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EYE-BALL Opinion – “Depression” – here it is – ‘guts on the floor time’ …

“Depression” –
here it is – ‘guts on the floor time’ …
The writing about ‘depression’ is mostly done by clinical types.  How many patients or sufferers sell a depressive ‘bestseller’ story?  Yet some clinician who does some research on a theory about depression can write an opinion piece in a Medical Journal and they become an overnight success in advice offered in the treating of ‘depression’.

The following information is a important piece about DEPRESSION – it’s published here to offer support and create some awareness to the epidemic sweeping this Nation and across the World.

Depression and Music:

Music is about the many causes of ‘depression’ and the moods people endure – a bland statement – but sadly true from a depressive perspective.  Most depression sufferers no longer listen to music because they know it triggers episodes.

Ask a depression sufferer if they still listen to the music they loved before they became depressive?  Ask them if the music triggers emotive episodes and how they they feel about music.  You might be surprised by the answers.

For a depressive every music memory has connectivity to family and friends – i.e. dance, wedding, funeral, party, celebration, night out – hearing that same music triggers a response and it is almost always in a negative way – ‘get me out of here’ type responses.  Music now becomes triggers to flashbacks that take over your natural responses.  Once you would have wanted to dance and sing along – now they are different – a sinking feeling, a heart pull, a dizziness, and worse.  You can never smile at music again – it is always sad – and every lyric can have a different meaning.

Depression and Dreams:

Dreams are the first casualty of Depression – they just disappear – at least the happy ones.  Lifetimes spent planning living a dream suddenly evaporate and your life becomes dreamless.   Many sufferers get over it and form new dreams with new ambitions and new loves and careers.  For some it becomes entrapment – there is no out – just a circling memory that you don’t want to erase.

Moving on means change and having to accept the unacceptable.  Many sufferers are bi-polar and manic types – change is not possible within their mindset.  They would rather just live on memories and an old dream rather than face a reality that requires them to accept and move on.   It’s a painful existence and yet more painful to the loved ones who have to deal with its reality.

The sufferer seeks solitude and prefers loneliness – it’s a shameful aura – one that when faced with dealing and confronting its truth – often leads to confronting and panic type episodes …

The DREAMS are important – they keep the balance and they bring some joy to a life otherwise filled with sadness and an aching that never disappears.  Let them have their dreams – don’t crush them else you crush everything that sustains life.

Depression and Family:

Family is the crux of 90% of all depression cases.  To tamper with the love relationship between a parent, their children and an ex spouse – is to challenge the only thing that really matters in the world – loving your family and wanting to see your children everyday and take care of them.

There is more depressive episodes caused by marriage breakup’s where children are involved than any other … having a third-party become involved in raising your child is such a difficult thing to accept and endure.  Serious depressive types are unable to detach – unable to fathom the child’s perspective, or the other partner’s position.

Experience shows that when non-custodial parents return their children after an access visit, the risk of some event likely to happen is much higher.  How many marriage breakup’s are amicable – having loved someone enough to want to marry them will always leave a scarring.  Of course if there was no love there to start with – just a purpose to the marriage – then that party will never have a problem getting over the relationship.

Divorce in the western world is the easy solution to any martial problem – the crux is that the children of the marriage have to live the rest of their lives making choices they were never supposed to make.

Happiness is truly a state of mind and not circumstances.  Depressive people have great difficulty in seeing the cup as half full – they always see it as half empty – a bright sunny day is never a reason to be happy – they prefer others to join their suffering and hide away from the things that bring joy to other people – family gatherings, entertaining, social engagement – they prefer reading, watching TV alone, eating alone …

Depression affects about 80% of the population at some time in their life – either as a sufferer or exposed to someone who is suffering.  It affects all types – Politicians, celebrities, rock stars, children, teachers, professional athletes, doctors, nurses,  and every other type of person with a job or not – it is endemic and who can recognise the symptoms?

So as you live your life – measure your responses when you see someone behaving awkwardly, or when someone is reluctant to join a party and a dinner evening.  Be prepared to listen and wait for them to talk – trying to force the issue will always make people shy away …

But most of all … be understanding and aware that the World is not a happy place.  More and more people have reason to be sad and that any smiling happy face when needed most might just save a life …


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