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Review – 2011 – “Doc Martin”

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EYE-BALL MovieZoneSummary:

[Pasted from Wikipedia]-

Doc Martin is a British television comedy drama series starring Martin Clunes in the title role. It was created by Mark Crowdy, Craig Ferguson and Dominic Minghella. The show is filmed on location in the fishing village of Port Isaac, Cornwall, United Kingdom, with filming of most interior scenes and production in a converted local barn. Four series of episodes were aired between 2004 and 2009, together with a feature-length special that aired on Christmas Day 2006. The fifth series premiered on Monday 12 September, 2011 at 9pm in the UK.

Series Synopsis:

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[again – Pasted from Wikipedia]

Clunes plays Dr. Martin Ellingham, a brilliant and successful vascular surgeon at Imperial College London who develops haemophobia (a fear of blood) which developed after having contemplated that a patient, upon whom he was about to operate, was in fact a person with a life and familial relationships, etc., and from that moment, like a high-wire artist who unwisely looks down, he lost his nerve. The haemophobia prevents him from performing operations, and thus he quits vascular surgery. After retraining, he applies for and obtains a post as the “GP” or General Practitioner in the sleepy Cornish village of Portwenn, where he spent childhood holidays with his aunt. Upon arriving in Portwenn, Dr. Ellingham (called “Doc Martin” by the locals), finds the surgery in disarray, the medical equipment beyond repair, and the patients’ records in a mess. He inherits an incompetent receptionist, Elaine Denham (played by Lucy Punch), who resents his coming. Her character is replaced in Series 2-4 by new receptionist and later phlebotomist Pauline Lamb (played by Katherine Parkinson).

The show revolves around Ellingham’s interactions with the local Cornish villagers. Despite his medical brilliance, Ellingham is a gruff man, completely lacking in social skills. His cold, abrasive manner offends many of the villagers and leads to frequent misunderstandings. He seems to be short tempered and lacking in a bedside manner, however going about his duties in a no nonsense attitude, not believing in wasting time chatting with the villagers. His haemophobia, which results in frequent, nearly debilitating bouts of nausea and vomiting as he attends to routine patient care needs, becomes known in the village as a matter of gossip and ridicule. His aunt, Joan Norton, portrayed by Stephanie Cole, provides emotional support in the face of the disquiet his abrupt manner causes among the villagers. Caroline Catz plays primary school teacher Louisa Glasson. Doc Martin is attracted to her but finds it difficult to express his feelings. Louisa, whose caring and nurturing manner contrasts with his emotionally detached and neurotic behaviour, somehow finds him attractive as well.

EYE-BALL MovieZone Review:

I spent this thoroughly engrossed in the UK hit TV Comedy serious – “Doc Martin” – there has been a two year break in the show and the latest Series 5 was a very eagerly awaited series given where Series 4 finished – remember the baby being born and the whole of Portwenn listening on Doc’s mobile – a riveting end to a series that you knew there had to be a follow-up series.

Well – two years later that series arrived and delivered t millions of fans around the world. The ending to the latest Series 5 is such that it might well be the last series – the shows producers have not announced plans for a 6th season, yet the ratings for this series where very high … and deservedly so – it is excellent television

Some 15 years ago there was an Australian ABC TV Series called “Sea Change” – the plot and character draw ‘Doc Martin’ offers is very similar to ‘Sea Change’.

This weeks viewing was a week where audible laughter was heard – every episode has its moment where the ‘Doc’ makes all the viewers cringe with his awkwardness.  One time-honoured moment came when the ‘Doc’ and his love interest kiss on-screen for the second time – the Doc tells her that her in medical terms about her bad breath – it was a precious moment and the show is littered with this dry of dryest humour …

As a comedt series it rates with ‘Boston Legal’ for wit and drama – I would love to see a 6th season and betond – but the character has now come to  aplace where the show’s producers will hav eto tame the ‘Doc’ for it to continue and that I fear will not make the show what it is.

Highly recommended viewing …

EYE-BALL MovieZone Rating [scale 0-10]: 9.0/10 …

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