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Page Last Updated – 21st Nov  2012
Bals Like an ElephantHello all – this is a specific page dedicated to presenting Non-Fiction Novel projects I have been working on since early 2009.  They are works in progress and at varying stages of completion.

They all connect with and directly concern the events that took place between 1987-1988 in Sydney Australia.  There are many reasons why it has taken so long for these stories to now found themselves the subject of a semi auto-biography.  The first manuscript written is based on the raw and naked emotion of the Australian Financial Markets through the eyes of the State Building Society (SBS) Treasurer during the period Aug -87 through to Mar – 88.

During this seven month period – which endured the fallout of the Oct 1987 equity crash – the SBS came from obscurity to became the largest trader of Commonwealth Bonds in Australia – and as part of that transition the SBS Treasurer created market folk-law when he pulled off a Sydney Futures Market sting generating A$10’s millions in profits.

This first story is written from the perspective of the SBS Treasurer’s recall of these events, the daily dealing room environment, the extra curricular market activities, and the personal experiences during that period.

It describes in true market terms the graphic function of a ‘dealing room’ environment and inter market exchanges – and lends insight into the committed lifestyle of a fully engaged market trader.

The manuscript has been in final edit phase for some time after having been through several rewrites and continuing edits of those re-writes.  It has been an exhausting struggle to write and recapture the emotion attached to the event the story covers. The discovery one goes through as your memory begins to dictate the words – you begin to see the things that have been hidden for decades.  The true essence of these stories and their recall has allowed the sub-conscious to delve into long hidden demons as to ow it all ended.  This generated a compulsive urge to research further and discover what has long be thought of but never confirmed.   It’s a true story of political intervention, corruption, fraud, and an experience that has no equal in my lifetime.

During the research I discovered the answers to many of the questions that remained unanswered for all those years.  The answers add great value to the story – it has truly been a period of discovery and enlightenment since early 2009 when this first started.

The second manuscript is in 2nd draft mode and is written in a retrospective tense and takes place in 2017 as a Court room drama – and allows for all the research evidence of the 1976-95 period to be presented.   All the implicated parties are named as part of this 2nd story including three past NSW Premiers, NSW Ministers and staff, and Corporate CEO’s who are still part of the Australian Business community today.  It examines and presents their role in what took place – and is meticulously presented via documented evidence and third-party testimony.   The evidence yields to the story.

The first Chapter of this Book 2 and yet untitled Manuscript can be read via the link here.

As a preamble to the completion of this 2nd Book – EYE-BALL ZombieLeaks has presented a 15 Part expose on John O’Neill – Human Evil Exposed – the expose presents all the documents uncovered proving a $75 million FRAUD was committed upon the 270,000 SBS Members.

Click here to go to an INDEX of these post and the documents uploaded …

For ex SBS members and staff – you’ll discover some of the answers to the many questions that remained unanswered for all of the past 25 years.  Those answers add great value to the story.

Novel 1:  © 2012 – “Balls Like an Elephant”:

List of 40 Chapters: Updated 27th Sept 2011 … Links to PDF Files

  1. Link to Prologue & Preamble
  2. Link to Chapter 1: The SBS Appointment
  3. Link to Chapter 2: The SBS Induction
  4. Link to Chapter 3: The SBS Liquidity Portfolio
  5. Link to Chapter 4: The SBS Treasury Limits
  6. Link to Chapter 5: The “DBSM” Luncheon
  7. Link to Chapter 6: The SBS Liquids Portfolio Restructure
  8. Link to Chapter 7: The “FRA” for “FUTURES” Deal
  9. Link to Chapter 8: The Oct ’87 Stock Market Crash
  10. Link to Chapter 9: The “First Boston” Melbourne Cup day Function
  11. Link to Chapter 10: The “2-UP” game
  12. Link to Chapter 11: Nov ’87 – The “Sting” Phase 1
  13. Link to Chapter 12: The “Futures” Research
  14. Link to Chapter 13: The “Broker” Relationships
  15. Link to Chapter 14: Nov ’87 – The “Sting” – Phase 2
  16. Link to Chapter 15: The Christmas ’87 Bonus
  17. Link to Chapter 16: The Sydney Intercontinental Hotel Card Night
  18. Link to Chapter 17: About Rudi Borsky
  19. Link to Chapter 18: The Jan ’88 CGL Bond Tender
  20. Link to Chapter 19: The Hong Kong Trip
  21. Link to Chapter 20: The FIB Luncheon
  22. Link to Chapter 21: The Futures Play
  23. Link to Chapter 22: The FIB Aftermath Breakfast
  24. Link to Chapter 23: The Positional Cleanup
  25. Link to Chapter 24: The Futures Strategy Explained
  26. Link to Chapter 25: The March Countdown Begins
  27. Link to Chapter 26: Trading Diary – 1st – 4th March ’88
  28. Link to Chapter 27: Trading Diary – 7th March ’88
  29. Link to Chapter 28: The SBS Chairman Meeting
  30. Link to Chapter 29: The Penultimate Management Meeting
  31. Link to Chapter 30: A Moment of Reflection
  32. Link to Chapter 31: Trading Diary – 10th March ’88
  33. Link to Chapter 32: Trading Diary – 11th March ’88
  34. Link to Chapter 33: The Penultimate Weekend
  35. Link to Chapter 34: Trading Diary – 14th March ’88
  36. Link to Chapter 35: Trading Diary – 15th March ’88
  37. Link to Chapter 36: The Celebrations
  38. Link to Chapter 37: The DeLorenzos Night
  39. Link to Chapter 38: The In-House SBS Luncheon
  40. Link to Chapter 39: The Treasury Bonus Pool
  41. Link To Chapter 40: The Meltdown Begins

All Chapters of Book 1 completed and uploaded – stay tuned for the next two installments of this story coming soon.  If you have or wish to make a comment or give some feedback – please use this E-Mail link – thanks for your contribution.

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