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EYE-BALL Opinion – The Reasons for our Anger – we are living our own destruction …


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- The Reasons for our Anger -
- we are living our own self-destruction -
| Author: EYE-BALL Opinion | 30th July 2013 |
The  efforts from within our society to fight the injustice and the tyranny by our leaders at Local Council, State and Federal Government levels is a frustrating and lonely road.   Most won’t even think about challenging the problem let alone speak out against it – yet the corruption within our Leader groups is what we most often ponder about.

It also includes how we feel about the private sector and how CEO’s and the like abuse their perks and make bonus’ that sicken the soul when revealed.

It even goes to how we ponder and feel about the outward signs from our neighbours, or the person you sit next to on a train, it is most often about why our own life is not blessed with what others appear to have.

We all know about the increasingly difficult struggle to make ends meet on a day-to-day basis, and that eternal question nags at us – why is it that everybody else seems to be making a better go of it?   The West has nothing to complain about when it comes to poverty and opportunity to better oneself.

The truth is are all in the same mortgage ‘trap’, those who don’t have one want one, and those who have one live every day not knowing whether the next day will be when it all falls apart.   To those I say – take a look at third world Nations and tell yourself you deserve a better, or an easier life.

The western world is asleep and oblivious to the hardships of real live being lived in distant lands.   Yet – western civilisation has lost sight of what life should really be about.  They live their lives day in and day out thinking they are happier and have the joyous rewards yet over time the battle has been lost and now all that remains is the anger at what they have to do to try to find happiness and joy.

The reality is that Western civilisation has lost the ability to enjoy life and the pursuit of financial independence has consume society.  Financial rewards has become the trigger we all think will make our lives happier and filled with joy.

They don’t understand that the more they struggle for it, the more it eludes them.  We are all in a life struggle we don’t really understand and have little awareness of.

The real struggle for life survival is in refugee camps, on the high seas, and amongst the ever increasing homeless … the world is getting darker and soon the lights we turn on at night to make us feel safer will dim, and we will all realise just how asleep we have become to what has really been happening all around us.

Real life and the survival of humanity is being played out in distant lands – out of sight and out of mind.  When it comes to our doorstep we will regret not getting involved.

When our society becomes dependent and at the mercy of military law, we will realise just how wrong we were to allow our Leaders to ‘dip their wicks’ and abuse their responsibilities over the last 50 odd years.

Public service should be about the struggle and want to do public good – not about the decadence and exuberances our Leaders believe they have entitlement to.

In the darkness fast approaching – a lone and despised voice speaks out – one might say a light shines in all that darkness and this voice of reason and accountability might be the voice we should at least listen to – a sample of that message is reproduced below:

Lack of transparency undermines our democracy

| Author: Julian Assange | Date: 25th July 2013 | Link to On-Line Story. |

THE federal parliament has received enormous attention in the past year not because of the eloquence of its debates but because the behaviour in its chambers and in its backrooms has been so Machiavellian that the world has looked on in amazement.

What has been even more disappointing has been the stealth with which our elected representatives have worked together (often across party lines) to pass laws without proper public consultation. In the past month alone Labor and the Coalition have come under fire for agreeing to remove several federal departments from the reach of the Freedom of Information Act.

Commentators argue that Australians are sick of the childish and bullying behaviour in Canberra but I think what Australians are really tired of is the way in which government in all its forms operates behind closed doors.

Whether it is superannuation entitlements for politicians or decisions about who should be prime minister, the doors in Canberra remain closed to the scrutiny of the average Australian.

The results are distrust and scepticism that anything enacted by the federal parliament is genuinely motivated by the wellbeing of all Australians.

According to classic notions of parliamentary government, the legislature imposes accountability on the executive government through legislation and inquiry. The original purpose of a parliamentary system is not only to represent voters but to ensure that the government is held to account for its actions between elections. This sort of accountability has been embarrassingly absent in Australian politics for years.

There is an implied assumption that all MPs should act in the interests of their electorate, but that doesn’t mean they do. The WikiLeaks Party will demand that the policies and legislation debated in the two houses will be the same debate that goes on elsewhere in the building.

One of the first actions of the WikiLeaks Party in the Senate would be to insist that there be full disclosure of the asylum-seeker arrangements with the Papua New Guinea government that Kevin Rudd announced last Friday, including host arrangements; the provision of resources and details of adequate medical and psycho-social health resources and personnel; the construct of the refugee claims review process and of subsequent judicial review; and of the conditions of resettlement for those whose applications are successful. Under the Migration Act 1958, Australia retains an obligation to Australia-bound asylum-seekers it may “transfer” to PNG. Considering PNG’s developing country status, the Australian government must disclose how it will assist PNG to financially support resettled refugees.

WikiLeaks Party’s core values of transparency, accountability and justice are the template against which we will examine any important issues for Australians: tax reform, asylum-seekers, climate-change policy and more. We will not accept legislation or government policy that is based on inaccurate, poorly disclosed or inadequate information. In this way our positions will always reflect fairness, good government policy and practice, and protecting the interests of all Australians.

True parliamentary democracy is a system that facilitates the obligation to dissent. The WikiLeaks Party recognises the need to scrutinise government activity and to defend the legislature against the executive government. We will stand as a constant reminder to MPs and senators that the proper function of the Senate is to be independent of the government of the day, something that has been forgotten in Canberra. The vigour of this scrutiny can be maintained only if the government does not hold a majority in the Senate.

The WikiLeaks Party is a party of investigation and oversight, at one with the Senate’s constitutional ideals. WLP senators will act as agents of independent oversight precisely because we are not a party of government, of factional deals, of big business or of the environmental lobby.

Our senators will seek to ensure that all legislation reflects the WLP values: transparency, accountability and justice.

Putting the WLP in the Senate is the same as putting Australia’s best investigative journalists in the Senate. That is what the dishonest Canberra establishment fears most.

Julian Assange, founder of the WikiLeaks Party, is a federal Senate candidate for Victoria.

Sorry if the intro was a bit graphic – but the despair all around us cannot be disputed.

Whilst new PM Mr Rudd and Opposition would be PM Mr Abbott joust for political gain, positive media coverage, and the hearts and minds of the voters – those who are sceptics and cynics to the future of democracy focus on the greater evils.

An award-winning documentary that is a must watch for everyone titled:

“Decadence Decline of the Western World” - linked here – the bit-torrent download link provided here …

… presents a luminous scenario as to why western civilisation has become such a struggle – why the last 50 years our society has given in to the excess of the seven deadly sins, and become the basis for our existence.  Those sins represent the decadence our society now represents and the future holds no bounds for misery and misfortune.

If we are to be brutally honest with ourselves those seven deadly sins have become the norm in how we live our lives … taken over our purpose and the way we live – they are -

All of these exuberances have played their part in the demise of past and historic civilisations, i.e. Greeks, Romans, Egyptians, and the like – and are most of the reasons why the current 300 odd years of our current Western civilisation finds itself in the death throes of a new and historic era change.

The greatest concern is that we have not realised we are the designers and masters of our own destruction.  We alone are responsible – just as Rome became decadent in its last days, so has western civilisation and just as they did in the demise of the Romans – these things always end badly.

Be it the GFC and its ongoing crisis management lurching us further and further toward the abyss, or the doomsday forecasts about climate change and environmental destruction, to the demise and division of a muslim verses christianity holy crusade that has been a backdrop for over 2000 years, the summary is that there is no one, or no group of people who have the answers to fix the problems the world faces today.

It is unfixable given the ego’s involved and the history of conflict that runs so deep within those Nations – Nations that were largely decided in post WWI and WWII carve ups.

The current era of Western civilisation started around the time of America’s discovery – people flooded the new world looking for escape and opportunity.  I ask – where can one now go to do the same thing?  There is nowhere where new frontiers are to be discovered unless we talk of off planet or beneath the oceans.

We are forever stuck and tied to what is about to follow – and that only seems fair given that we are all responsible for the mess we have made.

Please – try to watch the doco via the links provided – it truly will open your eyes …

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The EYE-BALL Opinion …

EYE-BALL Opinion – Claims of Climate Change Answers – Akin to Lucifer and the evil men do -


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- Claims of Climate Change Answers -
- Akin to Lucifer and the evil men do -
| Author: EYE-BALL Opinion | 16th Jan 2013|
The Australia Summer for 2012-13 is half over and everybody is experiencing the heat, the bushfires, the smoke, and believing that this summer represents something bigger than it really is.

The climate ‘alarmist’s’ are out there spreading the news about how this summer is proof positive that climate change is here.   To the sceptics it is as if Lucifer himself is out there feeding the ‘Climate Change’ debate.

Is it possible to look at a weather extreme these days without ‘Climate Change’ being blamed?

Every weather pattern forecaster indicated the ‘El Nino’ effect on Australia would be more pronounced this summer off the back of ‘La Nina’ weather patterns the previous 3 years.  During that period we saw our dams full, the Queensland and Victorian floods, the milder temperatures,  and now in a full-blown summer of bushfire and extremes of heat – where has all the moisture gone?

For starters the back burning that would have happened during winters a decade or so ago would have prepared the undergrowth for a hot summer and the bushfires we have today would not have been as extreme.   All the scare mongering about under growth equalling fuel is true and we are seeing it this summer.   What would be the score if forestry rangers have been able to burn off the ‘fuel load’ in winter like they used to … would there have been less CO2 emitted as compared with the current bushfire cycle imposing its hell and brimstone?

Scientists tell us about millennium old weather patterns … and the question between alarmist and sceptic is divided … having once been an alarmist from the mid 90′s and up until the Rudd election – with the ‘moral challenge of the 21st century’ statement I became more widely read and began to ask questions in why I believed in the ‘alarmist’ rhetoric.

I reversed my position – I now believe that we owe it to ourselves to become more efficient users of what energy resources we have left and to find new ways that are not fossil fuel dependent.  I also believe that mother nature will take care of its own without fervor or favour to humans.

What does it mean if sea levels do rise?  Will floods become more ravaging, typhoons, cyclones, and hurricanes more damaging – if so it will be because the human habitat has encroached on natures providence without regard or respect to history,  or accounting for the long-term damage damming and blocking river flows has caused.

Man has found in a short 200 years ways to capture natures abundant harvest – the question I ask – have we harvested too much too quickly, and without regard to the consequences of the explosive human population and the greed man has as his motive in those last 200 years?

Over this Summer period there has been a series of media fed stories again questioning the long-range human induced climate change predictions. One such article was published in The Australian today and was about the predicted rise of sea levels … read caption below:

Caution on tying heat to climate change

| Author: Matthew Denholm, Tasmania Correspondent | Date: Jan 16th, 2012 | Link to On-Line Story. |

AUSTRALIA can expect more heatwaves and bushfires in the decades ahead but scientists caution against blaming this year’s record temperatures and devastating blazes on climate change.

Several leading climate scientists at an Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change meeting in Hobart yesterday warned that heatwaves might become six times more frequent in Australia within 30 years. However, they also said this summer’s bushfire disasters and record temperatures across many states could not be judged to be a result of climate change.

“You need to look over longer periods of time and take into account variations over a longer period of time to make a careful assessment,” said Scott Power, Bureau of Meteorology senior principal research scientist.

“But it’s clear that these sorts of things do become more common under climate change and it’s clear that Australia has warmed up, the world has warmed up, coastal sea levels have warmed up, global sea levels have warmed up.”

rest of story linked here

This story in isolation was tame and not hardly worth the notice – however in context with the extremes of our current summer, and the other stories being printed around the globe and at home – it forms a piece of the jig-saw that forms the debate.

Presented below are links to other current and active media stories from around the World on the ‘Climate Change’:

And then there is the ‘Climate Madness’ side of the debate …

Look – in my mindset the debate is far from clear yet the ‘alarmist’s’ have the sway by a yardstick measure that is not reflected within the scientific community. Nations around the world have committed to spending trillions’ over coming decades in an attempt to reduce carbon emissions.

In the known universe and history of our planet – our mother nature takes care of itself, volcanic eruptions, ice cap melts and re-freeze, northern and southern hemisphere oscillations – in a life time we all get to see and experience the extremes of a time freeze second of the Planets history – yet we have hubris the think that we can predict the future from that spec of time and out living in that moment.  Just how arrogant do we think we are?

In that same second of time freeze our scientists have calculated that the current atmospheric CO2 level emission rise, from 35 parts per million to 39 parts per million, has the consequence of challenging life’s existence on this planet within a 100 years or so.

I cannot accept how portions of the global scientific community can predict that it is only CO2 that has caused any perceived warming and sea level rises?   Surely human population and the planets ability to sustain population at current and increased levels form a part of the debate and the solution.

Bushfires produce CO2 and other gas emissions, a decade ago Indonesia was burning rainforests for a number of years to clear land for farming purposes … the Amazon has been doing this as well – hell some 30 years ago we were told that the Amazon rainforest was needed to save the planet – yet 50% of that rainforest has already been turned into pasture and urban development … how series is the fight for rainforests if they are the conduit to keep CO2 levels stable.

Al Gore has much to answer for with his alarmist ‘Inconvenient Truth’ story … yes it was a story as seen through a story tellers eyes, and as always the human race saw a tale and believed it without so much as a questioning to its purpose, its accuracy, or its moral integrity.

Since then – Governments all over the world have fallen over themselves funding grant applications from any scientist wanting to prove climate change.  Conversely – the scientist who wants to disprove the theory does not get the same funding or resources.

Vested interests support vested interests … and that leads to the question all Australia wants answered – what is the real motive behind Gillards ‘Carbon Tax’ reversal?

Was it to gain power as PM with the support of the Greens when only a month earlier she declared there would be no ‘carbon tax under a government she led’.   Or, was it because in that same month she became a converted alarmist … the answer is obvious to all!

In fact she used Kevin Rudd’s ‘Climate Change’ claim that it was to be the – ‘moral challenge of the 21st century’ to help roll him.   It was this statement and the Copenhagen disaster that was the beginning of the end for Rudd – he became isolated and the Union thugs behind the scene began to mold and position themselves for their coup.

The ‘Climate Change’ debate is a brainwash being put upon a populace as culpable as the religious ‘heaven verses hell’ debate.

Nobody can claim they have even visited ‘Heaven’ or ‘Hell’  – it is a mindset belief and a faith choice – ‘climate change’ alarmist’s are asking us to look into the future and believe what scientist are being paid tell us.

All the ‘alarmist’ can tell us that this ‘climate change’ Armageddon is a result of human interface – we are responsible for the change, we are the ones killing our planet – yet nobody is taking about a real solution to human induced climate change – that is to reduce the human population … can you imagine Governments around the world selling a solution like ‘human culling’ as a means to cut carbon emissions?

The rejection in facing the truth and lack of want to sell such an answer, has the world leaders embracing the ‘carbon tax’ solution – this is the greatest hoax in all history bar one – the selling of a perceived ‘heaven and hell’ existance after death.

Nobody has the answer to either question – the formation of Earth as a part of the Big Bang theory, as opposed to God building Earth in seven days divides the global opinion on the miracle of life.

When one thinks about life and how it came to be … one has to acknowledge the genius of evolution or of another factor … nobody has all the answers and in an ever increasing cynical world opinion on almost everything we face today … believing that a ‘carbon tax’ is going to fix any perceived ‘climate change’ is Lucifer in bed with the Politicians and playing inside our heads.

Have your say where it counts: – contact your Local Federal Representative via the links below and let them know how you feel about this, or any other topic that you feel strongly about – or you can just post a comment below and let off some steam.

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The EYE-BALL Opinion …

EYE-BALL Opinion – Climate Change & The Human Factor – The Silent Debate nobody wants to talk about -

December 27, 2012 Comments off

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- Climate Change & The Human Factor  -
- The Silent Debate nobody wants to talk about -
| Author: EYE-BALL Opinion | 27th Dec 2012 |
There has been trillions of words written on the human impact on climate change – yet the amount of words written about a ceiling on a sustainable level for a global human population could fit on a small flash drive.

For as long as this EYE-BALL site has been up and running – the Carbon-Tax ‘fix’ to the climate-change debate has been taken to task.

All the talk about ‘human-cause’ and the remedy debate used in the ‘carbon-tax’ policy, leading to the $trillion’s to be spent on ‘clean-energy’ in the coming decades has almost fooled everybody, yet not those who think outside the square.

The OECD has a report titled – Outlook for 2050‘ – the full report is linked here – a short summary of some of the top-sheet findings in the report are presented below:

The Consequences of Inaction – Key Facts and Figures include:

  1. Socioeconomic Developments:
  • World population is expected to increase from 7 billion today to over 9 billion in 2050. A growing population is likely to increase pressures on the natural resources that supply energy and food.
  • World GDP is projected to almost quadruple by 2050, despite the recent recession.
  • Average GDP growth rates are projected to slow gradually in the coming decades in China and India. While Africa will remain the poorest continent, it is projected to see the world’s highest economic growth rate between 2030 and 2050.
  • Over a quarter of population in OECD countries is projected to be over 65 years of age in 2050 compared to about 15% today. China and India are also likely to see significant population ageing, with China’s workforce actually shrinking by 2050.
  • Cities are likely to absorb the total world population growth between 2010 and 2050. By 2050, nearly 70% of the world population is projected to be living in urban areas.
  1. Energy and Land Use

By 2050, without new policies…

  • A world economy four times larger than today is projected to need 80% more energy in 2050 without new policy action.
  • Global energy mix in 2050 will not differ significantly from today, with the share of fossil energy at about 85%, renewables including biofuels just over 10%, and the balance nuclear. The BRIICS are projected to become major energy users, increasing their reliance on fossil fuels.
  • To feed a growing population with changing dietary preferences, agricultural land is projected to expand globally in the next decade to match the increase in food demand, but at a diminishing rate. A substantial increase in competition for scarce land is expected in the coming decades.
  1. Climate Change:

By 2050, without new policies…

  • Global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions projected to increase by 50%, primarily due to a 70% growth in energy-related CO2 emissions.
  • The atmospheric concentration of GHGs could reach 685 parts per million (ppm) CO2- equivalents by 2050. As a result, global average temperature is projected to be 3 degrees celsius to 6 degrees celsius above pre-industrial levels by the end of the century, exceeding the internationally agreed goal of limiting it to 2 degrees celsius.
  • The GHG mitigation actions pledged by countries in the Cancún Agreements at the United Nations Climate Change Conference will not be enough to prevent the global average temperature from exceeding the 2 degrees celsius threshold, unless very rapid and costly emission reductions are realised after 2020. They are more in line with a 3 degrees celsius increase.

It then highlights what will happen if inaction is the course of action adopted:

What if we act…

  • It makes environmental and economic sense. The Outlook suggests that global carbon pricing sufficient to lower GHG emissions by nearly 70% in 2050 compared to the Baseline scenario and limit GHG concentrations to 450 ppm would slow economic growth by only 0.2 percentage points per year on average. This would cost roughly 5.5% of global GDP in 2050. This pales alongside the potential cost of inaction on climate change, which some estimate could be as high as 14% of average world consumption per capita.
  • Carbon pricing can raise revenues. If the emission reduction pledges that industrialised countries indicated in the Cancún Agreements were to be implemented through carbon taxes or cap-andtrade schemes with fully auctioned permits, the fiscal revenues could amount to over 0.6% of their GDP in 2020, i.e. more than USD 250 billion.
  • Delaying action is costly. Delayed or only moderate action up to 2020 (such as implementing the Copenhagen/Cancún pledges only, or waiting for better technologies to come on stream) would increase the pace and scale of efforts needed after 2020. It would lead to 50% higher costs in 2050 compared to timely action, and potentially entail higher environmental risk.
  • Reform fossil fuel subsidies. Support to fossil fuel production and use amounted to between USD 45-75 billion per annum in recent years in OECD countries. Developing and emerging economies provided over USD 400 billion in fossil fuel consumer subsidies in 2010 according to IEA estimates (IEA).
  • OECD Outlook simulation shows that phasing out fossil fuels subsidies in developing countries could reduce by 6% global energy-related GHG emissions, provide incentives for increased energy efficiency and renewable energy and also increase public finance for climate action. However, fossil fuel subsidy reforms should be implemented carefully while addressing potential negative impacts on households through appropriate measures.

EYE-BALL Comment:

It amazes that even a ‘think-tank’ like the OECD has not raised the most obvious of issues in its synopsis as presented above – if population is the cause of expected further climate change influence and so many other socioeconomic complications for the planet – why is there no debate on a population ceiling for the planet?

They themselves talk of the ‘carbon-tax’ remedy …

Where is the forecast predictions on what an unrestrained verses a restrained population growth has on the climate change debate?

No politician talks about this – Climate Change Minister Greg Combet has been given several opportunities to respond to this type of logic in the past, yet no response has ever been received.  This post will be sent to Mr Combet and the Opposition Climate Change spokesperson,  Mr Greg Hunt, again looking for a response.

Further OECD key highlights continue via this link – and are well worth the read.

But I ask you to think upon the core issue behind all the climate change promoters who think it caused by human influence – not one of them has prompted any debate on a planet population ceiling … that must drive the though process in asking why not – how can anyone blame humans for the climate change influence when the remedies proposed have no debate on control over population growth?

The only logical conclusion can be the weakness in Global Leadership to raise the population ceiling debate at any forum.  The alternative is the acceptance of the new tax’s collected from any climate change reversal measures – it would seem these tax collects are more important and needed Government revenues than finding a long-term solution based on the cause of the problem.

Have your say where it counts: – contact your Local Federal Representative via the links below and let them know how you feel about this, or any other topic that you feel strongly about – or you can just post a comment below and let off some steam.

Links to Australian Parliamentary Website – MP’s

The EYE-BALL Opinion …

EYE-BALL Opinion – Some ‘Carbon-Tax’ reality – The World is not listening to the real facts -


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- Some ‘Carbon-Tax’ reality -
- The World is not listening to the real facts -
| Author: EYE-BALL Opinion | 3rd Dec 2012 |
The Government v Opposition’s continued debate on the ‘Carbon-Tax’ gives rise to the electorate turn-off.  Someone once said to sell a particular point of view, one should say it with pictures.  To that end a friend sent an e-mail with the following pictures and text – his name is Colin S – and I thought it warranted a share.


  • China has 19% of the world’s population,
  • It consumes 53% of the world’s cement,
  • 48% of the world’s iron ore,
  • 47% of the world’s coal, … and the majority of just about every other major commodity.
  • In 2010, China produced 11 times more steel than the United States.
  • New World Record: China made and sold 18 million vehicles in 2010.
  • There are more pigs in China than in the next 43 pork producing nations combined.
  • China currently has the world’s fastest train and the world’s largest high-speed rail network.
  • China is currently the number one producer in the world of wind and solar power.  But don’t use it themselves.
  • They manufacture 80% of the world’s solar panels,
  • They install less than 5% and build a new coal fired power station every week.
  • In 1 year they turn on more new coal powered electricity than Australia ‘s total output.
  • China currently controls more than 90% of the total global supply of rare earth elements.
  • In the past 15 years, China has moved from 14th place to 2nd place in the world in published scientific research articles.
  • China now possesses the fastest supercomputer on the entire globe.
  • At the end of March 2011, China accumulated US$3.04 trillion in foreign currency reserves – the largest stockpile on the entire globe.
  • Chinese consume 50,000 cigarettes every second …
  • They are already the largest carbon dioxide emitter and their output will rise 70% by 2020 !
  • And these little Vegemites tell us all that we are saving the planet …
  • … with the help … err … demands of these people …

Does that make it any clearer … hope so …

The World is a competitive place and Australia is competing with the rest of the world and we are losing badly. Labour costs are at the heart of the problem. Can you see Australian’s willingly take a pay cut for the Nation to become more competitive … and therein is the problem.

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EYE-BALL Guru on – Foreign Minister Bob Carr & Wife – “An Australian Asset” -

October 25, 2012 3 comments
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- Foreign Minister Bob Carr & Wife -
- An Australian asset  -
| Author: EYE-BALL Guru | 25th Oct 2012 |
Astory released by ‘The Age’ today covered the overseas expenses accredited to Bob Carr’s wife in the eight of nine trips in which she has accompanied him since he became Foreign Minister in March/April 2012.

The expense contribution amounts to $123,000 and if one was to ponder that expense further – one might ask who approved the expenditure?

‘The Age’ story appears below:

Carr’s wife travels at taxpayers’ expense

| Author:  Adam Gartrell, AAP Diplomatic Correspondent | Date: Oct 25th 2012 | Link to On-Line Story. |


Bob Carr’s wife Helena has accompanied him on almost every overseas trip he has made as foreign minister, costing taxpayers about $120,000 in mostly business class airfares in just six months.

Documents released under Freedom of Information laws show Mrs Carr travelled with her husband on eight of the nine trips he took in the months between late March and early September.

The arrangement is highly unusual for a foreign minister. AAP understands Senator Carr’s Labor predecessors Stephen Smith and Kevin Rudd rarely if ever took their wives on official overseas trips.

But Senator Carr has defended the arrangement, saying the cost is “absolutely justified” because his wife is an “asset to Australia”.

“I’m proud that Helena has accompanied me on every trip I’ve done. Because while I’m talking to the foreign minister, she’s inspecting aid projects, or talking to groups of women,” he told reporters.

“It’s very, very good that Helena has been there with me.”

Senator Carr said it had also been an “advantage” to be accompanied by a Malaysian wife of Indian and Chinese descent as he lobbied for Australia’s spot on the United Nations Security Council.

The total cost of Senator Carr’s nine trips was an estimated $828,754, the documents obtained by AAP show.

Of that, Mrs Carr’s airfares – the vast majority of which were business class – accounted for an estimated $123,928.

Her meals and incidentals cost a further estimated $8000.

The figures come from pre-travel estimates provided by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade to Senator Carr’s office.

A spokesman for Senator Carr conceded the figures were “pretty close” to the actual costs.

The spokesman said Senator Carr and his office had always followed the relevant ministerial guidelines and all of Mrs Carr’s travel had been approved by the prime minister’s office.

Those guidelines say ministers are “generally not accompanied on official overseas travel by his or her spouse or de facto partner”. But exceptions are made when host countries have extended an invitation to the spouse and where an official program of engagements has been arranged.

“It’s by no means a holiday. You have a full day,” the spokesman told AAP.

Destinations do include countries to which Australia gives aid, including Cambodia, Burma and the Solomon Islands.

But they also include repeated visits to the US and the UK, and visits to wealthy Asian nations like Singapore and Japan.

The documents do not include the trip Senator Carr took to New Zealand before he was sworn in, or any of his travel in the past seven weeks. It is believed Mrs Carr accompanied her husband most of that time.

The only trip listed in the documents that Mrs Carr did not go on was a 24-hour visit her husband made to Fiji – at a steep cost of more than $42,000.

For that trip, Senator Carr took a special purpose aircraft at a cost of about $35,000 rather than fly commercially.

Senator Carr’s spokesman said he opted for the private plane because he had to be back in Canberra for pre-budget cabinet meetings and commercial schedules were not suitable.

Overall, Senator Carr is spending more days abroad than Kevin Rudd, who was sometimes called Kevin 747.

One could make a case that since Julia Gillard appointed Bob Carr from obscurity serving penance for the mess he left NSW in after serving as NSW Premier for a decade or more, Mr Carr has become highest spending Senator on record. Every other Foreign Minister served in the HOR, and Mr Carr folding probably the fourth most important position in Government behind, the PM, The Speaker and the Treasurer. The GG is probably above him as well.

None the less – this magnitude of Bob Carr’s $1 million expenditure with the recent UN Security Council trips to be added to the $828k total, he has to have the best travelers job in the world. First class all the way, dining with royalty where ever he goes and his wife gets to tag along as bed comfort or some other vital ‘Australian asset’.

What does Bob Carr mean when he justifys the expenditure when he says as quoted from above -

But Senator Carr has defended the arrangement, saying the cost is “absolutely justified” because his wife is an “asset to Australia”.

“I’m proud that Helena has accompanied me on every trip I’ve done. Because while I’m talking to the foreign minister, she’s inspecting aid projects, or talking to groups of women,” he told reporters.

“It’s very, very good that Helena has been there with me.”

Senator Carr said it had also been an “advantage” to be accompanied by a Malaysian wife of Indian and Chinese descent as he lobbied for Australia’s spot on the United Nations Security Council.

Does it mean she was able to do the job he could not … or that her language skills allowed him to communicate with counterparts … I have no problem if she is essential and if so why is she not on the Government payroll …

Come on Bob – your were semi retired after the NSW Premier job – you don’t need the money after you receive the NSW Premier’s pension … if the job is that important to you stand up and had back the money attributed to your wife’s expenditure.

Foreign Ministers before you only took their wives on overseas trips on special occasions … if it was a condition granted so you would take the job when Gillard asked – tell the Australian public else you will be crucified in the press on this. A million spent in some seven months … you seem to be well ahead of Peter Slipper’s class when it comes to travel rorts …

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EYE-BALL Guru on – Communications Minister Stephen Conroy – one of Gillard’s Lap-dogs – untrained and unleashed -

October 25, 2012 1 comment
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- Communications Minister Stephen Conroy -
- one of Gillard’s Lap-dogs-untrained and unleashed -
| Author: EYE-BALL Guru | 25th Oct 2012 |
The National Broadband Network [NBN] was a part of the ALP Government’s answer to the GFC tsunami spreading across the globe.   The initial 2008 forecast NBN spend was announced as somewhere between $30-$40 billion.  It was a hasty decision and was very much more about economic rhetoric than anything that came about from a sound policy initiative based on an extensive formal research undertaking.

The Australian electorate has had to suffer Minister Conroy and the NBN from the outset.  He has had some five years as the Communications Minister when appointed under PM Rudd in 2007 as a then Senator with some 8 years Parliamentary experience.

Mr Conroy’s Bio according to the APH website states his credentials before entering Parliament as -

Qualifications and occupation before entering Federal Parliament – [linked here]

  • BEc (ANU) – (May 1985)
  • Superannuation Officer, Transport Workers’ Union.
  • Research assistant.

What is more impressive than the career he had before he joined Parliament – is the detail provided on his APH website outlining his continued education provided for by the Parliament since he became a Senator.  [linked here.]

There have been a multitude of taxpayer-funded overseas study trips to help him complete his education, and he has sat on numerous committees since he became a Federal Senator in 1999.  Prior to this appointment he served as a Senator in the Victorian Parliament since 1996, and he was a Local Councilor before that.

A recent enquiry with the ANU provided his Graduation having been completed in May 1985.  So at age 22 Mr Conroy joined the workforce as a research assistant, and his elevation to a Minister in the Federal Government is probably something that was not seen as a career path at that stage.

The debate on whether he has over achieved is still ongoing – but from my perspective … Mr Conroy is languishing so far out of his depth as a Minister – I don’t think there is any way he will ever be consider one of Labour’s poster boy success stories. He is a fine example of a Union boy made good and in this Government with a coral full of unleashed and untamed lap-dogs, Gillard can call on any of them to do her bidding whenever she wants.

I do not know anything about Mr Conroy other than what I have read and been exposed to through the media as a Politician – he has never had my attention until he became the Government spokesperson for the NBN.

It is obvious to me that Minister Conroy is not a naturally gifted speaker, nor someone that has a ‘quick wit’,  or someone who comes across as a ‘good and likeable bloke’.   He seems ‘nerdy’ and twitchy at times and I judge that to be about his over-reach and that he is not comfortable in his environment.  The only conversations I have with him are very one-sided and take place in front of a TV when he speaks … the TV often ends up with ‘chop-suey’ all over it.

His shifty eyes and mannerisms are not made for TV interviews and I tell him so often … yet with all the media coaching and training he has received – what we get to see now is as good as he will ever be.

Please – don’t mistake this as a directed and/or personal attack – the poor bloke was just not made for modern TV where image and charisma is everything.

I have no doubt he is a hard worker and does his best – but come on – from a research assistant, to a Superannuation Officer with a BEc, to overseeing a $50 billion NBN rollout – the first of its kind in the world, and at a time when this Government had been out of office for some 12 years – Rudd was forced to pick him in his Cabinet to keep the Union heavyweights on side.

Given the slide in time – all Mr RUDD’s Cabinet post have to now be considered tainted.   Mr Conroy was a Union official – how high up is not known, but that was his meal ticket to a Unionised Cabinet that had an agenda that was not played out until the fateful night that Julia Gillard knifed Kevin Rudd in Jun 2010.

Whatever Mr Conroy’s credentials before he entered Parliament – his credentials now paint him as someone completely lost with the management and responsibility for the NBN …

What he knows and understands about Business and how to run a Company and its workforce – is something he could only answer if he so chose to respond to.   He did what he thought was the right thing in hiring qualified people, paid them millions in remunerations, and gave them bonus options – and some 4 years later all we hear about is the staff costs eating away at the budget and no subscribers signing up.

Plenty are waiting but the roll-out is some 12 months behind schedule, and as indications represented on ABC’s ’7:30 Report’ last night, consumers are furious at the delays.

Mr Conroy is very much aligned with Julia Gillard – a tempting conclusion draws a suggestion that from mediocrity, comes more mediocrity …

Minister Conroy’s counterpart – Mr Turnbull sits in the HOR and does not get to face off with Minister Conroy … they don’t appear on TV shows together.  I’m sure Mr Conroy has ben advised to stay away from Turnbull because he would find himself chewed-up and spat-out if he stepped into the ring with Turnbull – on an intellectual basis.  Just as I am sure from the Conroy Union history, his background would have him primed for a physical stoush if that was what would resolve the issues of the day …

Gillard has surrounded herself with these unleashed ‘hand-bag fillies’, an ‘lap-dogs’ and they all seem loyal to a fault.

The likes of the ‘Hand-Bag’ crew – Roxon, Plibersek, Macklin, Ellis, and the ‘lap-dogs’ – Conroy, Shorten, Bourke, Garrett, Swan, Bowen, Crean – all trotted out to bag Kevin Rudd in March this year when the Leadership spill was on … all to the instructions of Julia Gillard and in her defence, and all to prove loyalty against the Cabinet reshuffle announced before the spill.   Gillard barks – and these loyal lieutenants stand to attention.

At a time when Leadership has never been more important – Gillard has again this week played the ‘misogynist sexist’ card over comments about the baby-bonus mini-budget changes.

Next weeks Parliamentary sitting will be very important in how the tone of the Government is perceived given the -

  • release of the Maxine McKew book titled – “Tales From the Political Trenches”
  • The Thompson home raid by NSW Police acting on behalf of the Victorian police,
  • The continuing Slipper/Ashby court drama
  • the mini-budget desperation and the swiss cheese excuses coming forth from Treasurer Swan in defence of his economic management …
  • and finally – Hedley Thomas had Gillard on the ‘rack’ and one time Gillard accomplice Ralph Blewitt has bled himself to see Gillard burn at the stake for the fraud she has perpetrated upon the Australian people.

The House sits for four days next week before it rises again until the 26th Nov for the final four-day sessions before the Christmas break.   Will Gillard still be the PM – will Labour still be the Government – anything could happen and that is why the media do not have to be good at their job anymore.


At the risk of the ‘misogynist’ name tag being hurled again – I would like to say – it has been my experience where women have chosen to pursue a career over motherhood, i.e. a life with no children, than the outcome response to their life as it begins to stack up and they try to measure their worth and the difference they have made in career terms, many begin to fall apart when the opportunity of motherhood has passed … from then onwards they look to women with children and all that that brings with an envy that leaves a bitterness within.  That sour taste becomes an anger directed outwards because to direct it at themselves would mean having to accept that their choices made their life what it was.

I make this comment our of respect for mothers who made the choice and are content with their role as a mother and their contribution to their family.   For those who chose a career – then your lot is attached to the way men feel about their lives … they will never even have what a mother has … and we are all less because of it.   Please as a message to all Politicians – please let mother be mothers and give them whatever it takes for them to be at home with their children if that is what they want.   Childcare is no way to raise a child.

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EYE-BALL Guru on – Climate Change Minister Greg Combet – The Carbon Tax – Emissions Trading scheme -

October 24, 2012 2 comments
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- Climate Change Minister Greg Combet -
- The Carbon Tax – emissions Trading scheme -
| Author: EYE-BALL Guru | 24th Oct 2012 |
The Minister for Climate Change, Energy Efficiency, Industry, and Innovation – Mr Greg Combet, gave a speech to the 4th Annual Australian and New Zealand Investment Conference at the – SHERATON ON THE PARK, SYDNEY today.

Mr Combet’s Ministerial office provided a full text of the speech and it can be read using this link [opens a PDF file.]

Mr Combet was addressing Financial Market Executives and expressed the Government’s position in how they see climate change policy interacting with Market initiatives and products.  Mr Combet’s speech was commented on by ‘The Australian’ journalist Scott Murdoch when he filed the following Story:

Carbon tax repeal a threat: Combet

| Author: Scott Murdoch | Date: 24th Oct 2012 | Link to On-Line Story. |

CLIMATE Change minister Greg Combet has warned Tony Abbott’s promise to repeal the carbon tax will threaten Australia’s sovereign risk rating because of the major uncertainty created by the move.

In a speech to the Citigroup conference, Mr Combet attacked the opposition’s climate change policy which centers on a direct action plan rather than Labor’s planned transition from the carbon price to an emissions trading scheme in 2015.

Mr Abbott has promised to scrap the carbon tax, now set at $23 a tonne, if he wins the election due next year.

However, Mr Combet said businesses and industry leaders were now supporting the carbon tax after the “sky didn’t fall in” once it came into effect in July this year.

“It creates so much uncertainty, people are making very large investment decisions in the energy sector for example in assets with a life of 30 to 50 years,” he said referring to the coalition’s plan.

“If he (Mr Abbott) is doing what he proposes then it creates uncertainty and people will stand back and go ‘what’s going on here?’.

“Those investors are international investors and they know what’s going on. They know the carbon prices around the world, they know it’s inevitable and they know that this is rational policy response.”

Mr Combet said he would campaign against the opposition’s carbon policy “every day until the next election”.

This news report by journalist Mr Murdoch is no more than a ‘headline’ grab and is representative of the mono-logic lip service journalists have these days to a real story.

This speech was about so much more and there was as much not said as what was said and this is where the mainstream media are completely out of touch with what their job description requires them to do.

Whether it be Editors having ‘control’ issues, or proprietors having political agenda’s journalists are required to report about – the result is that we can no longer trust our media to be both objective and perform to a standard the keeps us informed about the real issues the we should all be concerned about.

What I derived from this speech is summarised hereto … Mr Combet made the following comments as his Introduction -

Page 1 …


Thank you for the opportunity to speak at this investment conference.

What do fund managers, bankers, financiers, analysts and investors have to do with climate change?


Climate change is a classic example of how we can harness the power of markets, and investment markets in particular, to reduce risks, underwrite economic prosperity and deliver social welfare.

Climate change is the most serious environmental problem the world faces today.

Left unchecked, it will impose significant economic, environmental, social and human costs on future generations.

The scientific advice is clear: to tackle climate change, the world needs to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases we release into the atmosphere.

In turn, this requires the world to invest in cleaner ways of producing the goods and services of modern economies:

  • We need to adopt cleaner sources of energy.
  • We need to use energy more efficiently in our factories, offices and homes.
  •   And we need to commercialise the innovative clean technologies and production processes

that will decouple economic growth from growth in carbon pollution.

The investment community has a large part to play in bringing about these changes.

So does government.

Indeed government policies to tackle climate change will be central to the investment decisions you and your clients make in coming years.

That is why it is important to understand that there are two sharply different policy approaches on offer in Australian politics today for driving the economic transformation needed to tackle climate change.

Under the first approach, the government places a price signal on carbon pollution and allows the choices and investment decisions of individual businesses, investors and consumers – in other words the market – to drive the economic changes needed.

Under the second approach, the government eschews markets, decides which businesses should take which actions to reduce pollution and hands out taxpayer subsidies to finance those actions.

The first approach – according to institutions like the federal Treasury, the Productivity Commission, the OECD and the IMF – is the most efficient and lowest cost way of reducing carbon pollution.

The second approach has been widely criticised as imposing higher costs, delivering less efficient outcomes and offering no certainty that the pollution reductions will even be achieved.

It may seem strange to some, but it is the Labor Party which has implemented the low-cost market-based approach while the Liberal Party wants to scrap this and replace it with the high-cost, anti-market approach of subsidies and central planning.

To help you understand the importance of this policy choice, and its relevance for the investment community, I want to use this speech to do three things.

First, to explain how the Government’s carbon price and wider Clean Energy Future package works.

Second, to outline the central role of investment in tackling climate change.

And finally, to make the case for why investors should support the Government’s pro-market climate change policies and reject the Opposition’s anti-market nostrums.

Perhaps I should state my position before I comment on Mr Combet’s speech and views.

I was a climate change supporter from the mid-90′s and up until the Carbon Tax debate began three years ago. I began to read material from both sides of the debate and when I understood where the concerns of the pro lobby group in the increased CO2 levels in the atmosphere I began to ask more questions and failed to get the answers needed to convince me.

I don’t support the Carbon Tax – I do not think it will in any way reduce carbon emissions in any time frame that this Government and International Climate Change action groups see as a need to prevent further environmental damage.

You see – I can accept that humans have had an impact due to fossil fuel usage and that is as much a population problem as an energy need problem. Yet in all the global debate I have read and searched – nobody is talking about a population ceiling/reduction as a means to contain energy needs of the reduction of carbon emission.

This is where the Carbon Tax proposal lost creditability in my opinion. Creating a new tax as a deterrent to try to induce carbon polluters to switch over to a cleaner energy source has no real function or purpose.  Especially when subsidies are introduced to offset the cost of the carbon tax to smaller polluters and pensioned consumers, and only the largest polluters are levied the new tax.

Yet the passed on cost of the new tax still feeds directly into the consumer energy market in a real way that forces up electricity/energy prices and adds to all essential cost of living expense.

So – when Mr Combet speaks to a room full of Financial Market executives trying to have them embrace a ‘carbon’ market via an emissions trading scheme, I ponder whether Mr Combet and his Government really has put the chicken before the egg …

Further into Mr Combet’s speech he made the following comments:

How the Gillard Government is acting

The scientific advice is that the world faces significant impacts from climate change unless carbon pollution is curtailed.

Governments around the world have agreed to seek to limit the average global temperature rise to less than two degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels.

The science indicates that stabilising the concentration of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere at 450 parts per million gives a 50/50 chance of not exceeding that temperature goal.
Countries around the world are acting. Ninety countries, accounting for over 80 per cent of global emissions, have committed to reduce or limit emissions by 2020.

And at last year’s climate change conference in Durban, the parties to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change decided to negotiate a new international agreement – this new agreement will impose binding obligations for emissions reductions from 2020.

Importantly the two biggest emitters, the United States and China, agreed to this mandate.
Australia needs to play its part: as a responsible global citizen; as the world’s 15th largest emitter; and as the highest per-capita emitter of all developed economies.

We also need to play our part because a new global climate change regime is coming.
If we do not prepare for the imposition of binding obligations to cut emissions from 2020 we will face a significant economic shock and potential trade retaliation.

It is in Australia’s economic interests, especially given the importance of our trading relationships in the Asia-Pacific, to deal effectively with this issue.

In fact, it is pivotal to our economic future that we foster investment in clean technologies.

That is why the Gillard Government has designed, legislated and implemented a comprehensive policy package to achieve this transformation: the Clean Energy Future plan.

This plan comprises four key elements:

  • a carbon pricing mechanism that will create the incentive for businesses to cut pollution and invest in cleaner energy sources;
  • strong support for renewable energy including the $10 billion Clean Energy Finance Corporation which will invest in businesses seeking to get innovative clean energy proposals and technologies off the ground – this support, together with the carbon price and the Renewable Energy Target, will drive $20 billion of investment in renewable energy over the next eight years and $100 billion to 2050;
  • measures to encourage energy efficiency in businesses and households, including the $1 billion Clean Technology Investment Programs which is driving investment in energy efficient and low pollution equipment in manufacturing businesses;
  • the Carbon Farming Initiative and other measures to promote the storage of carbon on the land through improved agricultural and land management practices.

These policies will ensure Australia meets its bipartisan target of reducing emissions to at least five per cent below 2000 levels by 2020.

Carbon pricing is at the heart of the Government’s Clean Energy Future package.

A carbon price effectively means the country’s biggest emitters of greenhouse gases must buy a permit for every tonne of pollution they release into the atmosphere.

This creates a powerful financial incentive for businesses to reduce their emissions. Individual businesses will decide the cheapest way to achieve this.

Carbon pricing will also spur investment in clean energy by making it more competitive with coal-fired electricity generation.

The carbon price will initially apply to around 350 of the nation’s biggest polluters – mainly facilities that emit 25,000 tonnes or more of carbon dioxide-equivalent greenhouse gases a year.
With the start of the carbon price, large emitters have a choice: reduce emissions or pay the carbon price.

Where it is cheaper to reduce a tonne of emissions than to buy a carbon permit, businesses will make the reduction.

This not only drives emissions reductions, it ensures they occur at the lowest cost.

For the first three years, the carbon price will be fixed, starting at $23 a tonne in 2012-13.

The three year fixed price period is transitional. It gets Australia on the road to an emissions trading scheme (ETS) where the carbon price is set by the market.

Under the ETS that will start on 1 July 2015, the Government will set a cap on greenhouse gas emissions, and therefore the number of permits that are sold. This cap will be reduced each year, which is how we will meet our emissions reduction targets.

An ETS also enables nations to link their efforts to cut emissions. With linking, a business that is a large emitter in one country can purchase a permit in another, leading to a common carbon price.

The Government has secured agreement to link Australia’s ETS with the European Union Emissions Trading System.

This means that from 1 July 2015 Australia’s carbon price will be the same as the carbon price in 30 other countries – including Great Britain, Germany and France – and the same as applies to 530 million people.

Linking our ETS with Europe is a historically significant outcome. It is a major step in countries joining together in their efforts to tackle climate change.

In time the Government intends linking with emissions trading schemes in New Zealand and throughout the Asia-Pacific region, with Australia’s largest trading partners.

We are now seeing increasing evidence of the development of carbon markets in key trading partners like Korea and China precisely because it is the least cost way to reduce emissions.

I make the point again – there is no discussion or thought in any plan to tackle perceived reasons for the carbon emission problems that hinge on a population ceiling as a means to tackle the problem.

Australia do not have a population problem – in fact we could live for another 4-500 odd years and still struggle to meet the population numbers of the USA and Europe basis our current immigration and birth renewal numbers.

We could feed ourselves and with the island isolation from the Northern Hemisphere polluters – our air becomes contaminated via their pollution as opposed to what we ourselves generate.

To me this whole debate is askew – it does not make sense that a small Nation and small polluter like Australia in gross terms, not per capita terms – that we are out in front of this debate and so much so that we have committed billions in forward spending estimates.  And this done when the PM made a pledge before the 2010 election that there – ‘would be no carbon tax under a parliament I lead.’

This policy has become an anchor weigh around the PM’s neck when she did a deal with the Greens Bob Brown that allowed her to form Government.

When one looks to the Green’s vote – some 11.8% of first preferences at the 2010 election – far less than the informal – @ [5.6%] and no-show’ @ [7.3%] – for a total of  12.9% of voters – why then is the Government allowing the Greens to dictate a policy that is so decisive?   A question that remains for all Australian’s and want to ask is – why is this Government pursuing this new ‘carbon-tax’ in the aggressive way it has?

Any solution to any perceived human induced carbon emissions responsible for climate change cannot be based on Australian pollution emissions.  Yet the debate to solve the global problem does not include a debate on a global population ceiling and a number for a sustainable global population that can be agreed upon.   Why Australia with a population of 23 million out of a global population in excess of 8 billion is in front of this carbon tax revolution to restrict CO2 emissions can only be really explained by those responsible for its introduction.

Wars will be fought over trying to solve a problem like population control in Nations around the world.   One can understand this … but to base any solution to the human influence toward climate change has to embrace this question and resolve the answers.

But the reality is that this Government is looking to the future with no idea, or vision to a future with no understanding as to what the planets sustainable population can or might be.   What if we have already past a sustainable population number?

In addition and as a statement of fact – this Government has no electoral mandate to pursue this Carbon Tax policy.

A chart below exposes the explosion in Global population in the last 100 years demonstrates this theory.

‘… The human population growth of the last century has been truly phenomenal. It required only 40 years after 1950 for the population to double from 2.5 billion to 5 billion. This doubling time is less than the average human lifetime. The world population passed 6 billion just before the end of the 20th century. Present estimates are for the population to reach 8-12 billion before the end of the 21st century. During each lecture hour, more than 10,000 new people enter the world, a rate of ~3 per second! …’

Read more …

Mr Combet has a Unionist background – his opinion on Climate Change and carbon emission damage is relying on the science written by scientist with a vested interest in supporting the Government for their livelihood.   Many independent studies refute the science and as more Government funds are thrown at scientist to write more confirming evidence, the sceptics are on the side of a losing battle because Government’s won’t fund their research to disprove the findings the want to believe in.

The rest of Mr Combet’s speech is related and directed at the Financial Markets and what they can do and how they can play their part in supporting the Government’s policy.  The whole speech can be read using this link.

Society has become this beast that looks upon the world through the eyes of our Media presentations – TV news, TV Current affairs, and Social Media interaction.   It is hardly unbiased or not presented with an agenda in mind.   It’s corrupted and winning the media over is how politics is played these days.

In the recent US Presidential debates – the winner is declared on who had the better posture, and eye contact … volumes have been written and all to fed an insatiable appetite of the public’s demand to have their news delivered in video or 140 character or less …

Te Globe went viral over the speech the PM gave on ‘misogyny’ and directed at the Opposition Leader – yet nobody on the world stage understands that the speech was based on a hypocrisy support for The Speaker who is a serial misogynist text tweeter as court documents released with the content of his text messages revealed.

The World has got it so wrong on this speech – I can agree that is was great theatre and Gillard excelled – but when you become aware that as she was speaking to the House – the Speaker was already making up his mind to resign anyway … and yet the PM continues to stand on her soap-box and accepts the praise with no-mind to correct the misinterpretation attached to her oration.

The PM wants to bathe in the spotlight and take advantage of the media profile in a popularity contest with Mr Abbott – and the media foster her efforts to do so.

This is what is wrong with the world – truth and justice is but a distant memory – it’s all about wining the minds of a senseless population dumbed down to a level where vision is all that is needed to sway opinion.

Sorry Mr Combet – to win my vote and those who support this blog site – you and your Government will have to be more forthcoming …

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The EYE-BALL Guru …

EYE-BALL Guru on – The “CARBON v CLIMATE CHANGE” Debate – Part 1 – OIL and its Contribution …

July 7, 2012 10 comments


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- Part I – OIL and its Contribution -
| Author: EYE-BALL Guru | Republished 29th July 2012 |

Index of Headings: | Click on Heading to read Header Title – return Links provided. |

  1. Introduction:
  2. The Aim:
  3. The Producers:
  4. The Consumers:
  5. Consumers and their Production shortfalls:
  6. The CARBON emission footprint – CIA Data:
  7. The CARBON emission footprint – OECD Data:
  8. Conclusion:
  9. Links to Previous “Carbon’ debate blogs:
  10. Links to Federal Members and Senators contact details.


The debate on Carbon and its contribution to the Global Climate Change Debate has its detractors and supporters. There are some cold hard and indisputable facts on this debate concerning Oil Consumers and Carbon emitters, and those on the conservation side of the fence.

The facts used by scientists and other commentators from both sides of the debate that have produced the global concerns and debate over ‘climate change’, and its causes – have largely been distorted to suit and support ‘paid for’ opinions to ensure continued funding.

The EYE-BALL Opinion wrote a blog a few days ago about a well-known and respected ‘Climate Change’ scientist – James Lovelock who has reversed his dooms day climate predictions for the planet – read that blog here.  His recant has not yet been widely reported in the main stream media – his comments as to why he has reversed his position challenges all the past scientific recommendations used to formulate the ‘carbon-emissions’ trading schemes currently working their way through Governments around the world.

Australia introduced its ‘Carbon Tax’ on the 1st July 2012. The Tax has been greeted with great scepticism from an engaged and enraged electorate despite flash polls indicating up to 60% support the ‘climate change’ theory – if not the Tax.

New Zealand who initially indicated they were also going to introduce a ‘Carbon Emissions’ scheme have in the last week announced they have scrapped those plans due to the potential for further economic cost on the back of the GFC still impacting on their economy.

The Gillard led Australian Labor Government who promised the electorate before the 2010 election ‘there would be no ‘Carbon Tax’ under a Government I lead’ - reversed her position in a deal with the GREENS to enable the formation of a Minority Government.  The polls have deserted this Gillard Labor Government over this ‘Carbon Tax’, and many other matters currently working their way through the Legal system and the Parliament.

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The Aim:

This ‘Carbon Tax’ story has many angles – the intent during this series of posts on the ‘CARBON’ debate is to offer commentary and contra opinion on where Government’s around the World have erred in their rush to introduce far-reaching, and impacting legislation based on Carbon emissions and its impact on Climate Change.   The research presented here and in future blogs will attempt to show the where and the why.  I do not believe the science is conclusive, and have many unanswered questions on why the ‘panicked’ rush to any form of ‘Carbon Tax’ and/or ‘Carbon Emission’ trading scheme.

My thoughts are that the Australian Government have rushed into this deal to appease their GREEN partners to Govern as a Minority Government.  I am yet to understand how a tax levy based upon ‘carbon usage’, and its implied deterrent and influence to help reduce ‘carbon emission’ – can or  will work.  The debate is flawed and represents Policy and Legislative intent with motivating factors that go to the self-serving interests of the Government, and not in the best interests of the Australian people.

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The Producers:

The CIA Factbook has many economic and energy resources records on all Nations around the World and is available to the public.  Click here to view or download this CIA Factbook data on-line. From that factbook the Producers list looks like this.

The Table at right provides “Production” data for the top 30 oil producers in the World as at 2011.   [Click on Table to enlarge in a new window.]

The OPEC member Nations are all included on this list i.e. Algeria, Angola, Ecuador, Iraq, Iran, Kuwait, Libya, Nigeria, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, UAE, and Venezuela. These top 30 Nations produce some 93% of all the OIL Produced by the all the Nations listed on the CIA Factbook page. These OPEC Nations account for 31% of the Globes total daily oil production.  – [Click here to see source data. This 31% represents some 27.5 million barrels a day compared with the total daily production of 88.9 million barrels a day.

Extracts from the “About Us” section on the OPEC cartel website states the following:

Member Countries

| OPEC Website – About US | Date: 6th July 2012 | Link to Source. |

… The Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) was founded in Baghdad, Iraq, with the signing of an agreement in September 1960 by five countries namely Islamic Republic of Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and Venezuela. They were to become the Founder Members of the Organization.

These countries were later joined by Qatar (1961), Indonesia (1962), Libya (1962), the United Arab Emirates (1967), Algeria (1969), Nigeria (1971), Ecuador (1973), Gabon (1975) and Angola (2007).

From December 1992 until October 2007, Ecuador suspended its membership. Gabon terminated its membership in 1995. Indonesia suspended its membership effective January 2009.

Currently, the Organization has a total of 12 Member Countries.

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The Consumers:

The flip-side of the Producers relates to the Consumer Nations and whether they are self-sufficient, natural exporters, or net importers.  Again the CIA Factbook provides the raw data – click here for the CIA data on-line website for Producers.

The condensed Table at right includes both “Consumers” and “Producers” with a legend of “Producers and their ranking as “Producers”, and Producers and their ranking as “Consumers. [Please click on Table to enlarge in a new window.]

The Highlighted Nation Names are Nations who are either a top 30 Producer or Consumer, but are not a top 30 on the other side.  The Yellow highlight represent Nations on both sides of the top 30.

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Top Consumers and their Production Shortfalls!

The data in the Consumer and Production tables produced above give clear FACTS about which Nations are OIL dependent, and/or import their daily requirements. Staying within these top 30 Consumers and Producers – there are 21 Nations whose consumption is higher than their production.  The shortfall within these 21 Nations amounts to 48.5 million barrels per day.

To put that in context – these 21 Nations with a production shortfall are required to import 48.5 million barrels of oil every day to meet their consumption requirements.  That 48.5 million barrels has a refined value of some $4.85 billion or a yearly cost to their economy of $1.77 trillion. [Calculations are based on US$100 per barrel.   The "0" values on the Table mean the Nation concerned does not appear in the top 200 Oil Producers listing as per the CIA Factbook.] [Click on the image at right to enlarge in a new window.]

Of a total global consumption usage of 98 million barrels per day, the top 200 Nations named via the CIA Factbook account for 88 million barrels.  That 10 million barrels a day shortfall will be explained in future posts.  However, the 21 top Nations on this list with supply shortages do import more than 50% of the total daily usage (98 million barrels) for their own consumption.

This is clear evidence as to who the guilty parties are in any ‘carbon emission’ debate.   These 21 Nations represent 90% or so of the world population, and some 95% or so of the total global GDP.  [This research data will be provided in future blogs in this series.]

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The CARBON emission footprint – CIA Data:

The top 30 Consumers listings above represent 90% of the total global daily usage – i.e. 88 million of a total usage of 98 million. This means just 21 Nations are responsible for 86% of all carbon emissions from oil and its by-product usage.

In terms of the ‘carbon’ footprint this 85 million barrels a day usage supply  represents, the following calculation is provided:

  1. 317kg*98,958,872 (barrels used every day) = 31.37 million tonnes of CO2 every day.
  2. Australia’s contribution to that is 960,800 (barrels used a day)*317kg = 304,575 tonnes of CO2.

[Please use links below to see how the conversion of barrels of oil to CO2 emission is calculated i.e. the calculation works out that one barrel of oil produces 317kg of CO2 emissions.]

Using this calculation – Australia emits .97% of the total world carbon emission emanating from its OIL consumption.

When the increase in CO2 emissions are measured by scientist’s, and as presented in a previous EYE-BALL blog – linked here – the CO2 emission number of 315 ppmv rises to 394 ppmv when presented in chart form. The chart below highlights this move.

Sourced from and Linked: CO2

Taking the total global 31.37 million tonnes of CO2 emissions every day from (1) above – this equates to 11.5 trillion tonnes per year. This has been happening on an escalating scale since the Industrial Revolution 200+ years ago, and exponentially so since the 1970′s – yet the CO2 levels increase in the atmosphere has increased ever so marginally.

The CO2 chart is made to look aggressive, threatening, and supportive of a crisis level in the levels of CO2 atmospheric emissions. The facts are far different.

Here is why – if you were to put this scale of increase on a 100% pie chart made up of all the atmospheric gas components – the section indicating the CO2 increase would a minute fraction of the width of a thin line separating pie sections. See Table and chart result below to verify this.

Click on either of these two images (Table or Pie Chart) – to enlarge in a new window. The Table and Charts above have been extracted and compiled from data from the Wikipedia Research Page – “Atmosphere of Earth”.

The crux of this whole debate is the alarm at the increase in CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) Atmospheric content that has risen from 0.031545% or 315 parts per million (Volume) – to 0.039445% or 394 parts per million (Volume).  It is an increase of 25% in CO2 levels that represents an increase in CO2 content of 0.00079% in the total atmosphere. In isolation the 25% increase sounds dangerous – yet the fact is that in the size of an olympic swimming pool some 2,500,000 liters – this CO2 increase would represent 19.75 liters.

Calculation for volume of an Olympic size pools measure: 50 metres long, 25 metres wide, and a minimum of 2 metres deep. (25m x 50m x 2m = 2,500m3; 1L = 0.001m3 so 2,500 x 1000 = 2,500,000L)

The sharp end of this debate is focused on the concerns from the fossil fuel and its by-product contribution to this CO2 increase.  With the amount of CO2 being emitted into the atmosphere on a daily basis from global OIL consumption – the natural instinct is to want to blame CO2 as the guilty party.   It’s logical – but the facts paint a completely different picture.

If Politicians truly understood the maths and the miniscule changes that are involved over the period since accurate records have been kept – i.e. 60 years maybe – I guarantee you the debate would not be so frenzied, panicked, and desperately eager to make mass changes.  Changes  that will impact upon everybody on the planet – both financially, and in the way we all live our lives.

Whatever steps are taken to reduce emissions via a ‘Carbon Tax’ or ‘emission trading scheme’ – none of it will make one scrap of difference to any CO2 atmospheric emission in any medium term time frame. The fact is that developing Nations want their opportunity to grow. Why should they be penalised because industrialised Nations have created the carbon trend?

What is missing from the debate is the increase/decrease of other minute gas’s within the atmosphere.  Carbon is deemed the ‘bad-boy’ or so Scientists and Government’s would want us to believe.   This is a ‘con-job’, a ‘swindle’, or a ‘Ponzi’ type scheme if you like on a massive scale in terms of how many, and the who’s who of who has been sucked into sponsoring, and believing that Carbon is solely responsible for any perceived ‘Climate Change’ argument.

As posted in many of the earlier blogs on this subject made over the last 18 months – all linked below – Carbon is the essential ingredient of everything that exists on this planet.  More Carbon means more food – and pretty much more of everything.  The debate is idiotic in that context – and it rests mainly in academia land where Government funding is the only thing that provides the scientists with employment, and a lifestyle they would never have in the private sector. What and where is the research that indicates peak levels of atmospheric CO2 that create human and animal health issues? What about food production in a higher CO2 atmosphere – what are the yield growth ratios?

Without the ‘Carbon Tax’ and ‘Climate Change’ debate – $billions would have already been saved from the monies spent on research, reviews and more reviews on those reviews, and the infrastructure undertakings already in place and planned for.  A great number of people have been sucked in by this ‘con’, and those perpetrating the ‘con’ have gotten filthy rich – i.e. Al Gore for one who is visible.

The recant by renown scientist Mr Lovelock earlier this year, and as reported on this blog site, gives pause and reason to debate whether this whole urgency may just unfold itself and fade away when the ‘con’ is revealed and accepted.  Try telling that to the likes of Environment Minister Greg Combet and his Prime Minister – they for Political gain will not entertain any other debate.

Politicians have relied solely on scientist’s advice to sell this ‘Carbon Tax’ and ‘Climate Change’ to the electorate and to the World.  Their own research has been to read the Scientific research and their minds are closed to any other perspective.  The GREENs wanted this as a price if they were going to form a Minority Government – the Coalition said NO – and the ALP wanted Government at any price.

The then Leader of the ALP broke her promise to all Australian’s a week or so before the 2010 election when she looked down the camera lenses and stated – ‘no carbon tax under a Government I lead’ -  she rolled over and let Bob Brown stick it to her and Australia where she gets to enjoy all the thrills and frills, and the Australian people have to carry the baby.

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The CARBON emission footprint – OECD Data:

Another part of this research endeavour has been to compare the OECD data on CO2 emissions with the data extracted from the CIA factbook and the calculations differences made from that data extraction.  Below is a OECD Table of CO2 emission data covering all ‘fuel combustion’ emissions, including – COAL, PEAT, OIL, and GAS.

When Coal, Gas, and Peat are added to Australia’s carbon footprint – the emissions goes from 0.97% of the Worlds emissions, to 1.4%.  The difficulty here is that the CIA data is date stamped 2011, and the OECD data is date stamped 2009. [Click on the Table below to enlarge in a new window.] Click here to see the source data at the OECD Website.

[Please click on the Table at right to enlarge in a new window.]

This information adds somewhat to the confusion and accuracy of any research project and their findings.  If one did not know better – it might be suggested it has been done this way deliberately to help with the confusion.   I’m sure that the raw data the scientist’s are working with comes from unpublished sources and all we can do as researchers and commentators is work with what we can find.

It ain’t a perfect system – but this whole ‘Climate Change’ movement given a shot on the arm in 2002 with AL Gore’s ‘Inconvenient Truth’ and his ladder to point to where CO2 is headed has been something to behold.  I was a supporter until I decided to get my own facts and prove to myself that what I had believed in and all based on the propaganda presented was in fact the right side of the debate.  If all Australians did this – including the Politicians this ‘Carbon Tax’ would have been proven tobe a great big hoax.

When Scientists are working with the same type of data with its variances – do you think they allocated and threshold factors for ‘margins of error’.   The Scientist’s who supported the climate change debate took what they needed and made the numbers work.  Those who were sceptics did the opposite. Governments came down on the supporters and they got the funding.  You can get any amount of Government funding to prove carbon’s impact on animal habitats and the like – but you can’t get a dime to disprove any of what the Governments have accepted.

The CIA data presented earlier is dated 2011 – whereas the data and research results presented from the OECD database is dated 2009 data.

The interesting point in this data comparison from Australia’s perspective is that using the CIA data – and at the 2011 dateline – the Australian oil usage CO2 emission footprint is measured at 304,575 tonnes per day – whereas the OECD data Australia’s total fossil fuel emissions calculated as follows: 395,000,000 annual tonnes of CO2/365days =  1,082,191 tonnes per day of which OIL represents 304,575 tonnes.

Again the Important Note: The OECD data includes Coal, Peat, Oil, and Gas emissions whereas the CIA data only pertains to OIL.  Like with like comparisons are still being researched and will be presented in future posts on this ‘Part Series’ expose as Gas, Coal and Peat are researched..

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The battle lines have been drawn on the ‘Carbon Tax’ debate from a Political perspective. The Opposition have vowed to repeal the Tax – the Government has mandated to do everything it can whilst still in Government to make it impossible for the Opposition to scrap the Tax – either Legislatively, or via other means.

This gives the Opposition a bet each way – they can promise to repeal the Tax and when they get into Government – they can claim that the unwinding of the Labour minefield of Legislation just means the Australian electorate will have to live with the Tax.  Would that be an election promise broken?  ALl type os hypocrisy would then become the debate and it would be as it is now except for role reversals.

For this ALP Government to have stoop to such petty endeavours and announce its intentions to try and block any chance of a repeal of this ‘Carbon Tax’ Legislation is indicative of the ’cause and effect’ this Government is having on Australian’s and the Nation as a whole.

To put this another way – even blind Freddy can read the polls indicating a whitewash result for Labour at the next election.  That would mean most of the Front Bench will be out of a job.   They all know this and this spiteful and vengeful display by a minority Government proves its disdain and in anywhere but Government – ‘criminal’ intent to sabotage the next Government if it not be them.

The research information on OIL provided in this blog has to make you wonder right?  All the MP’s and Senators will be receiving an e-mail with a link to this post in an effort to draw further constructive debate and commentary between Leaders and MP’s alike.  Should you want to respond likewise with a link back to this page please feel free to do so.  Or – you might just want to post a comment below to express your feelings.

The next Part II in this series of blogs will be on the Coal and Gas Industry and their contributions to the emission’s debate.

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  14. 14th Jul 2011 – EYE-BALL on – CARBON [CO2] is not the ENEMY – Part II
  15. 17th Jul 2011 – EYE-BALL on – Thoughts on the CARBON TAX Package -
  16. 20th Jul 2011 – EYE-BALL on – An Enlightened View on Carbon Emissions …
  17. 22nd Aug 2011 – EYE-BALL Guru on – Another reason the Australian Treasurer deserves his DUNCE-HAT!!!
  18. 26th Sep 2011 – EYE-BALL on – “Economists” – puppets following the Pied Piper …
  19. 27th Oct 2011 -  EYE-BALL on – Who Really OWN’s the Carbon Tax?
  20. 14th Dec 2011 – EYE-BALL on – The EGG on Duchess Julia’s Face … what will her strategy on the Carbon Tax be now ?
  21. 16th Mar 2012 – EYE-BALL – Climate Change 2012 – The Carbon Tax …
  22. 4th Apr 2012 – EYE-BALL – GILLARD – Australia’s worst Nightmare … worse than Jack Lang.
  23. 26th Apr 2012 – EYE-BALL – The Carbon Tax – may we hope the ‘SLIPPER AFFAIR’ will save us all …
  24. 3rd July 2012 – EYE-BALL on – “Carbon Tax” & “Climate Change” … A 21st Century Swindle …

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The EYE-BALL Guru …

EYE-BALL Opinion on – “Carbon Tax” & “Climate Change” … A 21st Century Swindle …

- “Carbon Tax” …
…and “Climate Change” -
… A 21st Century Swindle …
3rd July 2012.
Hot on the wire services in recent weeks is a recant of opinion by World renowned and Climate Change doomsayer – James Lovelock.  He has given notice to the World that he has reversed his position on the “Climate Change” debate.  He has been widely reported over his interview earlier this year and various Media outlets around the World have printed this story.  Please read these stories linked below:

  • Please read “The Guardian” story here (23rd June 2012):
  • Please read “The Toronto Sun” story here (15th June 2012):
  • Please read “MSNBC” story here (23rd April 2012)
  • James Lovelock Wikipedia profile linked here:

All these stories call for reading for anybody with an open mind on the Climate Change debate.

In the ‘Toronto Sun’ story Mr Lovelock’s comments state in part -

Green ‘drivel’ exposed

The godfather of global warming lowers the boom on climate change hysteria

| By Lorrie Goldstein | Date: June 23rd, 2012 | Link to On-Line Story. |

… Lovelock still believes anthropogenic global warming is occurring and that mankind must lower its greenhouse gas emissions, but says it’s now clear the doomsday predictions, including his own (and Al Gore’s) were incorrect.

He responds to attacks on his revised views by noting that, unlike many climate scientists who fear a loss of government funding if they admit error, as a freelance scientist, he’s never been afraid to revise his theories in the face of new evidence. Indeed, that’s how science advances… continues here

There is much more to the interview – and his revelation that most of the hysteria surrounding the dooms day scenario prompting the Carbon Tax legislation is protecting ‘self-interests’ makes complete sense.

“Q and A” Monday last was famous for the fainting spell from “Get-Up” founder Simon Sheikh – but aside from that high drama which everybody seemed to move on from pretty quickly – the debate was about the “Carbon Tax”.

Frustrations abound in this debate – and may people have no idea what the debate is about as evidenced by the “Aussie Beach TV” YouTube clip displayed in “Harry’s Growl” latest Political updates – linked here – or can be seen on-line here.  The “Q and A” program again highlighted the pig headed beliefs people have – they rely on others to give them their position and opinion – yet if you were to ask them simple questions about Carbon emissions,  percentages structures and what the whole debate is about very few could put a few coherent words together.

The ‘Carbon Tax’ is an incentive based tax to try and reduce carbon emissions – it is poorly structured and will have little impact if any at all in reducing ‘greenhouse’ gases.  Carbon is not the toxic gas the Carbon Tax is targeted at and even the Government MP’s have trouble debating this point.

AL Gore has a lot to answer for – his “Inconvenient Truth” was fiction and intimidated weak Politicians.  Government funded Scientist saw decades of funding ahead if they gave positive responses to the ‘fear’ that gripped Global Leaders if they did nothing.  Three years ago I was a Climate Change supporter – when the Carbon Tax became central to the Governments  way forward – I did the research and within a week became a skeptic.

With Mr Lovelock’s reversal – where do the Greens go now.  News out today that New Zealand have backed away from a Carbon Emission trading scheme and a Carbon Tax leaves Australia exposed and will diminish Gillard and the Government’s current position even further.  [See the New Zealand story here.]

There is plenty more to come on this subject that will be negative for the Government.  At what stage will Gillard admit her errors and go to the polls – the short answer NEVER!!!

She will drag us all down before she admits liability and for that she should be put in a ‘pillory’ to allow us all to vent our rage.

Governments have no liability past their current and future tenure.  When their thrown from office they go back to the Opposition bench and fight against the new Government attacking all their previous work.

If the cost of this mantling and dismantling was calculated and shown to the Australian people as a real number and cost to taxpayers – no Politician would escape. They would claim that they were not there when these policies were enacted … but that evolution is what Politics is all about.

Our Leaders are supposed to enact policies that protect and provide for us all into the unknown future. It has been a long time since those sorts of policies have been the real focus of any Governments policy agenda.  It is about re-election and the holding onto power.

This Carbon Tax is a bad Tax, the ‘Mining Rent Resource Tax’ (MRRT) is a worse Tax, the appreciating and continued high A$ is worse than both combined, and yet the Government nor the Reserve Bank want to do anything to stop the appreciating A$.

This single high A$ policy inaction – and the Opposition are ‘mugs’ on this issue as well – has cost Australia many A$100′s of billions over the last 6-7 years. This Government is guaranteeing that the future of this Nation will only get worse for future generations and that should make everybody cry.  On our watch our children’s children will inherit all the errors and stuff ups being made by this Government and an ineffective Opposition.

The GREEN’s are most at fault for this Carbon Tax as it was the price Gillard had to pay to become PM.  Gillards willingness to roll over on her ‘no Carbon Tax’ policy before the last election proves what a ‘whore’ she is.  Her self-interest was the worst act of political treachery by any politician in living memory.   It was even worse the the ‘children overboard’ scandal.

We are demanding Leadership, we deserve visionary leadership – and this ‘Three Holes from Hell’ of a PM can’t begin to even think she fills that role … if she does not resign then someone should give her the bump everybody wants.


Have your say where it counts: – contact your Local Federal Representative via the links below and let them know how you feel about this, or any other topic that you feel strongly about – or you can just post a comment below and let off some steam.

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The EYE-BALL Opinion …

EYE-BALL’s Harry’s Growl – Harry’s Political Updates – June 9th 2012.

The-EYE-BALL-Harry's Growl-Header-2
Harry’s Political Updates …
June 9th 2012.

This Editions Headings:

| June 9th, 2012 | Click on Heading’s below to go to linked story. |

  1. NSW ALP Paid $350,000 to keep Craig Thompson from bankrupcy …
  2. Joe Hockey and his ‘retirement’ agenda for all Australians …
  3. The new Foreign Affairs Minister helps out Burma … and a few other Nations …
  4. The Latest Media debacle – Channel 9′s Prostitute claims …


NSW ALP paid $350,000 to keep Craig Thompson :

The SMH have released details about how the SNW ALP paid over some $350,000 to keep Craig Thompson from going bankrupt.  The story – [published below] – reeks of crooked deals done to allow our Duchess Julia to keep the PM job.

In any form of analysis – paying ‘hush’ money, or in this case the NSW branch of the Australian Labour Party in Government, who paid Thompsons defamation settlements fees and legal costs – so as to prevent his bankrupcy – have breeched any number of Parliamentary protocols and behaviour rules.

The Sydney Morning Herald story can be read in full below -

ALP paid $350,000 for Thomson legal costs

| June 4, 2012 | Phillip Coorey, Kate McClymont | Link to on-line story. |

[Photo: Andrew Meares]

THE NSW Labor Party paid almost $350,000 in legal costs for Craig Thomson before the troubled MP was suspended from the party in May.

More than two-thirds of the amount – $240,000 – was paid to Fairfax Media, the publisher of the Herald, under a settlement reached a year ago when Mr Thomson withdrew defamation action he instituted in 2009.

Another $108,366.87 was to cover Mr Thomson’s other legal expenses and some of Labor’s own bills related to the case, taking the total the ALP paid to $348,366.87.
Advertisement: Story continues below

The ALP will divulge the figure at its annual state conference next month after internal pressure from the NSW senator John Faulkner, who argued that members had a right to know.

Party officials contend that, had the ALP not footed the bills, Mr Thomson could have gone bankrupt. This would have disqualified him from being an MP, caused a by-election and most likely caused the Gillard government to fall.

An extract of a report from NSW Labor’s finance committee, being prepared for the state conference, has been obtained by the Herald.

It concludes: “While significant legal expenses were incurred and covered by Craig Thomson, the cost of legal expenses to NSW Labor to provide ongoing financial assistance to cover Mr Thomson’s legal expenses, including NSW Labor’s own bills in relation to these matters, totalled $348,366.87 ($240,000 of which was a defamation settlement with Fairfax).”

One senior official said the figure would be controversial but the party leaders did not want it to turn into an issue of transparency with members.

Mr Thomson sued Fairfax for first publishing the allegations concerning his use of funds when he was national secretary of the Health Services Union.

The report suggests Sussex Street was acting in the party’s interest by paying Mr Thomson’s expenses in May and June 2011 when his defamation case turned sour. “The party paid these expenses in accordance with its responsibility for the management and administration of all matters which affect the welfare of the party,” it says.

On September 1 last year, the finance committee received a report concerning the defamation settlement and passed a motion unanimously endorsing the payment of Mr Thomson’s costs.

Mr Thomson was still being investigated by Fair Work Australia and the police and on September 2, the party’s admin-

istrative committee endorsed a motion “to provide ongoing financial assistance to cover his legal expenses”.

On May 4 Mr Thomson was suspended from the party which ”ceased to provide him with financial assistance to cover his legal expenses”.

Fairfax wrote to Mr Thomson last month requesting he correct false evidence he gave to Fair Work Australia concerning his defamation action against the company.

Mr Thomson told FWA last year that Fairfax settled the case because its handwriting expert had concluded ”the signatures on the credit card forms [for brothel receipts] were forged”. He also claimed he had provided Fairfax with alibi evidence which proved he could not have used the prostitutes at the stated times.

Fairfax lawyers wrote to Mr Thomson twice last month saying those claims and others were false and deliberately misleading. He was informed in writing that unless he publicly corrected the record and informed FWA ”as to the false information supplied by you”, the company would do so.

”Despite the clear representation made by you that Fairfax had made a payment to you … it was in fact you that paid Fairfax the sum of $240,000,” the letter said. Yesterday FWA said it had received no clarification from Mr Thomson.


This story just won’t go away – Abbott just can’t hit the ‘home-run’. Any Leader worth a pinch of salt should be able to bury the Government and force a new election given the material that is in the public domain. He does not have the ‘want’ at this stage and that might be ‘stage-fright’, or he wants to ‘slow-roast’ the Government. The latter would offer complete disdain to the rights and entitlements of the Australian people. They deserve better and if he is holding off because of a personal agenda and ego happenstance – then he does not deserve the job.

If it is the former i.e. stage-fright, then he again has no right being in the position.

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Jow Hockey and his Retirement plans … :

Hockey wants debate about raising retirement age

| Posted June 08, 2012 11:15:51 | Link to ABC on-line story. |

Shadow treasurer Joe Hockey says there should be a debate about increasing the retirement age to 70.

A report by the Grattan Institute think tank has called for the retirement age to be lifted to 70 in order to increase the numbers of older people in the workforce.

It also wants the GST to be expanded to cover food, education and healthcare.

Prime Minister Julia Gillard has ruled out lifting the retirement age and Opposition Leader Tony Abbott says he does not think it is worth talking about.

“I’m not saying it’s wrong but I don’t think there should be any further lifting of the retirement age without full community debate, and I’m certainly not proposing that,” Mr Abbott said.

But Mr Hockey says the change should be on the table.

“I think life expectancy is into the 80s and the pension age has only just changed in the last few years, so it’s something we should have a proper debate about as part of an ageing population,” he said.

“It’s something that we do need to have a community debate about because we are getting older [and] hopefully going to live longer.

“When you look at France, which has a new Socialist president who’s saying he’s going to reduce the retirement age from 62 to 60, this is why Europe’s in trouble and Australia progresses down the path of being able to sustain in a decent quality of life [for] an ageing population.”

Earlier this year, Mr Hockey used an address to policymakers in London to declare the “age of entitlement” was over, calling for a revision of a number of social policies and payments.

Ms Gillard says while the Government has already raised the retirement age, she does not support lifting the GST and will not be seeking to revisit the issues.


Really Joe – you are a scatterbrain – the World hits a ‘era-ending’ financial crisis and you want to make people world an extra three years till aged 70. The age was lifted to 67 a few years back and to come into effect by 2023. See Human Services statement below:

Eligibility for Age Pension

| Link to on-line resource – Human Services. |

Age requirements

Your eligibility for Age Pension depends on your current age and when you were born.

From 1 July 2017, the qualifying age for Age Pension will increase from 65 years to 65 and a half years. The qualifying age will then rise by six months every two years, reaching 67 by 1 July 2023.

This previous ‘tweak’ in retirement ages increased woman’s pensionable age from 60 to 65, and men from 65 to 67.  For Mr Hockey to now want to have further discussions on a renewed effort to further increase pension age to 70 – demonstrates Joe’s complete lack of understanding of what his role is as a Member of the Parliamentary Opposition.

His creditability is at question here – his statement – ‘want to have discussions’ is a kite flying comment – he’s not committed to an increase – he wants to monitor the feedback before he commits to a policy.

It is a measure of the man and what he stands for – god help Australia if he is the next Federal Treasurer – Swan and the RBA have given him ample ammunition to work with over the mis-management of the rise in the A$ – yet he just shakes his head and accepts he is out of his league.

If the Government was to reverse the 15% up front tax rule on superannuation imposed when Keating introduced the 9% pay sacrifice in the early 90′s – that would immediately give back to the superannuant a cash flow and compound earn that will see superannuation values double over time.  The Government at last count – i.e. the last 12 months of Superannuation tax collections – would be giving up $6.6 billion in Government revenues.   Cheap at half the price.

If Joe is really worried about the burden of funding the aged pension – bumping the retirement age is the ‘cheap-suit’ and ‘Goldman Sacks’ way of doing business – screw everybody and make sure you get your end covered.

Fuck off Joe and go have another ‘crap-moment’ whilst you think of your next ‘kite-story’ you want to fly to get yourself some media coverage.

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Australia Pledges Millions to Foreign Lands …

The new Foreign Minister is the new Oceania Santa Clause if the gifts pledges to some of the Regions Foreign Nations are to be believed.

This week there was the announcement of an $80 million package for Burma, [see story here], then last month there was another $2.5 million pledge to Fiji, a $300 million pay-off for Afghan security forces to allow Australia to exit a failed campaign and the list goes on.

The May 2012 Budget shows Foreign Aid forecast has reduced Foreign Aid by $2.9 billion over the next four years.  [See story here.].

Given Bob Carr’s limited time in the job – his role going around selling the budget cuts and doing the PR required to keep neighbours happy,  is a baptism he probable had not considered.

It is noticed that he takes his wife with him on most of these trips – something the previous Foreign Minister was reluctant to do.  The fact that she appears to be of Asian descent probably has no attendant issue – but if it did – who actually would be the Foreign Minister?

Bob Carr is Bob Carr – he made a few gaffes early in the posting – but is now out of sight and out of mind.  Initially the media were talking up his prospects as the alternative PM – that nugget is now in the same file as Bill Shorten’s short term aspirations.

Gillard is one tough broad – she has seen off more challenges that Mohammed Ali had to as the heavyweight Champion of the world.  Not bad for a sheila.

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The Latest Media Debacle – Channel 9′s ACA …

The media have had a bad week – by any stretch of the imagination – the conversations held in the Channel 9′s headquarters at Artarmon over how they ‘cocked’ up a ‘slam-dunk’ story that made Media headlines all over the Nation for days.

It all came down to the creditability of the self-confessed prostitute – and as always they are always marked down.  The woman in question went to a rival network who broke the story – and for the same reasons that Channel 9 wanted to publish their story – the poor woman was slandered all day in ‘blog-world’ and by the mainstream press.

Channel 9 chased down what they though would be an award winning story – they were prepared to pay $60,000 to the woman until she recanted her story when she or someone discovered that she couldn’t have had sex with Craig Thompson when she said she did because her passport had her in New Zealand at the time.

Look – tis is not about the prostitute telling her story and recanting – it is about the integrity of Channel 9 and the ‘A Current Affair’ producer and Journalist who chased down the story.   Leaking the story headline before the story aired was a monumental blunder – and if the woman involved wanted to sue Channel 9 – public opinion would be on her side.  As for her legal position – who knows given what has been stated and counter stated.

The upshot – Craig Thompson gained on-air sympathy from the woman in question and the rest of Australia would also feel Thompson got screwed over yet again.   Does Thompson deserve that sympathy – of course not.  But thanks to some ‘dumb-ass’ media reporting the momentum of the Thompson ‘slow-roast’ has slowed.

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You’ll find the House of Representatives (HOR) and Senator e-mail addresses via the links below to the Australian Parliamentary website Members and Senator profiles. It is an important aspect that in our form of Democracy, that the people be heard – we should ensure the Government Representatives hear our opinions. If we stay silent, then Democracy is not served.

Use the Federal Member and Senate links below to find your Local Member. If you prefer, you can just post a comment below and let your views be heard.

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Harry’s Growl …

EYE-BALL’s Harry’s Growl – Harry’s Political Updates – June 4th 2012.

The-EYE-BALL-Harry's Growl-Header-2
Harry’s Political Updates …
June 4th 2012.

This Weeks Headings:

| June 2, 2012 | Click on Heading’s below  to go to linked story. |

  1. What happened to Peter Slipper …
  2. Poll Results …
  3. Reality TV – Politics is the new show …
  4. Latest on Craig Thompson …


What happened to Peter Slipper:

Our exiled poofter Speaker – Peter Slipper is back in the news again – be it so briefly – out of sight out of mind as they say – but it is for his usual reason for being in the media spotlight – his expense claims. Whilst all the focus has been on Craig Thompson – Mr Slipper in his hiatus from his Speaker roll now has this new media cycle to overcome – his must be the best lunch ticket in town – perhaps he flys his guests to some lake nearby to frequent a log-cabin with room service catering for all in his ‘sexual’ encounters pursuits with young raw staffers.

Reports out under FOI information show Slipper has spent some $407,000 of taxpayers money performing in his role as the Deputy Speaker, and than in more recent times as The Speaker.  He spent almost $1300 on his new Speaker costume – taxpayer-funded of course, and he has spent some $8500 on catering since he took up the Speaker role.

The Sydney Morning Herald story can be read in full below -

Slipper’s expenses out of the bag … more

| June 4, 2012 | Linton Besser, Matthew Moore |

[Click on photo at right to read the 'SMH' story. In full regalia ... Peter Slipper as Speaker of the House. Photo: Gary Ramage]

PETER SLIPPER’S new coat and tails cost taxpayers $1248. His total travel bill in his first six months as Speaker of the Parliament was more than $18,000. He has spent more than $8500 on catering.

Click Here – to View the full list of Peter Slipper’s expenses

It will be the first – and probably only – time the Parliament discloses what perks it pays federal politicians.

Mr Slipper’s spending figures were obtained by the Herald under freedom of information in what is believed to be the first successful application in the Parliament’s history.

House of Representatives Speaker Peter Slipper participates in the Speaker’s procession with the Serjeant-at-Arms armed with the mace and the Speaker’s Attendant from the Members’ Hall to the House of Representatives at Parliament House Canberra on Tuesday 14 February 2012. Pool Photo: Gary Ramage

But the Attorney-General, Nicola Roxon, has said the government will shield remaining MPs from such scrutiny by moving Parliament outside the reach of FOI.

Her office said she was considering a bill to ensure the perks Parliament paid or administered – as well as the $230 million a year its departments managed – remained secret. ”It has been long-accepted practice that the parliamentary departments are exempt from FOI,” her spokesman said in a statement. ”The government is considering its options to correct this anomaly.”

An FOI expert, Peter Timmins, said the planned legislation was a serious setback for accountability, noting that the government had failed to properly overhaul the way politicians were remunerated after a landmark inquiry in March last year recommended root-and-branch reform.

”They receive or administer significant amounts of public money that are not subject to the same standards of accountability and transparency that other government agencies are subject to,” Mr Timmins said.

”Why don’t we have a single system that is transparent so that we can see online how this money is being spent in real time?” he said, citing the Scottish Parliament as an example of where such measures were in place.

Since freedom-of-information laws were introduced in Australia, the Federal Parliament has been considered off limits. The bureaucracy might have to account for its spending but the Parliament and its politicians do not, despite the recommendations of the Law Reform Commission that Parliament should be covered.

But in 1999, when a new parliamentary services law was introduced, the three agencies that run the Parliament were accidentally exposed to the legislation. No one noticed until now.

In late April, the serjeant-at-arms of the House of Representatives, Robyn McClelland, denied the Sunshine Coast Daily access to information about Peter Slipper’s expenses as deputy speaker: ”Such details have not been released previously and we do not propose to make the details that you have requested available to you at this time.”

But the matter came to the attention of the Australian Information Commissioner, John McMillan, who made a surprise ruling that the Department of the House of Representatives, the Department of the Senate and the Department of Parliamentary Services had all been subject to the law since 1999.

On May 1, the Herald tested the ruling. Last Thursday it received a table of all money paid to Mr Slipper first as deputy speaker and then, since November, as speaker.

In all, Mr Slipper has cost taxpayers $407,000 in the two roles.

But on the day the Parliament was preparing to give the Herald this information, Ms Roxon announced the government deemed such disclosure an ”anomaly”.

The Greens senator Lee Rhiannon said all MPs should be covered by FOI and their expenses should be readily available to the public.

“Public money is what keeps the House of Representatives and the Senate functioning and the public have a right to know how that money is spent,” she said. ”Parliament should not be beyond the reach of FOI.”

When Britain passed FOI laws 12 years ago, its Parliament and MPs were included and the media and others sought details of their expenses. The Parliament tried to stop the release but the courts said it was public money and public information.

The Parliament continued to resist until the entire file of MPs’ expense claims and disbursements was leaked to the media in 2009 and caused a national scandal. Some MPs were claiming ”second-home” allowances while renting those properties out, some were inflating council tax rates on these properties and pocketing the difference, and many were claiming inflated costs for renovations or repairs to their properties.

The speaker and several ministers were sacked, the then prime minister, Gordon Brown, issued a public apology and several MPs were prosecuted and given jail sentences.

In case the Australian government does try to move the Parliament out of the reach of FOI, on Friday the Herald asked the Parliament for the expenses of every member of the House of Representatives and the Senate.

The bigger story within this story is the revelation that the Government is moving to suppress all Parliamentary expenditures from the FOI list. This is big – and given the $230 million disclosure of public fund spend on Parliamentarians and their expenses – The attorney General Nicola ROXON needs to have a reality check on her reasons for wanting to keep this information out of the public domain. More will be heard on this matter in coming weeks.

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Poll Results:

[Click on photo at right to read the 'SMH story on the latest POLL results.]

The latest poll results read likes a dog’s breakfast – neither Leader is popular with the electorate – the ALP have their asses exposed at 26% of the primary vote – in the Leadership both Rudd and Turnbull have polls of 60% – almost twice that of the their respective leaders. If anyone was to take any notice of these poll results that would be ‘french onion’ soup by dinner time. It’s about tie that the poll agencies started to ask some different questions – you know the saying – if you keep doing the same thing over and over and keep getting the same result – you’re borderline mental … change the tune guys.

Link to SMH story for full POLL results.

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Reality TV – Politics is the new show …

Eery day is a reality show. For 15 years TV studios have given us reality TV shows – som have lasted any seasons, and some are too ridiculous to acknowledge. Yet the public’s thirst is real and they want reality in large doses.

Well the media have given it to them in the form of Politics, Down and Dirty … and what is more – it’s here to stay … very few members of the public truly understand Politics or openly debate the events of the day. Many read it like a gossip magazine and talk about the tit-bits around the water fountain. But as for the House and the behaviour, the cut and thrust of Question time, the doorstop cliché’s and one-liners thrown about to cause media cycles – it is all reality TV and as for the seriousness of Politics – who the fuck cares.

The public largely believe they’re all crooks – when was the last time you saw a poop polly … everybody thinks that if they’re taking a little – then that is OK – it’s only when you step into Craig Thompson’s class that you deserve everything thrown at you. But then the mood swings because the Opposition and Media have gone too far and they think Thompson might be suicidal and begin to ask that the attack dogs lay off for a while. Come-on – this is truly soap-opera stuff and the public can’t get enough of it.

Turn the fuckin TV off … if you’ve seen it once – why do you need to see it a hundred more times … it’s media brainwashing and it’s a deliberate ploy to win public opinion. The Media are just as desperate for the feedback and ‘hits’ public’s approval … so many mainstream stories now have the feedback comment option, or a poll option to voice approval or disapproval.

It’s an insecure world and becoming more so every day.

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Latest on Craig Thompson …

The political blog site titled – “Kangaroo Court of Australia” is a great site for background information on breaking stories. The site published and article over the weekend that is required reading for anyone who has not made up their mind of the Craig Thompson affair.

Slater and Gordon lawyers nail Craig Thomson for fraud.

| June 3, 2012 | Link to on-line story |

Slater & Gordon lawyers and the accounting firm BDO Kendall (now BDO) conducted a forensic investigation into Craig Thomson’s fraud at the HSU in 2009. Below is six pages of their report.

After reading this post what becomes obvious is the Fair Work Australia report is nothing more than a glorified, delayed and rebadged Slater and Gordon / BDO report which was completed in 2009. So why did FWA take so long (28th March 2012) to complete their report?

This report is extremely important as it shows who knew what and when. As far back as 2009 the HSU, Fair Work Australia and the Labor party were well aware that Mr Thomson fraudulently ripped of the union. So why the delay in any action? Also there are a few people who actually believe the lies that Craig Thomson told in his address to parliament and the conspiracy theory he put forward which makes the report relevant.

A brief overview for readers who have not followed the story. Craig Thomson worked for the Health Services Union (HSU) for many years. In 2007 he was elected to federal parliament. After he was elected the HSU did an audit (2008) and found he had ripped off the union mainly using his credit card for such things as prostitutes, Nike shoes, electrical goods, election funding and cash withdrawals etc which totals over $500,000.

The HSU brought in the law firm Slater & Gordon to investigate and then brought in the accounting firm BDO Kendall (now BDO) in February 2009 for a forensic investigation of the fraud. In March 2009 it was brought to the attention of the AIR, firstly by an anonymous tip and then by a formal complaint from the HSU. (Click here to see the FWA report starting at page 26 paragraph 49 for the details) The AIR started making initial inquiries.

“On 8 April 2009 the Sydney Morning Herald published a story alleging that Craig Thomson used union credit cards to pay for prostitutes, withdraw over $100,000 in cash and fund his election campaign for the federal seat of Dobell. Thomson sued the newspaper for defamation, but withdrew proceedings when evidence was produced showing that the payments were made from his credit card, his drivers licence was checked and photocopied, and phone calls to escort agencies were made from his mobile phone and hotel rooms.” (Click here to read more on Wikipedia)

… click here to read more …

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Please – if any of the opinions expressed hereto raises concerns within your own belief about how this Nation is being managed, or any other concern, please contact your State content to your Federal Member via an e-mail or a telephone call to express your concerns.

You’ll find the House of Representatives (HOR) and Senator e-mail addresses via the links below to the Australian Parliamentary website Members and Senator profiles. It is an important aspect that in our form of Democracy, that the people be heard – we should ensure the Government Representatives hear our opinions. If we stay silent, then Democracy is not served.

Use the Federal Member and Senate links below to find your Local Member. If you prefer, you can just post a comment below and let your views be heard.

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EYE-BALL’s Harry’s Growl – Harry’s Political Updates – June 2nd 2012.

June 2, 2012 Comments off
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Harry’s Political Updates …
June 2nd 2012.

This Weeks Headings:

| June 2, 2012 | Click on Heading’s below  to go to linked story. |

  1. The Mad Dash
  2. Gillard and the Unions
  3. The Media
  4. Larry Pickering’s latest cartoons


The Mad Dash:

[Click on photo at rignt to read the 'Herald Sun' story on this humuliating saga.]

Did you all see the Abbott, Pyne and one other rather large Opposition Member make a scrambled dash to exit the House on a ‘Division’ vote? Pathetic is about the only words that can describe the contempt these three Opposition Members offered up as Representatives of their electorate and the cause of Democracy.

There were other options available – several have been mentioned in commentary elsewhere over the course of the week. The ‘thinking on your feet’ response should have been just to walk across the floor and sit next to Gillard and Albanese and say – ‘bad luck fella’s’. The first thought of these ‘experienced’ opposition Members was to scamper for the exit doors. It was Italian style politics. Next we’ll have water bombs being traded across the House it if keeps degenerating to a ‘feral’ schoolyard gathering.

Such was the ‘stench’ attached to having Craig Thompson vote with the Opposition – the House descended to these levels. Abbott as Leader will not live this down – his poll numbers at the beginning of the Week had again fallen below that of his opposite. Sydney Morning Herald political editor Peter Hartcher wrote on the Leadership with the following story – presented below in part, it is a very good piece of journalism and please use the link provided to read the full story on-line.

Panic on the House floor

| June 2, 2012 | by Political Editor – Peter Hartcher|

Events of the past week have solidified the suspicion that neither Gillard nor Abbott is a true leader of real stature.

The past eight days laid bare the greatest fears of the leaders of both Australia’s main political parties.

For people who spend every moment striving to win and hold power, their greatest fear is powerlessness. We have just seen Julia Gillard and Tony Abbott panic at the prospect of powerlessness, but it loomed for each in a very different way.

For the Prime Minister, it was when she was confronted in her office by a pair of angry union leaders.

The union bosses were in Canberra for a meeting of the Prime Minister’s manufacturing task force on Friday last week.

Their first appointment, though, was to see the Immigration Minister, Chris Bowen. He briefed them on the announcement he was to make later that day – the government was to grant an enterprise migration agreement to Gina Rinehart’s Hancock Prospecting to allow it to bring 1715 foreign workers to start-up the giant new Roy Hill iron ore mine in Western Australia’s vast Pilbara.

When [Paul] Howes and [Dave] Oliver told Bowen that they opposed the decision, he replied that they’d known it was coming, and told them that it was necessary for the project to go ahead. Bowen was unmoved.

But when they took the same complaint to the Prime Minister, she discovered the limits of her nerve. Unable to defy the unions, Gillard was reduced to the sort of schoolyard excuses that kids use when confronted by authority – “I didn’t know anything about it,” she told them.

This was nonsense. Bowen’s office had told Gillard’s office early in the week that the decision had been made and was to be announced later in the week.

Gillard was in the US at a NATO summit. But her staff briefed her on the Roy Hill deal when she returned to her office on Wednesday. She raised no objections. If she had chosen to, she could have had the decision reviewed or delayed, even at that late stage. But she did not.

Why not? For the same reasons she should have explained to the union leaders.

… the story continues … click here to read more

Hartcher wrote a great article, one of many stories bemoaning the falling behavioural standards or our elected Representatives. Even the Deputy Speaker had cause to describe the behaviour as ‘feral’, and the worst she has seen in her time as a Member.

Put another way – the behaviour of the House is a measure of the way political Representatives see themselves – they have no higher authority except the Electorate, the people – and yet the people are the ones they least respect or honour with the responsibility entrusted to them. They ignore the electorate at their own peril.

This weeks ‘stunt’ as Abbott is now trying to rewrite his role as a lead part in the events that happened, may well have been an Albanese ‘stunt’ but it worked because Abbott, who followed Pyne’s judgement to try to exit the chamber. You make up your own mind on whether what Abbott did was leadership behaviour.

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Gillard and the Unions:

[Click on photo at rignt to read the 'Brisbane Times' story on Paul Howes Response to foreign worker programs.]

The same Hartcher SMH story mentioned previously touched on the Union confrontation with Gillard. Gillard has only survived because of the political aspirations of the Union boss’. Inside the House, Shorten, Combet, Ferguson, and Crean all have lengthy Union backgrounds – outside the House Howes has his eye on a top job as well.

The cracks that have always been there under Gillards Leadership and the way in which she attained the PM role are not becoming ‘open wounds’ on which many scavengers are now again licking with a want to draw new blood.

This Leadership void on both sides will not go away – and the question most asked is where is Malcolm Turnbull. If one was to watch him in the House – he rarely engages in any of the debate, never seen at the dispatch box asking a question, or making a ‘point of order’, his demeanor is gaunt, hairline receding, weigh loss, and the obvious question comes – ‘is he well?’.

Abbott has had three years in the top job – and his popularity has gone nowhere – it never will. From the electorates perspective – he is unelectable against anyone other than Gillard. when the ALP wake up to this fact – Gillard will in turn be forced to make her ‘walk of shame’.

The play this week by the Unions against Gillard as Hartcher outlines in his story – might just be the ‘belly-drop’ moment all politicians fear – the realisation that ‘nobody out there likes them!’

Let us all hope that the realism of imminent ‘failure’ and the ‘death-knock’ that is sure to follow happens sooner rather than later.  But then – who will fill the Leadership role this Nation so desperately needs – I can feel a ‘bring back RUDD’ chant in the distant echo’s.

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The Media

The Globe is devoid of much needed and inspired Leadership. The dumbing down in the quality of our Political Leaders, and their ‘frozen-hare’ syndrome type responses – all evident in some of the Political decisions being made, all comes down to how Leadership perceive the media will respond.  Their first priority is how they can make the media cycle work for the Leadership, and whatever announcement they are about to make.

It truly is a pathetic example of how Leadership is ‘held to ransom’, yet they are happy to be in that position.  They believe the Media is their ally, that they can control the story, and they can make it all a positive experience for the Government or Opposition depending from which side of politics you view the cycle.   Time and time again Political Leaders go to their Press and media advisors and ask – ‘how did we not see that angle.’.  It is a question that relates to the ‘hip-shootin’ style decisions and the process in forming the decisions that create the ‘harum-scarum’ panic that often follows.

The intimidation the media cycle offers has in fact frozen the ‘decision-making’ process.  The first thing any Leadership and their colleagues consider before they make any decision is the way it will play in the media cycle.  Be it a crisis, a new policy initiative, or when dealing with domestic or international incidents, is the media cycle and how the Governments wants to use the media to sell its message that is at the forefront of any decision making process.

Governments try their darndest to get on the front foot – but because the leaks from within – the media are always ahead of the Government in the news cycle. It has been this way for decades – since ‘Watergate’ the press have known that they hold the power and everything that has flowed since, has the Politicians thinking that if they can befriend the media at the highest levels, and those who write the stories, then they believe that this ‘pipeline’ of survival will protect them when they need it.

The political ‘graveyard’ of burned Members is overflowing because of the mistrust placed in Journalistic integrity and loyalty.  The Editor will always have the final say on any story.  Mor often than not, the parliamentary Members shoot themselves in the foot, and no amount of journalist bribery can protect them. This is where Political integrity begins and ends.

The ‘free speech’ cliché all Journalist’s subscribe to is only a ‘skin-deep’ responsibility – they use it to gain entry to the exclusive clubs where powerbrokers ply their skills – and on the other side of that equation is the sleazy side of Journalistic bribery.    All things are justified under the ‘free-speech’ banner or so the Media would have us all believe.  Yet the scribe will write the story that gives the slant his editor wants – even the Media proprietors chose sides in the Political arena, unbiased reporting is also a  cliché that holds little creditability on the modern media cycle.

Global governance is almost where we are at and the integrity of the media is at its lowest ebb – where it all goes from here is what we would all like to know.  Something surely has to give …

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Larry Pickering’s Latest Cartoons:

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This cartoon provides an opportunity to win a framed copy of this cartoon delivered to your doorstep. All you have to do is go on-line and post a ‘caption’ comment that would complete the cartoon. Entries close on the 7th June. Click here to make your ‘caption’ comment.




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Harry’s Growl …

EYE-BALL’s Harry’s Growl – Harry’s Political Updates – May 22nd 2012.

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Harry’s Political Updates – May 22nd 2012.

This Weeks Headings:

[Click on Heading to go to story.]

  1. Craig Thompson Speech 21st May 2012
  2. Gay Marriage Debate
  3. Larry Pickerings’s latest cartoons
  4. A “Climate Change” opinion – Larry pickering.


Craig Thompson Speech – 21st May 2012:

Craig Thompson did yesterday what no Parliament sitting has ever done previously – he spoke for an hour without a single interjection, catcall, or otherwise indication of dissent from any other House Member from either side.

It was truly a remarkable lesson – if the House can observe parliamentary decorum for someone like Craig Thompson – then why are behaviour sessions in the House at levels that make it a place where ego entrenched lunacy is often the order of the day?

Thompson was impressive and prompts the question as to why he has kept his silence for so long?  There was enough doubt created in his oration and targeted explanations – all aimed at the HSU report – to have this scribe move to the fence and wait for a court outcome or other evidentary process.

I want to know why Gillard kept this man in the ‘shut-up Craig ‘ box for so long.   The PM was out of the country when the speech was delivered and is not due back till Wednesday.  Should anything be read into that absence?

I was amazed at how controlled the House was – and this does show what a bunch of radical ratbags they are at all other times.  As soon as the speech was delivered Pyne and Albanese,  Opposition and Government Leaders on House matters – delved into a petty debate on whether the House would take notes on Mr Thompson’s speech.   Albanese argued because the speech was not tabled, there should be no case to answer for the motion to ‘make notes’.  The Opposition argued the reverse.

MP’s should be made to sit and hear and watch themselves as a means to educate and for them to see what we all see.  All the main players are schooled in media presentation and they know they’re on show – yet even they are seen in the background more often than not behaving like petty schoolkids wanting to impose their voice and physicality in the chamber.

If Thompson’s completely uninterrupted speech is an example of the self-restraint House Members can abide by – why can it not be that way always?

The respect given to Thompson’s account and explanation during his speech to the House was at odds with his standing in the House – this is the quandary – why would they offer that amount of respect to someone they have no respect for – yet they do not offer the same respect to Members held in higher regard?

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Gay Marriage Debate:

Avery interesting yet important distinction was made during the ABC’s Insiders program last Sunday. Discussion was held on the ‘gay marriage’ and how the ALP had extended the right to all ALP MP”s to vote their ‘conscience’ on a gay marriage proposal. The discussion included a point that the Coalition had not extended the ‘conscience’ vote entitlement to its House Members.

This is the height of hipocracy and where our DEMOCRACY now stands – Members should always be allowed to vote their ‘conscience’ – for the matter to be recognised as a one-off for a ‘gay marriage’ debate highlights a forever flawed acceptance in that the two-party system has dragged our form of Democracy so far from its intent that we now live and are governed by Leaders who place demands on their Members to vote a party line as opposed to a true DEMOCRACY – where the elected representative is supposed to vote his own view and that os his constituents who elected him.

DEMOCRACY has been hijacked all over the world and World Leaders are enforcing DEMOCRACY in this format all over the world. In AMerica Representatives cross the floor all the time – you can count on one hand the number of times it has happened in Australia’s Parliament over the last 50 odd years.

It is wrong to make a ‘conscience’ vote a one-off – on matters of supply and Legislation that divides a Nation i.e. Carbon Tax – all Members should be allowed to vote their honest and heart-felt opinion. Anything less is a blight on the whole Parliamentary process.

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Some of Larry Pickering’s Latest Cartoons:

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Another week of outrageous humour via Larry’s imagination …





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Climate Change” Debate:

Larry is not just a cartoonist – his take on Al Gore and the Climate Change debate is a must read for both ‘sceptics’ and ‘warmists’ alike. His blog is in five parts – the text is copied below – links to Larry’s page to read these posts on his Facebook page are also provided. [Click the date under each post.]


| 15th May 2012 |

[A few years ago a friend phoned me to say I must see this new Al Gore movie. I did, but left half way through, shaking in anger. I was angry because I have always been a student of meteorology and this movie was misleading bullshit. I went home and typed the following. It is in many parts, I have not updated it, and it could be boring to many. But this Flannery fool has re-ignited my anger.]

So Al Gore, thinks the world is coming to an end in a Noah type flood. He believes greenhouse gases are causing earth-warming… or at least he was paid millions of dollars to think that.

The Earth could be warming, or cooling, marginally, so what? It has nought to do with our emissions. Earth warming and cooling is as cyclical and interconnected as ice-ages were, and are.

The clear fact is that the Earth’s average temperature since the year 2,000 has gone down, not up. But who cares?

Al Gore charges $200,000 a guest speaking engagement where he can promote his own business…. “carbon footprint software”. He has a financial interest in furthering his lies.

He can make any graph or set of figures look legitimate. He can take photos of Mt Fuji in winter and compare it to a summer photo. He constructs mendacious offerings the media is a willing participant in.

He can show endless drifts of glacial ice breaking off into the sea, as they have done for millions of years, but it does not change the fact that there is not one unusual inch increase in tidal extremities anywhere.

Pacific islands, historically barely inches above high tide, are still there.

Check data supplied on sea levels and you will find miniscule rubbery records in the order of 0.01cc per year with an error margin of + or – 0.01cc. In other words the interested pundits don’t have a fucking clue and have no hope of measuring or attributing anything to anything!

Venice is still there and so are the lowlands of Holland. Surprise, surprise!

Why has there been no inundation? For the simple reason that we are talking miniscule figures. Earth warming has little to do with sea levels… it has everything to do with sea temperatures. And normal earth warming is not the result of carbon emissions.

The claimed marginal increase in temperatures began before 1920… well before our hysterical industrial “greenhouse” age.
There has been no inundation so far and there never will be. Well, not that we will know about.

Take a plastic bottle of water and place it in the freezer over night. In the morning the ice will have expanded. Leave the bottle out of the freezer and the water will return to its natural state. In other words the volume (not the mass) of the ice decreased when it thawed.

Now, because almost all North Pole ice is already below the water surface, what is the inevitable effect of any thaw? Maybe a diminution in volume? Oooh, shock horror!

The UN Panel on Climate Control and those idiot researchers from the Adelaide University now claim Australia’s southern States will be inundated from alarming southern pole ice-melt. “People in SA wetlands will need to relocate”, they said.

Exactly one year previous those same morons were telling us that the South Pole was getting unusually colder. Why are we paying these people?

The southern icecap is much larger than Australia. The northern icecap is barely one quarter the size of Australia. Most of the northern cap is already well below sea level… it’s a floating, moving mass of fractured ice.

The position of the North Pole is constantly changing in relation to the position of the ice. As a result, many who have claimed to have reached the North Pole were actually nowhere near it! Not until they had a GPS.

Not only is the North Pole constantly moving in relation to the ice, it is enveloped by developed countries. Its temperatures are more volatile due to local geographical, topographical and industrial influences.

The southern icecap is embedded on land mass. The southern pole cannot be traversed below by submarines as the northern pole has been. It is fixed. Amundsen, using triangular fixes, knew where he was.

It is also far more remote and isolated from other continental influences. It has its own unaffected, self-induced, weather patterns.

Any further displacement, due to any unusual amount of southern pole ice-melt, can only come from above sea-level ice. Floating ice-melt that has extended beyond the land mass can only decrease the volume of water.

This minimal amount of ice melt-water is distributed around the World via the conveyor, marginally cooling the oceans through forcing the less dense colder ocean-bed water to the surface. Thereby reducing world temperatures and convectional rainfall.

Not only that! The deeper colder water is rich in algal sediment. When it is forced to the surface it serves to decrease the effect of air-borne carbon.

The arrant stupidity of the Gore argument is equalled only by the wondrous nature of the World’s relentless cyclical patterns.

(to be continued)


A CONVENIENT LIE: (Part 2 continued)

| 15th May 2012 |

To be able to measure or predict an increase in sea levels, first you need to know two things… exactly how much water is to be added (actually very little) and exactly how much water is already there.

The water to be added must not already be there in the form of under-sea ice because that displacement already exists.

We cannot know the volumes of under-sea ice and we know nothing of what solid above-sea ice is there now, what melt-water we are likely to get in future, if any, and nothing at all of 40% of the World Ocean floor or its depths.

How can we know the aggregate volume of the Earth’s oceans when we do not even know their unexplored depths?

The area of the World Ocean (and let’s not forget that all oceans except the Caspian Sea are interconnected) is 361 million square kilometers and more than 70% of the earth’s total surface area.

So we only know the World Ocean surface area is well in excess of two thirds of the World’s total surface area. We have not even charted 40% of the ocean floor (or over 50% of the earth’s total area) something necessary to even guess at possible volumes. Yet our resident moron Gore shows us New York graphics of sea water covering 118th of 42nd Street.

Wall Street has only ever been less than one metre above sea level as have thousands of inhabited Pacific Islands. No-one has got their feet wet yet… and certainly not since the last Ice Age thaw, 17,000 years ago.

If we experienced the hottest summer in 60 years last year, does that not mean that it was hotter 60 years ago?

Europe and North America have experienced record cold weather, even colder than the mid-nineties. Upper New York State has experienced the coldest weather in 30 years. This is the incongruous result of previous Earth-warming. Although I cannot expect Gore to allude to or even understand this.

An idiot government-funded agency came out recently with this: “Australian production down 5% by 2050, due to earth warming.” Another idiot pronouncement was: “The Great Barrier Reef will disappear by 2050, due to global warming.” Mmmmm.

Marine biologists conduct all types of research on our reefs and oceanic species. The results of this research are mostly flawed. State Fisheries take this flawed research and use it to further their own mostly unnecessary existence.

These “public service” morons then insist that professional and recreational fishermen only take fish of a certain size. If you are caught with a fish that is too small you will be fined. You must throw back the small fish but you can keep the big fish!

This practice does untold permanent damage to fish stocks world wide.

Only the bigger fish has proven its ability to survive. Only the older fish has mastered the skills to remain alive in a treacherous environment. Only the older fish can successfully fertilise the older female’s eggs to further the integrity of the species.

Only the older fish can improve the species via their genetic superiority. It isn’t rocket science but it is far too complex for a university-educated marine biologist!

There is always an over-supply small fish because only a small percentage of them will ever make it to maturity… that’s the way nature intended it and Darwin understood it. Yet we are instructed by these boffins to throw back the small fish destined for predator fodder, that was never going to make the grade anyway, and eat the valuable breeder that did make it!

Many youngsters want to become marine biologists… it’s not hard to do that. Who wouldn’t want a job on the Great Barrier Reef, floating among beautiful corals, measuring everything that moves and grows.

Unfortunately to justify this lifestyle as a marine biologist he needs to prognosticate on something, anything, to promote the publicity to maintain his budget.

The Crown of Thorns starfish did the job for a while but that turned out a load of bullshit too. Now it’s coral bleaching due to global warming. Crumbs!

The World’s reefs are regularly bleached due to normal cyclical temperature changes. But reefs have always returned more resilient and more beautiful than before.

The reason they have returned is that incumbent environmental conditions, including filtered photosynthesis, persist to promote coral reefs. Those conditions have existed for millions of years. If they didn’t exist there would be no reefs there anyway.

Periodic bleaching serves to eradicate weaker strains of reef life and corals making it more robust. Survival of the fittest. That is why reefs recover so quickly to an even greater beauty (to the sheer amazement of inane marine biologists).

Every species of every living thing on Earth, including coral, suffers tortuous life-threatening ordeals… that’s how the strong get stronger and the weak don’t have an opportunity to procreate a weakness.

“Disasters” to our reefs are as important as “disasters” are to our bushland. Man tinkers at the edges believing he can have some effect. He can’t. Billions of years of refined evolution far outweigh any impact supercilious “Johnny-come-lately” environmentalists can impart.

Historically, man has benefited hugely from warmer climatic conditions. The World suffers devastation and production losses from colder conditions. So what the hell is Gore on about?

The dramatic glacial ice flows shown breaking off into the Arctic Ocean have been dramatically breaking off for thousands of years. And why do they break off? Because the ice is increasing at its source, relentlessly pushing it to the ocean. The aging ice is forced into the sea by expansion and the developing new ice, or does Al think there is a walrus in a fucking bikini pushing it?


A CONVENIENT LIE: (Part 3 continued)

| 16th May 2012 |

Orbiting satellites show no unusual change in temperatures. But our weather stations sited close to major cities do. I wonder why.

Legitimate ground-based measurements show that average global temperature is a mere 0.5° C higher than a century ago. In another century it may be the reverse. Who cares?

The Earth’s temperature fell from 1940 to 1980.
There is some scant evidence to suggest it has increased marginally since then, and has not changed at all since the year 2000.

The Earth’s median temperature is mostly, but not exclusively, regulated by our closest star, the Sun. It always has been. We evolved via this imperative.

The Earth’s green-house gases in its atmosphere are a mere 0.037% of its other abiding gases. Green-house gases have always been there and that miniscule amount hardly equates to that of the Sun’s influence.

If all the World’s glaciers melted in the next hundred years it would barely register on the scale of total oceanic volumes. “How come?”, you ask.

Well, most of the World’s ice is already under water. Melting ice decreases in volume so, subtract that, and the increased evaporative process over a greater surface, subtract that too.

The World’s glaciers have melted before, without any industrial or human influence at all! We are still here.

The resultant global warming would have inexorably led to global cooling via the Ocean Conveyor.

The melting icebergs of the floating northern cap (of which we only see the tips) are 95% under water anyway, so Gore’s feared displacement factor already exists.

Now, stay with me here… Salt water is more dense than fresh water and freezes at a much lower temperature. Input of fresh ice-water melt to the sea, due to warming, disrupts the Ocean Conveyor (thermohaline circulator) forcing the deeper, colder, salt water to the surface. This action decreases the oceans’ heat circulation, causes cooling and inhibits convection (rainfall). Phew… I got that out.

So, what I’m trying to explain is this: We can all forget about global cooling or warming. It simply doesn’t matter. These quite normal processes only serve to reverse each other anyway. That’s what cyclical patterns are. That’s exactly the way it has been for billions of years and that’s the way it will stay.

And little ol’ man can have no effect unless he wants to shuffle the Sun, the Moon and a few other planets around.

Now, green gophers, and the mentally deficient puppet Flannery, do not have the capacity to comprehend time and space. They are locked into an ethos that disallows conceptual logic. They will fly on their threadbare, ethereal magic carpets until they eventually unravel and crash to Earth.

The Earth is an isolated ball. We live in a bubble encased in a gossamer-thin film of replenishing, reparative atmosphere. The Earth has a finite amount of water… be it solid, vapour or liquid.

No-one, not even God, can add or subtract one teaspoonful of water or one shovel of land mass to or from the Earth.

It is simply a matter of continual redistribution, temporarily, to different places. Water redistribution can only be due to ice-melt induced rivers, tides, evaporation, convection and rainfall. Land mass redistribution can only be due to inner-core convulsions.

These continuous redistributions keep the Earth robust, healthy and productive. Without these continual redistributions the
Earth would stagnate and die.

If there was a god he would be wetting his pants laughing at these alarmists.

To affect tidal extremities one is talking the gravitational impact of the Moon and the Sun combined, not a few melting Al Gore ice-blocks.

(to be continued)


A CONVENIENT LIE: (Part 4 continued)

| 19th May 2012 |

London’s Thames, along with Holland’s rivers, are rivers that suffer seriously damaging tidal surges. Green gophers knew that this was so millennia ago and it has little to do with Earth warming!

London’s problem is that it is sinking. Some silly prick decided to build London on a silt plain. That’s why there are no tall buildings in London… it won’t support them… it’s founded in putrid mud. But the dishonest greens cite London as an example of Earth warming.

It is the oceans’ temperatures that dictate our World’s temperatures. Earth warming, paradoxically, will actually cool the Earth by dumping an unusual amount of ice melt-water into the northern and southern oceans. This in turn will upset the Ocean Conveyor.

As with air, whatever rises or sinks displaces the other abiding mass… and the mass to be displaced is the oceans’ colder, deeper, more dense salt water… it is colder and more dense because salt water freezes at a much lower temperature. When it is displaced to the surface it cools the oceans’ surface temperature.

Earth warming, I am sorry to tell Gore, leads inexorably to Earth cooling. Thus the critical cyclical pattern. The regulatory system of the World’s temperatures on land and sea is not a secret… except to the green gopher.

Global temperature changes since the latest Ice Age, between a mere 13,000 and 17,000 years ago, have been comparatively mild. This temperature mildness was not the result of a diminution in green-house gases.

There are two types of temperature change. The abrupt change and the long-term change. By far the most compelling, definitive reason for any abrupt Earth temperature change is volcanoes. They are immediate and have immediate effect.

The exploding gases from volcanoes, one of which is sulphur dioxide, forms gels in the upper atmosphere, a wet mirror-like sheet, which reflects the sun’s rays back into space, resulting in global cooling.

The coldest nights occur when you can see the stars… when there is no lower blanketing cloud cover. Why? Because the warmer, rising air is allowed to escape… there are no clouds to trap it and cause warm inversions. The rising Earth-affected warmer air ensures the sinking colder air reaches the land. Water reacts the same as air but due to its greater density it reacts more slowly.

The Earth’s land masses resemble a permanent hot water bottle. The mountains retain permanent heat in rock, year-round. They condense the warmer air to form cloud to contain the warmth and produce moisture.

Deserts are colder at night because there are no mountains to condense the air to form cloud-cover to retain residual heat. It rarely rains in deserts. That’s why they became deserts and remain as deserts.

No matter what we do to a desert or a rainforest, if left alone they both will return to what were… environmentally perfected deserts and rainforests. If they don’t, they should not and will not be there anyway. Idiot green gophers who arrogantly believe they can have a god-like, hands-on influence are merely playing with their dongers.

Clouds of any description, whether volcanic ash or not, in the upper atmosphere block the sun so the warm rising air immediately escapes to that height.

Why are taller mountains colder and ice covered… even on the equator? Because air temperature decreases by an average two degrees every thousand feet of elevation.

A long-term temperature change is triggered by a short-term change and can last thousands of years. But it is balanced! Warming causes cooling, cooling causes warming and there is nothing we can do about it anyway.

When the ice caps increase in size the Earth will become warmer as the process inevitably reverses. The Earth’s magical
equilibrium has been in process since the big bang. It is way beyond the control of vain, aberrant men who arrived on this planet only this afternoon.

The World’s existing green-house gases make up less than 0.04% of the world’s abiding gases, most of which is carbon dioxide produced by the Earth, its animals’ flatulence, its plant life and its oceans… not us!

If Australia is responsible for 1% of mankind’s carbon dioxide, and we wish to reduce our contribution by 5%, then what we are aiming for is a 5% of 1% of 0.04% reduction. Crumbs! They must be kidding!

The reasonably-minded will assume that all is cyclical and due to circumstances way beyond our control or influence.

We have even thought of a beaut new way to make money from all this frogshit… we trade carbon quotas! Much like we trade gold. It’s expensive. Rich people get richer, poor people have to pay for the excesses.

Gold stocks will never be used in ear-rings. We are simply content to shuffle paper around representing some bar of gold in some vault somewhere in the World. Gold bullion has only a perceived value… as has carbon trading and water quotas. Neither has added to nor subtracted from anything!

Gold is perceived as valuable only because of its scarcity. Quartz could be used in the same way except quartz is plentiful.

If ever it was necessary to reduce carbon emissions, the first thing we should do is ground the 10,000 airliners permanently in the air dumping millions of tons of unrefined burnt fossil fuel (kerosene) into our atmosphere.

If you think Earth warming won’t be so bad, you are correct, it’s not the warming that will hurt us… it’s the resultant cooling.

It is the inevitable, ensuing cooling that will kill crop growth, temporarily destroy rainforests and render arable land temporarily useless. It is cooling that will create the temporary worthless tracts of desert and cause temporary starvation. It is cooling that will send grain and meat costs temporarily beyond reach. It is cooling that will wreck, perhaps permanently, otherwise healthy economies.

Now, if Gore was talking about Earth-cooling perhaps he might have a point! But he is not, is he? He is a dishonest tyro, expounding theories without knowledge or qualification to do so.

The mindless bullshit of Gore serves to excite and attract simpleton uni students and the tree-hugging greenies of the ratbag, doomsday brigade. It excites vote-hoarding opportunistic prime ministers primed to action by the media but, if someone actually dissected what Gore is saying, none of it holds water.

So, what to do with lying, misleading bastards like Gore?
Give him a Nobel Peace Prize, that sounds a pretty good idea! Hopefully now, with a Nobel Peace Prize on his mantle-piece, people won’t look too closely at what he is saying.

Those in the know simply shake their heads in disbelief.
Next thing you know, the Nobel Committee will be giving a Nobel Peace Prize to a known terrorist!

Hang on… shit! I forgot! They have already done that! They gave one to Yasser Arrafat.
Mmmmm… so much for the efficacy of that defamed, politicized prize.

Let’s face it, green gophers have no concept of space or time. The doomsday soothsayers talk in millions of years but have no idea of what a million years is. They only have the ability to think in terms of their own (unimportant, insignificant) life span.

They have the arrogance to believe that what happens in their piddly 70 to 80 years of existence is actually important. It is not! It is no more a blink in the space of time than a melting ice block is in the Atlantic.

That harebrained, homosexual greenie, Bob Brown, declares a clear-felled forest is lost forever! Much like the idiot newsreader who declares a hundred acres were “destroyed” by bushfire. What frogshit! Maybe a lot of houses were destroyed but the hundred acres were reinvogorated.

Aborigines have been lighting fires for ten thousand years to promote growth and attract game.

The logged forests return, as Brown can see if he wants to look, in a mere 60 years. In 300 years it’s an even bigger, more robust, forest than it was before and it will be begging to be logged again before the older trees die! But Brown’s small brain won’t live 300 years, thank God. When bushland is burnt or coral is bleached they return in months… more prolific, healthier and robust than before.

Forests only develop and thrive because conditions persist that suit forests. The seeds timelessly remain in the earth eagerly awaiting germination at the very first opportunity.

If Gore and Brown can’t conceive of a mere 300 years, it’s because politicians cannot comprehend anything beyond the next election anyway.

In the last lousy 10 years we’ve been told by the green gophers that we will have no rain (because we denude rainforests) and that we will have too much rain (because of carbon induced Earth warming). That’s typical of their muddled thinking over 10 years!

What chance does the green gopher have of comprehending anything over 10 million years? Zero!

(To be continued)


A CONVENIENT LIE: (Part 5 continued)

| 20th May 2012 |

Let’s say you took a piece of cotton and tied it to your front door knob and set off walking around the World until you returned to your front door again. Then, still holding that length of cotton, you set off around the World again, one thousand times.

Let’s say you stretched that length of cotton out into space. Then you took a pair of scissors and cut a quarter inch off one end of the length of cotton. That quarter inch represents how long man has been alive.

Take another sliver off that and that’s how long Al Gore and Bob Brown have been alive.

The earth has always done, and continues to do, more “damage” to itself than man has ever done, or can ever do, to it.

Earthquakes, both on-shore and undersea, fires, floods, droughts, subsidence, tsunamis and volcanoes are not of our doing. We call it “damage” only because our valuable things are in the way. We should get out of the way because there is nothing we can do to prevent or promote it anyway.

Our interpretation of a disaster is only that which affects our life, our assets or investments. But the Earth was here first! When we migrate to Mars will we complain of a lack of oxygen?

Meteorites have hit earth with sufficient force to knock it off its axis and black out the World for years. Mastadons have been found in frozen wastes with undigested tropical vegetation still in their stomachs. There was no time for natural selection or genetic mobility to take place in order for them to adjust quickly enough to an abrupt temperature change.

Some species still survived anyway, ever-more adaptable and tougher than before. But we don’t really care about that do we… we weren’t here then.

The inevitable, extinction and evolution of animal and plant species was more prevalent long before the beginning of the evolution of man. The extinction of one species leaves a Nirvana for the next until it, too, eventually makes way for a more suited species, ready and willing to eagerly thrive in the new vacancy… until their eventual demise. That’s the way of the World, whether we like it or not.

Was it man who killed the mammoths, the hundreds of species of dinosaur, the sabre tooth tiger, the coelacanth, the thousands of bird species, the millions of extinct oceanic species, any one of the thousands of hitherto unknown petrified species, fossils, the unknown, ambered entomological species, not to mention botanical?

Of course not! We were not responsible for the demise of a single one! So why the hell do we think we are so important?

Middens world-wide are packed with extinct species we have no names for yet. Yet we have the arrogance to think we are important enough to have made a difference by being born and staying alive for a fraction of a second within a miniscule time frame.

Did the Exxon Valdese disaster wipe out anything? No, because it was a small-time, man-made, fully redeemable “catastrophe”, barely registering on the scale of what the Earth may decide to do to itself.

The Chernobyl “catastrophe” site is now a lush tourist Mecca! Only 53 people in the immediate vicinity died from the explosion… not the feared radiation. If the Earth has always recovered from what it does to itself, what possible permanent injury could mere man impart to it?

In twenty years Al Gore’s thesis will be no more relevant than it is now.

His statement that, “It’s hard to convince a man of a theory when his salary depends on another”, applies aptly to him more than anyone.

According to Gore, the snow flakes that trapped oxygen 150,000 years ago (yet again a blink in the space of time) at the North Pole are core-sampled and studiously measured to gauge increases in green-house gases.

That’s fine, but the trouble is it doesn’t snow at the North Pole. Anyway, what’s the point in core-sampling ice formed 150,000 years ago when these so-called excessive green-house gases are deemed the result of a mechanical age barely 100 years old?

Doesn’t anyone ask questions of these pathetic pundits?

The truth is that core-sampled polar ice has only revealed that temperatures abruptly dropped immediately after the brown, layered, tell-tale signs of volcanic ash.

So, without volcanic ash, temperatures remained relatively stable. To try to drag industrial green-house gases into that little equation is more than dishonest.

Al Gore has got his hand on it. But you have to admire his multi-million dollar production, even if it is frogshit.

The northern pole has only 1% of the airborne moisture that we do, so snow, hail or rain can’t develop or form, through lack of humidity.

The poles are not even the coldest places on earth. The water surrounding the floating North Pole keeps temperatures to 50 below zero. It’s much colder elsewhere.

There were no ice caps 2.7 million years ago. Then as far as we can tell, a mere 17,000 years ago, came the big ice age.

Life was prolific then and it has progressed to what it is now. Then a slow Earth-warming and another Earth-cooling around the Tudor period. Now that the northern cap has once again begun to partly recede over the last crumby 50 years, these morons want us to believe it’s the end of the World?

Let’s look at some cold (or warm) hard facts: The total mass of the hydrosphere (the oceans) is about 1.4 × 1021 kilograms, which is incredibly only a thin film representing 0.023% of the Earth’s total mass.

So, if surface land mass is only one third of 0.023%, then we land dwellers run a distant last in terms of influencing our World, behind the hydrosphere, the protective magnetosphere, our moon and planetary and stellar gravitation and the Sun’s and the Earth’s inner-core mass.

If you need to be convinced of the size and influence of the hydrosphere, go to your computer and centre Papeete on Google Earth.

The Earth’s inner core mass is 99.9% of the Earth’s total mass.

Without historic undersea volcanic eruptions and tectonic plate movements there would be no islands, continents or mountain ranges.

Volcanoes and earthquakes create lands, large and small. We all live on either small islands or big islands they call continents. All land at some time was under the sea. Seashells and marine fossils are found in deserts and mountain ranges world-wide.

Volcanoes are the heartbeat of the World’s existence.

Volcanoes and tectonic plate movements produce mountains, mountains produce rains, rains produce the run-off of rich, volcanic sediment… alluvial deposits. These deposits produce the fertile soil of the silt plains and deltas.

These fertile soils feed the World.

Excerpt SMH:

“Dr. William Gray, one of the planet’s most respected meteorologists, informed media that Gore’s rant is “’ridiculous’” and a result of “’people who don’t understand how the atmosphere works.’ “’We’ll look back on all of this in 10 or 15 years and realize how foolish it was,’ Dr Gray said,” …per Steve Lytte of The Sydney Morning Herald.

Mmmmm, Al Gore has had his fifteen minutes of illegitimate fame.

One day our Earth will appear as Mars does now. Mars is a light of other days and a victim of its own inner core and intergalactic temperature changes and gravitational forces over billions of years. It may have had life because it had, and probably still has, water; the only possible basis for life… well, what we call “life”.

Darwin’s natural selection process was far too slow to prevent Mars’ annihilation of its own species, due to abrupt temperature change.

Earth’s millions of lost species have suffered the same fate, but our planet’s life survived with sufficiently-tolerant species to progress the evolutionary process.

Go to hell Gore!

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Harry’s Growl …

EYE-BALL Opinion on – The Value of an “Informal (Protest) Vote” …

The Value of an “Informal (Protest) Vote” …
By definition – compulsory voting is undemocratic and has its own price.  Most of the democratic world does not make voting compulsory – and the wisdom in this is a debate that Australia is unwilling to engage in.

This Blogger has taken the case for a “None of the Above” ballot paper option to the JSCEM – (Joint Standing Committee on Electoral Members.)  The ‘None of the Above Campaign’ submission to the 2010 JSCEM can be read on line here.

Greek and French Elections:

For a moment let us turn to Greece and recent developments since their election over the weekend.

The EuroZone is again in crisis mode as a result of the Greek election result.

The French fallout is still to be digested in what Francois Hollande plans to do about the arrangements and commitments Nicolas Sarkozy made as the previous French President.

Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel will now have to strike new deals with Hollande and with the new Greek Government when it is formed.  The markets endured massive swings during the last round of negotiations – and one fears if they will be tolerant if the results of those outcomes are tossed and new terms negotiated.

The EuroZone:

In many ways Greece is and will be a test case for what happens with a number of other EuroZone Member Nations who are in similar positions i.e. the P.I.I.G.S. – Portugal, Italy, Ireland, Greece, and Spain. There is no doubt that Germany dictates the outcome of the EuroZone. All the other Member Nations are dependent on Germany’s strength to hold the EuroZone together. If Germany opted out of the EuroZone the WOrld would enter another GFC like crisis with worse outcomes. Most of Europe would immediately plunge into deep depression with worse outcomes than the aftermath of the 1929 crisis.

Greece is the current political football being kicked around by all the other EuroZone members.  Behind the scenes are the Bankers who lent new monies in the latest bailout to Greece on the guarantee of the EuroZone and its membership.

This is all being done in full view of Financial Markets reacting daily to any news leak about the negotiations and developments on the Political outcome of Greece.  And – as if the people who live in Greece are expected to follow whatever decisions made by any new administration that will directly impact on their way of life.   It’s a public humiliation of a once proud and independent Nation.  If they are kicked out or withdraw from the EuroZone – can anyone imagine who will fund their existing public debt and at what cost.  It is most likely that Greece will default and that is what is at the original bailout package passed before the new elections.   This is all about money.

The less than 50% voter turnout in the Greek elections can be called a protest vote and this has cause an effect.  The new crisis engulfing Europe is a direct result of the poll results – and seen  support for the ‘far-right’ factions increase to a point where they matter.  Similar results happened in the French Presidential elections.  This voter protest vote in both elections reflects the mood for change sweeping the Globe. Put another way – voters don’t see a difference from either of the mainstream parties and don’t see the point in voting.   The continuing EuroZone debt crisis and its bailouts of member Nations will remain a focus until something gives.

Voters point the finger at their Leaders for the position they all find themselves. being in the position they find themselves – and rightly so. Not just current Politicians – but decades of past administrations all happy to grow the debt burden taxpayers are ultimately responsible for.

This brings to the table a question about accountability for past and current political leadership.  Should Politicians be made responsible for the mess the EuroZone and other leading economies finds themselves?

Greek Voter turnout:

By registering an abstention,  protest or formal vote – the Greeks have invited ‘radical’ and dangerous strangers into their Parliament.  Is it still a Democracy when less than 50% of the population don’t bother to vote?

There is a message – but what that message says is open to interpretation.   There is also a challenge to what true Democracy in its many different forms truly represents.

The Greek Bailout:

The previous Greek Government negotiated a ‘bail-out’ package over several months to deal with its debt burden.  On the other side of that equation were the Banks wanting to get their original loans repaid, and the conditions of any new debt offerings were dependent on how much these original lender Banks received as payment on their original loans.

The recent Greek bail-out was not a true bail-out.  It was a bank bail-out – previous lender Banks wanted to be bailed out by the new Banks wanting to lend to the Greeks and this was struggle point in negotiations.

The Greeks have spent they way into trouble – The left over debt from the 2004 Olympic Games was the start point – continued wasteful spending and early retirement legislation, and public servant rorting have played their part since.

The EuroZone Member Nation concept allowed weaker economies to tap into the what the stronger economies bought to the table.   Greece’s borrowing costs were reduced because of its EuroZone membership – and encouraged further borrowings.  On the other side of that equation – Greek administrators decided to collectively give themselves lifestyles they could only dream about as a non-member of the EuroZone.

Because of the poor voter turnout – Greece is now unable to form a working Government.  It means another election.  But the same candidates will turn up and perhaps a few more voters will turn out given the impasse the last election created.   The message is still there – Greek voters no longer trust their Leaders.

The French president Sarkozy is no more – and if the Germans went to the polls – it is unclear whether Merkel would survive either.

Validity of Government:

This brings to question the validity of Governments negotiating with other Governments and forming formal financial arrangements.  When that Government is then ousted at an election – is that the will of the people rejecting the deal the previous Government committed?  What if the new Government became elected on the basis that they would reject the previous Governments agreements?  On that basis who has the moral ground – and who has the legal sway in any International Court of Law?

Can it be said that the ‘will of the people’ has been served if the people vote to reject the deal done by the ousted Government at an election?   The issue of ‘there will be no Carbon Tax under a Government I lead’ comes to mind.  At what point is breaking an election promise a reason to have an early election and seek a new mandate.   The issue here is ‘mandate’.   When a Government breaks its promise to the electorate how can they assume they still have the mandate to Govern?

When choices offered in a two-party system are so compromised – why vote for someone you don’t want to vote for – an alternative option is a protest vote in the form of an ‘informal vote’, or abstention where voting is not compulsory.  Either form sends a very powerful message – but the flip side of that is what Greece is enduring at the moment – Waring minorities wanting their way and not prepared to budge and that leads to an instability we can all attest to with the recent experiences with the Australian minority Government.

Global Debt Crisis:

I want you to now look at chart – it is part of a ‘White Paper’ research project currently under way and to be completed later this year.  The chart presented is on the US Debt accumulation. [Click on chart to enlarge in a new window.].

Using the USA as an initial case study for the purpose of this post – and because the US economy is the largest economy in the World since the 1940’s – the above chart is the perfect example of what is fundamentally wrong with the world today.  In the above chart is is difficult to see actual debt reductions.  A very good case can be made to say that the ongoing Greek experience is where the US is headed in the not to distant future.

What cannot be seen in the above chart is that the USA has only endured six periods in the last 100 years of its budgetary history and debt reduction in the form of budget surplus’ have been delivered – that is where Public Debt has been reduced year on year. The total period where this has happened extends to some 19 years out of the last 100 years. These six periods happened in –

  1. 1915 – Budget reduced by 1.5%
  2. 1920 – 30 – Budget reduced every year by average of 4.09%.
  3. 1946 – 48 – Budget reduced every year by average of 2.82%
  4. 1950 – Budget reduced by 0.17%
  5. 1956 – 57 – Budget reduced every year by average of 1.04%
  6. 2000 – Budget reduced by 1.97%

In the last 100 years – the US public Debt has risen in value from US$960 Million in 1913, to where it is today at US$15,673 Trillion – this represents a multiplier factor of 16,248.  [click here - to see the US Debt to the Penny calculation].

In other words the US Debt has doubled the debt owing in 1913, 16,248 times.

If one was to use history as a calculator for the future – the growth in the US Public debt by 2112 will be a number like this: $254,656,930,990,339,000 – they call them ‘quadrillions’.

Every man women and child in America currently owes $50,000 as the owners of the US Public Debt. In 2112 with the same population number – that indebtedness expands to US$812 million per person or US$0.8 billion.

Now let us look at another chart – again a 100 year history – and I dare anyone to say that these two charts do not mirror one another.  [Click on chart to enlarge in a new window.]

This 100 year chart on the US DJIA (Dow Jones Industrial Average) – the bellweather index of all Stock Index’s – shows the same explosive acceleration as the US Debt markets from the early 70′s period.  Equity Markets are just another form of Debt – i.e. shareholders invest in equities with the expectation of a rate of return. The same as Banks do when lending to Nations and borrowers.

This can be viewed differently when those same equities which are ‘instruments of debt’ – are then used as collateral in raising more debt to invest in more equities.   This contagion effect of debt in the Financial Markets has caused several hick-ups in the past.  These ‘crashes’ have shaken the very foundations upon which the financial system exists.   The first real crisis was in Oct ’87 – and whilst it looks insignificant on the above chart – those that lived through it will tell you different.  Of course there was the crash of 1929 before all this debt explosion happened.  Since 1987 – there was the Asian crisis in the late 90′s, the 9/11 crash that was planned and plotted – but the biggest threat is the current GFC crisis that began in late 2007 – exploded in 2008-9 and is still causing aftershocks.  Greece is but one of those lesser aftershocks.

Initially these ‘crashes’ impacted on investors and not Nations – but as the economic fallout hits home and Government revenues diminish and outlays increase – the sovereign debt crisis is now where it has all arrived.  Greece is evidentiary proof that Politicians are less than honest with the truth when trying to get elected – and when elected they continue with the ever increasing pressure to stay elected and that induces further spending promise’ to win votes.

Democracy – its real contribution:

Any politician who gets up and tells you that he is going to tax you more, take away or reduce any welfare payments, tax all the things that give you joy and pleasure at a higher rate – all to repay the debt of previous overspending Governments will never get elected.  The 2112 predictions above take on a new perspective when the reality of Government commitment to reduce debt and spending as always a downstream shove.

Trusting the people to make the right choice in a situation that would see the electorate at large quality of life diminish – is a bad deal. This is where all current models of democracy fails – it has outlived its usefulness in its current form.   Any vote to a Government promising more spending and better deals is a vote for more of the same.

Politicians cannot be trusted to do the right thing when confronted with choices that will hurt re-election prospects.  Greek politicians thought they were doing the right thing before the last and recent election.  But they and their predecessors were responsible for getting Greece into the quagmire in the first place.

The sovereign debt crisis has been building across the world for decades.  Decades of ‘donkey votes’ from voters who had no idea where the ‘pied-pipers’ were eventually going to lead them.

This is particularly applicable to the American system of Government.  If one was to look at the US States public debt and overlay it on the Federal Debt – you can appreciate just how much Americans owe their Bankers.  Those Bankers are the Chinese and other foreign investors attracted by the ease of their purchasing power.   The simple way to look at this is that as generations of Politicians have come and gone – their tenancy has added to the debt burden – but we all know what debt upon debt costs.   America’s indebtedness in the private sector matches the public sector … one has to ask how can America not go the way Greece is about to go.

All those political bribes for a short-term gain – and now comes the long-term pain.

So when it comes to casting you vote – and you are troubled by the choices on offer – never forget the power of the informal, protest, or abstention vote.   But then you had best be prepared to go through what ever comes of the outcome.  There is no doubt that the form of Democracy being practiced around the world and being taught to emerging Nations is a flawed political model.  It needs a major overhaul.

Democracy for the Future:

For example – since the media went to vision and the instant news cycle satellites have created – politicians have become savvy enough to use it for personal gain.  The voter only gets to see edited and prop-clips of any Candidate/Leader.

The context in which the news is delivered is hardly ever part of the bigger story – for all we really know the moon landing was a prop – the 9/11 theories and Weapons of Mass Destruction are all political motivated props to suit political agenda’s.

The 2000 Florida Federal Election fraud proved once and for all that even American Leaders ‘rig’ their own election results – and the highest Court in the World – the US Supreme Court sided with the ‘riggers’ in declaring Bush the winner in that election – and look where his Leadership placed the US some eight years later.  President Bush has much to answer for – but the American people will be forced to pay that price because they elected him to office.  SO once again – realise the power of your vote in any form.

As an aside – the US Supreme Court made there ruling a once only ruling – they made mention in the ruling that its ruling could never ever be used as a precedence in future Electoral disputes.

Media Trivalising the Political Cycle:

The News cycle and Political game of ‘tagging’ an opponent has evolved and media presenters love to replay the good ‘one-liners’ over and over.  Parliamentarians now hire savvy Press staff to come up with these sticky ‘one-liners’ they can use to start a story, see it run for days, and rebut any opposition argument offered.

It’s like lobbing a grenade and then hiding before the boom effect and then waiting around to see who comes to look.   We all love it – we accept this flippant trivalisation of the most serious of stations and this dumb-down leads us to issues like the current Peter Slipper and Craig Thompson affairs.  Voting this Government out won’t stop the dumb politicians getting elected, the rorting, or the way Governments go about legislating policies to keep them elected.

The Peter Slipper and Craig Thompson affairs give us all a close look and dose of reality in what our Leaders get up to.   This front row seat allows us to see a Government squirm in the public glare as its support for these two Members is portrayed as it really is, and what it really represents.  This demonstrated will to do what you have to do to hold onto power demonstrates once and for all that our system of Democracy has passed its used by date.   Voters have to demand more accountability from our Leaders.  It is now a case where the watchdogs have also got their ‘bribe’ costs to produce clean sheet reports.

Democracy and Violence:

Gillard’s desperation to hold onto power – is it so different to what is happening in Syria?

Does the fact that the Syrian population became involved and committed to oust their Leaders through violence – make them more engaged and responsible?

Does it make their actions as a form of protest vote – morally right or wrong?

Again – never underestimate the power of an informal (protest) vote.

The Egyptians, Libyans, and Tunisians also removed their Governments via protests, violence,  and with severe loss of life to see it done.   The violence associated with these end outcomes has been accepted by the Western World – as a consequence what form of Democracy do we all ascribe to?

The World recognised legitement and elected Governments in this domain and then went about supporting and arming oppositions to throw out these Governments.  The World accepted these new Governments who deposed their former Government.  What does that make the Western World – what creditability can be inferred where Western Governments intervened with military assistance to overthrow Governments?

Democracy and Change:

Democracy and how it is practised has to change – needs to change and if it does not – then whatever future you want and plan for as a result of ‘climate change’ – will be irrelevant as the ‘debt crisis’ engulfing the globe will bankrupt everybody.  Even Australia becomes infected as the contagion spreads.

Climate Change is not the threat to the planets survival – debt will get you before climate change does.

The Egypt experience where public protests brought about the downfall of a corrupt Government  – all that loss of life and sacrifice – now to be replaced with another form of corrupted Government doing deals with other Governments and Bankers to survive.   Was it all worth the sacrifice?

Do you blame the Banks for wanting to extract every dime to satisfy their shareholders – at the expense of the living standards of populations of Nations in far off lands for the time being?   Ignoring the future impact as the dominos begin to fall leaves everybody at risk.

New York Bankers living ‘high on the hog’ and largely ‘untouchable’ because US Regulators won’t pursue them – are they the unseen ‘Dictator’s’ of the World?   Todays developing story of JP Morgans ‘billions of losses’ on account of ‘credit default swaps’ – the same derivatives that saw Lehman Bros go to the wall in 2009 – will test the markets resolve yet again in coming days and weeks.

The US Equity chart above reads like a new correction is due – to the 6500 lows and even lower – these JP Morgan revelations might just be the catalyst.   The global sovereign debt crisis is real, and in timeframe terms we are all living with the threat that it could all be over far quicker than anybody could predict.   Nobody is aware of just how close the Banks have been to insolvency all throughout this GFC crisis.   It has been a managed scenario with Bedanke and Geithner and otehr G7 Nations all doing their best to portray the notion that have it under control – yet those who understand markets know what a crap-shoot it really has been all through the crisis.

Are Governments just formally elected Committees to agree to Bankers Terms so as to ensure supply of funds to stay in Government?  All the while allowing our Leaders to self-regulate their pay deals and perks, and line their own pockets with lobbyist kickbacks that go unseen and unaccounted for?

These are serious times – and the high stakes of going outside the existing protocols is dangerous, both politically and to ones own survival.

In Russia how many Journalists have been assassinated because they investigated the corrupt side of Politics?

Journalists have a right to dumb-down their investigative presence.   But surely there must be some hero’s amongst them that are prepared to investigate and tell the truth .  This goes to the Murdoch influence – he controls the story and pulls the switch on which Political Leader/Member he can destroy and who he leaves alone.

There is so much wrong with how life and society’s rules has evolved.   Justice is for those who can afford it because every jury pool is tainted with the media slant on any story that precedes a trial.  Just as we all see Slipper and Thompson as already fried turkeys, and will never ever live their lives in the future as they thought they would – that media feed does corrupt the ‘due process’ of law.

If you transgress in public life – you must pay the price and that price has to be a much higher price than the ordinary public face. Who gets to say who gets hung and who survives – nobody could ever make me believe that there are not several other MP’s and staffers, and Union Heads who have not used and abused public monies to entertain, lunch, enjoy a dirty weekend, and yes used ‘escort services’ paid for by someone elses’ dime.

All this theory from the context in the – ‘value of the informal vote’.   Your vote matters when you make it matter.

80% of voters go to the polls knowing who they support and who their going to vote for based on history and life exposure – roughly 40% liberal conservative and 40% socialist conservative.   Yet – how many of these voters know anything about the Member or Party they intend to vote for?

If voting was taken seriously in this Country – party membership would be where voters registered their interest.  Yet less than 1% of Australian registered voters belong to any Political Party.

Thee elected Leaders we vote for make decisions every day that will have long-term implications – long after they have left the stage.  Look to Syria to see what Democracy has created – A Government that will do anything to stay in power, including genocide against those that oppose it.

When can a government call itself a Government of the people?

Should all voting be compulsory, and if so is the ‘Informal Vote’ or ‘None of the Above’ option on the Ballot paper deserving of being there?

Should any Government be formed on a vote count of less then 50% of the total eligible voters?  50% of 50% of voters gets you 25% of the vote – how can that represent the whole of the people?  Democracy – a government of the people, for the people, and by the people – that means something and reshaping the rules to change its meaning has us where we are now.

Over decades the rules of Democracy have been bent to fit models that will help with re-election – i.e. redistributions – for example the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) offers to all Political candidates and Party’s the voting breakdown’s on every electorate, every booth within that electorate, and the historical trends for those booths over the depth of their records.  So redistributions are done by the Government in power with these factors in mind – it’s a formal way of ‘cooking of the books’ – and in any other form – is illegal and criminal.

How do we begin to fix the problems?

This is the never-ending question and will never be answered whilst the format of elections and Governments continue to meander the path as has been shown by predecessors.  Whilst Governments blame predecessors and benchmark their behaviour and policies off the mistakes made by previous Administrations – the fog will never be lifted.

It will take visionary and single mindedness by both a Political Leader aspirant and the electorate to yield and get behind that Leader – Obama filled that role for Americans in 2008 and then he became President and then surviving the GFC was his first and only order of business.   Bush’s legacy has impacted the current and next President and will do so until their sovereign debt exposure is addressed.

How do you get a Government to vote for the changes needed to fix the problems, if it means they will no longer be the Government.  How do you get an Opposition to believe that their chances of winning any new election are also not compromised?

When will Politicians yield to the greater good – when any modifications will impacts on their personal pensions and financial interests?

If they performed with the existing rules of being a Member – to represent their constituents first and foremost – all constituents not just the party they represent supporters – the voting in Parliament would have many instances of Members crossing the floor – that would be true democracy.  Yet all Members in our Parliament always vote the Party line.   Crossing the floor would see them dis-endorsed at the next election – so on that basis alone what is the role of a Member of a Party who holds office?  The answer – someone to rubber stamp party reformers and those who create policy – it has nothing to do with democracy?

Please – don’t cast your vote for anybody unless you are really sure they are who you want to lead and be a part of a Government that will be accountable into the future.   Who can say that about any of the Leaders who hold Parliamentary privilege today?


To have your say where it counts: – contact your Local Federal Representative and have your say – please use the links below to find your Local Member and let them know how you feel about this or any other topic that you feel strongly about – or you can just post a comment below and let off some steam.

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EYE-BALL Opinion on – Why Political Leaders want the limelight …

May 6, 2012 Comments off
Why political Leaders want the limelight …
When was the last time that a major policy announcement was made by the Minister responsible for that policy initiative?

When did it become the Prime Ministers choice that they front the media to announce all new major policy initiatives? When we look to the vacuum of Leadership potential – it has become obvious that Prime Ministers dominate their Ministers like sheepdogs intimidate their sheep.

I can recall a time where Ministers interfaced with the electorate directly when announcing new policies. They and their staff have done of the legwork and lobbying – why now do the Prime Ministers muscle themselves to the microphone whilst the Minister responsible stands as a backdrop to answer any questions the Prime Minister might stumble trying to answer.

There are only two possible reasons – the Minister is not capable of carrying the party at such a launch. If this is so what are they doing in charge of the ministry in the first place.

Secondly – is it because the Prime Minister is sufficiently challenged to believe that giving free air time to budding leaders posed a direct threat to their own Leadership.

This single issue covers why we have the void of Leadership across the breath and depth of this Nation – Leaders feel they have to protect their public image against other popularity contests.

This new form of Democracy where it becomes a ‘top of the ticket’ election is robbing Australia of its future Leaders. Every Minister have their own Press Secretary’s, and they fight for the air time to press their charges political aspirations. Competing with the PM’s Press Secretary for the same air time is now a military exercise – The General is always in charge.

Time for a rethink on this matter – let us see the strengths and weakness’ of Ministers – commentary in an after the fact scenario allows the Minister to back fill the missing parts at the PM’s delivery of the new policy.

Why have the PM there in the first place – or, why not have the PM as the backdrop as a show of support for their Minister.


To have your say where it counts: – contact your Local Federal Representative and have your say – please use the links below to find your Local Member and let them know how you feel about this or any other topic that you feel strongly about – or you can just post a comment below and let off some steam.

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The EYE-BALL Opinion …

May god intervene and give us a solution …


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