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EYE-BALL’s Harry’s Growl – Harry’s Political Updates – May 22nd 2012.

May 22, 2012
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Harry’s Political Updates – May 22nd 2012.

This Weeks Headings:

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  1. Craig Thompson Speech 21st May 2012
  2. Gay Marriage Debate
  3. Larry Pickerings’s latest cartoons
  4. A “Climate Change” opinion – Larry pickering.


Craig Thompson Speech – 21st May 2012:

Craig Thompson did yesterday what no Parliament sitting has ever done previously – he spoke for an hour without a single interjection, catcall, or otherwise indication of dissent from any other House Member from either side.

It was truly a remarkable lesson – if the House can observe parliamentary decorum for someone like Craig Thompson – then why are behaviour sessions in the House at levels that make it a place where ego entrenched lunacy is often the order of the day?

Thompson was impressive and prompts the question as to why he has kept his silence for so long?  There was enough doubt created in his oration and targeted explanations – all aimed at the HSU report – to have this scribe move to the fence and wait for a court outcome or other evidentary process.

I want to know why Gillard kept this man in the ‘shut-up Craig ‘ box for so long.   The PM was out of the country when the speech was delivered and is not due back till Wednesday.  Should anything be read into that absence?

I was amazed at how controlled the House was – and this does show what a bunch of radical ratbags they are at all other times.  As soon as the speech was delivered Pyne and Albanese,  Opposition and Government Leaders on House matters – delved into a petty debate on whether the House would take notes on Mr Thompson’s speech.   Albanese argued because the speech was not tabled, there should be no case to answer for the motion to ‘make notes’.  The Opposition argued the reverse.

MP’s should be made to sit and hear and watch themselves as a means to educate and for them to see what we all see.  All the main players are schooled in media presentation and they know they’re on show – yet even they are seen in the background more often than not behaving like petty schoolkids wanting to impose their voice and physicality in the chamber.

If Thompson’s completely uninterrupted speech is an example of the self-restraint House Members can abide by – why can it not be that way always?

The respect given to Thompson’s account and explanation during his speech to the House was at odds with his standing in the House – this is the quandary – why would they offer that amount of respect to someone they have no respect for – yet they do not offer the same respect to Members held in higher regard?

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Gay Marriage Debate:

Avery interesting yet important distinction was made during the ABC’s Insiders program last Sunday. Discussion was held on the ‘gay marriage’ and how the ALP had extended the right to all ALP MP”s to vote their ‘conscience’ on a gay marriage proposal. The discussion included a point that the Coalition had not extended the ‘conscience’ vote entitlement to its House Members.

This is the height of hipocracy and where our DEMOCRACY now stands – Members should always be allowed to vote their ‘conscience’ – for the matter to be recognised as a one-off for a ‘gay marriage’ debate highlights a forever flawed acceptance in that the two-party system has dragged our form of Democracy so far from its intent that we now live and are governed by Leaders who place demands on their Members to vote a party line as opposed to a true DEMOCRACY – where the elected representative is supposed to vote his own view and that os his constituents who elected him.

DEMOCRACY has been hijacked all over the world and World Leaders are enforcing DEMOCRACY in this format all over the world. In AMerica Representatives cross the floor all the time – you can count on one hand the number of times it has happened in Australia’s Parliament over the last 50 odd years.

It is wrong to make a ‘conscience’ vote a one-off – on matters of supply and Legislation that divides a Nation i.e. Carbon Tax – all Members should be allowed to vote their honest and heart-felt opinion. Anything less is a blight on the whole Parliamentary process.

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Some of Larry Pickering’s Latest Cartoons:

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Another week of outrageous humour via Larry’s imagination …





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Climate Change” Debate:

Larry is not just a cartoonist – his take on Al Gore and the Climate Change debate is a must read for both ‘sceptics’ and ‘warmists’ alike. His blog is in five parts – the text is copied below – links to Larry’s page to read these posts on his Facebook page are also provided. [Click the date under each post.]


| 15th May 2012 |

[A few years ago a friend phoned me to say I must see this new Al Gore movie. I did, but left half way through, shaking in anger. I was angry because I have always been a student of meteorology and this movie was misleading bullshit. I went home and typed the following. It is in many parts, I have not updated it, and it could be boring to many. But this Flannery fool has re-ignited my anger.]

So Al Gore, thinks the world is coming to an end in a Noah type flood. He believes greenhouse gases are causing earth-warming… or at least he was paid millions of dollars to think that.

The Earth could be warming, or cooling, marginally, so what? It has nought to do with our emissions. Earth warming and cooling is as cyclical and interconnected as ice-ages were, and are.

The clear fact is that the Earth’s average temperature since the year 2,000 has gone down, not up. But who cares?

Al Gore charges $200,000 a guest speaking engagement where he can promote his own business…. “carbon footprint software”. He has a financial interest in furthering his lies.

He can make any graph or set of figures look legitimate. He can take photos of Mt Fuji in winter and compare it to a summer photo. He constructs mendacious offerings the media is a willing participant in.

He can show endless drifts of glacial ice breaking off into the sea, as they have done for millions of years, but it does not change the fact that there is not one unusual inch increase in tidal extremities anywhere.

Pacific islands, historically barely inches above high tide, are still there.

Check data supplied on sea levels and you will find miniscule rubbery records in the order of 0.01cc per year with an error margin of + or – 0.01cc. In other words the interested pundits don’t have a fucking clue and have no hope of measuring or attributing anything to anything!

Venice is still there and so are the lowlands of Holland. Surprise, surprise!

Why has there been no inundation? For the simple reason that we are talking miniscule figures. Earth warming has little to do with sea levels… it has everything to do with sea temperatures. And normal earth warming is not the result of carbon emissions.

The claimed marginal increase in temperatures began before 1920… well before our hysterical industrial “greenhouse” age.
There has been no inundation so far and there never will be. Well, not that we will know about.

Take a plastic bottle of water and place it in the freezer over night. In the morning the ice will have expanded. Leave the bottle out of the freezer and the water will return to its natural state. In other words the volume (not the mass) of the ice decreased when it thawed.

Now, because almost all North Pole ice is already below the water surface, what is the inevitable effect of any thaw? Maybe a diminution in volume? Oooh, shock horror!

The UN Panel on Climate Control and those idiot researchers from the Adelaide University now claim Australia’s southern States will be inundated from alarming southern pole ice-melt. “People in SA wetlands will need to relocate”, they said.

Exactly one year previous those same morons were telling us that the South Pole was getting unusually colder. Why are we paying these people?

The southern icecap is much larger than Australia. The northern icecap is barely one quarter the size of Australia. Most of the northern cap is already well below sea level… it’s a floating, moving mass of fractured ice.

The position of the North Pole is constantly changing in relation to the position of the ice. As a result, many who have claimed to have reached the North Pole were actually nowhere near it! Not until they had a GPS.

Not only is the North Pole constantly moving in relation to the ice, it is enveloped by developed countries. Its temperatures are more volatile due to local geographical, topographical and industrial influences.

The southern icecap is embedded on land mass. The southern pole cannot be traversed below by submarines as the northern pole has been. It is fixed. Amundsen, using triangular fixes, knew where he was.

It is also far more remote and isolated from other continental influences. It has its own unaffected, self-induced, weather patterns.

Any further displacement, due to any unusual amount of southern pole ice-melt, can only come from above sea-level ice. Floating ice-melt that has extended beyond the land mass can only decrease the volume of water.

This minimal amount of ice melt-water is distributed around the World via the conveyor, marginally cooling the oceans through forcing the less dense colder ocean-bed water to the surface. Thereby reducing world temperatures and convectional rainfall.

Not only that! The deeper colder water is rich in algal sediment. When it is forced to the surface it serves to decrease the effect of air-borne carbon.

The arrant stupidity of the Gore argument is equalled only by the wondrous nature of the World’s relentless cyclical patterns.

(to be continued)


A CONVENIENT LIE: (Part 2 continued)

| 15th May 2012 |

To be able to measure or predict an increase in sea levels, first you need to know two things… exactly how much water is to be added (actually very little) and exactly how much water is already there.

The water to be added must not already be there in the form of under-sea ice because that displacement already exists.

We cannot know the volumes of under-sea ice and we know nothing of what solid above-sea ice is there now, what melt-water we are likely to get in future, if any, and nothing at all of 40% of the World Ocean floor or its depths.

How can we know the aggregate volume of the Earth’s oceans when we do not even know their unexplored depths?

The area of the World Ocean (and let’s not forget that all oceans except the Caspian Sea are interconnected) is 361 million square kilometers and more than 70% of the earth’s total surface area.

So we only know the World Ocean surface area is well in excess of two thirds of the World’s total surface area. We have not even charted 40% of the ocean floor (or over 50% of the earth’s total area) something necessary to even guess at possible volumes. Yet our resident moron Gore shows us New York graphics of sea water covering 118th of 42nd Street.

Wall Street has only ever been less than one metre above sea level as have thousands of inhabited Pacific Islands. No-one has got their feet wet yet… and certainly not since the last Ice Age thaw, 17,000 years ago.

If we experienced the hottest summer in 60 years last year, does that not mean that it was hotter 60 years ago?

Europe and North America have experienced record cold weather, even colder than the mid-nineties. Upper New York State has experienced the coldest weather in 30 years. This is the incongruous result of previous Earth-warming. Although I cannot expect Gore to allude to or even understand this.

An idiot government-funded agency came out recently with this: “Australian production down 5% by 2050, due to earth warming.” Another idiot pronouncement was: “The Great Barrier Reef will disappear by 2050, due to global warming.” Mmmmm.

Marine biologists conduct all types of research on our reefs and oceanic species. The results of this research are mostly flawed. State Fisheries take this flawed research and use it to further their own mostly unnecessary existence.

These “public service” morons then insist that professional and recreational fishermen only take fish of a certain size. If you are caught with a fish that is too small you will be fined. You must throw back the small fish but you can keep the big fish!

This practice does untold permanent damage to fish stocks world wide.

Only the bigger fish has proven its ability to survive. Only the older fish has mastered the skills to remain alive in a treacherous environment. Only the older fish can successfully fertilise the older female’s eggs to further the integrity of the species.

Only the older fish can improve the species via their genetic superiority. It isn’t rocket science but it is far too complex for a university-educated marine biologist!

There is always an over-supply small fish because only a small percentage of them will ever make it to maturity… that’s the way nature intended it and Darwin understood it. Yet we are instructed by these boffins to throw back the small fish destined for predator fodder, that was never going to make the grade anyway, and eat the valuable breeder that did make it!

Many youngsters want to become marine biologists… it’s not hard to do that. Who wouldn’t want a job on the Great Barrier Reef, floating among beautiful corals, measuring everything that moves and grows.

Unfortunately to justify this lifestyle as a marine biologist he needs to prognosticate on something, anything, to promote the publicity to maintain his budget.

The Crown of Thorns starfish did the job for a while but that turned out a load of bullshit too. Now it’s coral bleaching due to global warming. Crumbs!

The World’s reefs are regularly bleached due to normal cyclical temperature changes. But reefs have always returned more resilient and more beautiful than before.

The reason they have returned is that incumbent environmental conditions, including filtered photosynthesis, persist to promote coral reefs. Those conditions have existed for millions of years. If they didn’t exist there would be no reefs there anyway.

Periodic bleaching serves to eradicate weaker strains of reef life and corals making it more robust. Survival of the fittest. That is why reefs recover so quickly to an even greater beauty (to the sheer amazement of inane marine biologists).

Every species of every living thing on Earth, including coral, suffers tortuous life-threatening ordeals… that’s how the strong get stronger and the weak don’t have an opportunity to procreate a weakness.

“Disasters” to our reefs are as important as “disasters” are to our bushland. Man tinkers at the edges believing he can have some effect. He can’t. Billions of years of refined evolution far outweigh any impact supercilious “Johnny-come-lately” environmentalists can impart.

Historically, man has benefited hugely from warmer climatic conditions. The World suffers devastation and production losses from colder conditions. So what the hell is Gore on about?

The dramatic glacial ice flows shown breaking off into the Arctic Ocean have been dramatically breaking off for thousands of years. And why do they break off? Because the ice is increasing at its source, relentlessly pushing it to the ocean. The aging ice is forced into the sea by expansion and the developing new ice, or does Al think there is a walrus in a fucking bikini pushing it?


A CONVENIENT LIE: (Part 3 continued)

| 16th May 2012 |

Orbiting satellites show no unusual change in temperatures. But our weather stations sited close to major cities do. I wonder why.

Legitimate ground-based measurements show that average global temperature is a mere 0.5° C higher than a century ago. In another century it may be the reverse. Who cares?

The Earth’s temperature fell from 1940 to 1980.
There is some scant evidence to suggest it has increased marginally since then, and has not changed at all since the year 2000.

The Earth’s median temperature is mostly, but not exclusively, regulated by our closest star, the Sun. It always has been. We evolved via this imperative.

The Earth’s green-house gases in its atmosphere are a mere 0.037% of its other abiding gases. Green-house gases have always been there and that miniscule amount hardly equates to that of the Sun’s influence.

If all the World’s glaciers melted in the next hundred years it would barely register on the scale of total oceanic volumes. “How come?”, you ask.

Well, most of the World’s ice is already under water. Melting ice decreases in volume so, subtract that, and the increased evaporative process over a greater surface, subtract that too.

The World’s glaciers have melted before, without any industrial or human influence at all! We are still here.

The resultant global warming would have inexorably led to global cooling via the Ocean Conveyor.

The melting icebergs of the floating northern cap (of which we only see the tips) are 95% under water anyway, so Gore’s feared displacement factor already exists.

Now, stay with me here… Salt water is more dense than fresh water and freezes at a much lower temperature. Input of fresh ice-water melt to the sea, due to warming, disrupts the Ocean Conveyor (thermohaline circulator) forcing the deeper, colder, salt water to the surface. This action decreases the oceans’ heat circulation, causes cooling and inhibits convection (rainfall). Phew… I got that out.

So, what I’m trying to explain is this: We can all forget about global cooling or warming. It simply doesn’t matter. These quite normal processes only serve to reverse each other anyway. That’s what cyclical patterns are. That’s exactly the way it has been for billions of years and that’s the way it will stay.

And little ol’ man can have no effect unless he wants to shuffle the Sun, the Moon and a few other planets around.

Now, green gophers, and the mentally deficient puppet Flannery, do not have the capacity to comprehend time and space. They are locked into an ethos that disallows conceptual logic. They will fly on their threadbare, ethereal magic carpets until they eventually unravel and crash to Earth.

The Earth is an isolated ball. We live in a bubble encased in a gossamer-thin film of replenishing, reparative atmosphere. The Earth has a finite amount of water… be it solid, vapour or liquid.

No-one, not even God, can add or subtract one teaspoonful of water or one shovel of land mass to or from the Earth.

It is simply a matter of continual redistribution, temporarily, to different places. Water redistribution can only be due to ice-melt induced rivers, tides, evaporation, convection and rainfall. Land mass redistribution can only be due to inner-core convulsions.

These continuous redistributions keep the Earth robust, healthy and productive. Without these continual redistributions the
Earth would stagnate and die.

If there was a god he would be wetting his pants laughing at these alarmists.

To affect tidal extremities one is talking the gravitational impact of the Moon and the Sun combined, not a few melting Al Gore ice-blocks.

(to be continued)


A CONVENIENT LIE: (Part 4 continued)

| 19th May 2012 |

London’s Thames, along with Holland’s rivers, are rivers that suffer seriously damaging tidal surges. Green gophers knew that this was so millennia ago and it has little to do with Earth warming!

London’s problem is that it is sinking. Some silly prick decided to build London on a silt plain. That’s why there are no tall buildings in London… it won’t support them… it’s founded in putrid mud. But the dishonest greens cite London as an example of Earth warming.

It is the oceans’ temperatures that dictate our World’s temperatures. Earth warming, paradoxically, will actually cool the Earth by dumping an unusual amount of ice melt-water into the northern and southern oceans. This in turn will upset the Ocean Conveyor.

As with air, whatever rises or sinks displaces the other abiding mass… and the mass to be displaced is the oceans’ colder, deeper, more dense salt water… it is colder and more dense because salt water freezes at a much lower temperature. When it is displaced to the surface it cools the oceans’ surface temperature.

Earth warming, I am sorry to tell Gore, leads inexorably to Earth cooling. Thus the critical cyclical pattern. The regulatory system of the World’s temperatures on land and sea is not a secret… except to the green gopher.

Global temperature changes since the latest Ice Age, between a mere 13,000 and 17,000 years ago, have been comparatively mild. This temperature mildness was not the result of a diminution in green-house gases.

There are two types of temperature change. The abrupt change and the long-term change. By far the most compelling, definitive reason for any abrupt Earth temperature change is volcanoes. They are immediate and have immediate effect.

The exploding gases from volcanoes, one of which is sulphur dioxide, forms gels in the upper atmosphere, a wet mirror-like sheet, which reflects the sun’s rays back into space, resulting in global cooling.

The coldest nights occur when you can see the stars… when there is no lower blanketing cloud cover. Why? Because the warmer, rising air is allowed to escape… there are no clouds to trap it and cause warm inversions. The rising Earth-affected warmer air ensures the sinking colder air reaches the land. Water reacts the same as air but due to its greater density it reacts more slowly.

The Earth’s land masses resemble a permanent hot water bottle. The mountains retain permanent heat in rock, year-round. They condense the warmer air to form cloud to contain the warmth and produce moisture.

Deserts are colder at night because there are no mountains to condense the air to form cloud-cover to retain residual heat. It rarely rains in deserts. That’s why they became deserts and remain as deserts.

No matter what we do to a desert or a rainforest, if left alone they both will return to what were… environmentally perfected deserts and rainforests. If they don’t, they should not and will not be there anyway. Idiot green gophers who arrogantly believe they can have a god-like, hands-on influence are merely playing with their dongers.

Clouds of any description, whether volcanic ash or not, in the upper atmosphere block the sun so the warm rising air immediately escapes to that height.

Why are taller mountains colder and ice covered… even on the equator? Because air temperature decreases by an average two degrees every thousand feet of elevation.

A long-term temperature change is triggered by a short-term change and can last thousands of years. But it is balanced! Warming causes cooling, cooling causes warming and there is nothing we can do about it anyway.

When the ice caps increase in size the Earth will become warmer as the process inevitably reverses. The Earth’s magical
equilibrium has been in process since the big bang. It is way beyond the control of vain, aberrant men who arrived on this planet only this afternoon.

The World’s existing green-house gases make up less than 0.04% of the world’s abiding gases, most of which is carbon dioxide produced by the Earth, its animals’ flatulence, its plant life and its oceans… not us!

If Australia is responsible for 1% of mankind’s carbon dioxide, and we wish to reduce our contribution by 5%, then what we are aiming for is a 5% of 1% of 0.04% reduction. Crumbs! They must be kidding!

The reasonably-minded will assume that all is cyclical and due to circumstances way beyond our control or influence.

We have even thought of a beaut new way to make money from all this frogshit… we trade carbon quotas! Much like we trade gold. It’s expensive. Rich people get richer, poor people have to pay for the excesses.

Gold stocks will never be used in ear-rings. We are simply content to shuffle paper around representing some bar of gold in some vault somewhere in the World. Gold bullion has only a perceived value… as has carbon trading and water quotas. Neither has added to nor subtracted from anything!

Gold is perceived as valuable only because of its scarcity. Quartz could be used in the same way except quartz is plentiful.

If ever it was necessary to reduce carbon emissions, the first thing we should do is ground the 10,000 airliners permanently in the air dumping millions of tons of unrefined burnt fossil fuel (kerosene) into our atmosphere.

If you think Earth warming won’t be so bad, you are correct, it’s not the warming that will hurt us… it’s the resultant cooling.

It is the inevitable, ensuing cooling that will kill crop growth, temporarily destroy rainforests and render arable land temporarily useless. It is cooling that will create the temporary worthless tracts of desert and cause temporary starvation. It is cooling that will send grain and meat costs temporarily beyond reach. It is cooling that will wreck, perhaps permanently, otherwise healthy economies.

Now, if Gore was talking about Earth-cooling perhaps he might have a point! But he is not, is he? He is a dishonest tyro, expounding theories without knowledge or qualification to do so.

The mindless bullshit of Gore serves to excite and attract simpleton uni students and the tree-hugging greenies of the ratbag, doomsday brigade. It excites vote-hoarding opportunistic prime ministers primed to action by the media but, if someone actually dissected what Gore is saying, none of it holds water.

So, what to do with lying, misleading bastards like Gore?
Give him a Nobel Peace Prize, that sounds a pretty good idea! Hopefully now, with a Nobel Peace Prize on his mantle-piece, people won’t look too closely at what he is saying.

Those in the know simply shake their heads in disbelief.
Next thing you know, the Nobel Committee will be giving a Nobel Peace Prize to a known terrorist!

Hang on… shit! I forgot! They have already done that! They gave one to Yasser Arrafat.
Mmmmm… so much for the efficacy of that defamed, politicized prize.

Let’s face it, green gophers have no concept of space or time. The doomsday soothsayers talk in millions of years but have no idea of what a million years is. They only have the ability to think in terms of their own (unimportant, insignificant) life span.

They have the arrogance to believe that what happens in their piddly 70 to 80 years of existence is actually important. It is not! It is no more a blink in the space of time than a melting ice block is in the Atlantic.

That harebrained, homosexual greenie, Bob Brown, declares a clear-felled forest is lost forever! Much like the idiot newsreader who declares a hundred acres were “destroyed” by bushfire. What frogshit! Maybe a lot of houses were destroyed but the hundred acres were reinvogorated.

Aborigines have been lighting fires for ten thousand years to promote growth and attract game.

The logged forests return, as Brown can see if he wants to look, in a mere 60 years. In 300 years it’s an even bigger, more robust, forest than it was before and it will be begging to be logged again before the older trees die! But Brown’s small brain won’t live 300 years, thank God. When bushland is burnt or coral is bleached they return in months… more prolific, healthier and robust than before.

Forests only develop and thrive because conditions persist that suit forests. The seeds timelessly remain in the earth eagerly awaiting germination at the very first opportunity.

If Gore and Brown can’t conceive of a mere 300 years, it’s because politicians cannot comprehend anything beyond the next election anyway.

In the last lousy 10 years we’ve been told by the green gophers that we will have no rain (because we denude rainforests) and that we will have too much rain (because of carbon induced Earth warming). That’s typical of their muddled thinking over 10 years!

What chance does the green gopher have of comprehending anything over 10 million years? Zero!

(To be continued)


A CONVENIENT LIE: (Part 5 continued)

| 20th May 2012 |

Let’s say you took a piece of cotton and tied it to your front door knob and set off walking around the World until you returned to your front door again. Then, still holding that length of cotton, you set off around the World again, one thousand times.

Let’s say you stretched that length of cotton out into space. Then you took a pair of scissors and cut a quarter inch off one end of the length of cotton. That quarter inch represents how long man has been alive.

Take another sliver off that and that’s how long Al Gore and Bob Brown have been alive.

The earth has always done, and continues to do, more “damage” to itself than man has ever done, or can ever do, to it.

Earthquakes, both on-shore and undersea, fires, floods, droughts, subsidence, tsunamis and volcanoes are not of our doing. We call it “damage” only because our valuable things are in the way. We should get out of the way because there is nothing we can do to prevent or promote it anyway.

Our interpretation of a disaster is only that which affects our life, our assets or investments. But the Earth was here first! When we migrate to Mars will we complain of a lack of oxygen?

Meteorites have hit earth with sufficient force to knock it off its axis and black out the World for years. Mastadons have been found in frozen wastes with undigested tropical vegetation still in their stomachs. There was no time for natural selection or genetic mobility to take place in order for them to adjust quickly enough to an abrupt temperature change.

Some species still survived anyway, ever-more adaptable and tougher than before. But we don’t really care about that do we… we weren’t here then.

The inevitable, extinction and evolution of animal and plant species was more prevalent long before the beginning of the evolution of man. The extinction of one species leaves a Nirvana for the next until it, too, eventually makes way for a more suited species, ready and willing to eagerly thrive in the new vacancy… until their eventual demise. That’s the way of the World, whether we like it or not.

Was it man who killed the mammoths, the hundreds of species of dinosaur, the sabre tooth tiger, the coelacanth, the thousands of bird species, the millions of extinct oceanic species, any one of the thousands of hitherto unknown petrified species, fossils, the unknown, ambered entomological species, not to mention botanical?

Of course not! We were not responsible for the demise of a single one! So why the hell do we think we are so important?

Middens world-wide are packed with extinct species we have no names for yet. Yet we have the arrogance to think we are important enough to have made a difference by being born and staying alive for a fraction of a second within a miniscule time frame.

Did the Exxon Valdese disaster wipe out anything? No, because it was a small-time, man-made, fully redeemable “catastrophe”, barely registering on the scale of what the Earth may decide to do to itself.

The Chernobyl “catastrophe” site is now a lush tourist Mecca! Only 53 people in the immediate vicinity died from the explosion… not the feared radiation. If the Earth has always recovered from what it does to itself, what possible permanent injury could mere man impart to it?

In twenty years Al Gore’s thesis will be no more relevant than it is now.

His statement that, “It’s hard to convince a man of a theory when his salary depends on another”, applies aptly to him more than anyone.

According to Gore, the snow flakes that trapped oxygen 150,000 years ago (yet again a blink in the space of time) at the North Pole are core-sampled and studiously measured to gauge increases in green-house gases.

That’s fine, but the trouble is it doesn’t snow at the North Pole. Anyway, what’s the point in core-sampling ice formed 150,000 years ago when these so-called excessive green-house gases are deemed the result of a mechanical age barely 100 years old?

Doesn’t anyone ask questions of these pathetic pundits?

The truth is that core-sampled polar ice has only revealed that temperatures abruptly dropped immediately after the brown, layered, tell-tale signs of volcanic ash.

So, without volcanic ash, temperatures remained relatively stable. To try to drag industrial green-house gases into that little equation is more than dishonest.

Al Gore has got his hand on it. But you have to admire his multi-million dollar production, even if it is frogshit.

The northern pole has only 1% of the airborne moisture that we do, so snow, hail or rain can’t develop or form, through lack of humidity.

The poles are not even the coldest places on earth. The water surrounding the floating North Pole keeps temperatures to 50 below zero. It’s much colder elsewhere.

There were no ice caps 2.7 million years ago. Then as far as we can tell, a mere 17,000 years ago, came the big ice age.

Life was prolific then and it has progressed to what it is now. Then a slow Earth-warming and another Earth-cooling around the Tudor period. Now that the northern cap has once again begun to partly recede over the last crumby 50 years, these morons want us to believe it’s the end of the World?

Let’s look at some cold (or warm) hard facts: The total mass of the hydrosphere (the oceans) is about 1.4 × 1021 kilograms, which is incredibly only a thin film representing 0.023% of the Earth’s total mass.

So, if surface land mass is only one third of 0.023%, then we land dwellers run a distant last in terms of influencing our World, behind the hydrosphere, the protective magnetosphere, our moon and planetary and stellar gravitation and the Sun’s and the Earth’s inner-core mass.

If you need to be convinced of the size and influence of the hydrosphere, go to your computer and centre Papeete on Google Earth.

The Earth’s inner core mass is 99.9% of the Earth’s total mass.

Without historic undersea volcanic eruptions and tectonic plate movements there would be no islands, continents or mountain ranges.

Volcanoes and earthquakes create lands, large and small. We all live on either small islands or big islands they call continents. All land at some time was under the sea. Seashells and marine fossils are found in deserts and mountain ranges world-wide.

Volcanoes are the heartbeat of the World’s existence.

Volcanoes and tectonic plate movements produce mountains, mountains produce rains, rains produce the run-off of rich, volcanic sediment… alluvial deposits. These deposits produce the fertile soil of the silt plains and deltas.

These fertile soils feed the World.

Excerpt SMH:

“Dr. William Gray, one of the planet’s most respected meteorologists, informed media that Gore’s rant is “’ridiculous’” and a result of “’people who don’t understand how the atmosphere works.’ “’We’ll look back on all of this in 10 or 15 years and realize how foolish it was,’ Dr Gray said,” …per Steve Lytte of The Sydney Morning Herald.

Mmmmm, Al Gore has had his fifteen minutes of illegitimate fame.

One day our Earth will appear as Mars does now. Mars is a light of other days and a victim of its own inner core and intergalactic temperature changes and gravitational forces over billions of years. It may have had life because it had, and probably still has, water; the only possible basis for life… well, what we call “life”.

Darwin’s natural selection process was far too slow to prevent Mars’ annihilation of its own species, due to abrupt temperature change.

Earth’s millions of lost species have suffered the same fate, but our planet’s life survived with sufficiently-tolerant species to progress the evolutionary process.

Go to hell Gore!

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  1. Gerry Hatrick
    May 23, 2012 at 7:02 am

    Self preservation is inate. Why has Julia kept Craig Thomson muzzled for so long?The simple fact that Marco Bolano recanted everything within hours, in the presence of Kathy Jackson both calling him delusional, is just as difficult to comprehend.

    The latest position of both Rob Oakeshott and Andrew Wilkie while basically sensible both display self preservation.

    On Oakeshott and parliamentary ethics democracy deserves transparency. The lies have come too easily for too long, Why is our parliamentary process so belittled? Has Fair Wiork Australia been corrupted or is Craig Thomson lying? We want answers and this has been revolving for 4 years. Name a date for a public enquiry, conducted under oath. On Peter Slipper and Craig Thomson party preselection on both sides is not doing us well to an appropriate standard. What is the ALP and Lib going to do to fix it?

    On Wilkie and mandatory pre commitment and now guaranteeing the minority government will go full term. Mandatory pre commitment is but a small part of the entire ethics debate. Is this government workable? Will ensuring it survives full term deliver real value to Australian’s or is this more about enjoying perks of office while you can. This politicians who support correcting this mess will be rewarded beyond this government. The thieves will also get their just deserts.

  2. the parable
    May 23, 2012 at 10:59 am

    We live in a state of plutocracy. An Oligarchy of the rich and powerful. True democracy is about people power. Most people are apathetic. They are happy to leave it to someone else.

    The independents are in government to attempt to break this plutocracy. Julia Gillard has termed it a pluralist society. Two different perspectives, co existing.

    We can only consider is Andrew Wilkie truly battling to the best of his ability, or simply along for the ride. Good while it lasted. Rob Oakeshott too often procrastinates. He want to explain his wisdom, at length, rather than truly inspire. Talk is far too often cheap.

    We are all waiting. At times it is very tiring.

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