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EYE-BALL’s Harry’ Growl – Bob Carr – Australian “SOOK” – Ruined NSW and now a GILLARD pony show –

September 26, 2012
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– Bob Carr – Australian “SOOK” –
– Ruined NSW and now a GILLARD pony Show –
| Author: EYE-BALL’s Harry’s Growl | 26th Sept 2012 |
The Foreign Minister jumped ship as the NSW Premier so as to avoid having to face the debt ridden mess he left behind.   Standing aside gave him self-approval to blog about his deeds whilst the NSW ALP fell apart after his departure.

A measure of any Leadership is in how they leave and how the order of new Leadership transpires.   In Bob Carr’s case – he left a divided party with too many people wanting the top job.   There was Morris Iemma who lasted three years and left in disgrace then Nathan Rees who lasted just over a year, and then Kristina Keneally who had 15 months in the job before she was defeated in a landslide result.

Keneally was roumoured to be looking for a Federal seat after her defeat.  She resigned from the NSW Parliamnet and has left politics forever.  She is now Administrating the Australian Netball Association.  She understands where Labor is headed and wants no further part.   Her decision can be seen as a warning to voters about what is about to happen to the ALP.

NSW was left a debt ridden State after Bob Carr.  Its infrastructure i.e. Rail, Electricity Grid, Dams, etc, were all left in a shambles, and the in fighting since Bob Carr’s departure was a result of the void of leadership he left behind.   Carr’s departure was because he knew the party was over.

Now Bob Carr has stepped into Kevin Rudds shoes as Foreign Minister after filling the Senate vacancy left by Mark Arbib who felt he needed to spend more time with his family.   What blind luck for Australia … god help us.

Yesterday – Bob Carr made comments from New York where he is holding hands with the PM to try and see Australia to the Security Council and have them vote Australia onto the Council.

Bob Carr’s comments had nothing to do with the Security Council when asked about the book launch by former ALP Finance Minister Lindsay Tanner.

One of the many reasons Tanner resigned was because he could not stand Gillard and the way Gillard became Prime Minister.   he was a senior Minister and one of the ‘Gang of 4’ PM Rudd had as his inner circle.  The other two were Gillard and Swan.   You don’t need a brain to understand Rudd’s naivety and trusting nature was the cause of his downfall.

A story by The Australian reporter Sid Maher out of New York and on Tanners book release and the Bob Carr comments associated is re-published below:

Bob Carr says he and the public are sick of internal Labor critics

| Author: Sid Maher, in New York | Date: 26th Sept 2012 | Link to On-Line Story. |

BOB Carr has called for senior Labor figures to stop criticising the ALP, after former finance minister Lindsay Tanner declared that dumping Kevin Rudd was a mistake.

The Foreign Minister, speaking at the United Nations, launched a broadside at the band of critics of the dumping of Mr Rudd, saying: “I think it is getting a little too easy to bag the Labor Party.

“I’ve got a different approach and that is to talk up what is right about the Labor Party about a party in government that’s rebuilt every school in Australia, introduced a bonus for schoolkids for parents, saved the country from a recession in the global financial crisis and generated 800,000 new jobs,” Senator Carr said.

“I want to talk about what is right with the Labor Party.”

In a new collection of essays, Mr Tanner argues Labor trashed its own record in justifying Mr Rudd’s dumping, and contends the modern Labor Party is motivated by political expediency rather than firm beliefs.

Julia Gillard, speaking in New York, brushed off the criticisms.

“I can be very clear about the government’s purpose,” she said.

“The government’s purpose is to keep the economy strong, to make sure that not only today, but tomorrow, Australians have got the best of opportunities and we maximise our prosperity as our region changes, and then we find a way to share that, that is fair and meets the needs of the Australian people.”

Today, Mr Tanner said his commentary was about the party and not the federal government, and declined to comment on Ms Gillard’s performance as Prime Minister.

“I’ve spoken about the past. I’ve spoken about the government which I was a part of,” he told ABC radio.

“I’m not setting myself up as a commentator of contemporary politics, or of the future ups and downs of the political soap opera. I’m interested in issues, not individuals.”

Senator Carr said the Labor Party had been “anatomised to the last fibre”.

“We went through a stage where every galah in a pet shop had an opinion about what was wrong with the Labor Party. Now I’m sick of that. I think the public is sick of it. We’ve got to talk about what the Labor Party has got right and there are a lot of things it’s got right.

“I’m sure there is terrific analysis in Lindsay’s book because Lindsay is very brainy. But it’s got a bit too easy to write another book spelling what is wrong with the battered old Labor Party. “

He said these books had “flown off the presses”.

“I mean it has kept printing houses employed, book shops full – I’m not sure who’s reading them.”

Defence Minister Stephen Smith said the leadership issue had been sorted and the party should now focus on how best to sell its reforms.

He said when the public looked back on the Labor government when it was no longer in office they would see it had introduced significant policy reform that bettered the nation.

“When the dust settles people will see that this is a government that made substantial reform,” Mr Smith told ABC News 24.

Tony Abbott said Mr Tanner had revealed the true nature of the modern Labor Party.

“It is a party which has lost its soul,” he said.

“A once-great political party has basically become a squalid committee to re-elect Julia Gillard or whoever happens to be the leader at any particular time.

“Lindsay Tanner knew from day one that he couldn’t trust Julia Gillard. Unfortunately the rest of us have had to learn the hard way.”

Labor backbencher Ed Husic said Labor did need to have a conversation about “how sterile and how conditioned we are in terms of politics”.

“We are poorer for it in terms of not prosecuting ideas,” Mr Husic told Sky News.

“One of the other things I really never supported is this whole notion of caucus losing the ability to select the ministry. I think it was a bad decision and I will always remain of the view….because I think that allows people to not feel like they can speak up.”

Liberal MP Jamie Briggs, who last week was promoted to Tony Abbott’s frontbench, said the volumes of literature on the Labor Party’s faults suggested it was “rotten at its core”.

“The simmering hatred going on at the highest levels of government really means that the … job this government is supposed to be doing it is not focused on because it is engaged in an ongoing battle about the leadership between Kevin Rudd and Julia Gillard,” Mr Briggs told Sky News.

-With Lanai Vasek and Ben Packham

Bob Carr is a has been and for Gillard to go to him to fill Arbib’s spot that was so crucial to her ascension to the PM role via the ALP NSW Right faction, demonstrates a desperation at the time having seen off another Kevin Rudd Challenge.

There were plenty within the Ministry who wanted Rudd’s Foreign Minister job and they all served up their loyalty in spades by attacking Rudd before the challenge. They included former Foreign Minister Steven Smith who so desperately wants out of Defence, Simon Crean, Craig Emerson, Steven Conroy, Bowen and a few others. Gillard went left field in picking a has been in Bob Carr.

In the six months in the job, Carr has made several cockups, he is no Kevin Rudd who excelled in the role and remained a threat to Gillard in that position. Carr’s comments about Tanner’s assessment of the ALP was not a lot different to how Bob Carr would write about the ALP on his blog site before he was plucked from obscurity to fill the void.

Bob Carr is a lightweight player – some saw him as PM material but that was himself putting it about that he was interested. He is purely a seat warmer and any effort to get him onto the HOR is doomed before it starts – and that is all to do with the mess he left after he vacated the NSW Premier role.

The Australian story above is all about Carr making some ‘noise’ whilst he is in the PM’s shadow. Rudd had presence and creditability on the global stage – Carr has zero creditability both at home and abroad. He mentioned galah’s in a pet shop when referring to ALP commentators – well he was one of them.

Every day this Government walks itself further along the ‘Pirates Plank’ – the irony is they think that their fate will end in some promised land of deserving legacy – the rude awakening is 12 months away and then the shit will really begin.

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