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EYE-BALL on – The Media Smell BLOOD – ‘BIG RED’s’ Blood …

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The Media Smell BLOOD – ‘BIG RED’s’ Blood …
Chris BowenThe ABC’s INSIDERS program this morning hosted an interview with Immigration Minister Chris Bowen.  He knew he would be facing a probing enquiry ove rteh High Courts decision on the Malaysian assylum seeker deal.

The Insiders presenter – Mr Barry Cassidy – asked his first question as if it was a normal Sunday – “Did you offer to resign of the Malaysian deal debackle?”

Mr Cassidy pursued the question three times and still Mr Bowen refused to answer the question directly.

There is only one cnclusion – yes – he did offer his resignation – for had he not – he could have honestly said  – “No – I did not offer my resignation…”

That answer would have put the fire out – if it was true – Bowen hedged around the question and walked himself up to the executioners block and set himself up for what was to follow – and in doing so made the issue worse.  Most of the Media are hacks – but even Blind-Freddy saw this coming.

At the end of the interview another trap question was posed – “Will Gillard be the PM in two years time – or will Mr RUDD make a comeback -”

Bowen again tried to face the question with a ‘straight-bat’ – and again trapped himself with a ‘squared-up’ response.

Bowen is under immense pressure – his Department is responsible for blowing $100’s millions in coming years and the best part a of a years worth of Government resources to try to fix the boat-people problem.

Gillard’s problem is there is nobody on the Front Bench who wants the Immigration portfolio – and the more crushing problem – there is nobody she can draw from on the backbenchers qualified to do the job.

Gillards tribe is a shrinking number – who can she trust that will be loyal and not take the opportunity to oust her?-

This is a Government unable to Govern – it can be likened to Hitler locking himself in his bunker in his last days and turning off communications because the news is always bad …

It’s a far cry from her pout and smile of only a year or so ago when she toppled RUDD and basked in the history of that event and what followed.

I wonder if she has the character to know when she is licked and not up to the job?

The Independents will want her to prevail – they’re gone if a early election eventuates – the pity is the Australian people have to wait and let these Leaders and the members of the party bargain over numbers and the timing of when to topple her.

It’s not a case of ‘if’ but when.



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EYE-BALL’s Rookie Bookie – The Final Series Begins

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The Final Series Begins
While the ink is hardly dry on the premiership table, Titans want Bulldogs to win by 81 points so the Raiders win the spoon, and Dogs know they have to win by 90 points to steal the 8th spot, more realistic souls are actually looking at the more real paths that lie ahead. Tonight’s match between Cowboys and Warriors show both are chances in this comp, but by this time next Saturday one is very likely to be thinking about the season past, and possibly both.

In the final match ups the hardest game to call is Saints v Wests. We are yet to observe how Manly and Melbourne face up to the adversity dealt them during last weeks tribulations. Most important point is both get a second bite at the cherry and both should regain quite a bit next week end. Return of Foran is the best example. I have felt most of the week, that Broncos will somehow earn a well deserved rest in the 2nd weekend. Knights are really hard to tip, and as I said last week Melbourne should be at least 70% probability of coming through. They just have that style of form. Similar cuts for Manly against Cowboys but note Cowboys beat Manly 22 – 20 in round 8. I am therefore putting Manly at 60%. I feel you will get substantly better than 6 – 4 about Cowboys. Of note here is the Toyota Cup. Cowboys are second to Warriors. Both teams will gain from the finals experience.

The lapses in player instinct is vital here. Newcastle’s inability to go on with the game in the second half is well noted, but Wests have not drawn sufficient criticism for their lapses in the 3rd Quarter. Last Monday they gave Titans a sniff, and interestingly tonight Parramatta put 20 on the Titans in avoiding the wooden spoon. Not only do I think Tigers are over rated but after week one they are in the hurly burly of sudden death football.

In both AFL and NRL it is difficult to gauge motivation as teams shape up to their respective positions in the finals. Hawthorn rested 8 players today and won sufficiently with several grand final winning replacements, who were actually lacking in match fitness. Can you draw any conclusion from that.

How do you explain Geelong’s loss to Swans last week, and beating the raging favourites Collingwood this week. Dale Thomas will be missing again for the Magpies next weekend, but I feel a Pies triumph over Weagles is a given. I also feel that Hawthorn will dust Geelong in a cliff hanger. Carlton will beat the Bombers in another one which will go down to the wire, and St Kilda will have a comfortable margin over Sydney by half time and Sydney will fail to come back in the 3rd quarter, despite some valiant efforts.

Media will continue to throw in furphys attempting to get scoops on tactics, ins and outs and so on. No one thought Geelong a chance, before ball up last night.

Good Punting and Happy Hunting.


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