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EYE-BALL’s Snoop-Poop on – 2012 State of Origin Preview – Game 1

May 21, 2012
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2012 State of Origin Preview – Game 1
The State of Origin Game 1 on Wednesday is eagerly awaited on a several fronts.  Ricky Stuart has made a number of changes to the 2011 side – 9 in total on the run on team.  That is too many to rate creditability when the NSW Team was looking to create stability and a team nucleus to build upon.

Stuart panicked over last years result as he usually does.   Anyway this Game 1 match up with ratings and comments appears below.

2011 2012 Rating Comments Rating 2012 2011
Slater Slater 10 Stewart tried and tested – what did Minachello do wrong to get dropped.
5 Stewart Minachello
YowYeh Tate 6.5 Tate proved and tested at this level – Uate an excitement machine – but too lazy for this level. 6.5 Uate Uate
Boyd Boyd 8 Hayne there on reputation and pressure – his club form was not the reason.
6 Hayne Hayne
Inglis Inglis 10 Jennings is a cat – defence is a problem and will turn it up at some stage.
5 Jennings Hopoate
Hodges Hodges 8 Morris is a goer and given room will make a mark – question is whether he’ll get it against Hodges and Inglis. The centre pairing has no game time together.
5 Morris Gasnier
Lockyer Thurston 9 Carney is a big gamble – what happened to the pick a team for the future last year in Soward – dropped this season. 6 Carney Soward
Thurston Cronk 7 Pearce has never rated as a half back at this level – never will – Cronk will prove his value with experience from the last two series wins.
5 Pearce Pearce
Scott Scott 9 Who is Martin – what was wrong with Rose and King from last year.
5 Martin Mannah
Civoniceva Civoniceva 9 Again Gallen will have to carry this pack … they’re all tried and tested and pussy’s.
9 Gallen Gallen
Smith Smith 10 Farrah – the biggest joke – he’ll try but will be more concerned with making sure his socks are pulled up then a NSW win.
4 Farrah Innis
Myles Myles 7.5 Have an opinion about Lewis – but Penrith form is not good form.
7 Lewis Creagh
Thaiday Thaiday 6.5 Stewart has been here before – talk is that he’ll play better with his brother in the team – but he’ll have to be superman to help this forward pack.
6.5 Stewart Scott
Harrison Harrison 6 Tamou debut’s and might have the goods – but SOO is different to Test level and time will tell.
5 Tamou Bird
Cronk Gillet 6 Bird/Gillet an interesting match up – call it square basis potential v experience.
6.5 Bird Gidley
Taylor Taylor 6 Two match winners in their own right – Williams will have has 9 games off – must be a telling factor …
5 Williams Watmough
Hannet Hannet 6.5 Hannet in career best form – Buhrer has the goods if he can handle the pressure behind a beaten pack.
5 Buhrer Lewis
Lillyman Shillington 6.5 Creagh is a poor selection – Sims would have been better – fresh with no mental scars. That proved costly for both the Cowboys and NSW.
5 Creagh Merrin

Qld score 131.5 against NSW at 96.5 – that makes QLD certainties.   The Coach will also add to the QLD advantage.

The only hope NSW have is if the tactics used by the Sharks when they beat the Storm before they all went into camp has a format that NSW use.  For mine Cronk, Smith and Slater had an off day – but the Sharkies outplayed Melbourne and proves that these three can be shut down.

Against the rest of the QLD team – NSW are outmatched across the park.  Last series Uate came looking for the ball and his reputation grew – this season he has not been as eager in Club games to do the hard yards on kick returns.  Be interesting to see if he back’s up last seasons ranking as the best NSW player.

Farrah – you have to be kidding – pedestrian at best and only has a good game one out of five – at least Innis was in the QLD’s face something Farrah will try but will give away penalties as a result.  This is a true gladiator contest and there is nowhere to hide.  They are all true professionals and as soon as NSW go the niggle and biff you know their mindset is that the believe they are already beaten.

This current QLD domination is the reason SOO went to its current format – this is a much bigger issue – NSW are just not producing the football talent QLD is at the moment.  Judging be the inner Sydney clubs junior pool resources and the drain to AFL in the western suburbs – that is not gonna change anytime soon.

This SOO concept is still the best State on State competition anywhere in the World.  If NSW fail yet again to make it a contest – there are serious warnings for the code.


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  1. david the pragmatist
    May 21, 2012 at 1:06 pm

    Poor old Snoopy, talk about written through biased eyes. Yes QLD are certainties but your rankings are meaningless.

    If NSW could have Smith, Scott and Thurston they would win the game, as Danny Crane said to Shirley Smidt, “its that simple”.

    As David said to Ian(Danny): “Nothing would surprise me with you Ian(Danny)”.

    As David said to God, move over and let Danny and Alan in with us.

    God replied: “Dont worry, the series or the code will not die … but NSW will still have their day, I designed it so that every dog would have, why do you think QLD are winning now?”

    Alan says: “Don’t worry God. Danny(Ian) thinks he is the only one here! David get Danny(Ian) a drink!”

    David says: “I can’t – he now thinks he’s Snoopy. Oh shit Mad Cow again hey! I thought you were over that Danny? Sorry can’t remember, what did you say Snoopy, Blues to win. Yeh!!!!”

  2. May 21, 2012 at 1:38 pm

    Passion for sport is evolvement over time – modern time. Previously it was the Gladiatoral glory of Rome and its arena specticals. SOO is on a much higher plane – it gives League fans to really vent the personal deficiencies in their lives in a healthy way.

    On SOO nights crime decreases in the winners states and increases in the loser state – nine months layter the winners state experiences a boost in child births and this stat is not reflected in the loser state. Yes … SOO means many things to many league fans all over the world.

    Bringing the alcho Danny (suffering mad Cow) – and egomaniac Alan Shore from the ‘Boston Legal’ TV series – about a Law Firm that protests everything yet stands for nothing real – and the creation of David E Kelly’s ultra ego where he picks a ‘nitch’ political issue and makes a TV show where Shore always defeats whatever he’s up against, and the Judge keeps saying – ‘Jibber-Jabber’ – into a comment about SOO – proves your folly in trying to replicate David E Kelly – it truly indicates the la-la land where you currently reside.

    Watching a TV show countless times because it gives you a sense of who you are (Danny) – but from your mindset you want to be (Alan) – is understandable. It’s a great TV show and I’ve watched it several times as well. But the ‘good-feeling’ Alan gives the audience/viewer is about TV entertainment – much the same as going to a Elton John concert.

    David – you wanting to compare and associate fantasy with State of Origin leaves no doubt to your ‘crux of burden’ as a NSW supporter.

    When QLD won the fiirst of their six consecutive series – they were deep underdogs – yet they overcame – NSW allowed their hubris to be exposed and on the field they cowered – the lessons of the 50-? scoreline the year before where NSW players rehersed after try celebrations and play acted them in full view of a worldwide audience demonstrated the moral position they found themselves. They were not worthy – they disrepected the opposition – they disrespected the SOO concept and they have never found it since.

    Q’ld’s reign could continue for another 5-6 years – and by then the SOO concept will have been lost to NSW fans because they will have deserted. They have trouble filling the grandstands now for home games – probably one of the reasons they took one of their home games to Melbourne.

    Look up David – God has just pooped all over you …

  3. david the pragmatist
    May 21, 2012 at 2:00 pm

    Snoopy, you are so far out of your league, I though an appropriate programe for you would have been Noddy and Big Ears….you could play both parts!
    But alas! you still want to play with the grown ups, well Noddy (I mean Snoopy) as long as you are quiet I am going to let you stay up and watch the big game with the big people like David, Alan and Danny, you usually have to go to bed early, so you normally don’t see the big games as there is no Foxtel in your bedroom.
    Now if I am going let you stay up, you still need to go to school in the morning. I don’t want you getting cranky in the morning if the Blue team win! and don’t worry I will put clean sheets on your bed, we don’t want one of those fantasies about Big Ears staining your bed again.
    Remember Snoopy it will be Wakey Wakey hands off Snakey!

  4. League Leg End
    May 21, 2012 at 3:28 pm

    The ratings are just ridiculous. Other than Gallen the best you can give NSW is 6.5. The lowest ranking you give a is moron (maroon) is 6. The bias is woeful. Our pragmatic friend is so spot on. Except about qld winning.

    Much has been written in the pre match build up. NSW used to hit the piss on Sunday night, lead at half time on the Tuesday match, and get run over in the second half – Max Krilich early 1980’s. NSW has attempted to get rid of the niggle. Ennis, Watmough etc They need to score tries to beat qld, hence Jennings running wide, Glenn Stewart best ball carrying second rower in the game, bar none, and Robbie Farah the other half of the brains trust at Wests Tigers, and the long bullet passes of Pearce and Kearney that saw Easts in the GF of 2010.

    qld might be favourites, we want that arrogance to fester. Shock them in Melbourne, and win the series in Sydney. Did I mention Greg bird? Just keep that one quiet.

    Blue! Blue! Blue!

  5. May 21, 2012 at 3:58 pm

    Listen wanker – it’s about time someone explained ratings in a punters perspective – it;s largely based on past form – you would never give a Group 1 racehorse a top rating if he never one at Group one level before – it happens and Gallen is one person who deserves the NSW highest ranking because he is a proven player at this level. You name any other NSW player proven at this leven in the current team.

    I ranked Bird and Uate above th 5 level basis their form at this level last season. You can’t rank perenial losers – if they won a series and developed some self belief then the ratings would change – until then they are a bunch of paddock cows who come when the dinner bell rings.

    The QLD players are proven at this level – and thay is why they rate much higher – in addition at club level – these ratings hold true as well – QLD is a team of match winners on any given day – take Gallen out of NSW and where is the NSW match winners week in week out?

    SO for God to poop all over David – he just sent you a double dose in the hope that it will make you cleanse yourself to smell and feel a sense of reality when it comes to understanding SOO player ratings.

  6. May 21, 2012 at 4:13 pm

    Snoopy is right on the money when he calls 9 changes to the NSW run on side their undoing.

    You tell me a NSW fan who thinks Pearce at half-back is the right choice. Why stick with him and not Soward – why not put Carney at half-back … no … Coach’s should have the vision – they should be able to see players potential at this level and coach him to play it – Jennings for gods sake – his own Club sacked him – and now he is expected to come out and prove his form in the biggest arena around – he’ll find a hole to bury himself early … Inglis and Hodges will have a big game as Thurston feeds on the Jennings weakness’s.

    And to put another rookie with him in Morris – Stuart has no idea at this level … all he is gonna do is ruin and mentally scar another up and commer for good.

  7. League Leg End
    May 21, 2012 at 4:23 pm

    “At this level”………….

    Grand final 2011, Manly defeat Warriors. One qld’er Cherry Evans, a 5/8 from the other side of the ditch, and a whole lot of blues. Grand Final 2010, 1 qld bred coach, 1 token qld winger, and predominantly blues. Grand Final 2009, Premiership stripped for cheating, runners up, predominantly blues! Grand final 2008 essentially NSW beat Melbourne Cheats.

    On that basis I would rate the 2 Stewart brothers at this level somewhere in at least the 8’s. Kearney would get at least an 8. Your ratings are biased because your tunnel vision only includes SOO of 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011. What would you have rated perennial loser Darren Lockyer in 2006 before the first match? Greg Inglis grew up in NSW. (near Bowraville) Back then he chose to become a qlder because it was an easier team to be selected in.

    As David the pragmatist so rightfully points out “Every Dog will have its day”. Move over you morons. Your centre stage is over. Be a good boy Rover.

    Blue! Blue! Blue!

  8. May 21, 2012 at 4:29 pm

    All that suggests is that NSW are good at rigging competitions – the SOO is one competition they let get away because they said it would not last … comeon Leg End … any NRL side based in NSW could do a better job at beating QLD than selecting a side from all the clubs …

  9. Harry HD
    May 21, 2012 at 5:19 pm

    Just 7 of the 17 players who played in the last series have been retained for this series – there have only been 2 in the QLD team. Lockyer and YowYeh – forced changes.

    NSW fans are being continually shortchanged in the SOO battle. The NSW RL who are in charge of the NSW SOO selection and Team Management is rife with Management who will not bend or move on because they continually come up with failed decisions or being accountable for their mistakes.

    Even Bellamy could not make it work and he walked away – Gould won’t come back until the Management is changed. The players will make good at some point if they believe the Management don’t have a gun aimed at the players if they lose a game.

    Sorry boys – as always the players are the problem – look at Parramatta – players won’t play for Coaches or Management when they risk everything on the field … give then a Management and a Coach they can count on and you’d see a different commitiment for the NSW players.

  10. League Leg End
    May 21, 2012 at 11:57 pm

    Craig Bellamy had to go, as NSW coach he had his superstars Smith Slater and Inglis, now Cronk to coach against. He did not want to undermine his work at Melbourne by exposing them, hurting them etc

    Qld adopted a specialist state coach without other commitments ie Mal Meninga. NSW mimicked by installing Ricky Stuart. When Ricky Stuart put himself forward as Canterbury coach late last year, that could have been compromised. A good coach is paid at least $500k and maybe NSW need to understand that. Anyway Ricky is doing the job, and the proof will be in the pudding. For you, it won’t be pudding for supper on Wednesday night but humble pie. Do you recall humble pie after game 2 last year? Move over Rover.

    Blue! Blue! Blue!

  11. Snoop-Poop
    May 22, 2012 at 6:43 am

    That is the whole point – if as you say it was because of the coach (Bellamy) did not want to coach against his star players – or in the alternative – NSW did not trust him to be genuine in the role as NSW Coach – that division of loyalty is the crusp of the difference between Q’ld’s SOO approach as compared with NSW.

    Lets us agree that QLD had maybe 3 immortals in waiting, i.e. Thurston, Slater, Smith, maybe Inglis, Scott, Civoniceva down the track as well, with that strike power the match is already won …

    The coach’s role is sumantic, tactics alone is all the coach can offer at this level. Mininga seven years ago took a team of nobodys, a team expected to be anialiated – and all he did was give them some self belief and loyalty – he promised them that if they left it all out on the park they would be stronger for the experience and would come back next year and do it again.

    This simple approach and the NSW hubris from their previous series win in which they humiliated the QLD’ers with a 50+ scoreline proved enough for QLD to win the series, and from there the rest is history. NSW have failed to regain the SOO mantra – what it means to have pride in a jersey. They play without expectation or belief and that is all a product of the QLD’s having drank a coolea of success based on NSW’s failures – victory’s like those are as sweet as honey and a wet silky smooth libia ready and waiting.

    If the series is decided before the NSW match – you tell me if the crowds will turn out – shifting their first game to Melbourne is a mistake – if their hoping for a 1-1 scoreline for the Sydney game that is madness … just like Stuart and his 10 new selections from the last years team. That is an admission he picked the wrong side – and yet he had total selection control over this team as well.

    NSW … all a bunch of nutters …

  12. david the pragmatist
    May 22, 2012 at 8:41 am

    Its Labia not libia you buffoon.
    Civoniceva an immortal, what planet are you on? A good long term warhorse, a very good player….but Immortal, it just shows your judgement is so poor. Your Hubris (your favourite word) is just hiding behind the greatness of the QLD side.
    Horney Harry and the Milkly Bar Kid (Snoopy) should go back to their respective expertise ie the gutter for Harry and the School Yard for Snoopy, till they learn some humility to go with their Hubris.
    The boot is now on the other foot ie QLD are the arrogant bastards that NSW used to be!

  13. May 22, 2012 at 10:05 am

    You dunderhead – Raper is an immortal – compare his contribution to the game and then compare Cinoniveca’s over 15 years in the hardest position there is – week in week out doing the hard work up the middle against all opposition intent on stopping him.

    Year after year he drags Australia and QLD up the middle with go forward no other forward has ever done on such a consistent basis. It’s OK to recognise backline stars as a brainstrust of league – but they could never do what they do without the go-forward someone like Cinoniveca’s provides.

    Churchill, Fulton, Gasnier, Raper, Langlands, Lewis, and Beetson – the current immortals – you tell me if Cinoniveca’s name does not rest well in that elite group? I vaguely remember the first five names on the named group – I can recall all but Churchill play, and the others never played SOO – a place where their true ability may have been found out.

  14. David the Pragmatist
    May 22, 2012 at 11:39 am

    You git, I do not believe you could or would knock Raper, it shows more than anything your lack of depth of understanding of the greats. It reminds me of that line from Avatar when she says to Sam Worthington….”like a child.. you act like a baby”.
    I would like you to start saying a prayer, it goes like this: Dear God, help me to keep my mouth shut until I know what I’m talking about!

  15. May 22, 2012 at 11:46 am

    “Git” as I am – and it must be so because you said it right – Raper himself has said that the game today is a game where his tallent and ability would have never reached the highs because of the defence concentration, the six tackle rule, and many other modern game changes.

    I respect Raper for what he did in his era – but to compare Raper and Cinoniveca as giants of their era’s is apt – and on the immortal scale – your admissions of the ‘Langlands and Beetson’ inclusions as being wrong – obviously means your opinions are better than the whole of the League world who voted them in.

    Could it be that you rate your opinions above those that any normal person would see as peers – I recall you saying that a young ‘buck’ had no talent whatsoever for the task you were training him for … was that opinion ‘correct’, or did you have to go on bended knee and ‘suck-up’ to the novice turned hero genius …

  16. League Leg End
    May 23, 2012 at 7:23 am

    If the game is played like this debate NSW will win easily. More akin to 6 year olds playing A graders. I recall Johnny Raper drinking champagne out of his boot after Saints defeated Balmain in the 66 GF to win the record 11th successive GF. You simply can’t put Messenger or Raper up against modern day players including Civoniceva. Until 2006 Civoniceva just like Lockyer was a perennial loser. Now as they say, the rest is history. Tonight at 8.10pm EST the record book will get a new chapter. qld are quietly confident or nervous. Ricky Stuart is trying everything in his power to ensure NSW correct the lackings of seasons past. He wants to and needs to instill confidence and winning instincts. Then into the game it is up to the players on the field. Will Cam Smith play his natural cheating game? Will the ref stand up to him? Will Cooper Cronk survive the brimstone of fire of Origin? Will Billy Slater be forced into error? Greg Inglis does not have a high work rate. Will NSW put it together?

    Tomorrow will be a different story.

  17. david the pragmatist
    May 23, 2012 at 10:08 am

    League Legend and the Pragmatist against Harry, Snoopy and Eye ball.
    What a mismatch, get another couple into help Snoopy and the boys. the argument/debate was interesting up until the true ignorance of the game by the QLDers was put out for examination.
    The history of Rugby League will always be debated, my personal views of great players goes back a lot longer than yours, Churchill was the only one I did not see. I saw the others week in and week out.
    Genuine Immortals, lets assume Churchill because no one has ever disputed his right to be there. Raper, Gasnier, Fulton, Lewis no argument, subjective Langlands, Beetson.
    Of the ones being considered, yes to Lockyer no to Johns,(Petro is not even in discussions by real people). Of the up and comers and genuine chances, Smith,Thurston,Slater, Ingliss are all in contention once their careers are over.
    Just remember that players who are not there include greats such Irvine, Boustead,Grothe, Lumsden,Thornett, Johns,Cronin,Miles,Wells,Price(lock),Coote,Walsh, Summons,Randall,Menzies,Kenny, Sterling, Mortimer,Muir,Krillich,Walters(hooker),Hartigan,Backer,Poole,McCarthy,Price(prop) a grossly underated Paul Vautin and a myriad more that I can’t get from the top of my head. These are all champion players, Petro fits in well with them and I do not want to denigrate them or him.
    To be an immortal you have to be that much more special, thats why I would exclude Langlands and Beetson great players that they were!
    Remember that subjectivity and opinion will always be an indecisive aspect of whoever gets picked. This conversation started with you comparing Raper and Petro, that is the equivalent of comparing Bradman with Bobby Simpson, Simpson a fine player but not a champion in a league of champions!

    Please treat this advice with all the other things you have been taught in recent times.

    PS The Country and New South Wales was founded Sydney, Rugby league was originated in Sydney. Do not lose your perspective about the true origin of the game. Victorians have been suffering with an inferiority complex for 200 years over captain Cook not landing in Port Phillip bay, do not put yourself in with that lot!!!

  18. david the pragmatist
    May 23, 2012 at 10:11 am

    Apologies to Allan Langer, a genuine contender for “immortal” and definetly ahead of Johns in my opinion. Just shows how easy it it is to overlook great players, even as recent as him!

  19. May 23, 2012 at 10:41 am

    I stopped wanking to read this – your comment:

    …my personal views of great players goes back a lot longer than yours, Churchill was the only one I did not see. I saw the others week in and week out.

    The comment needs to be edified – unless you went to every St George game – and I know that is not true becuse you’re a Parramatta fan – this statement is an outright falsehood. TV coverage in the 60’s was only ABC and even in QLD we received the B&W broadcast. Cameramen were novices in those days where players were followed when they had the ball – jersy numbers were not always identifiable and unless you knew the player you often never knew who had the ball. They only had two cameras at a game – one on each sideline.

    Given your gereatric age – you had to have been all of 10 or so in the early 60’s so what you think you remember about Raper is fantasy … you probably didn’t even know his name then.

    Please – let me get back to wanking because I don’t have many left and once started it is hard to get the interest back.

    PS – buy the way – the (POOLE) you mentioned in your rundown – did you throw that name in from a distant memory of a Grandfathers tale about some player back in the 20’s … or was it self-ego wanting to remember yourself as someone way above your station … a wantabe in other words …

    … Let this be a lesson.

  20. May 23, 2012 at 10:55 am

    Hells bells the wank never got restarted …

    I’m suprised you never named the whole Parramatta premiership team such is your bias … Cronin – all he could do was kick as I recall … Stirling always had his hair in his face and couuld never see – Kenny I grant you was great in a winning team as was Grothe – but a winger – a Prop Forward has to be of some worth in the games measurement of great players …

    Who wins the biff wins the game is the saying – well who wins the ‘biff’ – in Petro’s case he only has to stand tall and they all back down …

    I rate Alfie above Lockyer in the immortal stakes – his conversion ratio when in the oppositions 22 has never been beaten – most current half-backs and five-eights conversion rates – i.e. times a team scores a try as opposed to not scoring a try when in the opposition 22 when in possession – average around 2-3 out of 10 – Alfie was above 4/10 and it was never a kick to the air.

  21. May 23, 2012 at 11:07 am

    How are you fingernails Leg End …

    It’s in the bag .. the only interest is the margin and whether QLD will take pity.

    In last years third game QLD played the perfect half of football and the series was lost by half-time. The first two games were about ticket sales to the NSW 2nd game … which NSW won as a good gesture to make sure the NSW fans watched the third match. They had all switched channels by hald time not wanting to allow the depression to completely overwhelm them. A bit like switching channels during the scary parts in a scary movie.

    Hype … hype and more hype … the ratings above are accurate and the margin is the only concern …less than 10 and the series has some life for NSW fans – more than 20 and NSW fans won’t bother turning up –

    If NSW do manage a win – I ask you – who among the NSW players would you call a hero … none of them are worthy … do you think they think of themselves as heros before the game – QLD’s do – they are playing for heritage and something that NSW will never understand … 7-0, and then 8-0 and so on. When NSW select a team of hero’s then QLD might be challenged.

    QLD by a margin of 14-20 points – the difference between a team rated at 131.5 against a team rated at 96.5.

  22. League Leg End
    May 23, 2012 at 11:19 am

    The Dick Poole he refers to was a prolific centre playing 133 games for Newtown from 1950 to 1958 scoring 56 tries and then finishing his career with two seasons at Wests Magpies with a further 31 games where he scored a further 9 tries. Through that time, he played 10 games in the sky blue jersey and scored 8 tries against the maroons, and for that he earned 10 test caps where he scored 4 tries for his country. He was 28 when he retired mainly due to asthma, and that was fairly typical of the age, given the money available and the need to create a career. Did I mention he was captain coach of Australia when they won the 1957 World Cup in Rugby League.

    Throughout the 60’s he advertised prolificly his shoe business in Sydney city in the match day programme. Many will recall Dick Poole shoes ads. After having captain coached Newtown to two grand finals in 1954 – 55, as a successful businessman he returned to coach Newtown from 1966 – 1968.

    I for one would happily doff my hat to Dicke Poole.

  23. david the pragmatist
    May 23, 2012 at 11:27 am

    My first year of Rugby League was as a 10 year old and my parents went every week to watch Parra play and in those days the match of the day was on a saturday and we went to match of the days AS WELL AS WATCH PARRA. The match of the days were replayed on ABCTV at 6pm that night.
    I was at the SCG when St George played Wests in the final that captured the imagination of the trophy played for every year ie Summons and Provan arm in arm at the completion.
    It rained the whole day and I was one of 60000 people at the game (if they counted 10 year olds as attendees in those days). I will never forget it.
    Johnny Raper played in that game and continued into the middle and later 60’s.

    You saying let this be a lesson, is just another one back on you. MOTOR MOUTH

  24. david the pragmatist
    May 23, 2012 at 11:44 am

    I just read the Legends bio on Dick Poole. Thank you for that!!!
    Snoop poop had the temerity to ring me and suggest i had never heard of him until I looked it up. I reminded him that as i had the same surname I was nicknamed “Dickie” at primary school because of his then fame and was rather embarrassed by it at the time.Being very self conscious I always saw it as a reflection of being a “dick”.
    Many people since would suggest that was a very early and correct prognosis!

    Notwithstanding this I have survived to my current old age and now find myself in the schoolyard with Snoopy. Just goes to show nothing changes with schoolyard mentalties such as voiced by the Dickheads in this debate (Legend excluded).

  25. May 23, 2012 at 12:06 pm

    Given the margin between NSW and QLD SOO teams and the 6-0 scoreline – trying to win this debate is like a constipated crap – all energy and no cigar.

    Tonights scoreline will be the judge and can i expect humble retractions and offerings on the ‘morrow?

  26. League Leg End
    May 23, 2012 at 12:47 pm

    My memories are not that far different to my pragmatic friend. I was lectured on Clive Churchill kicking the Rabbits into the final series with a boken arm in 1955. I lived mainly through the later part of the 1960’s. In that era we mainly watched the SCG match of the round, on Saturday afternoon, and St George featured more than most. The 1969 GF was not televised live. The 1967 GF was. It would be interesting to know exactly which was the first live broadcast of a GF, a test, an interstate match. Back then Qld v NSW was a selection trial for tests. City Country was also merely a selection trial. Things change.

    Winning and losing doesn’t.

    Tonight will determine bragging rights for 3 weeks. Given the pomposity of Snoopy and his ratings, it will be very cute to see him eat humble pie. Should NSW lose then in the words of Ned Kelly, “Tell Mum I died game, and such is life”.

    There is so much in tonights game. Williams will be allowed slightly more rope than he was in Manly v Melbourne in Round 25 last year. Same cuts for Glenn Stewart. Most want to see redemption of Carney and Brett Stewart. It is still only a game. The spectacle is what counts.

    What is different to Australia losing the Lions series in 1966. In those days the British were invincible, and we went ever so close. Who now remembers Dick Huddart? Who indeed remembers Dick Poole winning the World Cup in 1957? I for one don’t. More than half tonights viewers don’t recall Artie Beetson or Bobby Fulton not alone Barry Muir. What was that old Man?

  27. League Leg End
    May 23, 2012 at 12:59 pm

    A direct quote from Snoopy dated June 16, 2011

    “Some major CROW has to be eaten this morning – QLD failed to turn up and play to their ability – at least the QLD team we all know and love.

    NSW were magnificent and had several players who played well above their opponents.

    As a one-eyed QLD supporter – I am humbled and express congratulations to the NSW team – Stuart can take credit – but I still don’t rate him a coach’s bootlace … I acknowledge QLD were outplayed across the paddock – not one QLD player played at a higher rating to the NSW squad.”

    With trust tomorrow he will do better

  28. May 23, 2012 at 1:03 pm

    Alas – the past speaks from the dead … and as the series played out QLD proved they were playing for ‘ticket sales’ and to ‘rease’ NSW all over again.

    If ‘GOD’ intervenes in tonight’s match then I will again be as gracious in defeat.

  29. david the pramatist
    May 23, 2012 at 1:45 pm

    Sorry to be pedantic but I have to point out a small time adjustment in Legends comment of Britain being almost invincible up untill the 1966 World Cup.
    You are close to being right as this was the case up until 1962 and then that changed with the advent of the 62/63 Kangaroo side, probably the greatest team ever with the possible exception of the 82/83 Kangaroos. The opposition in 82/83 not being up to the British standard when the 62/63 series took place.
    For nostalgic sake the first test in England that year was Wembley (the first ever RL Test match on the famous ground). Australia won 52 to 3 in an era when a try was worth only 3 points. Names in that Australian side included Ken Thornett at Full Back (Les Johns was not good enough to play). Ken Irvine and Johnny King on the wings. Gasnier was one centre and maybe Langlands the other. 5/8 was Jimmy Lisle and half was Arthur Summons (captain coach). Lock was Johny Raper with the second rowers Dick Thornett (triple international, water polo, rugby union, brother to the then Aust Rugby Union captain John Thornett and Ken Thornett).
    Front rowers Ian Walsh (hooker) Noel Kelly and I think Peter Gallagher( not sure, you see I do this all from my head of memories).
    They won the series 3-0 with just about a thrashing in every game. Interesting sidelight on full back play, Ken Thornett in the first test was the first Full back to ever score a try in an Anglo Australian Test and they had been playing since 1908. Snoopy please note it was unlimited tackle in those days and if you think those boys were not tough you have never been down a coalmine. Most of the English forwards lived in the Coalfields and they did not come any tougher.
    I remember this game( the First Test) like yesterday as our family gathered around the kitchen table listening to Frank Hyde’s radio broadcast over 2SM. I think it was about midnight but can’t be sure, wouldn’t think Mum would let me up, other than it was such a big event that we all had to go to bed early, that means about 6pm and the alarm was set to get us all up. I remember with pride Ken Thornett scoring the first try and thereby creating history. He hit the line 20 yards out and carried 3 British defenders across the line. Hyde went beserk and then it became a procession.
    Those were the days my friend,…. I thought they’d never end….. those were the days!

    PS It was on this tour that Johnny Raper wore nothing but the bow tie and bowler hat,… which if it happened now he would be immediately sent home for.
    Those were the days ……I wish they never ended!!!.

  30. david the pramatist
    May 23, 2012 at 1:58 pm

    Sorry Brian Hambly was the other second rower, I noticed i left him off when rereading the blog.

  31. May 23, 2012 at 2:25 pm

    What can a man say – poor David – has to relive his old and fondest memories to make up for Parramatta’s 30 year premiership drought – and now NSW six and soon to be seven years of drought …

    No wonder the memory lane is nostalgic and releiving of the depression symptoms experienced week in week out as you listen you your team once again stumble, crawl, and submit to their mental anguish …

    This thread of comment has wandered off topic and has been allowed to do so as a small mercy to all you traumatised BLUE’s fans … I hope you appreciate the gesture and I have tp admit I had never heard of ‘Dicky Poole’ beforehand so it was of some enlightenment … Thankyou …

    The SOO countdown is five odd hours away – NSW players are emptying their bowls for the fifth time today – even a fart means wet undies …

    QLD are having the last run and then a rub down with no mental stress remotely registering … Stuart – the chain smoking coach lights three up at a time to stop his nail biting … his hair receeds an inch every season … and his balls feel squeezed to the point where he can’t piss … it’s a typical NSW shed before a SOO game these days.

    Out in the bookmaker ring nobody can lay NSW – current odds have them at $2.86 with a ‘blow’ bulllet – check out this link for latest Betfair odds on all SOO markets including exotics:


    All that is left is to now wait – the anxiety NSW players will experience in the next few hours will take their toll – the cockaroach’s will be affected by the cold windy forecast – the roof will be closed – the surface slippery – Farrah will do an Innis – take a cheap shot and then run and hide behind his forward pack and right at that moment NSW will have lost the game.

    The question is will Stuart run on with Williams hoping to fire up the NSW pack – will Mininga respond with Taylor – whatever history has shown NSW are all talk – QLD are all about doin’ it and doin’ it better. The mystery is the new referees and how they will respond to the pressure.

    Both NSW based and we’ll know in the first 10 min’s or so if the fix is in. It was there in the first game last year until QLD overcome the bias and came through.

    Please when QLD win – be the first to offer up your ass …

  32. david the pramatist
    May 23, 2012 at 4:34 pm

    This my last entry before the game I have backed QLD at 1.46, if they win this will give me some solace against NSW losing.
    If NSW wins I will enjoy shoving the losses up your arse as I will have more pleasure doing that than spending my winnings.
    Go the Blues, do the best you can, thats all we ask.

  33. Wicked
    May 23, 2012 at 4:39 pm

    In the first throws of Super League, Qld were friendless because all Broncos having gone to Super League where ruled out of playing. Fatty Vautin being loyal to Packer, took on the job as coach. He was on a hiding to nothing. I believe Qld won game 1 6 2. I was able to secure 7 to 2 by backing Qld. The next morning at the breakfast tabIe (I had 2 children born in Qld and two born in NSW) I called out If you were born in Qld line up to collect, if you were born in NSW you can learn to suck eggs.

    The point is these matches are only ever shades of even money. If they are now offering $2,86 for NSW beware. Even at 6 consecutive series wins the odds should slightly favour Qld, only slightly. This will be a great contest.

  34. May 23, 2012 at 4:40 pm

    ABC today put out a historical numbers fact sheet covering of all past and current SOO games and players. It is a comprehensive tale of woe for NSW …

    The SOO matches played by each player on each team and added as a team total in tonights matchup favours QLD by over 130 games. That is enough to ensure the task ahead of NSW stays out of reach. If NSW win tonight it will match one of the greatest underdog victories ever seen in Australia – even the world …

    To see this ABC’s SOO historical refference story use the link below:


    Sorry – if the numbers makes you NSW supporters ill – to bad …

  35. May 23, 2012 at 5:01 pm

    What’s this – a new cockroach fly’s into the cauldron to join the joust … good luck Wicked …

    Please make sure you’re not wearing hidden weapons or other attachments … we only allow words, witticism, and controlled directed profanity’s …

    Whatever your logic on the Rookie Bookie odds markets and comments about where the odds should or should not be – they are where they are because nobody wants to back NSW – if you can make money out of that by laying them then become a QLD’er and declare your interest – there is no room for turncoats or wimps here.

    Fence sitting will give you splinters and if you’re a sheilla then we’ll all have some fun pulling them out …

  36. Kanakka-bakka
    May 23, 2012 at 5:24 pm

    Have enjoyed the banter guys … you’ve all done your part – time for the real show.

    David the Pragimist – you’re an idiot with a pea-heart who’s ego’s bigger than your oldfella …

    Leg End – you’re a pussy with flaps the size of bird wings … make a decision and be brave about it …

    Wicked – you’re late to a party that started three days ago …what is your excuse?

    Snoop-Poop – great effort to defend those north of the border – you’re welcome to joun the kannakka-bakkers anytime.

    It’s almost game time – let’sgo toad-shit all over some slimmy blue cockroaches …

  37. Snoop-Poop
    May 23, 2012 at 8:36 pm

    SOO Commentary –

    6min mark – NSW score try off suspect kick (Uate knocked on) – the fix is in … QLD have started poorly – NSW on top and look confident …

    16min mark – soft penalty to NSW giving them more momentum – Gallen held up – no doubt the fix is in – QLD to lift else MSW will – 25 mt tap taken an NSW player off-side tackels Cronk when NSW were on backfoot – a QLD penalty then would have allowed a kick and setted play.

  38. Snoop-Poop
    May 23, 2012 at 8:38 pm

    20min mark All in brawl and Jennings runs in and takes the cheapest shot – in any other game he would get six weeks – sin-binned – fair enough – right there NSW lost the game – went the biff and lost the fight …

  39. Snoop-Poop
    May 23, 2012 at 8:45 pm

    24th min QLD get penalty and in next play Tate almost scores butHayne magic forces him enough to not score.

    Pity NSW went that way – they were on top and hadthe better run of the game –

    25th minQLD penalty – tap on NSW 40m … first interchanges been on two minutes – quick switch play to lefy and QLD score – Boyd in the corner….Uate comes off wing and leaves Boyd a free run to liner 10m out.

    Stupid …stupid … stupid … we can all hear Stuart from Melbourne … it all started with Bird giving Scott a shove when teh penalty had already been given for offside … Scott throws ball at Bird and it glances him – next thing NSW players run from everywhere and the malee starts – Jennings actions deplorabe to leave his team short …

    Try converted .. QLD LEAD 6-4

  40. Snoop-Poop
    May 23, 2012 at 8:59 pm

    29th min: Game is opening up – Farrah has had a briliant half so far – reports taht Taylor (QLD) has been to dressing rooms 3-4 times since game started with stomach issues …there was a late hit on Cronk after he kicked and Uate dropped ball and not called a knock on – NSW get relieving penalty – the fix is in.- failed to find touch. Stuart again does his nanna …

    32nd min: Tayor is on. Jennings about tocome back on.NSW trapped on their line after 4 tackles. kick from 22 … QLD pressure again – 22 restart for NSW.

    36th min: Carney looses ball on QLD 40m. QLD have done nothing special so far – it’s all ne NSW good and bad … Bird spear tackles Cronk and gives penalty – QLD tap on NSW 30m – left side backline move on 4th tackle and Boyd scores again – Thurston sets it up (try scored in 38th min) … Uate again caught off his wing. Halt time siren goes off in background – Thurston kicks a magnificant goal yet again – half-time score 12-4 QLD and Stuart will be uncontrollable in the dressing shed .

    This is what happens when you pick undisiplined players – Bird is such a player – tough and someone you want on your team in a scrap – but easy penalties when NSW were well on top gave QLD the ground and they scored twice …when will NSW learn …

  41. Snoop-Poop
    May 23, 2012 at 9:10 pm

    Half Time:Comment: Does not matter how much help the Ref gives you – you still gotta be able to play the game.

    Tamou made a big impact early – bent QLD’s line – seemed QLD were sluggish but they picked up their game in the second 20 min … NSW had no structure after the brawl … it was as predicted. The writing was on the wall when Hayne trough a punch at Thurston and did not miss – it went unchecked and that was the first sign of NSW anxiousness …

    2nd half about to begin.

  42. Snoop-Poop
    May 23, 2012 at 9:36 pm

    40th MinNSW Kick of … QLD return and kick frim NSW 40m – NSW return and kick from QLD 35m and Slater makes a mistake from a contested leap and NSW score … Jennings picks up the easy crumbs. try converted screline 12-10 QLD.

    44th Min NSW return kickoff – making easy metres from dummy half – NSW regaining some confidence … again NSW kick from QLD 35m mark – Tate catches ball. QLD kick from their own 40m m- Stewart returns to NSW 40m – good field position ,.. work their way down to QLD’s 20m and Bird passes ball into touch – Hayne had dropped up – a chance gone begging.

    47th Min Scrum feed to QLD 15m mark. NSW forwardsa all over QLD – QLD make a break but Thiday drops ball in last move … NSW have bal on their 30m – make easy ground through Hayne magic. QLD get ball on 10m mark aned again struggle to make ground – NSW return ball to NSW 40m – soft penalty against QLD on QLD 40 at 5th tackle – again the fix is in …

    52th Min NSW kicking for goal – missed … another poor choice. 3rd tackle NSW drop ball and no knock on – NSW kick from 10m line – Tate safe again. QLD kick from their own 30m – NSW return to their 40m – QLD work ball away and Smith kicks early to NSW 10m line – NSW kick from their 40m – scrappy play with NSW in possession – Carney earns his money putting Jennings away down sideline to have Stewart almost score. Thiaday grounds ball.

  43. Snoop-Poop
    May 23, 2012 at 9:54 pm

    60th Min NSW making charge at QLD line – poor pass on 6th tackle – hand over. Williams down after taking awkward pass. It’s a QLD handover on their 2 m line. NSW have had all the 2nd half – QLD look out. Smith kicks from 40m mark. Uate rund ball back and dives into Smith. NSW play the ball on their 30 m mark.

    63rd Min Carney kicks from within his 40m – NSW are getting physical again – Cronk kicks from half-way – NSW have ball on NSW 30m –

    65th MinTate makes run done sideline to turn advantage to QLD – NSW trapped on their 10m – QLD have ball on their 20m – QLD at 6’s and 7’s poor options on offer – Carney fumbles ball and QLD knock on – NSW feed on their 45m mark. NSW look the more likely. QLD missed tackle count rising. Cronk was lucky to not be penalised – QLD kick from their 30m – NSW mistake on QLD 30m mark – will be costly.

    71st Min QLD forwards walking – Inglis scores – in a soft 5th tackle kick … replay shows Inglis lost it cold …closer replay shows Farrah used boot to dislodge ball – a true test of the fix – Try awarded – the video ref believed he would not get home if he ruled no try. Fair result. QLD to lead 18-10 after kick,

  44. Snoop-Poop
    May 23, 2012 at 10:08 pm

    74th MinGallen heard on audio usig Fuc_ work at Refs … NSW kick out on full in desperate attempt at 40/20 – QLD has scrum feed.on NSW 40m – NSW have ball on their 10m – NSW penalty on their 40m –

    78th MinNSW have ball on QLD’s 45m – QLD force ball dead at 79:22 min mark – game over …

    NSW will rue the Jennings and Bird mistakes. QLD were at their worst in many years – but still won – NSW just can’t get it done …for 80% of the game NSW were the only team in the match – how did they lose – Stuart is the cause and effect … he has a game plan but picks players who can’t carry it out.

    Gonna watch the post game summaries …

    NSW Best Players – Hayne was dangerous every time he touched the ball – Williams had a big impact – Farrah in the first hald became a passenger in the second half – Tamou – NSW best player …

    NSW DoDo’s – Pearce yet again – Jennings – Morris – helped let in Boyds tries – Bird for his ill-disipline – everybody else did good …

    QLD Best Players – Inglis in the 1st half – both their wingers did good – Thurston set up the late 1st half try – but everybody else had soft games – Cronk gets a pass mark – Smith had a very quite game – Scott and Petro were outplayed – across the park NSW pretty much outplayed their opposite number except for Morris on Inglis. Even Slater was off …

    God help NSW at ANZ and Suncorp when QLD will turn up ready to play. I see a whitewash commin’ on …

  45. david the pramatist
    May 24, 2012 at 9:22 am

    What a lot of garbage, what drugs were you on watching the game. Your credability goes out the door when you start talking about the “fixes”. Come on if you believe that crap, start focusing on another sport. It is insulting for this blogger to continue to participate if you follow such lines.
    At my home origin party everyone that attended, enjoyed and rated the game highly, we all had a great time and appreciated the contest, the controversy, the geniuneness and passion of the particpants.

    What a shame you could not be forthcoming with some praise, rather than reducing it to a quality of mediocrity.
    I am not sure you should be involved in sport. Why not concentrate on cancer research where you can relate to the suffering!

    PS I had 200 on QLD at 1.46 and when my friends felt a bit sorry for after the game. NSW being a little unlucky, I replied with comeon I’m a parra supporter, i know all about losing, as a matter of fact apart from the betting side, whats it like winning, it seems so long, I’m not sure what I’d do. Oh! I know, I will learn to be gracious!

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