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EYE-BALL Opinion on – DEMOCRACY – How True is the Presumption that it exists …

Democracy –
How True is the Presumption that it exists …
The Globe has a very important question to ask of itself and of its Leaders.  DEMOCRACY – based on the belief that true DEMOCRACY is Government Leadership – by the people, for the people, and of the people’.  We are taught it, we live it, and we acknowledge it as the best option to Lead.  It is the most often used word by Leaders telling us what is needed in far off lands and how it will serve them well.  Yet events over the last 12 months or so and similar events before that – have all given us much to ponder about how DEMOCRACY is in play around the Globe.

  1. In recent times the African rim bleed human blood with the horror’s of civil war and corrupt Dictatorship’s with $Billions plundered from the people – is now being courted by Western Governments and their Leaders in efforts to have DEMOCRACY as a form of Government.
  2. Secondly – those same Leaders are now looking to Italy and Greece and have said – change your Leaders or we will not allow you access to financial resources desperately needed to ‘bailout’ their economies.
  3. Thirdly –  just on 12 months ago the elected Members dismissed an elected Leader because factions within the Governing Party decided it was their right and in the interests of the Party who were about to face an election a few months away.

There is a duplicity here in the way DEMOCRACY is in play and dealt as if it was something you can change the rules on and make it suitable for individual purposes and not the interest’s of the people.

When a Government is elected by the popular vote of the people – who has the right to alter the Leader?  Is it the popular vote? The elected members of Government?  Or – outside parties in the form of Bank agents and other National Leaders speaking in political and economic forums advising and forcing Leadership change to get what they want?

In PM Rudd’s dismissal – is Democracy served by having an election if a Leader is sacked – the Deputy or Vice President steps up – that is seen as Democracy and in PM Rudd’s case the Deputy did step up.

This form of Democracy allows for disgruntled Members to plot and scheme their own career advancement – i.e. Shorten, Arbib, Combet, all Labour Right and Unionists who plotted to topple Rudd.  Rudd was very public about his distaste for Unionists and Faction politics and he would not have them serve in his Cabinet.  So in effect – a Coup d’état happened in June 2010 and the people who elected Rudd and his Government had no say in the matter of his dismissal.  Is that Democracy – or a form of Government interchangeable to suit the needs of those seeking higher office?

In the case of Greece and Italy – the question is how can Foreign Governments acting in the interests of their own Nations – force Democratically elected Leaders to fall on their swords?   By threatening to withhold essential financial aid – Foreign powers staged their own bloodless Coup d’etat to remove these Leaders.

Surely altering the Greek or Italian Governments is the right of their citizens – not within the enforcement of outside parties.   The Globe is full of hypocrisy and double standards and as we continue to evolve – we are marching backwards in attempts to advance civilisation and human suffering.

Global Markets reel daily with news of increasing exposures to ‘DEBT’ fears – first Greece – now Italy.  Soon to follow are the USA, Japan, Britain, and many other G20 Nations all facing the same ticking bomb.  DEBT incurred in the extreme to bail out BANK’s and their shareholders during the 2008-9 GFC.   To poison the well further – the previous 30 odd years have built consumer DEBT’s based on measured GDP economic growth – growth seen as needed to built economies by consecutive Government’s of the day.

The spread of the DEBT contagion is an un-containable situation – these collective Government and Consumer Debts are now ‘TOXIC’ – and the avenues to where investors can run are diminishing.  Exemplified by the up/down/up/down responses of the markets dealing with daily liquidity in and out flows.

In itself – it is like watching the various decay processes of a carcass – and now the carcass is fully exposed for the large vultures to come and have their feast.  That is what France and Germany are deciding upon over Greece and soon Italy as well.  It is WAR – without the armies ever facing one another.  Economic WAR is the modern advancement of our past barbaric ways based on Democracy and trade.  Now and in recent times – true Democracy and trade have become the first casualties.

DEMOCRACY and its many hybrid forms is but a ‘smoke screen’ being used for expediency – if people have or want to have a say in how their Nation is governed – they had better awaken from their apathetic slumbers and rally to a cause – else see 200 years of DEMOCRACY and its advancement washed out to sea.


The EYE-BALL Opinion …

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