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EYE-BALL Opinion – “Depression” – here it is – ‘guts on the floor time’ …

November 16, 2011
“Depression” –
here it is – ‘guts on the floor time’ …
The writing about ‘depression’ is mostly done by clinical types.  How many patients or sufferers sell a depressive ‘bestseller’ story?  Yet some clinician who does some research on a theory about depression can write an opinion piece in a Medical Journal and they become an overnight success in advice offered in the treating of ‘depression’.

The following information is a important piece about DEPRESSION – it’s published here to offer support and create some awareness to the epidemic sweeping this Nation and across the World.

Depression and Music:

Music is about the many causes of ‘depression’ and the moods people endure – a bland statement – but sadly true from a depressive perspective.  Most depression sufferers no longer listen to music because they know it triggers episodes.

Ask a depression sufferer if they still listen to the music they loved before they became depressive?  Ask them if the music triggers emotive episodes and how they they feel about music.  You might be surprised by the answers.

For a depressive every music memory has connectivity to family and friends – i.e. dance, wedding, funeral, party, celebration, night out – hearing that same music triggers a response and it is almost always in a negative way – ‘get me out of here’ type responses.  Music now becomes triggers to flashbacks that take over your natural responses.  Once you would have wanted to dance and sing along – now they are different – a sinking feeling, a heart pull, a dizziness, and worse.  You can never smile at music again – it is always sad – and every lyric can have a different meaning.

Depression and Dreams:

Dreams are the first casualty of Depression – they just disappear – at least the happy ones.  Lifetimes spent planning living a dream suddenly evaporate and your life becomes dreamless.   Many sufferers get over it and form new dreams with new ambitions and new loves and careers.  For some it becomes entrapment – there is no out – just a circling memory that you don’t want to erase.

Moving on means change and having to accept the unacceptable.  Many sufferers are bi-polar and manic types – change is not possible within their mindset.  They would rather just live on memories and an old dream rather than face a reality that requires them to accept and move on.   It’s a painful existence and yet more painful to the loved ones who have to deal with its reality.

The sufferer seeks solitude and prefers loneliness – it’s a shameful aura – one that when faced with dealing and confronting its truth – often leads to confronting and panic type episodes …

The DREAMS are important – they keep the balance and they bring some joy to a life otherwise filled with sadness and an aching that never disappears.  Let them have their dreams – don’t crush them else you crush everything that sustains life.

Depression and Family:

Family is the crux of 90% of all depression cases.  To tamper with the love relationship between a parent, their children and an ex spouse – is to challenge the only thing that really matters in the world – loving your family and wanting to see your children everyday and take care of them.

There is more depressive episodes caused by marriage breakup’s where children are involved than any other … having a third-party become involved in raising your child is such a difficult thing to accept and endure.  Serious depressive types are unable to detach – unable to fathom the child’s perspective, or the other partner’s position.

Experience shows that when non-custodial parents return their children after an access visit, the risk of some event likely to happen is much higher.  How many marriage breakup’s are amicable – having loved someone enough to want to marry them will always leave a scarring.  Of course if there was no love there to start with – just a purpose to the marriage – then that party will never have a problem getting over the relationship.

Divorce in the western world is the easy solution to any martial problem – the crux is that the children of the marriage have to live the rest of their lives making choices they were never supposed to make.

Happiness is truly a state of mind and not circumstances.  Depressive people have great difficulty in seeing the cup as half full – they always see it as half empty – a bright sunny day is never a reason to be happy – they prefer others to join their suffering and hide away from the things that bring joy to other people – family gatherings, entertaining, social engagement – they prefer reading, watching TV alone, eating alone …

Depression affects about 80% of the population at some time in their life – either as a sufferer or exposed to someone who is suffering.  It affects all types – Politicians, celebrities, rock stars, children, teachers, professional athletes, doctors, nurses,  and every other type of person with a job or not – it is endemic and who can recognise the symptoms?

So as you live your life – measure your responses when you see someone behaving awkwardly, or when someone is reluctant to join a party and a dinner evening.  Be prepared to listen and wait for them to talk – trying to force the issue will always make people shy away …

But most of all … be understanding and aware that the World is not a happy place.  More and more people have reason to be sad and that any smiling happy face when needed most might just save a life …


The EYE-BALL Opinion …

  1. evolving spiritist
    November 16, 2011 at 3:14 pm

    Are you quoting from a medical journal or should there be an accreditation against this.
    ie where does this information come from?

  2. pissed off swinger
    November 17, 2011 at 11:21 pm

    Mr Eyeball,
    Today as President Obama, Prime Minister Gillard and Opposition Leader Abbott each addressed the House of Reps none of them called Australia or USA a democracy, but rather a pluralist society.

    What does this mean?

    I looked up pluralism on Wikipedia and it offered many diverse definitions, one being post modernism. Is this something Goebbals would have been proud of owning?

    Is post modernism, some type of futurism, or just more crap?

  3. Evolving Spiritist
    November 18, 2011 at 7:29 am

    I am not sure what “pluralism” has to do with people suffering depression, as much as it is a depressing subject.
    It raises the question how much depression is a mental condition and how much of it is a direct result of the pressures of modern society (maybe pluralism comes in here).
    ie we have something that does not go right for us and we get depressed. Is this the great experience of depression that we are moved to on a wide basis of education and media or is depression a mental thing that makes people downcast, regardless of the environment ?.
    I have not thought of this before and it poses a number of questions.
    ie if we just feel depressed because of the world we live……in…..look out for an epidemic!

    To explain to Mr Eyeball, this is part of the humanity evolution and the pain from this, takes the evolution process to another phase.(maybe generational).

  4. BuddaBalls
    November 18, 2011 at 7:58 am

    How does one squash a bug to the point that they never come back?

    In the world of Bloggers and those who respond – this persona known as ‘Evolving Spiritist’ – rebirthed after the flaming exit of ‘Ghost of Yoda’, and the pathetic antics of yet another identity as ‘Yoda’ – is now just as idiototicly challenged as his previous persona’s.

    By way of example – his responses to this post prove he can’t help himself and does a great injustice to true spiritist’s and the spiritist movement. Naming and presenting himself as a ‘spiritist’ with ‘spiritist’ learning and teachings is a great misrepresentation to what ‘spiritism’ offers to those who follow and believe.

    Negativity is not part of our teachings, nor is ridicule and denegration …

    Please EYE-BALL Moderator – this ‘Evolving Spiritist’ is not represenative of our story and can you please restrict his embarassing mis-representations.

    His posturing and attempts to make light and diminish the realness of ‘Depression’ to its sufferer’s and its causes – shows again that he ‘does not understand what he does not understand’ …

    No true ‘Spiritist’ would make light of such a cruel mental condition or its causes …

    BuddaBalls …

  5. evolving spiritist
    November 18, 2011 at 9:24 am

    I cant believe I am responding to this BUT
    I have to explain my question again to someone who attains some degree of spiritism and calls himself “Bhudda Balls”. (I know I should rest my case at this point)
    Firstly in no way am I denigrating the serious illness of “depression” and the many sufferors of it. I am just posing the question, how is the diagnosis made?

    I will go a step further, what would cure “depression” eg making the world a better place for that individual? making his/her mental anguish easier to handle by deep therapy? Giving them a million dollars and taking away their responsibilities? returning a broken family and saying everthings going to be all right? Reinforcing the true worth of the person and encouraging them to solve their problems by self analysis and enhanced self esteem?

    I am sure there are a myriad of other things as well, but our amateur bhuddist who would not understand what a spiritist is if he fell over one. ie “squashing a bug so that they wont come back” has so much to learn its a shame that I have taught him things like “he doesnt understand etc”.

    I will leave this blog site in the interim till the time I can establish that its not dissappearing into a “wallow” of its own self pity and perceived riotousness.
    When the participants show they may have some understanding of humanity, I will happily express opinions for better or for worse, as opinions are all I can offer!
    I’m not sure that the Author or his alter egos understand that when you express opinions you have to accept comments and critism, and if that means its too hot in the kitchen, its time to get out.

    I am sure I will not be missed. If there are any genuine readers out there, tell me your opinions on this subject.

  6. Cowboy
    November 18, 2011 at 9:40 am

    A brave post EYE-BALL and the comments thus far are a pathetic response to a very sensitive subject. Here in the States Depression is an epidemic and causing massive social dysfunctional. Many Nations and their societies don’t recognise Depression as an illness as such – it’s a ‘West’ illness and yes we are all less equip to deal with hardship of living.

    The question is whether society has made us weak or we have evolved because of poor gene pools. It’s a subjective debate and the question why and how to deal with it is stil unanswered.

    Always love to read what you have to say EYE-BALL – just practice some editorial discretion and keep the drongo’s out.


    November 18, 2011 at 9:51 am

    Thanks Cowboy – can always count on you to be on the money …

    Yes it is a ‘brave’ subject – one that even ‘Evolving Spiritist’ has little compassion for. His stand-up, knock ’em down persona gives insight to his own shortcomings. I know the man behind the comments and yes – in my opinion he does suffer a form or marginalised dysfunction that could losely be termed some type of ‘syndrome’ – he won’t like the inference but it is about time some true be revealed.

    Thanks again Cowboy …

  8. embarrassed american
    November 18, 2011 at 9:56 am

    Well my o’ll pardner “cowboy” gave a very interesting understanding of depression and an equal one when it comes to the “gene pool”, hope he’s not left out of it due to his spelling and grammer (the gene pool that is)..

  9. Interested listener
    November 18, 2011 at 10:01 am

    Good debate, you dont have to agree with everything said, but anything that brings depression into the public eye is good.
    I would not be too hard on the spiritist bloke,he seems to be a deeper thinker than most of your correspondents..

  10. Bill (Depession Sufferor)
    November 18, 2011 at 12:26 pm

    Most interesting, I wasnt insulted by the Spiritist Fellow, as a matter of fact he made me think about my depression.
    The points he raises over what is depression is something I had not thought of when I go to my shrink (government funded). He basically has told me the world has been harsh and I am entitled to be depressed and basically tries to get my self esteem up to counter act the blues when they come through. He hasnt made me responsible for my depression as much sorry for myself, which really does nothing for my self esteem.
    You know as i write this I think the spiritist could be right, if I tried to understand better the cause of it, I might stop feeling so sorry for myself.
    I am going to tell the shrink to get lost (I think he has made me worse) and give a crack to analysing my feelings when they happen and try and take a positive attitude to them. I once thought that I was by myself with my feelings, but realise there are more and more of us out there suffering and it will only get worse given the society we live in.
    Come on you other sufferers, come on this blog and tell me what you think also. Am I on the right track?

  11. Jenny
    November 18, 2011 at 12:38 pm

    Hi I’m a sex addict and I am suffering from depression because of it. I am also financially well off and live what some people would call a full life.

    I have received all types of councilling and in the process they believe my addicition comes
    from poor self esteem. I say to them NO… I just love sex! Whats wrong with that.

    Now I am depressed because I cant say no and feel guilty about it. I am not sure with the debate happening that people, including that f..witt spiritist guy understand that its not just
    life but what you do in it that does not satisfy you can cause depression.

    I hope i have not offended anybody, but depression can hit you from anywhere and for anything. I think that depression hits everyone at some time!

  12. Gerry Hatrick
    November 18, 2011 at 1:09 pm

    I have been self medicating for depression for 40 years. It is called booze and dope.

    I have spent my time in detox and rehab and always gone back to the bottle.

    The doctors have tried to explain to me that everyone has normal highs and lows, but mental illness is when those swings become acute. They become acute through age (unfulfilled promise and dreams) and other life circumstance.

    There are many jokes, and most are funny because they have truth in them, Eg, what is the definition of an alcoholic? Answer Anyone who drinks more than their doctor or their psych!

    I have been clean for nearly eight years, but still have lapses. The cravings never leave you. They do ebb, and you do have to surf the urge. Without having a bender from time to time, I could not cope.

    The psychos tell you and I will agree what starts out as an upper becomes a depressant when you wake up craving it. Like a nicotine fix. This holds true for anti depressants, you feel good for a while, but sooner or later you need something stronger.

    Therefore therapy is about the best there is and when it comes to booze, there is always a new friend and a new subject at any old bar. All the doctors become repetitive, and don’t have real solutions or short circuits. There are some wisdoms in diets, and altering thought patterns. Something to keep your mind and hands busy, and balanced daily bread. Loneliness is another thing.

    Sometimes my best therapy is just doing good for someone else. The hardest part is you don’t know where they are at in their own cycle. Try to help someone who is paranoid. Why? What for? Are you sure? Why should I trust you? I don’t think so!

    Different joke. How you going, OK but if I told you my problems no one listens. Maybe they are too absorbed in their own issues.

  13. pissed off swinger
    November 18, 2011 at 2:05 pm

    Pluralism. Julia Gillard and all of her alter egos.

  14. Evolving spiritist
    November 18, 2011 at 2:31 pm

    Gerry Hatrick, thank you for such an honest undertaking.
    I believe your response could go on any website anywhere in the world and no one would critise or ridicule you.
    One of the things I have realised since this blog on depression commenced is that, where is everyones’ sense of humour? surely you can be depressed and still have one, Gerry Hatrick seems to have one, Pissed off Swinger has one. Eyeball said that I should not make fun out of such a serious topic….it is not my intention to make fun of it….as much is it is to understand it better. Personally I still love listening to music, all types, so I suppose I do not qualify……although there seems to be a rush to identify yourself as depressed so you can feel normal.
    Sorry but I am not depressed and I have no intention of becoming same! But hey, who said I’m normal!

  15. Herman
    November 19, 2011 at 11:37 am

    The synchronicity between that above, and the other recent post Look one another in the face” link https://bleyzie.wordpress.com/2011/11/15/eye-ball-opinion-on-humanity-its-time-to-look-eachother-in-the-face/
    and a 35 year old nurse being charged with 4 counts of murder in Parramatta Local Court this morning, as always is simply amazing.

    Also on the news is the announcement of a 5th death in relation to the Quakers Hill Nursing home fire.

    What mental illness would cause a nurse to set fire to that nursing home. With due process and Coronial enquiry, few facts are likely to emerge as to motive, but the scandal rags will be filled with speculation tonight and tomorrow. A different nurse in a different scenario told me a decade ago it is euthanasia. Rather perverse thinking.

    Each commentator on this site constantly questions can there be a better way, and many other real world observations. Each are in some way right, and tend to question Why?

    Addiction could be loosely defined as any behaviour that leads to unwanted consequence. The depression argued above adequately deals with the major parameters. What is the link, something to do with addictive behaviours will create depression in many ways. The sex addict above, tends to deal with a rarely discussed issue. Think also of the narcissist. A power freak. An example could be, Julia Gillard reportedly saying now is not the time for democracy. In just about every world hot spot today, there are narcissistic characters involved. Gaddafi, Berlasconi, Syria. When others don’t accept the decision, then what? Why do they resist?

    It is a real issue and tends to get put down to nutters, keep away.

    It is very lamentable.

  16. EYE-BALL
    November 19, 2011 at 12:33 pm


    Some years ago – current Labour Senator Cherry attempted suicide whilst a serving Senator, he had a lengthly time away from his position before resuming his Political career. More recently Coalition MP Andrew ROBB took time off to deal with depression – Senator Nick Minchin also alluded to his reasons for quiting as a Coalition Senator was to do with dealing with his son’s military accident …

    Depression and its varying conditions impact across all forms of Society. To refer to the retirement fire in which 5 people have lost their lives and a Nurse being charged with arson connected with the fire – much speculation will be made over the reasons.

    Not so long ago you made a post about the man who staged a protest during peak hour on the Sydney Harbour bridge – linked here – where a father was making a protest about Family Court sanctioned access to his children –

    All these instances are profile examples of people dealing with “depression” and its impact and consequences – there are many more that never make the media cycle i.e. family tragedy where estranhed husband kills wife and murders the children. Millions of domestic confrontations are never reported in the media and the reality of the causes of these desperate situations have origins eminating from ‘depressive’ conditions.

    During PM Rudd’s term a spokesperson for the Government made a comment that some 2 million men over the age of 40 were dealing with depression largely arising from from family breakdowns and loss of career. Many were unable to work or face society as a result.

    In a society that demands success to be accepted – pressure to bring that success home and provide for the family is where this depressive epidemic has its origins. How many are working in jobs different to their qualifications and at workplaces they don’t want to be at? Centerlink employers receive regularly counselling to counter their workplace experiences dealing with people struggling with life. What happens to those on the other side of the counter?

    The Doctors answer is mostly medication and that just treats a condition – it does not cure the cause …

    Is the search for the cure within the individual – making yourself happy requires a reset button to a mental approach to a mental problem. WHo has that key?

  17. Herman
    November 20, 2011 at 11:08 pm

    Who has the key?

    Clearly no one. That is why depression as the social blight is what it is. The Pollies claiming depressive illness is very true. Jeff Kennett and John Brogden are truly wonderful case studies. Both were suicidal after their fall from electoral heights. Kennett thrown out at the polls, and Brogden a Premier in waiting, who clearly faux pas’d then was knifed by his own party. The electorate was not even given the choice. In the case of Kennett he became a wonderful ambassador for Beyond Blue

    Politics is very carpeted regularly through this blog site. Most importantly tall poppy syndrome will occur so openly in politics. Each player believes they offer solutions, then when opposed or found lacking or wanting, they are exposed to even at times excessive and unfounded scuttlebutt. Many might call the entire process fair game.

    If there is any solution it does appear to have scintilla in older world values, like caring, sharing, smile, their are many who are worse off than you. I often lament how in TV a show like 2 and a half men, the total story line turns nonsense into hero worshipping. Just making that statement I have just alienated all regular viewers and admirers of that TV program. We all have strong views, and dogmatically defend them. Could the capacity to not argue our point, actually be another possible field of research. Intellectual discussion that avoids dogma.

    Evolving Spiritist must be congratulated for statements to the effect, we/I are/am flawed. We get excited by a contest. We speculate on outcome. These are seeking exhiliration. What thereafter follows. Some type of sobering up. The adage, the bigger they are the harder they fall. The bigger the high, the lower the low.

    I would like to energise awareness, but can not offer a perfect solution. Hopefully just insight.

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