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EYE-BALL’s Harry’s Growl – Gillard has lost it – Turns Parliament into a sledge-fest over sexism …

October 9, 2012
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– Gillard has lost it –
– Turns Parliament  into a sledge-fest over sexism –
| Author: EYE-BALL’s Harry’s Growl | 9th Oct 2012 |
Our Prime Minister showed today during Question time that she has completely lost the plot.  The Opposition moved a motion at the outset to have the Member for Fisher – Peter Slipper and the Speaker of the House removed from the position.

This was on account of the ‘sexist and misogynist text messages Mr Slipper authored about a certain Coalition MP’s female ‘genitalia’.  The content of the ‘text’ messages were revealed during the ongoing court proceedings between Mr Slipper and Mr Ashby over inappropriate sexual advances and harassment.

There is no defence to the content of the comments made in these ‘text’ messages.  Having these messages released into the public domain – the evidence before the Australian public demands action on Slippers credentials to hold the High Office he has been appointed to.

Gillard rose to speak against the motion and she ranted away about all the ‘offended’ instances she has logged since she became the PM.  She spoke to the defence to the motion about Slippers long history with the Coalition before he defected to the Speaker role to shore up the Government’s minority Government earlier this year.

She whined about the misogynist commentary being levied at her by external commentators, and Abbott’s connection with those commentators.   She went back decades to find comment made by Abbott with regard to women and the role of housewives and women in leadership roles.  It was a speech that she will regret in coming weeks.

She dragged the Australian Government down to her levels of integrity and all to justify the current strategy of the ‘handbag’ brigade to paint Abbott as a sexist and someone who – ‘has trouble dealing with capable women.’

Never before has a Prime Minister exposed themselves to hypocrisy as did Gillard when she spoke in the House today.  She proved once and for all that as a woman – she does not have the emotive control of restraint, or the calmness to act and behave above the deeds of others – she proved that she among the best of the ‘gutter dwellers’ when she feels challenged and her emotion is challenged.

She cannot defend Slipper over the content of the ‘text’ messages leaked to the public and presented in court.  So she went off on a self agrandising agenda to paint the Opposition as worse misogynist’s that peter Slipper.  In doing so she diminished her standing and the integrity of the office of the Prime Minster.

She is a ‘bitch’ under pressure and she is behaving like a ‘devil witch’ to use the slogans of others that she claimed were offensive.  Well PM – you offend the Australian public and how else are we to demonstrate our disgust at your unwillingness to allow democracy rule this land.

Today was the first sitting of the House since the Slipper revelations, we are still to have the revelations exposed about Craig Thompson and Michael Williamson in court and in the House as their Court dates approach.  How will Gillard defend her support for these criminals?

The term – ‘poor political judgement’ – was used by National Leader Warren truss to appeal to the PM to reassess her support for The Speaker in his speech for the motion.   Mark Dreyfus arose to speak after Warren truss and he waffled on about the court proceedings and how it was inappropriate for the House to act before the Court had ruled.

There is merit in the debate offered up by the Government and if it were about suspending Mr Slipper from the House – but the debate was about removing Mr Slipper as speaker.  The Government’s whole response to the debate was about mis-direction and not on the motion put forward by the Opposition.

This day is history – the electorate should be enlightened to the lengths this Government will go to maintain its minority Government.   The crux vote on this motion will again hinge on the Independents, including Peter Slipper’s vote.

Dreyfus went on to defend the AG’s (Nicola Roxon) – comments on the $50k settlement reached between the Federal Government and Ashby as the 1st respondent in the charges laid by the Ashby camp.   Dreyfus after chastising the Opposition for bringing the motion before the House whilst the court decision was still pending – then spoke about the AG’s position when there is a defamation allegation being prepared for the courts to rule on the AG’s comments.   What hypocrisy!

How dumb is this twit – the people should know that our Leaders are dumb and have no conscience in contradicting themselves and using hypocrisy to make their point.

Christopher Pyne spoke the best and I have to admit – my preconceived opinions of the man had now somewhat mellowed.  When Hansard becomes available I will post a link via the comments section below – his speech is well worth the read.   His delivery was excellent.

ALP Member for Banks Daryl Melham rose up to speak next – he spoke emotively and then tripped himself up when he introduced history and spoke about a time when the Government voted according to conscience.  From that point on his speech lost creditability because if the ALP allowed a conscious vote on this motion – Slipper would be gone.

The point Melham raised directly identify’s why this Government does not work – in a democracy Party politics has overtaken the intent of democracy.  When a MP has to vote Party line as opposed to their own conscious – democracy is no longer being served.

The vote on the motion was defeated 70-69 with Winsor, Oakeshott and Thompson voting with the Government.  There were 10 votes absent from the chamber and we’ll have to wait for the Hansard release of todays proceedings tomorrow to find out the pairings and abstention.

Late tonight – Peter Slipper issues a statement to inform the House that he was standing down as Speaker.   This action makes a mockery of the whole debate in the House today.  Slipper could have saved the exchanges that bought the House into disrepute by example of the ‘sticks and stones’ debate that happened.

Yet again – Peter Slipper held the House to account on his own time table.  Slipper could have resigned before todays Parliamentary sitting knowing that todays ‘scrap’ was on and saved the Government any embarrassment – had he done so then todays session would have been about electing a new Speaker and about Government business – what they are paid for.

During Slipper’s statement he issued a unreserved apology for the content of the ‘text messages’, yet only did so after the PM defended Mr Slipper and his behaviour to the House today and went through the debate in defense of The Speaker and won the debate for him to remain the Speaker.

The PM went on a tirade of abuse over the past actions of the Opposition Leader and claimed his statements over decades in the Parliament amounted to examples of misogynist and sexist behaviour.   She lost her way early in her retort because she like all the other ALP speakers against the motion spoke not on removing Slipper from the Speaker role – but on how the Opposition are themselves sexist and misogynist.  It was a pathetic argument and she looked weak and flustered.  She looked like a women on a rant …

The ALP offered up hypocrisy in the extreme.

Slippers actions after the debate this afternoon shames every ALP caucus member for not having crossed the floor to do the right thing.

The Deputy Speaker – Anna Burke – who is most likely to become the new Speaker, refused the position when the ALP were wanting to appoint Slipper all those months ago.  The wheel has turned and proved that Gillard blundered badly in her choice to shore up her numbers when she replaced Harry Jenkins.  If this is not enough to have the Caucus take action to remove Gillard we are again reminded that this is a one man/woman show.

There is not a pair of balls amongst any of the ALP HOR members.

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  1. October 9, 2012 at 9:58 pm

    Plibersek went on ‘Lateline’ tonight and her performance was as disrespectful as was Gillards performance in the House today. After the ALP stood and defended the Speaker in the debate – Pliberseck said tonight that Slipper has done the right thing – what a dumb bitch … yet she sat there pontificating that there was no hyprosicy in the course of action today and her language tonight.

    They could have voter him out this afternoon yet decided they still wanted his service … the ALP ‘s position is completely exposed and Gillard and her ‘handbag’ brigade lie prostrate on the battle field awaiting the response they all deserve …

    Give it to them is the only response …

  2. Gerry Hatrick
    October 10, 2012 at 7:20 am

    What a fascinating day! What a bad outcome. Peter Slipper should have resigned from parliament. At the minimum he could have said he was retiring to the cross benches and would not contest the next election. The very essence remains the integrity of this parliament, of our leaders, of our democracy.

    Albanese presented the same bull on the 7.30 report as Plibersek on Lateline. The 70 votes against the motion to remove Slipper under Section 39 of the Constitution were to prevent the floor of parliament from becoming a kangaroo court. Spin and more spin and spin and more spin. Enough!

    The 4 speaker debate during question time was excellent stuff for those who got to see it. Each speaker prosecuted their argument well. If not for the personal attacks was most convincing. A failing government against an equally unacceptable opposition.

    If Slipper and Thomson were to resign parliament and cause by-elections why stop there, let the nation sit in judgement. It might just help start a corrective process.

  3. October 10, 2012 at 9:23 am

    Well said Gerry – more to follow today … it’s like a market trade when you know you’re in for a big winning day … sit back and watch it unfold …

    “Oh what a tangled web we weave, When first we practise to deceive!” … rings true today …

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