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EYE-BALL’s Harry’ Growl – PM Julia Gillard – Someone most Australians are ashamed of!

October 2, 2012
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– PM Julia Gillard –
– Someone most Australians are ashamed of! –
| Author: EYE-BALL’s Harry’s Growl | 2nd Oct 2012 |
The Prime Minister Julia Gillard has had a tough few days – not as tough as Alan Jones.   It was reported by the ALP loving ABC that the PM refused to take a personal call from Alan Jones who wanted to offer an apology.  Read story here.

Alan Jones made comments about Gillards deceased father at a ‘Young Liberal’ lecture that were recorded and released to the public domain with an agenda.   Read story here.

Make no bones about Jones’ motives – Gillard has been exposed to having more in common with criminal Unionist’s than having the credentials to be serving as our Prime Minister.

She has survived the first battle in the campaign to expose her criminal past and revenge now dictates her own pay-back agenda.

She has obvious targets for that pay-back including those who helped Jones exposed and gave voice to her behaviour in the early 90’s – namely Larry Pickering, Mike Smith, Hedley Thomas of News Ltd, Fairfax Media, and a number of other journalists and bloggers who have been promoting the story.

Gillard has survived for the moment but it is only a matter of time before she realises she has been ‘walking the plank’ as she is prodded and ‘soaped-up’ by the ALP party to jump ship.   She strut’s as the Leader in a mis-understanding that her foundations to be Leader are solid as opposed to having been built on fraud, mis-representation, and skullduggery.

Recent poll indications over The PM’s popularity and the ALP’s recovery are more to do with Abbott’s own deficiencies and the sympathy response over the PM’s fathers death.

In politics perception is everything.  Being perceived as weak is a death notice – therefore Gillard has to strut and perform from a illusioned position of strength, regardless of her own insecurities in her belief that she is in control and deserving to be serving in the role as PM.

There is reason for Jones to incite a Young Liberals audience against an alleged ‘criminal’ who arose to serve as our PM.   She has no moral right to be in the position she now resides.   Every day she continues to serve in the PM role is a day that further damages Australia.

When the Jones speech was leaked the media had a field day in exposing his comments.  As a result Jones made a very public apology to his audience and fan base.   Read story here.   Jones followed this up with the attempt to contact Gillard personally and she refused to take his call.  (See linked story above.)

Gillard’s ‘Hand-Bag Cabinet’ continue to strut out to front staged Press Conference’s with a media audience hand picked by their respective Press Secretaries – all who will ask the questions fed to them as a part of their continued membership of the Canberra Press Gallery.

The ‘Hand-Bag’ Cabinet including the likes of ‘baby-faced’ Conroy, ‘dunce-hat’ Swan, ‘motor-mouth’ Bowen, and ‘love-sick’ Emerson, as well as the other ‘man-ladies’ sitting on the front bench – all continue to thump out their hollow misandry agenda message thought up to bring down Tony Abbott’s creditability.

Nicola Roxon, our current A.G. – blundered badly last week when she went on record after a confidential settlement with Ashby in the Peter Slipper sexual harassment action currently before the Courts.  Roxon has disgraced the A.G. office and exposed the Government to a new defamation action because of her inexperienced in Law, and in a position that is an over-reach of her ability.  Read ‘News Ltd’ Story here.

Plibersek was on Q&A last week – (24th Sept ’12) – and made mince meat of Coalition MP Kelly O’Dwyer.  She has Gillard’s arrogance and whist offers eye-candy, she comes across as an iceberg.  Plibersek has also been a part of the Cabinet ‘Hand-Bag Brigade’ claiming Abbott’s has issues with women in a position of authority.

The Coalition have been caught short in their defence of Abbott over these proclaimed ‘issues with women’ – it’s a case of ‘be damned if you do and damned if you don’t’.

This is a targeted campaign by the ALP to cast doubts in Abbott’s direction – what’s new in politics and we all fall for the message even though the message is all about slime and muckraking.   The campaign is as badly thought through as was Alan Jones’ ‘ashamed’ comments directed at Gillard’s father.   What’s good for the goose should be good for the gander.

It’s like being called a ‘racist’ – it sticks and to try and defend the claim you have nowhere to go but down in the gutter where everyone else lives.

Gillard’s refusal to take Alan Jones’ apology is indicative of Gillard’s ‘take no prisoner’s’ style.   Her ‘wriggle’ out of the AWU scandal which is in a recess whilst more evidenced is being obtained, is just a stay of proceedings.

ALP supporters have to take stock – bad Government is bad Government regardless of Party loyalty and this ALP Government is only loyal to a false belief in that they think they are doing a good job.

The Government operates within a mushroom and because they are the Government they believe that borderline criminal activity and embedded corruption is their right of way.

‘Free Speech’ is one of the foundation stones of Democracy – if Alan Jones wants to say that Julia Gillards father died feeling ashamed of his daughter – he is quite free to do so.  Whatever consequences arises from the comments is for him to face.

Were the comments crash – yes, were they insensitive – yes, were they truthful – none of us will ever know.

Ask a different set of questions – is Julia Gillard deserving of the PM role – no, is Julia Gillard being evasive of the truth of her involvement in the AWU scandal – yes, is Julia Gillard someone that Australians can be proud of – no.

Australian’s are ashamed of our PM – she has no shame in occupying the Lodge in a defacto relationship – thus prompting speculation and debate over her views on marriage, children, religion, and all things that are representative of the Australian way of life.

How does this Nation allow the qualifications and standards for someone to serve as our Prime Minister stoop to the levels that allows Julia Gillard to represent us on the world stage?

This Nation is in a mess and all sullied by the standards this Prime Minister has allowed and shown us.   There is no way she should be allowed to continue to serve.  Her ‘blackmail’ of the media over the AWU scandal exposure is an example of her morals and integrity.  It has spread like a cancer through all her Cabinet and the lifeless Party caucus hangs like a corpse on a butchers hook.

To allow this Nation to continue to meander into an abyss for another 12 months with Julia Gillard guiding us to self implosion is neglectful in the extreme.   For the ALP Caucus to support her in the role as Leader only demonstrates self-interest above the interests of the Nation.

If Alan Jones’ comments were said in an attempt to rally an agenda to remove this PM – then I think they were well intended.   None of us know what Mr Gillard (Snr) was feeling before he died and to speculate is a high risk game that has backfired – but only because of the integrity of the Nations population in viewing the comments as insensitive and the comments political incorrectness.

By any means – Corporate rules for success.   The media has fed this story with its own agenda.  It is exposed how Fairfax, ABC and several other publications have all lost their integrity and purpose for unbiased reporting.   They all tend to have a political agenda published through opinion stories that journalists write for their own access to the PM and the Press Secretaries of Ministers.   It is a very incestuous arrangement and wrong.

Media are given the privileges they have on the basis that they are supposed to ‘hold the Government’ and the ‘Opposition’ to account.   Who are the monkeys and who are the peanut throwers?

The more this juggernaut blunders its way forward, ever amassing a greater burden of ‘debt’ in the view for a better Australia – the bigger the crash will be when it comes, and that will impact on all Australians and future generations of Australians.

In a years time the current Opposition will be given its chance to prove it can do a better job – my opinion is that they will fare no better because the path this PM has taken this Nation will have already destroyed this Nation from within, and given rise to a total rejection of Politicians and the way Politics operates.

Corruption is the norm, not the exception.  Politics is no longer a moral occupation – it is for failed Lawyers and those who can orate lies whilst keeping a straight face.   Gillard is Queen for the time being.

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  1. Richard Head
    October 4, 2012 at 10:06 am

    GREAT article Harry. With the arrest of Williamson maybe the house of cards will begin to tumble. We can only hope. I am so worried about the MUZRATS! It looks like Gillard’s Idol OBAMA is a MUZRAT sleeper. GOD help us.

  2. October 4, 2012 at 10:58 am

    Thanks Richard …

    The timeframe Pickering was forecasting was always aggressive … the Constitutional Lawyers still haven’t figured it our … as for the ALP Caucus who have to make the decision on Gillard – never has such a collective bunch of dumbass’s been ever assembled …

    Harry HD

  3. Gerry Hatrick
    October 4, 2012 at 12:32 pm

    The Alan Jones smokescreen is now just that. A smokescreen. He is absolutely wrong to make light of the passing of the PM’s father.

    The simple truth is this government is a shame, and liars and still in office due to the imbroglio that is Craig Thomson and Peter Slipper and a bit more.

    Overnight Tony Windsor was asked to say Peter Slipper would not return to parliament. He tried to hide behind don’t interfere with legal due process. This is the same scenario that we saw in QLD and NSW state parliaments. Crisis after crisis, scandal after scandal, debasing of democratic values. Hence perception of self interest, and ridicule of the highest office in the land.

    Let the people have their democratic say.

  4. Crafty
    October 7, 2012 at 8:38 am

    Excellent read… I am however very suprised that nobody is talking about the treason charges that have been filed against her…. It is Illegal to hold any public office until those charges are addressed. once again i Applaud your penmanship…

  5. October 7, 2012 at 9:50 am

    Thanks Crafty – I believe you’re a first timer – welcome.

    Just finished watching Roxon on ‘Insiders’ – she is lame … looked like a Granny without her ‘handbag’ – one could assume that she has not slept well this week from her appearance.

    Cassidy went easy and has lost much creditability over his coverage of the Government since the AWU scandal revelations ‘Mark 3’.

    ‘Insiders’ has lost much creditability in recent months – News 24 did not even broadcast the show – had to find it on ABC 21.

    The ‘treason’ allegations is a developing story and I have to admit – it’s not in ‘blogland’ yet from where I read. I stopped watching ABC and Commercial News some time ago – the ‘noise’ became deafening by what I thought was ambiance as opposed to substance. It’s all scripted content according to the editorial political slant … journalist with political agenda’s – the beginning of the end …

    Cheers … Harry HD.


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