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EYE-BALL’s Harry’ Growl on – Gillard stands atop her own Abyss – Will she jump or wait to be pushed –

October 22, 2012
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– Gillard stands atop her own Abyss –
– Will she jump or wait to be pushed –
| Author: EYE-BALL’s Harry’s Growl | 22nd Oct 2012 |
The ground is shifting, Gillard now walks in uncertain corridors, wary of shadows, of whispers, of lowered eyes, of turned smirks, she is talked about as having been ‘reversed cuckold’ … her proclaimers are deserting and she sits upon a self-made dung-heap and becoming increasingly isolated.

The World needs heroes – heroes who chase after injustice and false pretenders and expose the corruptedness that undermines decency and right of passage.   Gillards ascent to her current position has been forged via an alliance and a path edged with ‘shady’ deals with others who are similarly inflicted with past’s built upon Union secrecy and internal corruption.

Gillard is now being forced to face her past history head-on and all her posturing and shrieks of – ‘misogynist sexist nutjobs’ defiling her will have their day.

The ‘House’ resumes next week, and this week will be about preparing her epitaph and her successor … it has come to this – Australia’s first female Prime Minister clouded in infamy is now a lesson learnt that will set back women’s issues for decades in this Nation.

A recent hero I have become acquainted with is ‘William Garrow’ – 1760-1840 – an 18th century crusader who plied his skills  in ‘The Old Baily’.  He fought the injustices of the day, was responsible for changing unjust laws, and a corrupted aristocracy who used their positions to their advantage.

Another Australian hero is Hedley Thomas and his crusade to bring the Prime Minister of Australia to account for her corrupted past is gaining traction.   Can you imagine the risk’s involved in pursuing such a charter – a man following his beliefs knowing that to fail would bring greater risks to his future and his journalistic creditability.   His pursuit of this story says more about the man than anything else – it also gives faith that there is still one Media publication in this Nation who understands their charter.

Today – Thomas again thrust his pen at the Prime Minister when her wrote the following story:

AWU stalwart calls for slush fund inquiry

| Author: Hedley Thomas | Date: 22nd Oct 2012 | Link to On-Line Story. |

A LONG-TIME staunch Labor supporter and former union boss is calling for a public inquiry into a secret slush fund at the heart of a fraud scandal that has dogged Julia Gillard since 1995.

Tim Daly, a Labor member for 35 years and head of the Australian Workers Union in Western Australia for a decade until 2008, said the slush fund was unprecedented in its operation, secrecy and the very large amounts of cash it raised.

He said it should offend every unionist that nobody had been held accountable over the slush fund, known as the AWU Workplace Reform Association. Mr Daly helped discover its existence in April 1996, after hundreds of thousands of dollars had already been paid by building company Thiess, and siphoned off.

“I want to see some sort of public inquiry into this — I will support an inquiry and I will tell it what I know,” Mr Daly told The Australian in Perth yesterday.

“It will be messy and it will be harmful for some people, but an inquiry is necessary to prevent these things from ever happening again. I am loyal to the AWU and the Labor Party, I just don’t like crooks. I think that one of the crooks is now prepared to tell the truth.

“The fact is that when you have companies paying off unions in secrecy, the workers have no chance. There has been a great reluctance to get to the bottom of this very serious matter for 17 years. The slush fund (in the way it worked) was corrupt, there is no question about it, but I have a nagging concern that people still do not want to see this all come out.”

Mr Daly said while most unions have slush funds to pay for elections, the AWU Workplace Reform Association was “highly unusual”– it was bankrolled by a major employer, Thiess; it was kept secret from the rest of the union and its membership; and it received sums of money that were remarkable for the period.

A senior forensic accountant, John Lourens, who is analysing account records and legal documents related to the slush fund, states in a newly released report that “at a minimum, the AWU financial swindle involves a misappropriation of $880,663”.

Former AWU official Ralph Blewitt has told The Australian that the AWU Workplace Reform Association was fraudulent.

In an interview in early August, Mr Blewitt said: “I knew there were sham transactions. I could face criminal charges. I will make myself available (to police) on that one condition that I have immunity from prosecution. My greatest fear is that I incriminate myself, but this has to come out now. ”

Ms Gillard was a salaried partner at Slater & Gordon law firm in Melbourne when she helped to establish the slush fund for her then boyfriend, AWU official Bruce Wilson, and his friend AWU bagman Mr Blewitt.

The Prime Minister, who has repeatedly denied any wrongdoing, said in late August she provided legal advice for the slush fund’s establishment but knew “absolutely nothing about its workings” until serious allegations were raised in 1995.

The existence of the slush fund, which was designed to raise money for union elections, was withheld from other union members and the leadership for four years from April 1992.

Ms Gillard did not disclose her legal work on the slush fund to the other partners at the firm until serious claims of fraud were raised against Mr Wilson and Mr Blewitt, both of whom refused to co-operate with subsequent police investigations.

As a result of the lack of disclosure, Ms Gillard’s relationship with the firm’s partners “fractured, and trust and confidence evaporated”, according to a statement two months ago by the firm’s former senior partner, Peter Gordon.

Money in the slush fund’s accounts was siphoned off, with large cheques made out to cash, while about $100,000 went into a $230,000 Melbourne property bought in 1993 in the name of Mr Blewitt, for the use of Mr Wilson.

Slater & Gordon said it intended to make no further comments, adding that “the people (Ms Gillard and Bernard Murphy, now a Federal Court judge) who were acting for the former clients involved at that time left (the firm) in 1995 and 1996”.

Hedley Thomas is a multi Walkely Award winner – his stories carry much weight in media circles and with a loyal readership.

By contrast the Australian media is enduring a period of political confliction – one can say that political persuasion dictates the editorial content of most of Australia’s free-media publications.

The National broadcaster the ‘ABC’, and ‘Fairfax Media’ publications have not pursued the AWU scandal with any fervor – they are in fact dismissive of any past connection to the allegations against the Prime Minister over the AWU scandal.  They present a believe in that support Gillard’s version in that she has no case to answer.

Rather than do the investigative research required – they are happy to allow a ‘tarnished’ Prime Minister to fend off her detractors and accusers without doing their charter – to hold the Government accountable.

This position is taken despite the mountains of evidence presented that prove beyond any doubt.   Gillard will face her past and the electorate will have their justice for her disrespect for the office she holds.

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    Shane Dowling from the ‘Kangaroo Court of Australia’ has also blogged today about Gillard, SLater and Gordon, Craig Thompson and asked questions about the S&G payment to Thompson …

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