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EYE-BALL on – Can you name a Profession that is still respected …

Can you name a Profession that is still respected …
The workforce has many types of professions – in the context of the have and the have not’s – there is the educated profession and then there is the blue collar type profession.  The Blue-Collar profession has its own quirks and nuances – least of all Unionism and the bully factor that represents.  Generally it is honest work of sweat and toil for not so great wages.  It is subject to all economic cycles and reliability of employment is often in the hands of others.

The other side of the workforce is the traditional Professional person, Lawyer, Doctor, Banker, Accountant, Office Management, Corporate DIrectors, and of course Politicians.

Name any of these so called ‘pillar of society’ professions that has unconditional respect for the work they do.

Many years ago – say 30-40 – each of these professions carried an automatic community and Business acknowledgement that their opinions mattered – that their profession was by association a profession that commanded respect.  Each have lost their way –

  • Lawyers on account of their obscene fees and torting of their clients
  • Doctors over their abuse and torting of the Medicare bulk billing and other over servicing
  • Bankers because of their obsessive compulsion to rip clients off all for the sake of personal bonus’
  • Accountants because they draw lines for small business and individuals – yet will do anything at the bequest of big business to allow them to avoid paying taxes …
  • Office Management because they pride their own jobs as more important than those of the real workforce who deal in customer service
  • Corporate Directors because they rely on professional opinions to cover their asses and all trade on inside information, and of course
  • The lowest of all – our Politicians because they can never tell the truth and have a story to cover every lie and are the most corrupt of all profession’s.

When a society looks to its leaders and see them all as being part of the above collection of corrupted and polluted process’ – how can a society respect itself?

Where is the example of ‘do as I do’ and not ‘do as I say‘?

How can the mass’ be expected to set examples for future generations when Leaders across the globe all trumpet their opportunity at the troff … snouts gorging on the possibilities of personal gain and spoils of their position – hopefully all planned and carried out without getting caught.

Whatever life’s cycle has been to get us all to this place – everything about our quality of life and standard of living is now on the backside of a nightmare scenario we are all now living and trapped within …

Whenever history has shown the world is facing a crisis – there has never been a time when it has survives unscathed … the next 10-20 years will be the worst in any living memory – it will be the first generation where living standards in Western civilisation have worsened and deteriorated …

How populations cope with that will dictate how the human race survives – these are times when Leaders need new thinking – need new ideas and are not afraid to try new things.

The British Opposition Leader spoke of ‘striking off Bankers’ – he said – ‘no one has paid the price for causing the GFC’  – [read story here] – and he is right – why should Bankers be allowed to continue their greed at any cost and use other people’s money to achieve their own goals …

It’s time for everyone to take a look – measure their moral compass – take a deep breath and admit their culpability and do the right thing.


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