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EYE-BALL MovieZone on – The HUMAN Conscience … Is denying LOVE the root of all evil?

September 12, 2011 5 comments
Title:The HUMAN Conscience … Is denying LOVE the root of all evil?
The EYE-BALL MovieZone is involved in an ongoing project into the history of Movies – in particular OSCAR winning and nominated MOVIES since 1928-9.   it is a labour of love and has taken the best part of a year already and will take many more years to finish.

There are many great movies that never made the Oscar lists – and the clip presented today comes from a great movie made during an era of Great Movies – the 60’s era.

Movies like ‘Lawrence of Arabia’, ‘Sound of Music‘, ‘My Fair Lady’  and many other epics were made during this era.The clip presented below touched me in many ways – in a world where unless you’re divorced at least once you are unfashionable – this clip portrays a powerful scene where a woman speaks with a priest – except he is just not a priest.  They talk of problems within a marriage and the simplicity of the Priests response may save many marriages if husband and wife soul searched what they truly feel toward one another.

Much can be made from the plot of this movie and how it relates to the world – current events and circumstances …

Another clip from the same movie appears below – and what a wonderous thing it would be if the Wealthy Nations of the world, their Companies and Individuals saw and believed what this clip truly says –

Just imagine what it would do to the confidence and life expectations of the billions trapped in a poverty cycle they will never emerge from … is it too hard to ponder when humanity will realise that the act of giving – as opposed to receiving is so much more rewarding … please enjoy.

The Movie is of course – “The Shoes of the Fisherman” released in 1968 – with Anthony QUINN in one of his most famous roles and supported by David Janssen and Sir Laurence Olivier

These clip can also be viewed on line at



EYE-BALL on – If this is true – who would ever trust a Political Leader again …

If this is true – who would ever trust a Political Leader again …
The BBC published a story on-line tonight that has the potential to blow the creditability of every Political Leader to levels of utter contempt.

Chirac and De Villepin ‘given $20m by African leaders’

Dominique de Villepin and Jacques Chirac in 2007 The former PM and president are both suing Mr Bourgi for defamation.

French ex-President Jacques Chirac, and presidential hopeful and former PM Dominique de Villepin were given $20m by African leaders, partly to finance election campaigns, a lawyer alleges.

The lawyer, Robert Bourgi, said he was personally involved in handing Mr Chirac briefcases full of cash.

Both former leaders deny the allegations and say they will sue Mr Bourgi, a former aide, for defamation.

The allegations come seven months before France’s presidential election.

The innuendo over Politicians being paid for favours has always been suspected – and quite often proved in many Countries including Australia. There were stories in the 80’s that Bob Hawke became very wealthy during his term – the way he did it was via Murdoch press publishing a story – Hawke would sue for defamation and settle out of court – nobody bothered to ask any questions.

Corrupt Leaders exist – and until they become past Leaders and a new breed of moral existence enters the halls of Government – we will only ever get more of the same – self-serving interests will always prevail.


The EYE-BALL Opinion …

EYE-BALL on – The Australian Parliamentary Process – Part I – The Speaker – a follow up …

The Australian Parliamentary Process – Part I – The Speaker … a follow-up
Itook a chance today and began to watch the Australian Government’s question time session.  The reason was quite simple – I wanted to see if the Speaker – Mr Jenkins – had improved his ability to control the House.

Speaker JenkinsThe Speaker – Mr Harry Jenkins – again looked flustered within 20 minutes of the start of Question time.  His mannerisms in dealing with interjections, point of order, and the hecklers is still unauthorative and incompetent.

His portrayal and implementation of the current parliamentary Standing Orders that relate to interjections and point of order rulings – can only frustrate and hold the conduct of this Government and the Opposition to a contemptible level that would fail any court proceedings in the land.

This matter was expanded on in a previous post – linked here – and about the Speaker and the Parliamentary process – where several references were made to the current Standing Orders.


The EYE-BALL Opinion …

EYE-BALL on – Political Leaders pathetic attatchment to Sporting acheivements …

Political Leaders pathetic attachment to Sporting achievements … Sam Stosur wins US Open…
I’m so over seeing the use of sporting achievements  used by Prime Ministers and the like to promote themselves and attach the sporting achievement to their own political buddy promotion.

It also happens when Defence Force  Soldiers die in combat – with much more somber outpourings …

Sam STOSUR’s personal achievement in winning the US Open Tennis final this morning was a great personal goal – and proving that the French Open Finals loss two years ago is behind her.

Sporting achievements are always a personal goal – the training and hardship endured in getting to the top in any professional sport is far beyond the comprehension of any Political Leader … in fact they diminish the actual achievement by attaching themselves to the event.

Where would they be if Sam had lost – would they have stood up and said how proud we all are – I think not – its a political ploy to be seen to be associated with winners – not losers.

The sporting success’ turn into media events on their own merits – Prime Ministers and other Political opportunist getting in the picture is the lowest form of agrandising their own agendas. They use it as a reason to stand in front of a camera – what would Julia Gillard know about Tennis?

There is a Sports Minister – and they are never seen nor heard of at these events – the current PM has no association with sport in general – did/does she even play the game – was she any good – what interest does she have in Sam Stosur – either before and after her tennis career started.  John Howard did the same when he was PM – and in a post PM role sought the International Cricket Commission (ICC) Chairmanship on the strength of his past political record.

Being a fan and a sports lover does not give the right of way for Politicians to use the individual achievements of sporting greats for their own interface with the voters …


The EYE-BALL Opinion …

Political Leaders pathetic attatchment to Sporting acheivements …

EYE-BALL’s Rookie Bookie – The Footy Finals Series Week 2 and a bit of World Cup Rugby…

September 12, 2011 2 comments
The Footy Finals Series Week 2 and a bit of World Cup Rugby…
About Silvertails and Fibros –

Last Monday I wrote by today 2 of Knights, Cowboys ans Warriorswill be gone, and in reflection I should have written one will still be making up the numbers.

On the left hand we have Wests and Warriors play off to meet Melbourne in the Preliminary Final, and on the other side there is Broncos play Saints for the right to meet Manly in the other preliminary final. Should either Saints or Broncos win the Grand Final they really will have earned it but that is such a big ask. 240 minutes of really tough football. Tight defence, high completions, disproportionate share of loose ball, a couple of lucky decisions from the refs and so on. It seems tough on Broncos to have done what they have achieved this year to face such a massive set of hurdles.

Would the NRL move the preliminary final to Suncorp for the Lockyer worshippers? On the other flip of the coin Wests v Saints in the decider would be a promoters dream. Saints meeting Melbourne would have been great too, but now that possibility is only in the Grand Final.

The Broncos beat the Saints 21 14 in round 15. Round 15 was after second SOO and that was when the St George slide started. I believe it is an even money match. Then I would rate the winner to be a 40% chance against Manly the following week.

Warriors and Wests met in Round 2 and Round 14 where each game was narrowly won by the Tigers 20 to 12 and 26 to 22. I feel Wests are 70% probability in that match and I also feel they would be 55% chance against Melbourne at this stage. That means I rate them at $5.20 to win the GF. I rate Manly at $3.33, and Melbourne at $4.44. Saints and Broncos I would want to see 15 to 2. TAB Sportsbet have Saints and Wests both at $5.

In AFL I pretty well summed it up on Saturday when I wrote a Collingwood Geelong GF is more than a 72% probability. The gap between Carlton and Essendon today could be seen a couple more times over the next 2 weeks. I still like Hawks, but am talking my book. Could they beat Collingwood in the Preliminary final to meet Geelong in the GF? Quite frankly I would love to see Sydney or Perth create an upset. I was particularly bored watching it on Sunday, and don’t really look forward to next week ends episodes.

In the Rugby, the Pumas got me excited against the Chooms, particularly when the were leading 9 – 3, about 10 minutes out, and Wales gave the Yarpies a good go, importantly both teams got the bonus point. Only 1 game Ireland v USA has not had a bonus point. In the really tight pools B and D the bonus point could easily determine 2nd.

In the tennis I could not help myself, I had a small all up on Stosur and Djokovic. It was $4.25 @ $1.58. Go Sam.

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