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EYE-BALL’s Herman on – Political Double Speak

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– Political Double Speak –
| Author: EYE-BALL’s Herman O’Hermitage | 28th June 2013 |

hile the dogs may have been called off on Wednesday and tethered or kennelled on Wednesday night, newly installed PM Rudd would do very well to remember what he has been forced to endure during his hiatus.

On Yom Kippur;

Those of the Jewish faith, rarely vote in person on polling day at a polling station. Saturday is their Sabbath. They can and do vote postal, or pre poll. Postal and pre poll numbers grow at every election. In this modern era of communication most people do not understand why voting takes place only on the Saturday, and do not understand why fines are issued when you fail to vote. Many believe getting your name marked off and going to a cardboard screen and using a blunt pencil to mark a valid voting paper is not just archaic it is beyond pre historic. There are so many diverse opinions, it is hard to condense, but those of the Jewish faith routinely vote pre poll or postal. So do many others.

The AEC makes extraordinary accommodations to attempt to uphold compulsory voting. You might find the occasional officer who takes himself just a little too seriously. For every one of those you will also find one equally lackadaisical.

The real reason you intend to re address September 14 as polling day is because you intend to get as much mileage from G20 in Moscow on September 7th as is possible, and ideally you would return from Moscow to conduct the official launch of the ALP election launch thereafter.

Nothing has changed. On September 21 football finals are at fever pitch. September 28 is worse. On October 5th you not only encounter football finals (NRL) but long weekend in NSW (Labour Day) and Sydney spring carnival horse racing. Any date after that means the scheduled sitting of Parliament in late August will proceed due to the fact that the electoral writs have not been issued.

This comes back to going to the polls in August. The electoral writs need 32 (or 33) days. You want to be in Moscow on September 7th and not let Tony Abbott have that honour. If you go in August can you guarantee that? August 3rd means you need to dissolve parliament by July 1st. By Monday you will not be ready. How many weeks do you need to get ready? Hmmm?

We are watching you clearly. We know you and the way you work.

On Electricity, Gas, GST and Carbon Tax.

David Murray said the Carbon Tax was an extremely inefficient tax. I cite him as a respected business leader. I absolutely agree.

Too many have forgotten, that GST was applied to electricity and gas in 2001 while not on water and other domestic services such as rates to address the concept of externalities (pollution). No steps were taken at that time with those revenues to force cleaner energy.

GST applies to domestic and commercial vehicles. In petrol there is double edged sword in the petrol excise.

A small part of domestic budget stress comes from electricity and gas prices. There are other factors. It also manifests in industrial competitiveness. There should be a proper rationalisation.

Tony Abbott has promised to not only remove the carbon tax, but have a white paper on tax reform, and move Deregulation out of Finance and put it into Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet. To say that the coalition does not have clearly elucidated policies is a furphy. It is more than that, it borders on contempt. We are sick and tired of being told what to think.

On the Australian Dollar;

The very core of this issue is the inflation target of the RBA. It is always in the too hard basket.

In the SPC Ardmona v tinned tomatoes dispute, we are now starting to address tariffs and restrictions again. In the J R Simplot talk of closing canneries in Tasmania the issues are similar. It keeps going, education sector decimated (foreign students), tourism at a competitive disadvantage. Shell closing first Clyde then any thoughts over Geelong. Caltex at Kurnell then at Lytton. Ford and more. Bonds closing manufacturing in Australia. Target and Rivers buying in Bangladesh without any conscience. We the consumer not caring nor knowing what we are buying. Labelling.

SPC is owned by Coca-cola. Simplot is American, must I go on.

Why is it mandatory for Australian commercial TV to have local content? That extends to BHP Billiton, or Rio.

Why are we subsidising production of petrol cars when we export so much gas.


Cut the double speak. As a child I always laughed in westerns when apache accused white man of speaking with a forked tongue. We are sick of being the play thing of foreign interests, and government being complicit. Ignorance or apathy or base stupidity.

Why are 2,000,000 Australian not participating in employment sufficiently? They are unemployed, not participating or want more hours.

Basic truth is a very rare commodity. We all must play our part, and our leaders must play their part.

Believing in sanity is indeed insanity.

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EYE-BALL’s ‘Herman’ …


EYE-BALL Opinion – Free-to-Air TV and NRL Broadcasts – it’s definitely not about pleasing the fans –


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– Free to Air TV and NRL Broadcasts –
– it’s definitely not about pleasing the fans –
| Author: EYE-BALL Opinion | 4th May 2013 |
For some weeks now I have been trying to get some answers from Channel 9 re NRL live broadcasts, and why they don’t have the broadcast rights to show replays of the Pay-For-View games.

The question has been asked many times – why are pay-for-view games not replayed on free-to-air, when pay-for-view have the rights to replay free-to-air games?

Since pay-for-view became available in Australia in 1995, each new broadcast deal for the major sporting codes in Australia has seen free-to-air broadcasts lose ground to the benefit of pay-for-view broadcast rights.

Foxtel [pay-for-view] broadcast the NRL games using their infrastructure and other resources.  ‘Channel 9’ then purchase the rights off Foxtel for the free-to-air NRL games – yet under the current legislation free-to-air have first right of refusal on all NRL premiership matches.

The NRL’s first responsibility should be to the game and the fans, and for fans not to be able to see their team play every week, be it live or on replay, is the NRL horse-trading the game for more money rather than looking after the fans.  As a result the game does suffer.

This issue has been like a bugg-up-my-ass for years – in the modern era where televised sport becomes the lifeblood of remote and local communities, one would think both the NRL and the free-to-air broadcaster would be looking to do right by the fans as a first option.  Three premiership games out of eight every weekend does not favour the fans or the game.

At a minimum the right to replay all NRL premiership games should be available to the free-to-air broadcaster.  To this scenario – the latest new NRL broadcast contracts were negotiated in late 2012.

Foxtel and Channel 9 agreed to pay $1.025 billion over 5 years for joint broadcast rights.

One could reasonably have expect the new supposedly improved and savvy NRL CEO,  and with the  expansion of Channel 9 channels looking for late night programing that would be most profitable with advertisers,  would have been looking for ways to appease fans and give the game back to the fans.

With the disappointment of not being able the see the NRL Round 6 game between the ‘Storm’ and ‘Rabbitohs’ free-to-air either live or on replay, I contacted Channel 9 via their ‘ninemsn’ on-line contact link.

That contact is copied below:

Sent: Friday, 12 April 2013 10:00 PM
To: ‘’
Subject: NRL – Replay of pay-for-view games on free-to-air …

Dear Sir,

It has confounded me for some years why Channel 9 refuses to accept their responsibilities to NRL fans by not replaying ‘pay-for-view’ games during the week. This weeks round offers the best match up in many a year – Storm v Souths, and outside pay-for-view or club attendance, the game will go unwatched with no mid-week replay for fans who only have free-to-air options.

Foxtel replays all matches during the week, including those telecast by Channel 9.

Club fans of matches not shown on free-to-air do not get to see their teams play unless covered by weekend free-to-air coverage.

With the recent $billion + paid for the rights to televise NRL matches, can you please explain why no foresight was apparent that would provide all NRL fans with the options to see their team play every week be it live or on replay through free-to-air?

I believe you do a disservice to the NRL fan base and would like an explanation as to why this does not happen.

kind regards …

The following response came a day later:

… 13th Apr 2013.

Thanks for your e-mail to ninemsn.

Regrettably, ninemsn has no control over the general programming or content of Channel Nine broadcasts (we manage the ninemsn website but do not have any part in Channel Nine’s operations) and cannot forward your comments on to Channel Nine as they do not accept feedback by e-mail. However, Channel Nine does accept feedback lodged electronically via the FreeTV site contact form:

As per the information on the FreeTV site, once your feedback is submitted, Free TV will provide it to the station you have selected and the station will respond to you directly. More information regarding how you may provide feedback can also be found on the following page of the FreeTV website:

Alternatively, you are welcome to write to Channel Nine via the following postal address to provide your feedback:

The Compliance Manager
Channel Nine
24 Artarmon Road
Willoughby 2068 NSW

For general enquiries and comments regarding television shows or broadcasting, please call Channel Nine on any of the following numbers:

Sydney: (02) 9906 9999
Melbourne: (03) 9429 0201
Brisbane: (07) 3214 9999
Adelaide: (08) 8267 0111
Perth: (08) 9449 9999
Hobart: (03) 6228 8999
Darwin: (08) 8981 8888

Kind regards,

Wil New
Customer Service
ninemsn /

You note that the letter was not forwarded on to the relevant contact – but sent back with ‘freetv’ links, and only a physical address and phone number contacts for Channel 9.

I then wrote to my local NRL broadcast affiliate WIN Network and received the following response:

” … The Nine Network and subsequently the WIN Network as the regional affiliate of the Nine Network does not hold the rights to the pay per view NRL games.  They are held by Foxtel and not available to free to air broadcasters.”

This response also did not answer my question apart for the obvious that the pay-for-view games were not available to Channel 9 and its affiliate networks for broadcast. The question raised was about the ‘WHY’.

I followed up and contacted the WIN Network executive who wrote the letter late last week.  During that conversation the following was stated –

  • the WIN executive/spokesperson stated they thought that the Foxtel negotiators were just smarter than the Channel 9 negotiators.
  • They also said they would welcome the opportunity to replay all NRL games,
  • they had the new Channel networks to offer for the replay,
  • they said it would be profitable and advertisers would be lined up,
  • they said they were ‘not welcome’ at the negotiation table for the NRL broadcast deal, and
  • ‘the deal struck was a crappy deal for the fans, and for the affiliate networks’.

Some free-to-air and pay-for-view history:

For some years the free-to-air sport broadcast content in Australia for major International and Domestic sporting events has slowly been transferred to pay-for-view – all with Government Legislation to allow it to happen.

The 2013 ‘Masters Golf’ tournament was picked up by the 10 Network, but the British Open last year, and this year was and will be broadcast on pay-for-view only.

Both these International events have equal footing and prestige in Golfing circles. Why one and not the other?

Australian golfers have won the British Open numerous times ,and it was only Adam Scott’s victory this year that saw an Australian as a winner of the Masters.  The British Open has prime time advantages for Australian broadcasters and advertisers when compared with the Masters early morning starts.

The 2010 Anti-Siphoning list drawn up by the Federal Government included the following events under Golf: – link to full sport/event anti siphoning list


11.1     Each round of the Australian Masters tournament, played as part of the Professional Golfers Association Tour of Australasia.

 11.2     Each round of the Australian Open tournament, played as part of the Professional Golfers Association Tour of Australasia.

11.3     Each round of the United States Masters tournament, played as part of the Professional Golfers Association Tour.

When Pay-for-view first came to Australia, Australia Sport was a protected species as was a number of International sporting events.   The legislation for ‘anti-siphoning’ laws comes under Senator Conroy’s portfolio – and perhaps no more need be said.

There was a report submitted by the Federation of Australian Commercial Television Stations published in 2001 – linked here – that was in response to an investigation by the Australian Broadcasting Authority [ABA] into the events on the anti-siphoning list.  The ABA final 2001 report can be read here …

This ABA report gives some history of the before arrangements relating to deals between pay-for-view and free-to-air broadcasters in the period before the anti-siphoning ‘list of events’ became a part of the legislation.

However – even before this ‘list of events’ became Law in 2006, some original laws pertaining to the anti-siphoning were introduced in the Broadcasting Services Act 1992 .

The 2006 list outlined all events that were protected in favour of free-to-air broadcasters – i.e. they had first refusal.    The 2006 ‘list’ can be read in full detail here …

The Department of Broadband, Communications, and Digital economy, Senator Conroy’s portfolio, has its own history of the Anti-Siphoning laws and amendments.  Linked here …

In a media release from Senator Conroy in Nov 2010 – the following text was published …

Media Releaselinked here

Senator the Hon Stephen Conroy
Minister for Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy
Deputy Leader of the Government in the Senate
Minister Assisting the Prime Minister on Digital Productivity

Reforms to the Anti-siphoning Scheme Announced

Minister for Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy Senator Stephen Conroy today announced a series of reforms to the anti-siphoning scheme that will enhance television coverage of key sporting events in Australia.

“The Gillard Government wants Australian sports fans to see major sporting events for free as they have always done and these reforms will ensure that Australia’s anti-siphoning scheme remains the strongest in the world,” Senator Conroy said.

“Our most popular and iconic sports will remain available to all Australians and the changes will allow free-to-air channels to take advantage of digital multi-channels to show more sport and show it live.”

The Government’s reforms are outlined in the position paper Sport on Television: Reform of the Anti-Siphoning Scheme and mark the culmination of an extensive process of engagement and consultation.

The main changes to the scheme are:

The introduction of two tiers of events on the anti-siphoning list – Tiers A and B
Tier A will comprise nationally iconic events such as the Melbourne Cup, Bathurst 1000 and finals of major Australian tournaments like the NRL and AFL Premiership. Free-to-air broadcasters will be required to broadcast these events live and in-full, with limited exceptions.

Tier B will comprise events such as the regular games of the AFL and NRL premierships seasons, and non-finals games of the Australian Open tennis. Free-to-air broadcasters will have the flexibility to televise these events on digital multi-channels, which will increase their capacity to show more sport on free-to-air television.

Senator Conroy said sports fans were at the centre of the Government’s reforms.

“Allowing broadcasters to use digital multi-channels will see a dramatic increase in the total coverage of sport and give flexibility for broadcasters to show more events live,” Senator Conroy said.

“Broadcasters will have the capacity to televise AFL games in Sydney or NRL games in Melbourne, live on a digital multi-channel, rather than providing it on long delay on their main channel. This will save many hours of sleep for avid fans who happen to live in the wrong city.”

In addition, the reforms will introduce ‘must-offer’ obligations on the free-to-air broadcasters, requiring them to televise anti-siphoning listed events they acquire or offer those rights on to another broadcaster. This will prevent rights to important sporting events going unused.

“No longer can a free-to-air broadcaster purchase an iconic national event, and then not show it at all. In these circumstances, they must now offer it on to another free-to-air broadcaster to show it,” Senator Conroy said.

The anti-siphoning list has also been updated, with popular and emerging sports such as Twenty20 cricket matches involving Australia added to the list. Australian events that are no longer broadcast on free-to-air television – for examples NRL and AFL games only shown on pay television – and less popular overseas events – for example non-Australian group games of the Rugby Union World Cup – have been removed from the list.

The Government is also today releasing the report of the statutory review of the anti‑siphoning scheme conducted in late 2009, Sport on television: a review of the anti‑siphoning scheme in the contemporary digital environment.

The review process was central to the development of the reform and the views expressed by industry participants and members of the general public helped to shape the Government’s decision. Over 330 submissions were made to the review.

The implementation of these reforms will require amendment to the Broadcasting Services Act 1992. Amending legislation will be drafted over the coming months and introduced into the Parliament as soon as possible.

Changes to the anti-siphoning list will be implemented shortly, although changes to the listing of NRL and AFL games will only be made once a regulation is in place or an alternative mechanism to protect the quality of free to air games is agreed by stakeholders. The Government will also seek to finalise the rules around the listing of FIFA World Cup and Socceroos World Cup Qualifier games. The current list expires on December 31 2010.

“These reforms to the anti-siphoning regime ensure that it continues to be the strongest such regime in the world, protecting the interests of free to air viewers as we move into the digital multi-channel era” said the Prime Minister.

To view the Government’s position paper Sport on Television: Reform of the Anti-Siphoning Scheme, the report of the statutory review Sport on television: a review of the anti‑siphoning scheme in the contemporary digital environment and the new Tier A and Tier B anti-siphoning lists visit:

Date: 25 November 2010
Contact: Suzie Brady 02 6277 7480

The question remains against all the right of refusal entitlements – why have Channel 9 not availed themselves to the NRL premiership games as the Legislation provides for – either on a replay basis, or in terms of the right to broadcast more NRL games live on free-to-air?

Have Foxtel outsmarted Channel 9 in negotiations with the NRL as the WIN Network executive suggested?

Or – is it a case that financial issues exist that make Channel 9 beholding to Foxtel to retain the very lucrative NRL broadcasts?   Does Channel 9 kowtow to Foxtel on the deal with the NRL – and if so … does this breach the intent of the anti-siphoning Legislation when other National free-to-air broadcasters want to be able to compete for the NRL rights?

Could it also be that the exclusive rights to the live ‘State of Origin’ broadcast on Channel 9 is the trade-off giving Foxtel rights to 5 of the 8 NRL games available for broadcast week to week?

Whatever – the NRL have the last say on what deal they want in place to protect and administer the game – why have they allowed the free-to-air replay of pay-for-view games to not be available to Channel 9 for replay broadcast?

It would seem the fans are not the NRL’s first consideration.

The more we let big business encroach on our sporting events for profit – the less live broadcast we will get.  Look at where the ARU game has gone.

The flip side of this equation measures up as well – without the pay-for-view broadcasters in the game, the money filtering through to the players would only be a fraction of the current levels.

So many large business’s made a living off the NRL premiership – sponsors put up hard-earned money to be a part of the game.   The big profits come from the broadcast players and with Foxtel pretty much the only player in the market in Australia – they get the code without having to bid against any genuine competition.

All the fans want is to be able to watch their team every week – live or on replay – that should not be too much to ask.

This is an ongoing story and NRL fans deserve a better deal and should have their say.  Please use the links below to write to your Local Federal Member(s) and/or Senator(s) to voice your opinions.

The EYE-BALL Opinion plea for action:

A Note:  This site is dedicated to having Gillard as Prime Minster removed by all legal means in the shortest timeframe possible.

Gillard’s Government is poison to this Nation … how do we get rid of her now?

The message has to be sent – there are some 14 million registered voters represented by 150 MP’s – 72 of which are ALP.    If each of these 72 ALP MP’s received an e-mail, a fax, a phone call, or a letter from all the people who want her gone with a simple message like the one below –  :

This is a protest message …

… do you think it might motivate caucus …

Please – send this message to as many and as often as you can – bombard the Caucus Members with a message so clear and with weight of numbers that it will force them to act.

You could also think about sending it to the Independents, Oakeshott, Windsor, Wilkie, and Brandt,  as well … Katter already votes with the Coalition, and Slipper and Thompson are a lost cause and their fate already sealed.

Links to every MP e-mail can be found using the Australian Parliamentary Website Members and Senator links below … pick your ALP MP or Senator, or send it to all – voice your opinion now.

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Links to Australian Parliamentary Website – MP’s

The EYE-BALL Opinion …

EYE-BALL’s “SNOOP POOP” on – NRL 2013: – NRL 2013: Round 7 – Rabbitohs [20] defeat Manly [12] –

April 28, 2013 1 comment
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– NRL 2013: Round 7 –
– Rabbitohs [20] defeat Manly [12] –
| Author: EYE-BALL’s Snoop-Poop | 26th Apr 2013 |
This match-up had great expectations and one of the few times where the hype was matched by the performances of both teams.

It was a war of attrition – Manly’s uncompromising in your face defense, the Rabbits held their ground with equally resolute defence, but Manly are experts at the intimidation tactics and it is a detriment to their game.

Coach Geoff Toovey has his players of a mould to show no quarter, and this defense intensity lends itself opportunities for teams to find weakness’ in other areas.  For mine – it is just up to teams to exploit the compressed defence and take advantage of this singular motive Manly tend to play with – that is to try their best to physically hurt the other players.

No doubt – this game was by far the best of the season and the intensity never died.  When it seemed all was lost when Manly trailed 20-0 with 15 to go – you just knew South’s were still vulnerable – the crowd stayed and willed the home team for a fight back and it came to make for an exciting finish.

The fans watching TV wanted a Souths victory – nobody really likes Manly – even their own fans have a ‘hick’ like love hate relationship with their team – parochial to the end, but equally willing to bag their team when they disappoint.

Manly’s ‘Brookvale’ is the new coliseum and this clash of the Titans was fitting for the occasion.  Other teams should dread the ‘hurt’ they will feel whenever they visit.

Manly are viewed by many as the ‘grubs’ in the competition – nothing they do on the field is done without the intention to try to hurt the opposition player.  That is not footy in the true sense.  Their intensity in the gang tackle will seriously hurt a player at some point – it is not matched by any other team.   Footy is a physical contest – and players do get hurt – but Manly take that probability to another level.

There were four (4) incident reports against Manly players coming out of the game.  There is another that escaped the referees that will most likely be placed on report as well.

Two of the charges belong to Fa’aoso and committed on the same player [Inglis} for the same breach – a spear tackle.

Matai’s swinging arm is his trademark and the intent in this tackle may have bene to strike the ball but the player has to be responsible for when aggression goes wrong.  He has to get a long stint – that swinging arm could kill someone if he gets it wrong and he has enough form to give him a Les Boyd type suspension.

Brett Stewart took a cheap shot as he lifted an elbow on the Rabbits winger and he should also get a week or two.  It all just shows a ‘grub’ mentality and the image of Watmough puling out his old fella to have a piss in public when the camera’s were rolling in a premiership after party a few years ago give evidence to the culture within the club.

Hope all these reports get the players responsible sent down big time – every one was a cheap shot.

The most hated player in the Manly forward pack is Watmough – and again tonight was amongst the chief offenders in the niggle factor with the work he does in the wrestle and on the ball stuff.

He can be a gifted player and to see him go that way stains his natural talents. Whenever he plays SOO he has been found wanting at that next level – if he had an attitude like Burgess, Webkie, Petro, or some other player who just worked hard in defence and attack without the niggle – his chances of making a difference at the higher level would be improved. He just gives away cheap penalties and it cost his team.

I take nothing away from the intensity of tonight’s game,  they are a side that make you earn the win and their intimidation tactics wins them a lot of games.

Playing that type of game can have its drawbacks … backing up the following week and the next … and the next … players get injured or begin to carry injuries into games. Manly have a habit of losing to lower ranked teams and to look for a reason you have to consider how they play their football on a physical level.

Souths proved they are the real deal this season and the next time these two teams meet – Manly will be out for revenge and Souths will again be out to prove themselves.   We’ve been blessed with some stella performances in these first seven rounds.

The top-tier of this competition has already established itself – Storm, Rabbits, Manly, and Easts …

Before the season started I would have said the Bulldogs would have been in that four … but after six rounds they sit at the bottom of the table.

These four teams have set a high bar for all the other teams and I can’t see any other team breaking into a top four spot.

EYE-BALL’s Snoop-Poop …

EYE-BALL’s “SNOOP POOP” on – NRL 2013: Week 1 – Game 2 – SeaEagles [22] defeat Broncos [14] –

March 8, 2013 Comments off
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– NRL 2013: Week 1 – Game 2 –
– SeaEagles [22] defeat Broncos [14] –
| Author: EYE-BALL’s Snoop-Poop | 8th MAr 2013 |

The Broncos had this game in the bag until the 55th minute – Manly muscled up and the Broncos turned to water – it is the underbelly of the Broncos. They don’t like the rough stuff and since Thorne left two seasons ago, and Petro’s retirement last season – they look as weak in the middle as they have ever done.

Manly played in 2nd gear for the first half – a bit rusty being first round and all – but the 14-6 half time lead to the Broncos was flattering.

Broncos mistake rate in the 2nd half under pressure skyrocketed.  Hodges had a shocker 2nd half – Prince was also lacking in defence … the forward pack were done at the 65th minute after Manly had rushed to a 22-14 lead.  They put on 16 pts in five minutes and had two ot three other try’s pulled back.   If you were a Bronco’s fan it was woeful.

Snoop Poo’s – Best on Field

  1. Cherry-Evans – 3 pts,
  2. Matai – 2 pts,
  3. Foran – 1 pt.

Snoop Pop’s – Worst on Field

  1. Hodges – 3 pts,
  2. Gillet – 2 pts,
  3. Prince – 1 pt.

Coach Griffin had better work out his halves combo – Prince at Five-eight does not have the defence and Foran showed him up all night.  Wallace was also out of sorts with errors in the 2nd half when the team was under pressure.  Norman the other half in the mix played full-back and was pedestrian safe.   But it was the forwards who let them down badly with their poor 2nd half performance under Manly pressure.

Manly deserved winners – Broncos will struggle to make the 8 on tonight’s performance.  Manly are top 8 contenders.

Link to NRL Match report, match stats, and video highlights  …

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EYE-BALL’s “SNOOP POOP” on – NRL 2013: Week 1 – Game 1 – Rabbitohs [28] defeat Roosters [10] –

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– NRL 2013: Week 1 – Game 1 –
– Rabbitohs [28] defeat Roosters [10] –
| Author: EYE-BALL’s Snoop-Poop | 7th MAr 2013 |

The evidence is more than conclusive – the Roosters are pussy’s …

There is no way Mitchell Pearce retains the State of Origin half-back position on tonight’s performance up against his main opposition.

The match was highly entertaining and the Rabbitohs are a top four team this early in the season.  Their forward pack looks more consolidated and played for 80 minutes which was a failing last season.  They were clinical and merciless – the Roosters were outclassed across the paddock and so undisciplined for a first grade side … silly stupid penalties that allowed Souths out of their 22 so many times.

Their new coach has a lot of work to do – the penalty count at one point was 10-1 in favour of Souths. The Roosters trailed 28-4 until the 75th minute before Souths let in some easy points.

SBW [Williams] had a very quite reintroduction and he will realise that his comeback in a team like the Roosters will be hard work all season.

Snoop Poo’s – Best on Field

  1. Sutton – 3 pts,
  2. Inglis – 2 pts,
  3. Luke – 1 pt.

Snoop Pop’s – Worst on Field

  1. Pearce – 3 pts,
  2. Waerea-Hargraves – 2 pts,
  3. Friend – 1 pt.

There were many Rabbitohs players who out performed their opposite number – the only Rooster’s players to hold their head up were Kenny-Dowal and Jennings.

A comprehensive performance by the Rabbits and if they keep up this form Crowe will be upping the price for his shares.

Link to NRL Match report, match stats, and video highlights  …

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EYE-BALL’s Snoop-Poop on – Rugby League under threat – Do referees have too much influence –

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– Rugby League under threat –
– Do referees have too much influence
| Author: EYE-BALL’s Snoop-Poop | 16th sep 2012 |
This author made a comment some weeks ago about how a Referee’s mistake would decide the outcome of important games leading up to the finals series.

That comment proved correct when in two Friday night games in round 23, both the Broncos and Tigers were punished with game losses on the back of video ref’s calls.

Last Friday night Manly and Cowboys played a final for the right to play in the preliminary final round.  The loser was eliminated and during the game there was not one mistake, but there were two controversial calls that advantaged Manly and allowed then to break from a tight game to win comfortably.

Bad calls have always been a part of Rugby League and it is these calls that make fans so passionate.

The NRL just signed a $billion+ deal and with that type of money now invested in the game – the Game has no right to allow mediocrity from referees who have the power to dictate the outcome of games.

I again refer to another incident in the same Friday night game when a  penalty in the third minute of the game was awarded.  The lead up was a set from Canberra when perennial Manly grub Watmough prolonged in a 5th tackle on halfway.  It deserved a penalty – yet when Manly were under pressure and on their 10 meter line in the immediate kick chase after that fifth tackle – a similar tackle was penalised against the Cowboys early in the tackle count.   From that penalty and the next set of six, Manly score.

The point being that the call on both those tackles was subjective and in the hands of Referees – with two referees on the field, one man’s opinion may have been harsher than the other  – this is where the crackdown needs to happen.

Ref Hayne gave the Manly penalty – was he in charge of the ruck when Watmough made his indiscretion that went unpunished.  Had Cowboys received the penalty on half-way – who is to say that it would not have been Cowboys who scored first and the whole context of the game changes from the 4th minute.

This is the area of the game that needs to be looked at.   Penalties lead to tries and it has been shown all season that back to back sets are the highest precursor of factors that lead to tries. Players are allowed to lay around the play the ball and then get penalised for the same infringement at other periods of the game.

The Ruck:

This is the single area where most penalties are generated.  Why not look at this area and try to define what is too much when it comes to ‘slowing the play the ball’.

When a team gets a roll on and is allowed quick play the balls, retreating defences are often caught off-side and called out of the play.  So the coaches drill their players to slow down the play the ball and are happy to yield the penalty so defensive lines can reset from the ensuring penalty.  It is the lesser of two evils in a defensive line.

If the query Is in the ‘time’ between when a player is deemed to be ‘held’ and when he plays the ball – the solution for a coach is easy – he just says put more defensive players on top of the ball runner and have them peel off individually.  A Fer can’t penalised that!

If the rule was a count of say ‘3 or 4’ by the referee from the time he calls ‘held’ – and if the ball carrier was not attempting to play the ball at the end of that time count – then the penalty is automatic – that then gives no excuse for the arbitrary call from referees depending on their interpretation of the speed of the play the ball.   Coaches knowing the rule is standardised – then has to adjusts its defensive response to comply to the rule interpretation.

This ‘ruck’ area is the single most contentious area in the game – the scrums were previously, and the rule was changed to whoever feeds the scrum now gets the ball.  Scrums are no longer a part of our game in the context of what they represented before the rule changers.   That is sorry for the game and has made the game more predictable.

Hookers are not required to be skilled anymore – they are now dummy-halves and that is a completely different skill set.

Over a season – 1000’s of ref’s calls have a direct impact on the result of a game.   It is time for the League to do something about the ‘Ruck’ and take the poor and inconsistent decisions out of the game.

What is seen as a penalty in the first 10 min’s or so when Ref;s are trying to stamp their efforts on the game – is not penalised in the back-end of a game.  Markers standing square in midfield – is somewhat not an issue when teams are defending near their own line.  The ball carrier playing the ball with his foot touching the ball is seen as important in some games but overlooked in others.

The number of examples are numerous and if League wants to keep its fans – it has to get the important calls 100% right.   For a referee’s call to have the influence it now has on the result of a game, it only opens the League up to all types of claims of rigging and team favouritism.


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EYE-BALL’s Rookie Bookie on – Weekend Preview – 14th – 16th Sep –


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– Weekend Preview – 14th – 16th Sep –
| Author: Rookie Bookie |14th Sep 2012 |
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Last Weekend Bet Results:

  • AFL Swans @ $2.35 collect
  • South Sydney Rabbitohs at $2.25 lost,
  • The Noah’s Arks at $2.40 lost,
  • North Melbourne at $4.35 lost. And
  • Broncos to win the Grand Final
  • Negative 88.33 GI points

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The Rugby Championship:

0 interest is now a dead series, not much more than academic or trials.

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AFL – Finals Week 2: (Underlined = Forecasted Winner)

  • Collingwood v West Coast (+4.5) estimate market $2.50/$1.67 Actual $1.78/$2.05
  • Adelaidev Fremantle (+8.5) estimate market $1.80/$2.25 Actual $1.60/$2.35

The Weekends Forecast:

  • Best Bet: Weagles
  • Value: Weagles
  • At the Margin: Totally Irrelevant.

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Critical stats

West Coast Eagles v Collingwood Magpies –

  • previous matches Collingwood R13 12.13.85 – 12.10.82, West Coast R22 15.17.107 – 8.10. 8.
  • WCE 1st Quarter won 12, 2nd 16, 3rd 12, 4th 17. Pies 1st Quarter won 16, 2nd 12, 3rd 11, 4th 10.
  • Collingwood did not win any of the quarters against red hot Hawks, while Weagles allowed North a sniff in 3rd quarter. Prediction WWCW

Adelaide Crows v Fremantle Dockers

  • previous match Crows 17.9.111 – 12.10.82, Crows R20 14.7.91 – 17.17.119
  • Crows Quarter won 1st 15, 2nd 12, 3rd 17, 4th 13 Dockers 1st Quarter won 11, 2nd 12, 3rd 17, 4th 15.
  • Prediction FFAA. Will be a great 3rd quarter. Tending to favour Freo, Will be in the balance in dying moments.

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NRL Finals Week 1: (Underlined = Forecasted Winner)

  • Manly v North Qld (+1.5) – estimate market $1.80/$2.25 Actual $1.95/$1.88
  • Rabbitohs v Raiders (+6.5) – estimate market $1.80/$2.25 Actual $1.43/$2.90

The Weekends Forecast:

  • Best Bet: Manly
  • Value: Manly
  • At the Margin: Totally Irrelevant.

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Critical Stats – Previous Match ups.

  • Sea Eagles v Cowboys – Manly R22 8 – 6.
  • Rabbitohs v Raiders – Souths R12 36 – 18.

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Betting Summary:

  • 1 unit Canterbury Bulldogs to win 2012 NRL premiership @ $5.00. Matures 30/9/12
  • ½ unit on Cowboys to win NRL Premiership @ $13.00. Matures 30/9/12

This Weekend:

  • 1 unit on Fremantle in AFL @ $2.35
  • 1 unit on West Coast in AFL@ $2.05
  • 1 unit on Manly in NRL @ $1.95

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