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EYE-BALL’s Harry’ Growl on – Wayne Swan – Wannabe PM – Dickheads come and Dickheads go …

August 5, 2012
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– Wayne Swan – wannabe PM –
– Dickheads come and Dickheads go –
| Author: EYE-BALL’s Harry’s Growl | 5th Aug 2012 |
This week the acting Prime Minister of Australia – Wayne Swan – and serving in the job whilst ‘Gangster Inc. Julia’ holidays at ‘Shaggers Cove’ working out her own defence strategy to the AWA walk down memory lane – proved yet again what a real ‘DICKHEAD’ he is.

Everybody knows Julia will ‘walk the plank’ in the next few months over the AWA revelations – read Harry’s story on this AWA matter here – but not until her successor is lined up.  Wayne Swan is out there trying to sell himself to the electorate as the next in line and as the Deputy PM he is the front runner.

Well – he has had a shocker of a week and made Julia feel more comfortable – there are not too many candidates left in the barrel who have enough creditability that could challenge her.  Swan saw a need to tell the world where he obtained his ‘working class’ grass roots and posted a You Tube video to tell us all.

This video reminisces about his love of US Rocker Bruce Springsteen and how playing his music made him a better man.  Well – the video went viral on Commercial TV networks and several stories about the video were posted on YouTube … see some of the TV Networks take on Swan’s performances below:

Not one of these Networks picked up on Swans use of an overseas ‘rocker’ to endear his own ‘working class’ ideals.  What was wrong with Australia’s own Jimmy Barns – he would have been a better choice to connect with Australian workers.

You tell me who would have been a better role model for a Politician to use as a mentor …

Wayne Swan – your ego is your undoing – you need to get in touch with some reality rather then read your own ‘Treasurer of the Year’ award citation as a daily ‘gee-up’.

The best thing you could do for this Nation is to excuse yourself for incompetency whilst in charge of a Nations Future. You and Gillard have taken this Nation and trashed the next generations future.

You are a true Aussie ‘Dickhead’.

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