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Author: The EYE-BALL Opinion

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Author: The EYE-BALL Opinion

Date: 18th July 2013:

Title: – Get Old and Get Sacked – QLD Health Minister destroys careers –

The QLD Government has taken career opportunity to new lengths when it agreed with a policy to sack long-term and experience nursing staff to make way for raw and new graduates.

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Author: EYE-BALL’s Herman O’Hermitage

Date: 17th July 2013:

Title:– Constitutional Reform – This time it is recognising Local Council –

In the foreseeable future it is recognising the Indigenous heritage. The States in Australia started with the Bigge Commission of enquiry into Lachlan Macquarie’s administration. All interesting stuff (see Wikipedia –

Van Dieman’s Land was given its own Legislative Council. Ipso facto New South Wales was isolated. Then was South Australia and so on. Over the next 7 decades a process developed amongst many other factors to alter those states as British colonies, then ultimately through federation, the birth of modern Australia occurred, a form of free trade zone and independence from Britain under the title the Commonwealth of Australia. The independence process in some ways took a further 7 decades to finally curtail right of appeals to the Privy Council of the United Kingdom.

This history while for me is fascinating for others it often loses listeners. Too much detail. …

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Author: EYE-BALL’s Herman O’Hermitage

Date: 5th July 2013:

Title:– Gone – Ski Part II (Gone is Gonski)

In the last week, much has unfolded. Simon Crean has announced his retirement, so has Greg Combet, Stephen Smith has taken as respectable a retirement as circumstances will allow. Federal ALP has intervened in the NSW State branch.

Dead wood is being pruned. Backyard blitz takes on a new meaning. The makeover is starting to take shape. Tony Burke attempted to resign, and his resignation was not accepted. Tanya Plibersek is still Minister for Health. Jenny Macklin is still there and ministerial positions are musical chairs (deck chairs on the Titanic). Can these weeds be realistically controlled or made useful?

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Author: EYE-BALL’s MovieZone

Date: 5th July 2013:

Title:– EYE-BALL MovieZone review – TV Series: “Luther” –

EYE-BALL MovieZone Review: “Luther” represents some of the best of UK drama, it is groundbreaking in storylines and takes crime thrillers to new levels. The central character is flawed and is the new way in acknowledging and humanising how law enforcement is portrayed on our TV screens. Luther – the central character has personal life challenges that he has to juggle with all the drama of his job of chasing down serial killers hell bent on life destruction – it’s a mix that is thoroughly engaging and has you not wanting to wait for the next installment in the continuing story lines.

The best UK TV for a long time. The equal of if not better than “Walking the Dead” and “Wire in the Blood” …

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Author: EYE-BALL’s Harry’s Growl

Date: 3rd July 2013:

Title: – Election 2013 – Growl No: 51 – The US Back Gillard – Poor Call or Poor Form –

Astory released today covering the departing US Ambassador, and his heartfelt comments about Julia Gillard and her career post politics says many things.

Either – the US don’t believe the AWU scandal can touch Gillard, or they don’t mind being associated with a former Prime Minister who is a criminal and have their ‘on the record’ comments recorded. Why would they do that – why would they pledge their continued support and loyalty unless they owed Gillard on some policy decisions she may have made in office that the US owe her for – i.e. US military base in NT with troop deployment for one. .

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Author: The EYE-BALL Opinion

Date: 2nd July 2013:

Title: – The Elephant in the Room – Gillard’s Police Investigation –

As a young Nation by World standards, and with a human heritage made up of ‘convict stock’, Australia’s development as a Nation has hinged on our own ability to distinguish right from wrong, to know what is moral and what is immoral, and to make choices that are beyond self-interest.

Our allegiance to the Commonwealth and our Colonial masters taught us much during WWI – even more during WWII. We came of age during Vietnam when fostering new allies in America, but still felt the need that we were ‘babes in the woods’ in a globe full of Nations with centuries of history we could only envy. Political corruption has been a part of our heritage ever since Federation – Corporate and most of how our business growth has fared has also not been without criminal involvement and intent, i.e. Bond, Skase, Spalvins, Elliot, Home a Court, Goward and many other self made men have all added to our colourful past and shown that ‘larrikin’, ‘ockerism’ combined with ‘white collar’ criminality has become our accepted way of life for success. …

… read more here … [2100 words]

Author: EYE-BALL’s Harry’s Growl

Date: 29th June 2013:

Title: – Election 2013 – Growl No: 50 – – Rudd’s House of Pain – He must learn that ‘less is more’ –

Rudd’s willingness to grasp what can only be described as a ‘poisoned chalice’ and willing walk into the ALP caucus caldron proved his courage of a sorts … was it ego or does he truly believe he is the messiah, the chosen one to resurrect the flawed ALP?

The 57-45 result represents only a margin of 6 votes – and they all swung on the back of Shorten’s public switch to Rudd. This is still a divided caucus and Rudd’s task is herculean – is he up to it? Rudd’s ego is well documented – larger than most in a political sense, and all added to since his inability to deal with his dumping some three years ago. Given the two days back in the job – has he learnt that ‘less is more’. .

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Author: EYE-BALL’s Herman O’Hermitage

Date: 28th June 2013:

Title:– Political Double Speak –

While the dogs may have been called off on Wednesday and tethered or kennelled on Wednesday night, newly installed PM Rudd would do very well to remember what he has been forced to endure during his hiatus.

On Yom Kippur;

Those of the Jewish faith, rarely vote in person on polling day at a polling station. Saturday is their Sabbath. They can and do vote postal, or pre poll. Postal and pre poll numbers grow at every election. In this modern era of communication most people do not understand why voting takes place only on the Saturday, and do not understand why fines are issued when you fail to vote. Many believe getting your name marked off and going to a cardboard screen and using a blunt pencil to mark a valid voting paper is not just archaic it is beyond pre historic. There are so many diverse opinions, it is hard to condense, but those of the Jewish faith routinely vote pre poll or postal. So do many others. …

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Author: EYE-BALL’s Snoop-Poop –

Date: 28th June 2013:

Title:– 2013 State of Origin – Game 2 Post Match Review –

Game 1 Review started: “Qld were never in the game – as if they left their ‘mongrel’ behind … NSW played all over them and proved that attitude counts for so much at this level …”

Game 2 Review could start exactly the same except substitute NSW for QLD and you get the game outcome. Once again the NRL ‘no punching’ rule came to the fore … one guy threw a punch and four guys get sin-binned.

The most stupid aspect of the one match suspension handed out to the Merrin – the guy who threw the punch(s) – gets served at Club football level … absolutely stupidity … His club gets penalised and he gets to play again in SOO 3 … same with Gallen in SOO 1 – how is that equitable … In all other sporting codes match suspensions are served at the same level … SOO is being turned into a NSW sponsor event to stop QLD’s dominance …

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Author: EYE-BALL’s Harry’s Growl

Date: 27th June 2013:

Title: – Election 2013 – Growl No: 49 – Shorten has to be made accountable –

Bill Shorten looks like a hunted man – his struggle to get the words out in his press conference before the ballot last night was a struggle. People like Cassidy saw that as a genuine conflict because he has divided loyalty … the fact is Shorten moved to get rid of Rudd three years ago, and was again forced to move to get rid of Gillard in favour of Rudd last night.

Who is Bill Shorten – ex AWU boss and Ludwig puppet – what Shorten does is what Bill Ludwig Snr wants … so it can only be assumed that Shorten’s move last night was at the bequest of Bill Ludwig, Gillards staunchest supporter and the real ALP ‘kingmaker’.

Why did Ludwig switch support – had Gillard gone rogue on her AWU support base – not so according to AWU boss Paul Howes only a matter of days and hours before the spill last night. It was fear of the election defeat and decimation of the ALP…

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Author: EYE-BALL’s Herman O’Hermitage

Date: 27th June 2013:

Title:– Gone-Ski – Prime Minister Julia Gillard

Mate against Mate, State against State – Vale Gillard, Swan, Conroy, Emerson, Garrett, Ludwig, Combet, Windsor & Oakeshott – (who have I missed)?

At this point in time Swan, Conroy, Ludwig and Combet remain in Parliament. There is time to fix that. It was fascinating to watch the ten pins line up – it was great to see them fall. It will be interesting to hear TV viewer ratings – Channel 2 v Channel 9 (State of Origin) & State of Origin v Channel Nine Go.

For me Laurie Oakes was no match against Leigh Sales & Tony Jones but I did watch the football when Barry Cassidy came on. I was constantly thinking about my previous article “the tears of a prime minister” or “a March early election” and some more. Why didn’t Rudd do this last March and save Australia so much embarrassment? Was it really about Albanese being caught with his pants down at a Marrickville brothel? Hence Crean saying he would run as deputy? …

… read more of this post … [1400 words]

Author: The EYE-BALL Opinion

Date: 27th June 2013:

Title: – After the Fact: Will Gillard escape? Gillards epitaph: criminal or Feminist hero? –

The ballot result – 57-45 was convincing enough – but came far too late to resurrect true Labor supporters. The end to end media coverage yesterday got it wrong most of the day in who would be victor, and it was not until Shorten made his statement of support for Rudd 30 minutes or so before the ballot that it became clear Rudd had the numbers.

ABC’s Chris Ulman reported Shorten was trying to get his supporters to vote for Rudd, whilst he would remain faithful and vote for Gillard as a show of support. The truth if this is so is that Shorten has cooked himself as the instigator that pulled the trigger on two Prime Ministers just months away from an election – surely his star has faded …

… read more here … [800 words]

Author: The EYE-BALL Opinion

Date: 26th June 2013:

Title: – A Nation held to Ransom – Gillard calls another spill and so the circus continues –

All day the News cycle has been on repeat over an impending Rudd challenge. This coverage is only ever repeated 2-3 times a year – Melbourne Cup and Footy grand finals. Even tonight’s State of Origin is pushed to the bleachers as the media become consumed by the possible, as opposed to the ponderable.

What will it mean if Rudd is successful – what can he hope to achieve or is there a third ‘dark-horse’ in the contest. Gillard has placed a condition on the spill – that the loser should immediately resign from politics.

That has upped the anti … and Gillard has placed herself into the hands of the very people who promoted her – and a prison sentence s a possible reward if she is forced to comply with her ‘leave politics immediately’ condition. To take that stance and lay her career on the line for the second time would suggest Gillard still has a trick or two still up her sleeve …we’ll know in a few hours what her fate will be …

… read more here … [600 words]

Author: The EYE-BALL Opinion

Date: 26th June 2013:

Title: – Independent Rob Oakeshott Quits – His media release confirms what we all suspected – –

Independent Rob Oakeshott has finally made his decision re whether to stand for re-election – he has chosen to stand down.

His media release can be read here – What came with that media statement was a link to all the funding Oakeshott’s electorate received in the three years of the Gillard Government. Oakeshott brags about the amount of funding for his electorate – some $1.2 billion in a total Regional spend of $10 …

… read more here … [600 words]

Author: The EYE-BALL MediaZone Growl

Date: 26th June 2013:

Title:– – EYE-BALL MediaZone Growl No: 3 – The Australian’s – Janet Albrechtsen – Journalist – on a story titled – “Man up, Labor and expel Rudd”

Ihave a view that Janet Albrechtsen is a whole lot of woman and too much woman for most men – I normally enjoy reading her column from a male perspective but there are times when she gets it horribly wrong.

Albrechtsen published a story overnight that tells us more about Albrechtsen’s own brand of gender politics, and why Gillard’s misandry continues to go unchallenged by other women

read more … [1800 words]

Author: EYE-BALL’s Harry’s Growl

Date: 25th June 2013:

Title: – Election 2013 – Growl No: 48 – Gillard’s “Mrs Doubtfire” moment –

In all truth, what has Gillard offered in the time she has been Prime Minister? What has she done to advance Governance, to foster Australian unity, to create confidence, to make Australian lives less stressful …

The image at right is Gillard being a ‘whore’ – dressed up and presenting herself to attract votes – ALP voters who deserted her in droves. For every vote she wins she gets $2.51 from the AEC for her party … the ‘whore’ tag is appropriate and truthful – as is the criminal background, as is the tripe she has fed this Nation for all her time as PM. Who gives a toss about who she knits for … this is McTernan and his ‘pimp’ efforts to prostitute Gillard for the media and to reason with her caucus colleagues that she has the goods.

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Author: EYE-BALL’s Herman O’Hermitage

Date: 24th June 2013:

Title:– The Ashes –

Over the next 8 months Australia will play England in ten tests, 5 in the UK and then 5 on Australian soil with each set of 5 determining the holder of the Ashes.

This is unprecedented. In 1962/3 and 1965/6 England toured Australia 3 years apart but the intervening tour by Australia was in the winter of 1964. The next series in Australia was 1970/71 5 years later.

That was about South Africa being boycotted over apartheid. After boycotting South Africa Basil D’Olivera and Tony Greig went onto play for England, Kepler Wessels for Australia. Basically Australia wins the Ashes on Australian soil and holds them for 18 months until they tour England and lose them again and then wait 30 months to regain them on Australian soil. There are many famous exceptions like 1930, 1934, 1989, 1993, 1997 & 2001.

During Bodyline in 1932/33 England won in Australia, and the last series in Australia 2010/11 England also won. There are others.

… read more of this post … [850 words]

Author: The EYE-BALL Opinion

Date: 24th June 2013:

Title: – The ALP Cocoon – – all Grubs infected with self-interest agendas and trying to spin their own survival agendas –

Newspolls most recent results – [click image at right to enlarge in a new window] – spells another week of pain for the ALP.

What confounds us all yet very few political commentators, is how the ALP caucus remains loyal to a Leader hellbent in leading them to the worst federal election defeat in living memory. – [click image at left to enlarge in a new window] – spells another week of pain for the ALP. What confounds us all yet very few political commentators, is how the ALP caucus remains loyal to a Leader hellbent in leading them to the worst federal election defeat in living memory.

The latest Newspoll data has the ALP support back under 30, Gillard as the ‘Better PM’ is at 33 to Abbott’s 45, and Gillard’s satisfaction rating is at 28 compared with a ‘dissatisfaction’ rate of 68. These numbers were similar to the poll results during the Obeid revelations earlier this year. What they represent is a true understanding of the electorates angst at the ‘stunned’ and ‘frozen’ response by the ALP caucus to deal with the Gillard problem.

… read more here … [2450 words]

Author: EYE-BALL’s Herman O’Hermitage

Date: 21st June 2013:

Title:– The Senate –

As this parliament goes through it final death throes on the one hand you want to find something else to do, but then you know it will only be hours before there is another storm in a tea cup and some issues actually matter.

For me the composition of the new government’s Upper House is everything. Those elected in September take office from July of next year. The bigger picture is: if the Greens attempt to block the repeal of the Carbon Tax or MRRT, Tony Abbott has promised a double dissolution.

Far too easily said, but lacking in any type of real thought therefore strategy. In late September there will be a government in the lower house that will be so swollen they will be allocated seating on the cross benches. The ALP will be so reduced they will have a telephone box caucus rather than a kitchen cabinet. Most portfolios in opposition will go to senior senators therefore the few surviving opposition lower house members will have multiple spokesperson roles. The media will try as they might to dent the new government but most electors will still not be listening. The people have spoken so get on with it. Under two successive half senate elections the Greens will be reduced to a failed party. That will be obvious from the half senate election conducted on September 14.

… read more of this post … [2250 words]

Author: The EYE-BALL Opinion

Date: 21st June 2013:

Title: – Rudd or Gillard – evidence the ALP are Leaderless –

The media prove yet again they never let a good story get in the way of logic or the truth. The recent media ‘blood lust’ for a Leadership coup has everybody offering opinions based on stupidity rather then educated and logical opinion.

The media have hours of time to fill in a daily cycle and they can’t do it – they have to re-run the same story with a different take to keep the public glued – if people thought about it for more than a minute they would realise its a ‘soap opera’ with the lowest quality rating. I offer a question – is the Leadership speculation news offered based on a factual and/or informed debate – or is it offered up as entertainment bordering on slander and intrigue with a hint of maybe …

The recent speculation about Rudd assuming the Leadership role of the ALP suggests it will happen next Friday after the current session of Parliament.

… read more here … [900 words]

Author: EYE-BALL’s Harry’s Growl

Date: 19th June 2013:

Title: Election 2013 – Growl No: 47 – Chris McArdle – Craig Thompsons Lawyer opens up with his views on drive time radio –

The standards for lawyers has much to answer for if Chris McArdle is the best that Craig Thompson could come up with. After listening to him on Ben Fordham’s 2GB show today – I felt a twinge of sympathy for Thompson. It did not last long but the NSW Law Society should have a listen and make a judgement call whether he should be amongst those Lawyers registered to practice ..

Listen below to hear the dribble this guy spoke on behalf of a planned fundraiser for Thompson to help pay legal fees – fees owed to McArdle …

read more … [200 words]

Author: EYE-BALL Guru

Date: 19th June 2013:

Title:– The Wayne Swan 2013-14 Federal Budget – A Special EYE-BALL Guru Report – The Economic Triggers Part 2.6 –

List of Chapters in this Post:

  • Chapter 14 – Economic Trigger – Debt to GDP Ratios
  • Chapter 15 – Economic Trigger – Bond Yields and Official Cash Rates
  • Chapter 16 – Economic Trigger – Currency Value

Chapter 14: Economic Trigger – Debt to GDP Ratios:

The measure of any Nation’s prosperity can be read by their Debt to GDP ratios.

The Australian ratio has been low by world standards for a long time. Australia’s “AAA” credit rating remains at the highest level – and there is a question in that statement – as other Nations fall down the rankings because their DEBT/GDP ratios rise all a result of the GFC Central Bank printing of money, and Australia’s ranking position improves despite the increased indebtedness, Australia’s ranking and avoidance independence from similar weakness is only a matter of time.

We depend on exports, yet with the high cost to do business with Australia and largely because of our healthy economic position, it will be the same reasons why we trip and fall down the rankings. We have priced ourselves out of the market.

… read more here … [4100 words]

Author: EYE-BALL’s Harry’s Growl

Date: 18th June 2013:

Title: Election 2013 – Growl No: 46 – Gillard  revisits her Slater and Gordon Exit

Who said history was a roadmap to the future … never was it more true than in the case of Julia Gillard!

As her Prime Ministership lurches from one disaster to another in their dying days, her circle of confidants diminishes, her public appearances become more bazaar, and her poll numbers shrink to Hitler type popularity in his last days, one has to ask – is all this similar to her last days at Slater and Gordon as the AWU fraud began to unravel?

Back then Gillard went willingly because she faced disbarment, and a few other nasty options had she stood her ground and fought. Of course if she were innocent she would have fought and that is the crux of why she is on so many levels where she is today. Some 75% of the Nation want her gone and yet she defies all and swears she will stay to the bitter end … even if it means putting her beloved ALP in the wilderness for a decade or more … Why is she so prepared to fight this battle – yet chose to walk away from the AWU fraud? To be honest – who thinks she is our elected PM?

read more … [1750 words]

Author: The EYE-BALL Opinion

Date: 17th June 2013:

Title: – Our Leadership Betrayal – Entitlement should be earned, not assumed nor expected –

If you are of like mind then you understand when I say – “I’ve had enough and I’m not going to take it anymore.” This Peter Finch line out of the movie “Network” resonated then as it has done through the last 40 odd years – we are all so fed up with the character politics – today’s Question Time was such a waste of time, a pantomime before the real show plays itself out next week when Gillard walks the plank yet again …

Give us leadership where character is not in question every single moment of every day … who among the 150 MP’s and 80 Senators has character enough and to be sitting in the hallowed halls of our Parliament?

Swap those serving on the Government back benchers, combined with the Independents with those sitting on the front bench and I swear we would have better Government – these Ministers pretend at politics, they pretend to know how to run a country … Why is it that we are forced to read and watch the drip-fed news stories fed to the media like scraps into a hungry lions cage?

… read more here … [1250 words]

Author: EYE-BALL’s MovieZone

Date: 16th June 2013:

Title:– EYE-BALL MovieZone review – TV Series: “Orphan Black” –

EYE-BALL MovieZone Review: The lead actress in the show – Tatiana Maslany – won the ‘Best Actress’ in a Drama Series award at the recent US Critics Awards – she is tipped as a ‘dark-horse’ choice for the Emmy Best Actress award next month. The show takes 2-3 episodes to understand the ‘sicence-fiction’ aspect but when it kicks in the whole show opens up.

The lead actress plays seven different parts in the series and each of the roles requires completely different perspectives and history. The 2nd season set for 2014 promises much and will be interesting to see where the shows goes once the end of season storyline is dealt with.

… read more of this post … [400 words]

Author: EYE-BALL’s MovieZone

Date: 16th June 2013:

Title:– EYE-BALL MovieZone review – TV Series: “The Bridge” –

EYE-BALL MovieZone Review: “The Bridge” is a single season of high quality drama set in Toronto and first aired in 2010. It was scheduled to have a 2nd season and the final episode of season 1 set up the next season. Why it was cancelled as explained above cannot be understood – it was too good a show. This is the 2nd Canadian show that had a brilliant first season that took the audience into corrupt officialdom that was cancelled after initial plans for a 2nd season were agreed to.

There was also a similar US show cancelled this year after its first season that had a story line too close to home – that show was “Last Resort’ – a show about a nuclear sub commander taking control of nuclear weapons and using them against the corrupt US Government…

… read more of this post … [600 words]

Author: EYE-BALL’s Harry’s Growl

Date: 12th June 2013:

Title: – Election 2013 – Growl No: 45 – Gillard and Swine swill – PM prefers swine swill to civility and respect –

Ilistened and then I watched the PM deliver her abortion speech into the political campaign. It was done in front of a 100 or so ‘female rent a crowd’ wearing Gillard supporter t-shirts and eager to smile and clap whenever the camera panned their way. It was a private affair – no mainstream cameras or reporters allowed, the second such media banishment in two days.

Watch a part of the speech below and ask yourself whether the ALP caucus approved this speech.

read more … [1500 words]

Author: EYE-BALL JokeZone

Date: 4th May 2013:

Title:– Toothbrushes”

Smiling“Toothbrushes” (Submitted by Dawn S.)

The kids filed into class Monday morning. They were all very excited. Their weekend assignment was to sell something, then give a talk on salesmanship. Little Sally led off.

“I sold Girl Scout cookies and I made $30″ she said proudly, “My sales approach was to appeal to the customer’s civil spirit and I credit that approach for my obvious success.”

“Very good”, said the teacher.

Little Debbie was next. “I sold magazines” she said, “I made $45 and I explained to everyone that magazines would keep them up on current events.”

“Very good, Debbie”, said the teacher. Eventually, it was Little Johnny’s turn. The teacher held her breath.

Little Johnny walked to the front of the classroom and dumped a box full of cash on the teacher’s desk. “$2,467″, he said. “$2,467!” cried the teacher, “What in the world were you selling?”

read more … [600 words]

Author: The EYE-BALL Opinion

Date: 11th June 2013:

Title: – Julian Assange – An Interview worth Watching –

Overnight ABCs Lateline interviewed Julian Assange – Emma Alberici did her best to keep Assange in his exile box but Assange came across as creditable and as an alternative in the upcoming election.

His frank summary of Bob Carr and the Foreign Ministry as pertains to his own experience regarding Consular assistance is an oblique exposure contrary to the political message Bob Carr would have us all believe.

The transcript of the Interview is pasted below – or can be watched via this ‘Lateline’ Web Page link.

… read more here … [3800 words]

Author: EYE-BALL’s Harry’s Growl

Date: 10th June 2013:

Title: – Election 2013 – Growl No: 44 – Foreign Minister Bob Carr – The Gallah that feasts and is never concerned with the damage left behind –

The latest Bob Carr ‘joker in the box’ moment came via his interview on the new SBS program – ‘The Observer Effect‘ last night.

This was the 2nd episode for this new program – the IView replay is not yet available, however the transcript of the interview is and is pasted below. It is a great interview by Fanning and I congratulate her for getting Bob Carr to share his views and opinions so frankly …

read more … [7500 words]

Author: EYE-BALL’s Harry’s Growl

Date: 8th June 2013:

Title: – Election 2013 – Growl No: 43 – The Independents and The Greens – why do they Accept an Alleged Criminal as our PM? –

When is it acceptable to support someone under a ‘Police Investigation’?

Is it when that person is a family member, a work colleague, a friend, someone that you think has been wrongly accused … how about when the Prime Minister is that person who is under police investigation?

Julia Eileen Gillard is the ‘person of interest’ in a police investigations as is Bruce Wilson, and Ralph Blewitt, and many others connected with the AWU fraud and its cover-up hat happened during the early 1990′s. Ralph Blewitt has confessed exposing Gillard and others, Wilson has also coughed up a statement to the media, but Gillard will not confess to the media or the Australian people that she is under a police investigation connected to the AWU fraud. To further confound – the media have not asked Gillard the question(s) –

“Prime Minister – are you under a police investigation – have you been formally advised of the said investigation, and have you been approached to give an interview associated with the said investigation?

Why not is an obvious response?

read more … [2250 words]

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