EYE-BALL Opinion on – Is Humanity already Dead?

Is Humanity already Dead?
History is important yet the worst of it is so easily forgotten.  100 Years ago Italy decided to invade Libia under a Dictator named Mussolini and so began a 20 year war.  The War presented a modern and mechanised army intent on a genocide upon a population that resisted on horseback and with rifles.

This horrific and confronting story is recounted in a movie called “Lion of the Desert” released in 1981 – it retells a story of how all wars are the proof of man’s insanity.

This ‘war’ fought against a civilian population by an invader wanting to increase lands and its own Nations standing in the world – proved nothing other then a Leaders will to impose his will on others.  It was ordered by the Italian Dictator Mussolini – and happened before he joined Hitler’s genocide against the Jews and Europe.

Lessons in History:

The lessons of history are easily forgotten when new history is happening and conquerors rewrite the history as the Japanese tried to do after the Indo China and Korean wars.   In the history of mankind – it is the wars that have be written and famed into history – not the civilians who died and fought against the insurmountable odds of winning.

Humanity dictates that you only fight when you have overwhelming superiority or you are exhausted of all other options.   When your homeland is threatened – is surrender and living in oppression a viable alternative – of should you keep your pride, dignity, and die as martyr’s.

As decades have rolled by since the 30’s, 40’s and 50’s, and then the war’s of the 60’s and 70’s, and then the 90’s and 00’s – what has man really learnt about itself in a 100 years of modern warfare other than faster and more efficient ways to kill.

War has always been glorified as a fight against evil on behalf of good – it’s an emotive gesture to brainwash people into believing that War is just and necessary.   When Arab history is traced and understood – as with all other cultures – where is the respect due?

I ask you all to ponder a moment to understand why Bin Laden won his War – his task was to bring America as a symbol of all that he and his followers were against to its knees – and he was successful.   Is war was not measured in lives or conquests – but in having Americans change they way they lived and spent their vast resources – then it was a very one sided contest.

The end result is America is a broken Nation – bankrupted both financially and morally.  Many supporter Nations who joined in the fight against Bin Laden’s brand of terrorism are similarly placed – UK, Italy, and France to name a few of the major economies …

What did they get from a decade long war that still has sometime to run?   In a decades time will the loss of life on both sides have meant anything to either side – love ones lost, memories faded, yet hatred and vengeance still burning and turning normal lives into lives much less that they could have been.

There will never be a time where War is not a part of a solution.  That is sadness in the true evolution of humanity – for 1000’s of years – it has always been War and to kill innocents that has been where leaders go to settle disputes.

Syria’s Civil War:

Syria right now in the present – the Leadership kill their own populace – a year ago Libia and Egypt were doing the same thing – education was thought to be an answer but as humanity understands, brother will fight brother yet stand together against outsiders, communities stand together against outsiders, States stand together against outsiders, and Nations stand together to protect against outsiders.

It is in the human DNA to protect our own and that means to kill if need be … the law of the jungle – kill or be killed is still the means to survival in hotspots all over the world, and it is accepted as the norm just as having bacon and eggs for breakfast can be for other normal people.

Pretending that we or you are different is a self-believe brainwash – out of sight out of mind – yet the confronting images of atrocities being committed all over the world does weigh on our conscious … for a day, a few hours maybe until our lives again become the focus.

Societal Rules:

We are all educated in the rules of society largely based on the 10 commandments – ‘though shall not kill’ – ‘steal’ – ‘covert’ – ‘bear false witness’ – ‘commit adultery’ – and ‘worship other gods’.

It is hard to accept that all religions have a self belief in their religion over other religions – it is beyond hubris for religious scholars and preachers of all religious faith can in all conscience believe and accept that the religion they preach is more superior to someone elses beliefs.  It is insane to believe this – and yet more wars have been fought over this single issue than any other.

The human mind is free is it not – free to think, to form opinions, to make judgements – education has been used to convince, to brainwash and to enlighten – yet to just accept what someone else teaches you is to tread a path of never wanting to know real truth.

Humanity has evolved and where does it now stand – still entrenched in using force to make people bend – we see it in marriages – in our schools and littered throughout society.  Force still dictates everybody – in workforces, in sexual opposites, in board rooms, and in Government.  The will of others being imposed on those who cower and accede to the will of others.

Greek Crisis:

Greece is fighting for survival, other EuroZone members are measuring and viewing the crumbs that might become available – the greek people are going back to the polls to decide on a future they have no control over.  History dictates that previous Leaderships led them to this place – those previous Leaders will escape all accountability and history will not name them.

It started with easy debt for the 2004 Olympics and many made themselves rich in a founding Nation for all civilisation – what hope can there be for young Nations looking to sustain accountability.

The World is about money – paper to be truthful because the value of paper is not what it used to be.   There is not a Western Nation on the planet who can support the amount of debt and currency it has in the market place with real backing – gold the old standard of measure is no more and since 1972 – the World has spun itself to the tune of Bankers and their willingness to entrap eager borrowers for future leverage.

That debt accumulation is the undoing of the world and as each Government Leadership comes and goes – they borrow more and more and shove the repayment responsibility downstream – forever telling themselves that the people owe the money and it will be them who will have to make the sacrifices to pay it back.

Wars are fought on this score alone – America owes China and if China wanted their money back – America could not pay it back.  What would China do if all else failed to secure repayment of their loans?


With Leadership comes great responsibility – a statement of fact – but when we look at the World today are those responsibilities beyond the Leadership?

An example – Campbell Newman won a sweeping mandate in the recent Q’LD elections – yet when it came to the first week of Parliamentary sittings he took a leaf out of the previous Government’s behaviour by not handing the proposed legislation to the opposition until lunchtime for it to be debated in the afternoon session.   The Opposition Leader complained and the Government’s response was to quote precedence.

Moral high ground was Premier Newman’s platform – yet he believes two wrongs make a right –  this is payback and there is no moral ground in Newman’s position.  Premier Newman fails at his first hurdle to raise parliamentary standards and to give Q’LD voters a political Leadership that can set an example and raise the parliamentary standards.

Do you think that budding Political party members have any idea what real Leadership entails?  Do you think PM Gillard has any military understanding or knowledge other than what comes across her desk in the job?

American Leadership:

America place great credence on their Leaders having served in the military.  Why do you think that is – there is only one reason – they expect their Leader to never hesitate when it comes to going to battle to defend American interests.  What would happen if American Leaders were pacifists – Leaders who would never go to War?

How many Nation rely on America’s Military aggressiveness to protect themselves – Australia is certainly one and there are many others.   War – that which should never be an option is seemingly always the first option … history repeating itself over and over – what is they say about insanity –

Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.   Albert Einstein

Based on this interpretation one would think it is time to try something different – for Leaders to step back and look to reverse their thinking on a number of matters – for example:

  1. War – have a collective meeting and decide to reduce all Military budgets by 75% and put te remaining 25% into the United Nations Military Police force.
  2. Debt – 100 years ago only the wealthy paid income tax in any direct form – today workers pay 70% of taxes and the wealthy hardly contribute anything at all – it’s time to rethink all tax collections and the way it is collected and distributed.
  3. World’s Hunger – we can feed to poor – we just don’t want to …
  4. World’s disease’s – we have the medicines to cure what kills 80% of the World’s poor – why don’t we give it away.
  5. World’s Leadership – very few are qualified to Lead – being a good politician only means diplomacy – being a Leader can only come from Leadership experience – avoid Military Leaders, avoid career politicians, only have those who have Lead the largest corporations whose track record is beyond reproach in corporate governance and moral business practices.
  6. Religion – avoid people with strong religious backgrounds – the prejudice towards other religions disqualifies them.

There is no perfect tick list – America has a vetting system that extends 18 months of the highest public scrutiny you can imagine.  They spend billion’s on individual campaigns – it is full disclosure and then they still get it wrong – look at the history – GW Bush Jnr, (War Monger) – Clinton (sexual predator) – GW Bush Snr, to cosy with the Arabs and self-interest in oil – Reagan, (Movie Star) – Carter, Nixon, and it goes on …

Animals behave better that humans – they only take what they need – they nurture and let evolution dictate – they only hunt to survive and each level of species interconnects with the others …

Climate is what sustains everybody including the plant, animal and human existence.  We destroy the habitats of the other two and think nothing of it.   We can’t help ourselves – greed is the only motivator and the animals yield every time.   We are the ones destroying out planet.


Here we are in the 21st century – and we have no determined ceiling on a planet sustainable population – it’s a problem that no Western Government wants to address – China tried to 40 years ago but no their industrial revolution has just begun.

If you were to look at the world and try to find a sustainable success story – where would you find it – what would it be – the only thing that is routine is that most lives are routine – it is only when something different happens that we reach down and find what we are capable of – i.e. the Japanese tsunami last year – it is only in disaster that humanity appears …

How pathetic does that make us as a species …

The revolution is coming …


To have your say where it counts: – contact your Local Federal Representative and have your say – please use the links below to find your Local Member and let them know how you feel about this or any other topic that you feel strongly about – or you can just post a comment below and let off some steam.

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    June 10, 2012 at 1:48 pm

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  2. Wicked
    June 12, 2012 at 6:37 pm

    Today I needed to get a certified copy of my passport. It does not require a JP. Accountants can do it, teachers of 5 years service, military officers, doctors, police officers and so on. The full list is available on Attorney General’s web page. I personally can do it, so can my wife, however not for ourselves.

    So I took my passport and photocopy to the police station. I was asked to go next door to the court house. A facility operated by the Attorney General’s department. I went to the court house, and was kept waiting for 30 minutes while others in queue were served, only to be told that I needed to come back between 2pm and 4pm on a Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday when they had a volunteer JP available. The court staff said they did not have the resources. Absolutely preposterous. Undermining the system they are employed to uphold.

    That type of lack of care is everywhere, the greek electorate wants a miracle, our politicians want us to believe in fairy tales, no one tries, no one cares. I am alright. Don’t bother me. At all levels, across society, charity than is conditional, greed and self preservation.

    I do not agree with violence, but there does have to come some type of revolution where descency and brotherly love actiually come to the fore. The concept of humanity, and caring for this place we attempt to live in.

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