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EYE-BALL’s Herman on – Democrazy Part XII, Materialism Part V and Death and Taxes Part VI – Pride and Anger

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Herman O'Hermitage
Democrazy Part XII, Materialism Part V and Death and Taxes Part VI – Pride and Anger.
By: Herman O’Hermitage
Herman O'HermitageDemocracy is merely an ideology. Believing in sanity is insanity itself. Last night (3/11/2011) the ABC television reported our PM had said “now is not the time for democracy”. [Context – see story here.]Meanwhile in Canberra, Labor Senator Alan Cameron warns regarding the Murdoch press – [see article here.]

Friday I attended a presentation by P. N. (Raja) Junankar on his OECD presentation titled “The Global Economic Crisis: Long term unemployment in the OECD” -[Link to PDF file on this topic.]

We have protests where Occupy Wall St and all of their brethren in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, London or any other seat of western democracy carry placards – “we are the 99%”. The Westpac Bank reports annualised profits of $6.99 billion. The ANZ reports $5.6 billion. The four Australian pillars collectively announce profits of $24 billion. A month ago BHP reports an annualised after tax profit of $22 billion. What is the share of GDP of the 99%?

Do we really aspire to Government of the people, for the people, by the people, particularly when our PM is alleged to have said about the Greek Sovereign Debt Crisis, Now is not the time for Democracy!!!

Why should we believe in a democratic Iraq? Why should we believe in training the Afghan civil forces in democracy when they kill and maim us their teachers?  Why should we believe in a democratic Pakistan or Indonesia, when our PM is reportedly said – “Now is not the time for Democracy”.

Very importantly, when and where did Julia Gillard say this. Get the evidence. Show the proof. If she did not say it, then who evilly attempted to have the story reported.

We are all in our own way disaffected. We don’t understand the need for a Carbon Tax. We don’t all concur with mandatory pre-commitment. Some don’t want gay marriage and others don’t want safe injecting rooms. There are too many issues. In the middle is the mix.

We have pride. Very importantly it is not OK to whinge. People don’t want to listen. They have their own issues to deal with.

P. N. (Raja) Junankar has given the OECD a paper on econometric modelling (regression analysis) based on survey data compiled by ABS (not Centrelink).  Long term unemployed is defined as 12 months continuously unemployed. If you are on disability pension do you claim in survey to be long term unemployed.

If you are receiving benefits on “work for the dole logics” – do you respond as working or not working? The bias in what is commonly referred to as participation factor is obvious. The tough part is such logics are used to measure social dis-cohesion. What we need to survey is actual under employed.

What is the surplus capacity in employment. In this current recession those governments forced to bail out their banking sectors (USA – Lehman, AIG, GMAC, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and so on and UK – HBOS and the Rock) spent the least on economic stimulus by way of protecting jobs. They also have the highest % of long term unemployed. Post 1991 it took 11.5 years for long term unemployed to revert to close to pre 1991 levels.

In 1991 Australia and Canada were the worst affected. In Australia we had a host of failed entrepreneurs like Bond, Spalvins, Skase, Goward and co and in Canada they had the Bronfmans (Trizec and Olympia & York). In Australia ANZ and Westpac needed fresh capital. Both had massive rights issues in 1992.

Long Term Unemployed is not only a wasted but wasting resource. (P. N. Junankar) Long term unemployed draw resources and are less employable for many reasons. Skills out of date, depression/disaffected etc.

Now is the time for democracy.   Greece might be peculiar in every way. Should Greece be self determined or must it toe the line set by Germany and France?  Will Greece see failures in both Belgium and France?  Will the contagion spread to Italy?

The excesses in one banking scenario (ANZ and Westpac) have no congruence to those who are now on the brink. Our Treasurer glibly says about the NAB not passing on the full rate cut this week, “go down the road to another bank”.

NAB still has the most competitive variable loan rate of the 4 Australia Majors. When our GDP growth is about 3%, why is it OK for ANZ to grow their profits by 18%. We must re regulate the banks. It must be made clear to the banks they can not gauge from the efforts of the collective. These same banks are now announcing job cuts. They have absolutely no concept of social or corporate responsibility.

This is connectedness. A butterfly flapping it wings in New York (Lehman) has caused a tsunami in Euro zone. The current crisis. Why are the Australian banks disconnected?


Herman …

Democrazy Part XXII, Materialism Part V and Death and Taxes Part VI – Pride and Anger


EYE-BALL Opinion on – Political Currency – the evil it wagers and the rewards it reaps…

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Political Currency –
the evil it wagers and the rewards it reaps…
The World is a game to those who would play at Kings and Queens. It is not the chivalrous and honour bound game of yesteryear – but now a game where favours are the norm as is payment for loyalty and betrayal.

Those who would take notice can see the ineptness within Global Leadership – the beholding they have to the jackals who feed the media cycle – for without positive media presentation – Leadership is quickly forced upon a reef of rocks and made to comply with those who are stronger.

That strength is called Political currency – currency bought and paid for with favours and decisions that weigh upon future decisions and favours owed as debt – it is a silent and secret currency and that is the evil of it’s vexing and its reward.

There is not a Government or Dictatorship on this planet where Political currency is the all-almighty insight into how power is allocated and presumed to function.  Last week – Labour Party Senator Doug Cameron made a bold statement – “Murdoch press is a threat to democracy” – he was responding to speculation about the timing of a Leadership challenge to PM Gillard. [Read ABC story here.]

This is all a part of the game – the Media throw a ‘dart’ – the measure of its accuracy is in the response … it is a game of ‘jape’s’ and ‘barbs’ with hidden messages abound.   Treachery is in the human DNA – it can no more be eradicated than can a young man or womans sexual arousal – and there lies the crux – it is often the sexual favour that is most used to gain Political currency – it is the dung-heap that many climb upon from which to crow.  That crow is in the asking and dictating of the Political strength owed or owned.

In Europe at the moment – there is a war raging within Governments – in past era’s it would have meant bloodshed and a traditional war – ‘for what you cannot repay as was promised – we will plunder your lands as recompense’.

Thank God for some advancement in the human instinct for bloodied response – but still the people now fight among themselves as protests to the inadequacies their Leadership bring forth.

None will yield – the cost to Germany and French Banks would make them weaker and lessen the importance of the EUROZONE – this dream born in the early 90’s and enacted late ’90’s – cannot be allowed to fail – or that is the thinking.

The EuroZone was born upon a weak foundation and at a time when all the world had or seemed to have not a worry toward its future.

Some 10 years later much has changed – the summary of it is as follows:

  1. Terrorism has buckled the largest and wealthiest Nation on the Planet – the USA is bankrupt – or as near to as can be to still be called a growing economy –
  2. The GFC has drawn the financial markets to the brink of extinction – and there are many who think the future value is tied to the financial windfall of its masters –
  3. The moral being and decadence of a modern society where family has the meaning where parents are forced to put their young children into care to enable both parents to both work to pay their way – and to appease Governments demanding of more ‘coin’ from its subjects to pay for future and current spending –
  4. Religious standing is challenged by the word ‘pedophile’ – as it is revealed that for centuries men of the ‘cloth’ have uses boys and girls in ways that defy human forgiveness – yet the Pope – the supreme leader of the Roman Catholic Church – only administers justice that appeases those within – and not the public who have been aggrieved –

All these crusted sins and many more just as evil – pile the ‘currency’ owed to Political Leaders high – high enough so many can prosper and feed to their heart’s content.

Man walks upon this Earth four score if he is lucky – they all try to leave a mark – for most lineage is enough – but for those who seek a place in history – the task means a life dealing in favours and trading them for advancement.  There have been two leaders on the last century where Leadership was thrust upon them – and they achieved the greatest advancement for their Nations.  They did not seek personal wealth – they only sort to serve the people who would have them rule –

There is a lesson there if we should choose to learn – but will those who hold the power allowed it to be learned – will they yield their Political Currency for the purpose of a better Government – that question is before the Australian Government now.

This Nation cannot suffer the like of  Tony Abbott as the alternative Leader – for those who only think Labour or Coalition as a lifetime vote – open your eyes –

Nor can the Nation suffer a usurper in the like of the current PM for much longer – she has since proven to be both craven and someone who craves power yet does not know how to use it – or how to manage it.   It is the position she wants – as does Abbott – and those who serve the current PM know her position is tenuous and cannot last.   Blood scent is in the air and the media smell it as does the electorate.

What is the alternative – Political Currency is the key – does Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd have any left – does Defence Minster Steven Smith deserve a tilt – surely Bill Shorten or Mark Arbib cannot be considered.

If one casts an eye across both Front Benches – all one sees is treachery and deceit – back-stabbers and horse-traders – men and women who crave higher office yet their actions and deeds render them pretenders at best.  Most are failed Lawyers who have never run a major business or serves at the pleasure of shareholders – they come to the arena untried and untested in Business – and 80 Senators rely on their Party loyalty alone to be given the privilege to serve their Nation.

Sadly – with these types of choices – where can a Nation escape to – when can they find inspiration – it will not be until a wave of change sweeps across the lands that Leadership will in some small way take notice.  They look to the voter – and they say ‘what do they know’ – ‘only what we want them to know’ – is the reply.

Apathy is the dagger that kills integrity and honour – and that dagger is now in the hands of people like Shorten and Arbib,  self-proclaimed Kingmakers who sway a path for themselves as future Leaders.

Once the ‘Political Currency’ becomes transparent it dissolves – so the key is to keep it hidden and out of sight and to only use it when it is not exposed but the threat of its spend is enough to bring the favour required.

This Political Currency game has been around for as long as man has lived – what it has taught us is there to be read and learned – yet the KingMakers – people like Murdock and the like – ply their currency openly because Political Parties need them as much as they need votes – the favours between these parties are now subject to some scrutiny in Britain – PM Cameron has a case to answer as does the Murdoch UK press – yet the waning of this matter in its importance is timeless – but as time wanes – so does the public’s thirst for justice.

Newspapers need new headlines – staleness of news kills sales like no other – a new scandal to forget an older scandal – throw a bone to take the dog off its scent – all a part of the Political Currency Game and what’s about in the World today.


The EYE-BALL Opinion …

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