than many events such as war, but the uncertainty still creates speculation.

    The USA has financial woes beyond most peoples memories. Therefore we go into history to try to understand what might occur. That too is difficult as the facts are never quite the same.

    Obama did enter the White House when things were not good. Occasionally these issues need to run their full course. You can try to circumvent them, but the tonic is unpalatable.

    In the 1st 2 years in the White House there was GFC. Fear contributed to lack of incisive action. There are other contributors.

    In the subsequent 2 years Obama had hostile numbers in the lower house.

    Upshot is, there is no apparent light at the end of the tunnel.

    In my personal opinion Romney spoke in supply side economics. Obama offered fiscal constraint. In the first case 25% middle class (small business) taxation, compared to 40%. More of the same is not going to alter the path.With 32 days to polling day this story is only going to increase in crescendo.

  2. david the pragmatist
    October 5, 2012 at 2:49 pm

    I feel Harry has basically got it right, Gerry Headtrick has gone off in his own little tangent, with his fundamental rhetoric.(Gerry trying to disguise yourself to sound like an economist is not going to get you anywhere in this world, you sycophant little shit)….”Dythigaf” about your opinion.

    Harry your observations are right and too much emphasis on the ratings rather than the quality of the show. As impressive as Obama is I think even he is feeling very tired and asking, why do I have to put up with this crap. Lets hope that we continue to have him in office regardless of having to carry the weight of a dysfunctional country and even a greater dysfunctional world.
    Well done Harry (this time) and “boheica” to all you other little sycophants that can’t help yourselves when I give an opinion.

    Just remember “I choose to have my own opinion” ….think about that Miss Prissy prick and come back with your best!

    Pragmatist dictionary “boheica”…..bend over here it comes again!.
    “Dythigaf”… Do you think I give a fuck

  3. October 5, 2012 at 3:26 pm

    LOL – about the most relevant comment you have ever made – except for the bagging of Gerry Hatrick –

    The Headmaster (you) is a tosser as they say – praddle praddle praddle – but I do love it when you lick my ass …

  4. Des
    October 5, 2012 at 7:18 pm

    Appreciated your piece today – Abbott needs to prove himself capable, he’s only showing popularity because he is the least worst option as potential leader. He needs to win the support of voters who WANT to vote for him, not just vote for him because they don’t want any more of what we have now.
    Cheers – the guy who knocked on your door today…

  5. October 5, 2012 at 7:45 pm

    Thanks Des – glad you took a look and appreciate the feedback – all spot on.

    Cheers Harry HD.

  6. Gerry Hatrick
    October 5, 2012 at 11:02 pm

    Invoice to; The Editor, Eyeball Opinion

    From Gerry Hatricks Pest Control Services

    For Services Rendered.

    Did you like that pincer movement. Just too pretty to watch. All services guaranteed, in case the serial pest comes back for more.

  7. October 6, 2012 at 10:36 am

    LOL …

    He has a toads skin – the jibe will just wash away .., and as a toad the brain will not compute!

    Good one Gerry …

  8. Gerry Hatrick
    October 12, 2012 at 6:40 am

    Last night on Lateline Tony Jones asked Wayne Swan to retract from the position that Tony Abbott is a misogynist. He simply refused. Despite pressing the point he consistently maintained the line. I fail to understand this notion of “play with the facts” and “an inveterate liar”. Our leaders are expected to display standards of decency.

    Overnight Turkey has forced down a Syrian jet loaded with arms from Moscow, and now Syria wants the contents back and Moscow has asked Istanbul to show cause. In one we have relatively minor pushing and shoving, and the other we have a very sick where diplomacy has clearly failed.

    Wayne Swan you are without shame. As for Syria what a shame. You can’t put your finger on one issue to try to restore some decency.

    Mitt Romney is not subject to much scrutiny in Australia, can you give an example of Lie either big or small. The Republican Party demands small government. Often that means the excesses of Wall St or others, lack of regulation, deregulation.

    Today we get to observe Paul v Biden. Paul is expected to win hands down. Some say because Biden is far too nice, and therefore likely to be inarticulate.

    I fear a Romney victory but also wonder if this could possibly be the catharsis we have been looking for.

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