EYE-BALL’s Herman on – Constitutional Reform – This time it is recognising Local Council.

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– Constitutional Reform –
– This time it is recognising Local Council –
| Author: EYE-BALL’s Herman O’Hermitage | 17th July 2013 |
In the foreseeable future it is recognising the Indigenous heritage.  The States in Australia started with the Bigge Commission of enquiry into Lachlan Macquarie’s administration. All interesting stuff (see Wikipedia – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Bigge)

Van Dieman’s Land was given its own Legislative Council. Ipso facto New South Wales was isolated. Then was South Australia and so on. Over the next 7 decades a process developed amongst many other factors to alter those states as British colonies, then ultimately through federation, the birth of modern Australia occurred, a form of free trade zone and independence from Britain under the title the Commonwealth of Australia. The independence process in some ways took a further 7 decades to finally curtail right of appeals to the Privy Council of the United Kingdom.

This history while for me is fascinating for others it often loses listeners. Too much detail.

In federation through the work of Sir Henry Parkes, Alfred Deakin, Edmund Barton and others (Samuel  Griffith, John Cockburn, Stafford Bird) an agreement on this federation was cobbled out, and at its pinnacle is the constitution.

Once more a fascinating history, where the constitution is really quite boring, great for Insomniacs, and constitutional lawyers. New Zealand and Fiji opted out, while Western Australia only joined at the midnight hour.

For these purposes something started in the 1820’s (1819-25) was reversed in 1901, and 112 years later rankling continues. This constitution was something written in the late 1890’s for those times and attitudes and the constitution is very difficult to change. It was intended to be.

It is so difficult to change it requires a simple majority in 4 of the states (out of 6), and an absolute majority (carried by 50 plus %).

Starting all over without the British input of the late 1890’s makes sense. Every governor in 1890 was a British appointment rather than a local appointment ratified in Whitehall.

Back then NSW and Vic were dominant, and their economic interest should not be preferenced over the majority of land (the population minority) ie WA, SA, QLD and Tas. Not to forget the territories (Below – listed as other).

A table of House of Representative divisions by state and suburban v rural number 2013.

Capital City & Suburban Regional Rural Total
NSW 26 8 14 48
Victoria 21 8 8 37
Queensland 10 13 7 30
Western Australia 9 4 2 15
South Australia 7 2 2 11
Tasmania 1 0 4 5
Other 3 1 4
77 35 38 150

NB The Federal division of Berowra includes parts of Sydney’s Hills District, Dural, Arcadia up to Wiseman’s Ferry. It is included as regional but would also fit equally as suburban. You might consider NSW has 26.5 suburban seats, Similar occurs in other locales. Adelaide’s North.

NSW plus QLD plus Vic (the Eastern seaboard) are 70% of the numbers in the House of Representatives (represented by population, rather than landmass) in 2013, hence the senate being an equalising factor (the house of the States), hence also the requirement for a majority of States required to change the constitution – to protect the minorities.
Of much more consideration in this analysis is State Borders. Do they rationally represent economic interest of the economic zones? What do the States mean? Do the mines (and primary production) of WA, SA, Qld and NT carry Vic and NSW? This disparity in population also occurs within in NSW and Vic.

The simple answer is the states are a throwback to Colonial times. In NSW, Farrer, Parkes and Riverina represent the western plains (vast landmass sparsely populated – sheep and wheat), New England, Hunter, Calare and Hume the western slopes (gradually more populated, more densely populated), Eden Monaro both western slopes and coastal, and Richmond, Page, Cowper, Lyne, Paterson and Gilmore the coastal divisions. In the above table they are listed as Rural. Each has a distinct personality. Coastal has more senior citizens. Coastal tends to include dairy and fishing.

You can’t put the seat of Richmond in NSW on the Queensland border in the same breath as the seat of Eden Monaro on the Victorian Border. Richmond is tourism and retirement closer to the logics of Gold Coast, yet Eden Monaro represents diary, fishing and a rather different socio demographic (cheese and logging). In Local Government Eden Monaro becomes Bega Valley, Euro – Bodalla Shire, Cooma Monaro and Bombala and a bit more. The two coastal areas of Bega and Euro Bodalla have more in common than the two more alpine regions.

Based on that reasoning – of course Local government must be given greater weight in the constitution. Direct economic thought , determination and policy or sovereignty. Maybe that is and should be through department of fisheries or water conservation or whatever? The Snowy Mountains scheme starts in Eden Monaro. Does Macquarie Street in Sydney truly capture their economic interests? Who really looks after the interests of the greater Murray Darling and Riverina region when it crosses into Victoria and SA actually starting in Qld?

When you move into Sydney the debate alters. The NSW government wants to create about 10 Super Councils to cover Sydney more akin to what has developed in Brisbane. That means councils of up to 600,000 constituents. In the original (older) Sydney suburbs you have councils with a constituency of 40,000 electors. In the growth areas you have large councils like Sutherland Shire, Baulkham Hills, Blacktown, Liverpool, Campbelltown or Hornsby while in the St George parish you have Rockdale, Kogarah and Hurstville Councils.

Why wouldn’t you merge Waverley and Randwick? We are currently (as always) considering sacking Ryde City Council and appointing an administrator. If it is not Ryde, then it is Randwick, or Burwood or Liverpool and so on. Corruption is endemic. See my post:


Where is Ryde City? Where is Rockdale City? Or Randwick City?

Blacktown City might be considered a satellite city of Sydney or Parramatta. Campbelltown and Liverpool are satellites.

But how many councils are there in greater Parramatta? There is Holroyd, Prospect, Auburn, Baulkham Hills and so it goes.

In the NSW Police Local Area Command structure Waverley, Bondi, Randwick and Mascot are all deemed Eastern Beaches LAC. Similarly, Marrickville, Ashfield, Lewisham, Burwood, Strathfield, Flemington and Auburn are all deemed Flemington LAC. 5 (possibly 6) Local Council areas.

In Sydney councils administer town planning, garbage collection, civic centres including libraries and that is about it. Town Planning and Development applications are the real grist. Are they really integrated, or too easily corrupted?

I truly belief that real reform would be Federal divisions are also local councils. One and the same. The division of Cook is basically the Sutherland Shire. The division of Eden Monaro would be The Sapphire Coast Ward, (Bega council), The Euro Bodalla Ward (Euro Bodalla Shire Council), The Cooma Ward (Cooma Monaro Council) and the Snowy Ward (Bombala Shire). It then follows that Reid would be Drummoyne, Five Dock, part of Burwood, Strathfield, Concord and Auburn. It’s mayor would also be its MHR in Canberra. Its Mayor and deputy mayor would be their MLA’s in Macquarie St. They would sit in Canberra for about 40 days per year, working on the macro level. They would sit in Macquarie Street similarly for about 40 days per year, to discuss more regional issues. Policing, health and education. They would sit fortnightly at Local level, Town Planning, chamber of commerce, local infrastructure, parking etc. Routine DA’s would be routinely passed. Only disputed application would go to council. Other Councillors would always be available. The administration would be the council. The General Manager (or CEO) will be appointed by the council just like in the corporate world, the Board of Directors appoints the CEO.

Would this work in the NT seat of Lingiari? In 2010 only 46,409 votes were cast in Lingiari. That part would need special and extra consideration but it is not that different to some others like, Farrer, Kennedy, Durack, O’Connor and Maranoa by way of land mass, Leichhardt by way of remoteness and islands.

It won’t happen because it will destroy the traditional parties. Elections would be truly reformed. You vote for 5 councillors in your ward. They select the Mayor, and the Deputy Mayor. You simultaneously elect State MLC’s and Federal Senators. The gate keepers – the houses of review. NSW MLC’s could be weighted to fix disparity of urban v rural. (Qld does not have an upper house at State Level).

Without getting too lost on what I believe, what is the real question we are being asked to address come election day. Recognising Local Council? What does that mean?

The lack of clarity or specificity of the question, means that like all history precedent, this plebiscite too will fail. When in doubt, just say no.

What is bi partisan support? Why is funding so heavily weighted towards the Yes campaign?

From our last plebiscite – What is a constitutional monarchy? We are not Britain.

Does a democracy need a president? Do you mean a Republic? Australia is a democracy with a vice regal who is essentially ceremonial. Most Mayors in NSW are purely ceremonial.

Why is corruption on council so endemic? Why is corruption in politics so endemic?

Politics is confusing. Politicians don’t help. Politicians are the problem, they obfuscate and create the crisis. Most tend to believe it is out of self interest.

Believing in sanity is itself insanity.

The very thought of redressing the indigenous issue in the constitution makes my head spin. In the movie Lincoln much of the story was about enacting the 13th amendment of the United States constitution to outlaw slavery. It was a very deep issue. The movie is thought provoking. Was Abe Lincoln sending America’s sons to their slaughter (mass genocide) to abolish slavery? Or what is “The Amendment”?

Should any changes in future to Australia’s constitution be the 1st Amendment and so on? Might it give some greater understanding, specificity or accountability?

Believing in sanity is itself insanity!

The following is it is a different perspective on glass half full We are the World!

When thousands and thousands of people around the earth are celebrating, singing, dancing, ecstatic, drunk with the divine, there is no possibility of any global suicide.

With such festivity and with such laughter, with such sanctity and health, with such naturalness and spontaneity, how can there be war?….

Life has been given to you to create, and to rejoice, and to celebrate. When you cry and weep, when you are miserable, you are alone. When you celebrate, the whole existence participates with you.

Only in Celebration do we meet the ultimate, the eternal. Only in celebration do we go beyond the circle of birth and death.

I Celebrate Myself. Osho Chapter 4.


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EYE-BALL’s ‘Herman’ …


EYE-BALL’s Herman on – Gone – Ski Part II (Gone is Gonski)

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Gone – Ski Part II (Gone is Gonski)
| Author: EYE-BALL’s Herman O’Hermitage | 5th July 2013 |
In the last week, much has unfolded. Simon Crean has announced his retirement, so has Greg Combet, Stephen Smith has taken as respectable a retirement as circumstances will allow. Federal ALP has intervened in the NSW State branch. Dead wood is being pruned. Backyard blitz takes on a new meaning.

The makeover is starting to take shape. Tony Burke attempted to resign, and his resignation was not accepted. Tanya Plibersek is still Minister for Health. Jenny Macklin is still there and ministerial positions are musical chairs (deck chairs on the Titanic). Can these weeds be realistically controlled or made useful?

What really matters is policy, and why do we forgive them now? They created this mess so why should we believe they will really fix it, can fix it.

For a start, this parliament has only run it’s course through the support of amongst others Craig Thomson. Had Thomson been forced to vacate his seat 18 months ago at a by election Dobell would have gone Coalition. Therefore Tony Abbott would be PM today. Windsor and Oakeshott both former Nationals but now independent have played their part. They are both not contesting their seats and that means a notional 76 (tiny majority) to Coalition as things stand.

Then comes the question why did Rudd not challenge sooner?

If Rudd had have stood last March, he would have had 3 months more to turn things around. As policies change, why did he leave it until there was no apparent parliamentary sittings to debate these shifts in policy. It is left to journalists to get admissions of culpability over matters like the shift in immigration?

Why is Rudd scared of the opposition on the parliamentary floor?

He keeps taunting Abbott with debate me on Prime Time TV. Abbott is saying I won’t play the game. But at some stage he needs to play the game. He needs to give the electorate time to develop belief in the team he leads.

To find any rationality in all that is now upon us we have to go back further in recent history. Exactly how Rudd was overthrown in June 2010 and what were the real motives and who were the real players?

When Rudd and Gillard first came together as a leadership team, both were considered young and neither more chance. Rudd was prepared to serve under Gillard but Rudd was the better spokesperson. The ALP was desperate to end the Howard reign. Rudd had no factional allegiances, and Gillard was all things to all people. Rudd due to his diplomatic background won over.

Roll on to November 2007, they did the unbelievable, they won. Queensland turned a narrow victory into a massive one because for the 1st time there was a Qld Prime Minister. A golden period ensued. Costello retired. Howard was defeated in his own seat. Some was attributable to Workchoices other decisions were just human frailty.

Brendan Nelson was anointed Liberal leader. He said he would have a go. There was no heir apparent beyond Costello. There was Kyoto and Sorry and Rudd was walking on water, metaphorically. Nelson called a leadership contest, he was happy to get out. The Liberal party’s electoral stocks were atrocious.

The leadership was given to Turnbull. He wasn’t ready. Then came Godwin Grech and Utegate. Turnbull had no traction. Then came Carbon Tax and Copenhagen. Abbott took over, in a contest that included Hockey. The Liberal party was happy with 2nd best.

After Copenhagen Rudd was petulant. He spat the dummy.

The fools got in the way. Rudd dropped Carbon Tax cold and switched to a mining super profits tax.  Some virtual unknown announced the coup on ABC TV by the name of Paul Howes, of the AWU. By the time that was decided Rudd was the first 1st term prime minister knifed by his own party. Gillard spoke of a good government who had lost their way.

Australia was in shock. Leaks were everywhere. All scuttlebutt. What was the truth? Arbib according to Wikileaks had been informing Washington what was really happening. Shorten and Howes were spokespersons. Richardson claimed a part, and implicated the Victorian right. All was based on gossip and leaks. The ALP went ever so close to losing the unlosable election. Gillard formed a minority government. Abbott had brought the Coalition back from the grave. Gillard show her real chameleon persona, she was simply do what it takes. In her words “the Little Doer” in public perception, power is everything. Australia gave her a very good go. Abbott acted as if he was just waiting for government to fall to the Coalition. The broken promise on Carbon Tax was just the beginning. The Coalition played it like a broken record.

The shambles that parlayed from there on in was just too hard to believe. HSU, Slipper, more broken promises, parliamentary salary increases, a budget surplus set in stone, oops an $18bn deficit, Eddie Obeid. When it was first announced on Christmas Eve that the guaranteed surplus was abandoned, because jobs matter, the death knoll had rung for the last time. Maybe not, maybe it was the NSW ICAC enquiries into Tripodi, Obeid and McDonald. Nothing will save the Gillard government. Don’t put away that gong too fast. The death knolls just get louder.

By the May Budget there was a massive disconnect. Coming from Caucus was this nonsense of a j curve. Sell our positive agenda, harp on about the Coalition negative agenda. But no one is listening.

The ALP needed desperately a circuit breaker. The only one was Rudd. Rudd the Dud according to prominent front benchers. They lined up to tell us what a dud he was in 2012. Those who spoke most freely and at length are all gone now. Those that spoke less candidly, knowing how foolish they looked, have survived, just.

Gillard had to find a way out, the ALP had to find a face saving exit. Shorten switches to the Rudd forces.

Was Rudd guaranteed an open mandate to fix the underlying issues? Please be clear on what issues.

We now wait.

Intervention in NSW ALP. ASIC claims the banks are gauging on term deposit rollover rates.

Hang on ASIC is a government agency but they have been silent for far too many years on the banks not passing on full interest rate cuts. Why is that pitched at the retiree sector rather than the mortgagee belt? Where is Glenn Stevens and the RBA or APRA. Oh investments! Australian Securities and Investments Commission!

So Rudd has got a friend, one at ASIC.

Rudd does a flying visit to Indonesia. Carbon tax moving to Emissions Trading System. Nothing is firm, not even the election date. Wow this is much more the opening lines of Macbeth than Act V Scene II.

Bubble, bubble, toil and trouble. Eye of newt & and toe of frog, Wool of bat, and tongue of dog, Adder’s fork, and blind-worm’s sting, Lizard’s leg, and howlet’s wing, For a charm of powerful trouble, Like a hell-broth boil and bubble. Double, double, toil and trouble; Fire burn and cauldron bubble. [Macbeth Act I]

What is left?

A 2nd string (journey man) Coalition leader. One that is easily labelled negative, and having little by way of policy. A closer run race where confusion reigns. He though he was MacDuff, but it was always Rudd, the understudy who was going to play the part.

Where and How will the ALP secure not only seats to counter New England and Lyne, but hold Dobell and Robertson and many many more. I can now believe that some seats like Kingsford Smith will be a stronger majority to the ALP. Garrett has gone. But winning 5 seats is different. Safe seats like Batman or Lalor, Melbourne or maybe even Denison don’t change the scenario.

They won’t. They can’t.

What will happen is that the Coalition will form government and be on the back foot from day 1. The Greens will struggle to win a senate seat but will still be the balance of power in the Upper House. Going for a double dissolution will not achieve anything. They might well lose the lot. Opposition leader Rudd could well be in a position to take back the government benches. No initiative allowing them to expunge the Carbon Tax will be possible. Only waiting until 2016 will see the Greens finished. It will be very difficult for the Coalition to make any significant difference.

The best thing about Shakespeare is that it does have an ending. How surreal!

Believing in sanity is indeed insanity.

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– EYE-BALL MovieZone review – TV Series:
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“Luther” [Pasted from linked Wikipedia reference above …]

Luther is a British psychological crime drama television series starring Idris Elba as the title character Detective Chief Inspector John Luther. A first series of six episodes was broadcast on BBC One from 4 May to 8 June 2010. The second series of four episodes was shown on BBC One in summer 2011. During the Edinburgh TV Festival, BBC One controller Danny Cohen announced there will be a third series. The third series began on 2 July, 2013.

The character of Luther is played by Idris Elba, who won the Golden Globe award for best actor in a miniseries at the 2011 69th Annual Golden Globe Awards in 2012, a year after his nomination in 2011.


John Luther is a Detective Chief Inspector (DCI) working for the Serious Crime Unit in season one, and the new Serious and Serial Crime Unit in season two. A dedicated police officer, Luther is obsessive, possessed, and sometimes dangerous in the violence of his fixations. But Luther has paid a heavy price for his dedication; he has never been able to prevent himself from being consumed by the darkness of the crimes with which he deals. For Luther, the job always comes first. His dedication is a curse and a blessing, both for him and those close to him.

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EYE-BALL MovieZone Review:

“Luther” represents some of the best of UK drama, it is groundbreaking in storylines and takes crime thrillers to new levels. The central character is flawed and is the new way in acknowledging and humanising how law enforcement is portrayed on our TV screens.

Luther – the central character has personal life challenges that he has to juggle with all the drama of his job of chasing down serial killers hell bent on life destruction – it’s a mix that is thoroughly engaging and has you not wanting to wait for the next installment in the continuing story lines.

The best UK TV for a long time. The equal of if not better than “Walking the Dead” and “Wire in the Blood” …

Review Score: … Highly recommend viewing.

EYE-BALL MovieZone Rating: … 8.0/10 …

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EYE-BALL’s Harry’s Growl on – Election 2013 – Growl No: 51 – The US Back Gillard – Poor Call or Poor Form –

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– Election 2013 – Growl No: 51 –
– The US Back Gillard –
– Poor Call or Poor Form –

| Author: EYE-BALL’s Harry’s Growl | 3rd July 2013|

Latest Pickering images – 3 New Cartoons added 3rd July 2013 – see image links to the left.

Astory released today covering the departing US Ambassador, and his heartfelt comments about Julia Gillard and her career post politics says many things.

Either – the US don’t believe the AWU scandal can touch Gillard, or they don’t mind being associated with a former Prime Minister who is a criminal and have their ‘on the record’ comments recorded.

Why would they do that – why would they pledge their continued support and loyalty unless they owed Gillard on some policy decisions she may have made in office that the US owe her for – i.e. US military base in NT with troop deployment for one.

The story was reported by “The Australian” and appears below:

Julia Gillard to remain figure on world stage, says US Ambassador Jeffrey Bleich

| Author: National Times | Date: July 3rd, 2013 | Link to On-Line Story. |

US Ambassador to Australia Jeffrey Bleich has tipped a future on the world stage for Julia Gillard, praising the former prime minister as an “extraordinarily talented and well-respected” person.

“She made a great impression on myself and on President (Barack) Obama and other leaders in the United States,” Mr Bleich said today.

“I know she will continue to play an important role in the US-Australia relationship and continue to be a respected figure on the world stage.”

Mr Bleich could soon be leaving his post as US ambassador with the same Australian prime minister in charge – Kevin Rudd – as when he started his tenure in late 2009.

But he says the US doesn’t cast judgment on the Labor leadership dramas, because both Mr Rudd and Ms Gillard had done nothing but bolster ties with his country.

“We have some pretty funny politics in the US too,” Mr Bleich told reporters at the US embassy today.

“So we don’t throw stones at how other nations choose their leaders and the process in which leadership changes hands.”

Mr Bleich celebrated what could be his last July 4 celebration in Canberra as ambassador today, with his replacement recently nominated by Mr Obama.

John Berry, an openly gay diplomat and close friend of the president, must first be confirmed by the US Senate before the appointment is sealed and he sets off for Canberra.

Mr Bleich said Mr Berry was an outstanding candidate for the diplomatic role who also knew “quite a bit” about Australia.

He said he wasn’t sure when he’d be replaced or what the future held for him.


Ambassador Bleich’s comments on face value seem like any ordinary message by an outgoing Diplomat leaving good will and good cheer for all those left behind.

But in this case – his comments give legitimacy to Gillard’s Leadership when he would be aware she is under a police investigation into a serious fraud.

It is reasonable to accept the US does business with Tyrant style leaders all around the world, past and present, what we don’t expect is for them to treat Australia with such contempt in the face of Gillard’s AWU history, and the fact that the CIA file on Gillard would be as incriminating as the AWU missing files.

The US want Foreign Leaders who support and foster US interest’s – so it is safe to assume that Gillard was a staunch ally of the US – else the CIA file on Gillard would have leaked.

If Gillard is charged, the comments made by the outgoing US Ambassador will mean nothing to most Australian’s, but for those who take these things seriously, it will mean a significant loss of face for the US to have been so supportive of a Leader with a criminal background.

The US are good at their job – we know that much through some of the Wikileaks information revealed in recent years … and more recently the Snowden revelations.

Perhaps Obama’s friendship with Gillard was more than diplomats just bumping into one another or up against one another in the night.

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– The Elephant in the Room –
– Gillard’s Police Investigation –
| Author: EYE-BALL Opinion | 2nd July 2013 |
As a young Nation by World standards, and with a human heritage made up of ‘convict stock’, Australia’s development as a Nation has hinged on our own ability to distinguish right from wrong, to know what is moral and what is immoral, and to make choices that are beyond self-interest.

Our allegiance to the Commonwealth and our Colonial masters taught us much during WWI –  even more during WWII.  We came of age during Vietnam when fostering new allies in America, but still felt the need that we were ‘babes in the woods’ in a globe full of Nations with centuries of history we could only envy.

Political corruption has been a part of our heritage ever since Federation – Corporate and most of how our business growth has fared has also not been without criminal involvement and intent, i.e. Bond, Skase, Spalvins, Elliot, Home a Court, Goward and many other self made men have all added to our colourful past and shown that ‘larrikin’, ‘ockerism’ combined with ‘white collar’ criminality has become our accepted way of life for success.

Rivkin proved that justice is not equal – if you can afford a legal defense, the courts allow you to be treated differently, allow the perception of justice to escape the guilty, and where poverty and the lack of a good legal defense often allows the courts to dispense justice unfairly.

As a Nation we are a long way from being complete and we still struggle with the ‘fair-go’ concept believing that petty untruths and crimes are not all that wrong.  We just act out if we get caught.

How many of us have traced our heritage back and discovered forbearer’s and their reasons for being sent or coming to Australia?

The ‘Elephant’ in the room in recent years has been the Gillard AWU scandal.  It has been an anchor around her credibility ever since she was elevated to Deputy PM.   Mainstream media took the approach to leave it alone – even last night on the ABC’s “Q&A” – the audience did not ask a single question about whether the AWU police investigation was a factor in the reason the ALP caucus took the course of dumping Gillard.

There were no question on whether the poll’s were a reflection of the ‘blog’ campaign to damage Gillard over her criminal past.

Her dumping as Prime Minister now brings forward the opportunity for police investigators to interview Gillard as – ‘the person of interest’ – over her involvement in the AWU fraud – will it happen?

In the six days since Rudd became PM – there has not been a story anywhere in MSM about the police investigation and how it might now proceed other then Mike Smith’s blog comment yesterday.

Reports yesterday about Thompson’s court case and its expected hearings in September, can only hurt the ALP and remind voters of the other corruption scandals that are ongoing – i.e. the Obeid/MacDonald corruption scandal within NSW Labor and the corruption within the Unions, all to be exposed further in coming months if justice is to be served.

All the stories written about the fall of Gillard in recent days, and during her tenure, her association with her criminal past has never been seen nor reported on as the reason for her demise.

As a politician Gillard proved time and time again that she had the goods, that she could spar with the best of them – but for this author, it was her criminal past that prevented acceptance of her in the role as PM.

Hell – if criminals are allowed to become Prime Minister, and spread themselves among our elected MP’s and Senators,  it can only confirm an outsiders view we are still a Nation of convicts, and unable to elect and promote political leaders with a moral code beyond reproach.

The continued tenure as MP’s of Slipper and Thompson, both facing serious fraud charges, and seen as criminals by most is proof enough that we allow and condone a different set of rules for politicians.  They are allowed to hide in full view behind the protection of the Parliament – why is that?

In relative recent times, the case of Senator Mal Colston comes to mind – a corrupt politician allowed to serve and avoid jail time because of a disclosed terminal illness.

Was his parliamentary pension voided as a result of his actions?

A brief extract from Wikipedia about Colston’s political career is posted below: linked here

Role in 1975 constitutional crisis

Colston indirectly played a role in the 1975 Australian constitutional crisis.

On 30 June 1975, Queensland ALP Senator Bertie Milliner died suddenly. The Labor Party nominated Colston to fill the casual vacancy in the Senate. The Constitution provides that a Senate casual vacancy is filled by a person chosen by the relevant state parliament. Although it did not become a constitutional requirement until 1977, it had been long-standing convention that the state parliament choose a person nominated by the departing Senator’s party. However, the Premier of Queensland, Joh Bjelke-Petersen, claimed that Colston was a “dangerous socialist” and refused to appoint him. Officially though, Bjelke-Petersen expressed doubts over Colston’s integrity and instead appointed Albert Field, who was a member of the Labor Party but was staunchly opposed to the policies of the Gough Whitlam Labor government.

The ALP challenged Field’s appointment in the High Court, and he was on leave from the Senate almost from the day of his appointment. This gave the Coalition a greater advantage, and it was therefore a crucial event in the events leading up to the dismissal of the Whitlam government.

Labor Senator

At the ensuing 1975 election, Colston was elected as a Labor senator. He continued to serve in that capacity until 1996.

From 1993 until his retirement from the Senate, he was a joint Father of the Senate, along with Brian Harradine.
Resignation from the Labor Party

After the 1996 election, the Labor Party refused to nominate Colston to become Deputy President of the Senate. In a bid to win him over, the Howard Coalition government offered to support him. Colston resigned from the Labor Party by fax message at 11:30 a.m. on 20 August, and he took his seat as an independent that afternoon. In the evening, he was elected Deputy President, on the nomination of the Coalition. Whilst he opposed the Coalition’s industrial relations package, he voted for the sale of a third of Telstra and some other government initiatives. Colston subsequently sat as a “Queensland First” senator.

Travel allowances scandal

In 1997, Colston was charged by the Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions with 28 charges of defrauding the Commonwealth by allegedly misusing his parliamentary travel allowance. He then revealed that he was suffering from cancer. Prosecution was not pursued after medical opinion was provided that Colston was unlikely to live long enough for a trial to be completed. In the event, he survived for a further six years. He retired from the Senate at the end of his term on 30 June 1999.

Death and estate

Colston died of colon cancer on 23 August 2003. He appointed his wife, Dawn Colston, as executor and trustee of his will, however Dawn died eleven months later, before she had disposed of her husband’s will. Dawn had appointed her brother, Brian McMullen, as executor of her will. The Colstons’ son, Douglas Colston, then initiated legal action against McMullen, claiming he was entitled to half the income of his parents’ estates. The case was ongoing as of September 2011.

What could the ‘income of the parents estates’ relate to – the income from a lump sum parliamentary pension payout perhaps …

Colston escaped justice and remained on the taxpayers payroll until he died.  His wife and now son were and are beneficiaries of his parliamentary pension.

Australia’s apathy to criminal behaviour in our Political Leaders is our own legacy – it will only change when outrage forces a change.

Gillards AWU fraud involvement is such an opportunity and the crime itself and its cover-up involves so many current and past political leaders, it would be the opportunity for our Leaders to draw a line and make an example.

As a Nation we are owed this.  We have to bring this to a head and force the Parliament into change in the way pre-selection of candidates are vetted and is conducted.

Gillard owns her past and she now needs to be made accountable for it.  Her conning of the ALP and the electorate into a – ‘I did nothing wrong’ belief has to be exposed in full view.

Her retiring parliamentary pension entitlement of $200k a year, plus all the perks of being an ex-PM running to near $1 million a year, has to be reviewed if her criminality in the AWU fraud is proven.

Not pursuing this investigation is not an option.

The people who helped promote Gillard to the Leadership role also have a case to answer – they were also AWU Union heavyweights who knew of the fraud yet still promoted Gillard with the knowledge of her involvement.  Bob Carr is involved, Graham Richardson, and many other Labor MP’s, past and present, all have knowledge and yet they stayed silent.

Condoning a criminal past that had someone ‘struck-off’ in legal terms, and to allow them to be elected to serve as the Prime Minister, proves we have not come far from our convict heritage, and we still have a long way to go before we can call ourselves ‘decent and honest’ people.

We are perhaps one of the most tolerant Nations in the world – we can accept anything that has fairness and does not impinge on the way each of us want to live our lives.  Cross that line and deliver us something that has a smell about it, and you can kiss that tolerance goodbye for good.

We are harsh judges when it comes to small things.  The bigger picture stuff is beyond most and we just don’t care as a general rule.  Touch or harm our kids, or try to shake us down and you’ll see a different side to our lay-back yobbo way of life.

When it comes to Politics, everybody gets a fair go and you only get one chance, screw us over or tell us a lie and we don’t forgive.

We are easily sold on a political message until someone else gives us a reason to doubt – very few care enough to get interested and follow Political Parties or their policies.

We are gullible and rely on the media to keep us informed and that trust is always abused.

We just don’t really care, we all know that Politicians lie and are corrupted, the very nature of how our democracy operates breeds deals and trade-offs and that always involves some sort of corruption.  Until we can tell right and wrong when they stare us in the face and be prepared to risk personal safety to defend it, we are no better than our heritage …

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The EYE-BALL Opinion …

EYE-BALL’s Harry’s Growl on – Election 2013 – Growl No: 50 – Rudd’s House of Pain, He must learn that ‘less is more’ –

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– Election 2013 – Growl No: 50 –
– Rudd’s House of Pain –
– He must learn that ‘less is more’ –

| Author: EYE-BALL’s Harry’s Growl | 29th June 2013|

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Rudd’s willingness to grasp what can only be described as a ‘poisoned chalice’, and willing walk into the ALP caucus caldron proves his courage of a sorts … was it ego or does he truly believe he is the messiah, the chosen one to resurrect the flawed ALP?

The 57-45 result represents only a margin of 6 votes – and they all swung on the back of Shorten’s public switch to Rudd.  This is still a divided caucus and Rudd’s task is herculean – is he up to it?

Rudd’s ego is well documented – larger than most in a political sense, and all added to since his inability to deal with his dumping some three years ago.  Given the two days back in the job – has he learnt that ‘less is more’.

The Press Conference:

Rudd’s first extensive Press conference was a wide-ranging affair and tried to cover all topics.  If Rudd should have learnt something for his stint on the backbench, he should have realised that the way to earn Party loyalty is to let your Ministry shine – let them have their moments without being hand-held – let then live and die by their own performance and give the Leader distance.

This was Hawke’s success, strong Ministers with the publics support because they knew their Ministers and their abilities.

At yesterdays press conference, Rudd gave the media a free shot and he again try to prove he is the man.  Rudd’s eagerness to answer questions across a wide range of topics he has been out of the loop on for some time, only gave the media ammunition for their want to pin him to the cross for dumping Gillard.

The media are having a field day with some of the comments he let fly when ‘less would have meant more’.

Paul Kelly penned two stories overnight – when was the last time he did that –  the first titled:  “Kevin Rudd broke every rule in the book” linked in full here – an extract appears below:

KEVIN Rudd’s warning of conflict with Indonesia is a reckless mistake that betrays the sheer depth of Labor’s frustration over its failure to stop the boats.

Rudd broke every rule in the book for dealing with Indonesia. His remarks misread Jakarta, risk the prospects for co-operation and are unwarranted on the basis of Tony Abbott’s turning the boats policy.

Rudd’s injection of possible conflict with Indonesia into his domestic row with Abbott over how to stem boat arrivals is irresponsible for an Australian prime minister.

Even if Abbott’s turning-the-boats stand proves futile it does not justify the over-reach Rudd displayed yesterday at his first media conference as recalled Prime Minister.

This testifies to the incredible political burden Labor has thrust on to Rudd and which he has willingly grabbed.

Rudd’s reference to past conflicts and invoking Konfrontasi during the 1960s, when Australian forces were involved against Indonesia, is extraordinary. Making these remarks just days before Rudd’s anticipated visit to Indonesia for talks with President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono is even more extraordinary … continues

All the media are on heightened alert – after a week of shark feeding and speculation they have the taste of blood with Gillard’s demise and are now focused on their next prey – it is to be Rudd or Abbott – at the moment they see Rudd as most vulnerable and if he survives intact, Abbott will become the target if he can’t make traction against Rudd.

Kelly’s story above is a ‘Himalayan’ molehill – he has taken comments Rudd made in his Press conference yesterday and gone beyond journalistic license. The full transcript of Rudd’s Press conference can be read – here – a sample of the Q&A about which Kelly wrote is produce below:

JOURNALIST: One of the policy issues you’ve had trouble with last time and I don’t think you mentioned so far today is asylum seekers and boats.  Will you be going to Indonesia to see the Indonesian President to discuss it?

And what philosophical position will you have in dealing with the boats?

Will you be trying to for example, will you be saying you’re going to stop the boats or will you be trying to manage them or encourage people to come in a more orderly way under regional processing?

PM: The great thing about this country is we have long believed in a system of orderly migration.

The problem with the current situation is that I really fear that we begin to see some fragmentation for the overall national support for a system of orderly migration in Australia.

That has stood us so well since the days of Arthur Calwell way back in the post-war period.

We actually have to be very attentive to a basic national interest, which is to sustain broad public support for a system of orderly migration.Secondly, on the question of Indonesia, I will be briefed this afternoon by colleagues who’ve been working on the proposed visit to Indonesia and following that briefing, of course, I will announce a decision about going to Jakarta.

I will be speaking with President Yudhoyono sometime after I finish with you good folk here this afternoon in Canberra.

I would also if I went to went to Indonesia be speaking frankly on the much broader questions of our common national security interests.

On top of that, a really big one, which is I am concerned about Mr Abbott’s policy where he says that he can turn the boats back to Indonesia as he states, and when he states now more recently, only when safe; and when the Indonesian Government says they will not accept such a policy.

I’m very concerned about whether if Mr Abbott were to become Prime Minister and continues that rhetoric and that posture and actually tries to translate it into reality, I really wonder whether he’s trying to risk some sort of conflict with Indonesia.

It’s not a good thing.

It’s a really bad thing.

Let me tell you, if you are a student of the Australia/Indonesia relationship which I have been since the days of the late forties until now, there’ve been some pretty tough times in the relationship.

I never want to see that happen again.

A quarter of a billion people live to the north of us.

We have a huge national interest in having a working relationship with them.

On the question of the attitude I bring to bear on asylum seekers, it will be in the national interest, mindful of the need to sustain popular support for the overall integrity of the migration program.

Paul Kelly has gone too far in his critique and reveals he also suffers from the same infected weakness all media have – a want to tear down and embellish.  Kelly’s take on the words Rudd spoke were corkscrewed to suit his story, as opposed to treating them at their face value.

Kelly’s second story was titled: For Kevin Rudd, it’s policies on the run” linked in full here – an extract appears below:

IT is the same smooth Kevin Rudd but this time he is under huge pressures and short of time — hence his blunder about warning of conflict with Indonesia, his floating a plebiscite on same-sex marriage, and his scare that Tony Abbott will mean a “slash and burn” recession.

Politics is now an unpredictable wild ride. Hold on to your seat. The resurrected Rudd is relaxed but obsessed about presenting himself as a reformed man — he talks endlessly about colleagues, cabinet consultations, proper decision-making, considered policy and bringing the country together. This Kevin, unlike the previous Kevin, is no one-man band. That’s his promise.

But if Rudd has any prepared game plan beyond a few long-harboured ideas it is not evident. He is making it up as he goes. For Rudd, it is improvisation on the run and that is high risk. The flaws are now on display; witness his comments about Indonesia.

Rudd is running on his instincts. What are they? We have many signals and lots of clues. He wants to settle down and govern, even for a short time. He regards Julia Gillard’s September 14 election date as untenable. He prefers an election a bit later. There will be no immediate poll.

 Rudd is very keen to attend the G-20 St Petersburg head of government summit in early September and he is right to believe our PM must go. Given the election’s proximity, he flirts with the idea of taking Tony Abbott with him, thereby ensuring the elected PM would be ready to manage the 2014 G-20 meeting in Australia… continues

Once again Kelly is engaged in opinion journalism and inflames the debate beyond the words Rudd spoke … it would appear there is no honeymoon period and the new Government and returning backbenchers can expect fire when ever the opportunity arises.

This was also evidenced in the new Treasurer’s – [Chris Bowen’s] – grilling just hours into the new job.  Why he took the interview request is understandable – but he had to know that he would be asked questions he could not answer given his ‘out of the loop’ backbench position since March.

Leigh Sales from the 7:30 Report did the grilling and Bowen used extraordinary restraint in his responses – he should have given Sales a list of what he would be prepared to talk about given his short time in the new job.

Sales asked questions to try and put Bowen on the spot … see full transcript and video of interview here –  a sample of Sale’s question and Bowen’s responses appears below:

LEIGH SALES: Do you see some areas that do require addressing?

CHRIS BOWEN: Well the policy is in place. It’s working well, despite the fear campaign of the Opposition who said that towns would close down and the economy would grind to a halt. We’ve seen many thousands of jobs created, we’ve seen economic growth continue, we’ve seen emissions fall. So carbon pricing actually works. And the Opposition, who says they have the same targets for reducing emissions has a policy which every expert in the field says will not work.

LEIGH SALES: Is it possible that you would suggest some changes to that policy and take some changes to the election?

CHRIS BOWEN: Well, Leigh, if you’re asking me today on my first day as Treasurer to say that I will never recommend any change to any government policy at any point in the future, well I’m not going to do that.

LEIGH SALES: No, I’m just asking what’s in play.

CHRIS BOWEN: Well, I’m not going to do that. But what I am saying is that our policy is in place. It’s been legislated through a tough process. We got it through the Parliament through a tough process. John Howard tried to – or promised to implement a carbon price. It didn’t happen. Carbon pricing has been very controversial on both sides of the political divide. It’s caused frankly some headaches for leaders of both parties, but it’s now in place and it’s now the policy and law of the land and it’s a good achievement.

LEIGH SALES: Let me ask you about perhaps a more pressing matter, which is the Gonski education reforms. There is a deadline on the table for agreement from the states on that for this Sunday. Is that now off the table?

CHRIS BOWEN: Well, again, I know the Prime Minister is working through the issues and I know he’s looking forward to discussing those issues with various state premiers. This is an important reform, and yes, we have seen some progress, particularly in my home state of New South Wales and South Australia and the ACT.

LEIGH SALES: And just to be clear, do they still have to sign up by Sunday?

CHRIS BOWEN: Well, Leigh, the Prime Minister is obviously looking forward to discussing these issues with the premiers …

LEIGH SALES: What, tomorrow?

CHRIS BOWEN: Well he’s being briefed on a whole range of issues on his – he’s been Prime Minister now for less than a day, Leigh, and I know he’s been taking calls from foreign leaders and he’s also looking forward to meeting the premiers and talking through the issues that are outstanding in terms of implementation of important reforms.

LEIGH SALES: As the Treasurer, do you believe that there’s sufficient accountability built into the current Gonski plan to make sure that the money being spent will improve outcomes?

Once again – ‘less could be more’ – the Ministry don’t owe the Media – the media’s job is to report the news not to try and make the news.

Trying to catch a Minister in a word-trap is the ‘game’ played by all journalist and in the past all Ministers have happily try to make themselves look smarter – how often do they fail?   This is the main reason ALP Ministers were reluctant to give Andrew Bolt of “The Bolt Report” a crack at them.

To be the ALP saviour Rudd has to try to fully transform himself from a media ‘whore’ to a media ‘frugal’ – a ‘Howard Hughes’ example is a bridge too far, but someone like “Dame Edna” would be great – someone with a wit to spoil any reporter with a political agenda.  Someone who can deal with the media and put them in their place if they ask a stupid question.

How often have you cringed when a reporter asked a question beyond the scope of the interview – why is it that the media is allowed to ask a dumb question and the Minister tries to answer the question – why don’t they just say – ‘that’s a stupid question’.  Fry them on camera and allow the people to know that you know when a question is a dumb question.   It may get edited out, but other media outlets will show it to score points … make the media feed on themselves rather than feast on the Government.

Conditioning the media to a ‘less is more’ policy will not be an easy task – passive intimidation works – and the Minister’s must be the one who have the confidence to do it.  First – Rudd must set the example.

Feeding them ‘less scraps’ will go a long way to helping the media learn how to become journalist’s again and immerse themselves in background research necessary to expose real Government corruption and stories that have accountable outcomes.

Given the Obeid revelations during the ICAC hearings – why were journalists not on that story before it was revealed?

The Tony Burke and Stephen Conroy use of the Obeid ski-lodge – who in the media are working on that story and how it came about?

The Torbay involvement with Obeid – surely that is also a story worth covering and getting to the bottom of.   The media have become lazy letting and expecting MP’s do their work for them.

The trouble is that stories like these are beyond the investigative abilities of most of our current journalists – they are all about the career story off the back of some leaked scoop … and their editors encourage this ‘postage stamp’ type story.  To be honest most are only worth scraps … yet they feast on prime meat.

To ensure an ALP survival and an election contest – Rudd and his Ministry have to control the media to suit their own agenda,  give them nothing they can leverage and so build negative coverage – again ‘less is more’.

Ministers and Backbenchers who continue to background the media should be dealt with over their lack of Party loyalty – if a Leader can’t get that condition then the caucus is not as one – and the Leadership flawed …

Ministers and caucus members know this already and in the post Gillard environment,  Rudd can expect to receive the same treatment his supporters did to Gillard.  He has to be aware of this and be on top of it.  Unless this is addressed and Rudd can prove he has changed – the loyalty of the full caucus will always be doubtful.

This MP love affair with the media has created an over-exposure issue for the Government, we want to see and hear less of and about Government – just the rewards of successful good Government.

The eagerness for Ministers and other spokesperson to get air-time to build their own media profile has fed the problem.   Rudd should encourage their media contact in an environment with other Ministers – i.e. the Cabinet holds a weekly or fortnightly Cabinet Press Conference.

This type of media conciliation has been advocated on this site previously without anyone making comment about flaws of such a proposal.  Comment is welcome …

Social media has fed the media cycle – scoop upon scoop and get it out there as fast as you can before someone else gazumps the story.   If they have nothing then it will burn itself out – rather then individual Twitter or Facebook accounts, have Ministerial accounts and all press releases are only put on social media for the public interest, and after given to mainstream media outlets.

Journalists with their secret sources to Ministers and Party politics is a destructive element that makes journalist believe they have a sense of entitlement – MP’s feeding their ego with these types of relationships with journalists contribute to the problem.

You truncate that source and those journalist with inside scoops become obsolete – I’m sure the public would welcome less political speculation and inside stories in lieu of real stories based on facts and public interest.

It is a tough ask for Rudd to shrink from the limelight and let his Ministers shine – the ‘less is more’ policy will work and perhaps stabilise Leadership.

Richo wrote an article this morning that has him convinced that Labor has a chance at the next election – this after a single day of change … read full story here

One of the more serious matters Rudd has to deal with is the Union’s and the ogre of Bill Ludwig.

Rudd has to be seen to doing something about making all Unions more accountable and open with regard to finances and where members funds are being spent.

An area where headway can be made in this area is the process of pre-selection of ALP candidates … opening the pre-selection process and making it more equitable for non-union affiliated candidates would be a start.   This will require an ALP charter and not likely to happen overnight – but statements by union heads to enter into talks about addressing the issue would go some way to allaying concerns.

Imagine Rudd’s current existence and having a nest of vipers in the room with him never knowing when one or several are going to strike.

Plibeseck is someone who advocated herself as a Rudd hater –  there were others but Plibeseck is the only one left who has that feminist persona that never forgives nor forgets … Rudd would do well to sink her somewhere away from the access chamber.

Of the 57 votes he had, less than 40 or so are true Rudd supporters … the rest are that motley crew flip-flopping because they want some one to save their reelection. They are dead weight to Rudd in a real clutch and have proven themselves to be less then faithful, loyal, and deserving of public office.

Rudd has much to do to save the ALP brand and his ‘House of Pain’ is real.

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EYE-BALL’s Herman on – Political Double Speak

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– Political Double Speak –
| Author: EYE-BALL’s Herman O’Hermitage | 28th June 2013 |

hile the dogs may have been called off on Wednesday and tethered or kennelled on Wednesday night, newly installed PM Rudd would do very well to remember what he has been forced to endure during his hiatus.

On Yom Kippur;

Those of the Jewish faith, rarely vote in person on polling day at a polling station. Saturday is their Sabbath. They can and do vote postal, or pre poll. Postal and pre poll numbers grow at every election. In this modern era of communication most people do not understand why voting takes place only on the Saturday, and do not understand why fines are issued when you fail to vote. Many believe getting your name marked off and going to a cardboard screen and using a blunt pencil to mark a valid voting paper is not just archaic it is beyond pre historic. There are so many diverse opinions, it is hard to condense, but those of the Jewish faith routinely vote pre poll or postal. So do many others.

The AEC makes extraordinary accommodations to attempt to uphold compulsory voting. You might find the occasional officer who takes himself just a little too seriously. For every one of those you will also find one equally lackadaisical.

The real reason you intend to re address September 14 as polling day is because you intend to get as much mileage from G20 in Moscow on September 7th as is possible, and ideally you would return from Moscow to conduct the official launch of the ALP election launch thereafter.

Nothing has changed. On September 21 football finals are at fever pitch. September 28 is worse. On October 5th you not only encounter football finals (NRL) but long weekend in NSW (Labour Day) and Sydney spring carnival horse racing. Any date after that means the scheduled sitting of Parliament in late August will proceed due to the fact that the electoral writs have not been issued.

This comes back to going to the polls in August. The electoral writs need 32 (or 33) days. You want to be in Moscow on September 7th and not let Tony Abbott have that honour. If you go in August can you guarantee that? August 3rd means you need to dissolve parliament by July 1st. By Monday you will not be ready. How many weeks do you need to get ready? Hmmm?

We are watching you clearly. We know you and the way you work.

On Electricity, Gas, GST and Carbon Tax.

David Murray said the Carbon Tax was an extremely inefficient tax. I cite him as a respected business leader. I absolutely agree.

Too many have forgotten, that GST was applied to electricity and gas in 2001 while not on water and other domestic services such as rates to address the concept of externalities (pollution). No steps were taken at that time with those revenues to force cleaner energy.

GST applies to domestic and commercial vehicles. In petrol there is double edged sword in the petrol excise.

A small part of domestic budget stress comes from electricity and gas prices. There are other factors. It also manifests in industrial competitiveness. There should be a proper rationalisation.

Tony Abbott has promised to not only remove the carbon tax, but have a white paper on tax reform, and move Deregulation out of Finance and put it into Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet. To say that the coalition does not have clearly elucidated policies is a furphy. It is more than that, it borders on contempt. We are sick and tired of being told what to think.

On the Australian Dollar;

The very core of this issue is the inflation target of the RBA. It is always in the too hard basket.

In the SPC Ardmona v tinned tomatoes dispute, we are now starting to address tariffs and restrictions again. In the J R Simplot talk of closing canneries in Tasmania the issues are similar. It keeps going, education sector decimated (foreign students), tourism at a competitive disadvantage. Shell closing first Clyde then any thoughts over Geelong. Caltex at Kurnell then at Lytton. Ford and more. Bonds closing manufacturing in Australia. Target and Rivers buying in Bangladesh without any conscience. We the consumer not caring nor knowing what we are buying. Labelling.

SPC is owned by Coca-cola. Simplot is American, must I go on.

Why is it mandatory for Australian commercial TV to have local content? That extends to BHP Billiton, or Rio.

Why are we subsidising production of petrol cars when we export so much gas.


Cut the double speak. As a child I always laughed in westerns when apache accused white man of speaking with a forked tongue. We are sick of being the play thing of foreign interests, and government being complicit. Ignorance or apathy or base stupidity.

Why are 2,000,000 Australian not participating in employment sufficiently? They are unemployed, not participating or want more hours.

Basic truth is a very rare commodity. We all must play our part, and our leaders must play their part.

Believing in sanity is indeed insanity.

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