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EYE-BALL Opinion – The Reasons for our Anger – we are living our own destruction …


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– The Reasons for our Anger –
– we are living our own self-destruction –
| Author: EYE-BALL Opinion | 30th July 2013 |
The  efforts from within our society to fight the injustice and the tyranny by our leaders at Local Council, State and Federal Government levels is a frustrating and lonely road.   Most won’t even think about challenging the problem let alone speak out against it – yet the corruption within our Leader groups is what we most often ponder about.

It also includes how we feel about the private sector and how CEO’s and the like abuse their perks and make bonus’ that sicken the soul when revealed.

It even goes to how we ponder and feel about the outward signs from our neighbours, or the person you sit next to on a train, it is most often about why our own life is not blessed with what others appear to have.

We all know about the increasingly difficult struggle to make ends meet on a day-to-day basis, and that eternal question nags at us – why is it that everybody else seems to be making a better go of it?   The West has nothing to complain about when it comes to poverty and opportunity to better oneself.

The truth is are all in the same mortgage ‘trap’, those who don’t have one want one, and those who have one live every day not knowing whether the next day will be when it all falls apart.   To those I say – take a look at third world Nations and tell yourself you deserve a better, or an easier life.

The western world is asleep and oblivious to the hardships of real live being lived in distant lands.   Yet – western civilisation has lost sight of what life should really be about.  They live their lives day in and day out thinking they are happier and have the joyous rewards yet over time the battle has been lost and now all that remains is the anger at what they have to do to try to find happiness and joy.

The reality is that Western civilisation has lost the ability to enjoy life and the pursuit of financial independence has consume society.  Financial rewards has become the trigger we all think will make our lives happier and filled with joy.

They don’t understand that the more they struggle for it, the more it eludes them.  We are all in a life struggle we don’t really understand and have little awareness of.

The real struggle for life survival is in refugee camps, on the high seas, and amongst the ever increasing homeless … the world is getting darker and soon the lights we turn on at night to make us feel safer will dim, and we will all realise just how asleep we have become to what has really been happening all around us.

Real life and the survival of humanity is being played out in distant lands – out of sight and out of mind.  When it comes to our doorstep we will regret not getting involved.

When our society becomes dependent and at the mercy of military law, we will realise just how wrong we were to allow our Leaders to ‘dip their wicks’ and abuse their responsibilities over the last 50 odd years.

Public service should be about the struggle and want to do public good – not about the decadence and exuberances our Leaders believe they have entitlement to.

In the darkness fast approaching – a lone and despised voice speaks out – one might say a light shines in all that darkness and this voice of reason and accountability might be the voice we should at least listen to – a sample of that message is reproduced below:

Lack of transparency undermines our democracy

| Author: Julian Assange | Date: 25th July 2013 | Link to On-Line Story. |

THE federal parliament has received enormous attention in the past year not because of the eloquence of its debates but because the behaviour in its chambers and in its backrooms has been so Machiavellian that the world has looked on in amazement.

What has been even more disappointing has been the stealth with which our elected representatives have worked together (often across party lines) to pass laws without proper public consultation. In the past month alone Labor and the Coalition have come under fire for agreeing to remove several federal departments from the reach of the Freedom of Information Act.

Commentators argue that Australians are sick of the childish and bullying behaviour in Canberra but I think what Australians are really tired of is the way in which government in all its forms operates behind closed doors.

Whether it is superannuation entitlements for politicians or decisions about who should be prime minister, the doors in Canberra remain closed to the scrutiny of the average Australian.

The results are distrust and scepticism that anything enacted by the federal parliament is genuinely motivated by the wellbeing of all Australians.

According to classic notions of parliamentary government, the legislature imposes accountability on the executive government through legislation and inquiry. The original purpose of a parliamentary system is not only to represent voters but to ensure that the government is held to account for its actions between elections. This sort of accountability has been embarrassingly absent in Australian politics for years.

There is an implied assumption that all MPs should act in the interests of their electorate, but that doesn’t mean they do. The WikiLeaks Party will demand that the policies and legislation debated in the two houses will be the same debate that goes on elsewhere in the building.

One of the first actions of the WikiLeaks Party in the Senate would be to insist that there be full disclosure of the asylum-seeker arrangements with the Papua New Guinea government that Kevin Rudd announced last Friday, including host arrangements; the provision of resources and details of adequate medical and psycho-social health resources and personnel; the construct of the refugee claims review process and of subsequent judicial review; and of the conditions of resettlement for those whose applications are successful. Under the Migration Act 1958, Australia retains an obligation to Australia-bound asylum-seekers it may “transfer” to PNG. Considering PNG’s developing country status, the Australian government must disclose how it will assist PNG to financially support resettled refugees.

WikiLeaks Party’s core values of transparency, accountability and justice are the template against which we will examine any important issues for Australians: tax reform, asylum-seekers, climate-change policy and more. We will not accept legislation or government policy that is based on inaccurate, poorly disclosed or inadequate information. In this way our positions will always reflect fairness, good government policy and practice, and protecting the interests of all Australians.

True parliamentary democracy is a system that facilitates the obligation to dissent. The WikiLeaks Party recognises the need to scrutinise government activity and to defend the legislature against the executive government. We will stand as a constant reminder to MPs and senators that the proper function of the Senate is to be independent of the government of the day, something that has been forgotten in Canberra. The vigour of this scrutiny can be maintained only if the government does not hold a majority in the Senate.

The WikiLeaks Party is a party of investigation and oversight, at one with the Senate’s constitutional ideals. WLP senators will act as agents of independent oversight precisely because we are not a party of government, of factional deals, of big business or of the environmental lobby.

Our senators will seek to ensure that all legislation reflects the WLP values: transparency, accountability and justice.

Putting the WLP in the Senate is the same as putting Australia’s best investigative journalists in the Senate. That is what the dishonest Canberra establishment fears most.

Julian Assange, founder of the WikiLeaks Party, is a federal Senate candidate for Victoria.

Sorry if the intro was a bit graphic – but the despair all around us cannot be disputed.

Whilst new PM Mr Rudd and Opposition would be PM Mr Abbott joust for political gain, positive media coverage, and the hearts and minds of the voters – those who are sceptics and cynics to the future of democracy focus on the greater evils.

An award-winning documentary that is a must watch for everyone titled:

“Decadence Decline of the Western World” linked here – the bit-torrent download link provided here …

… presents a luminous scenario as to why western civilisation has become such a struggle – why the last 50 years our society has given in to the excess of the seven deadly sins, and become the basis for our existence.  Those sins represent the decadence our society now represents and the future holds no bounds for misery and misfortune.

If we are to be brutally honest with ourselves those seven deadly sins have become the norm in how we live our lives … taken over our purpose and the way we live – they are –

All of these exuberances have played their part in the demise of past and historic civilisations, i.e. Greeks, Romans, Egyptians, and the like – and are most of the reasons why the current 300 odd years of our current Western civilisation finds itself in the death throes of a new and historic era change.

The greatest concern is that we have not realised we are the designers and masters of our own destruction.  We alone are responsible – just as Rome became decadent in its last days, so has western civilisation and just as they did in the demise of the Romans – these things always end badly.

Be it the GFC and its ongoing crisis management lurching us further and further toward the abyss, or the doomsday forecasts about climate change and environmental destruction, to the demise and division of a muslim verses christianity holy crusade that has been a backdrop for over 2000 years, the summary is that there is no one, or no group of people who have the answers to fix the problems the world faces today.

It is unfixable given the ego’s involved and the history of conflict that runs so deep within those Nations – Nations that were largely decided in post WWI and WWII carve ups.

The current era of Western civilisation started around the time of America’s discovery – people flooded the new world looking for escape and opportunity.  I ask – where can one now go to do the same thing?  There is nowhere where new frontiers are to be discovered unless we talk of off planet or beneath the oceans.

We are forever stuck and tied to what is about to follow – and that only seems fair given that we are all responsible for the mess we have made.

Please – try to watch the doco via the links provided – it truly will open your eyes …

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The EYE-BALL Opinion …

  1. July 31, 2013 at 9:10 pm

    The 4 posts yesterday resonate within today’s news cycle.

    The post https://bleyzie.wordpress.com/2013/07/30/eye-ball-opinion-eye-balls-mediazone-growl-no-4-australias-media-horde/

    criticizes Murdoch, and then within this post quotes a Murdoch piece from The Australian. I agree absolutely with the article above written by Julian Assange but need to stop short of absolute because it is a Murdoch publication. How can Murdoch be both sinner and saint?

    Bradley Manning has now been convicted.

    The free world has every reason to be skeptical. Julian Assange is in the firing line. Julian Assange needs to get his message out. He will take any path possible. Is the publication in The Australian part of a syndicated News Corp whatever or is this Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde wooing more victims into the sinister imbroglio.

    Meanwhile back at the ranch ICAC has handed down its report on Obeid and McDonald clearing former state treasurer Eric Roozendaal for lack of evidence but recommending the most serious charges be laid against Eddie and Moses Obeid and Ian McDonald in the term of conspiracy to corrupt. In that matter the unnamed whistle blower is a saint. Kate McClymont is also termed as brave to the point of heroic.

    In NSW the ALP stinks. Federal intervention and interviews with former state premier Nathan Rees or current opposition leader John Robertson simply don’t cut the ice. Assurances by Kevin Rudd as to zero tolerance are just words. Kevin Rudd will have faced his date with election judgement way before we will know the outcome of any prosecution against Obeid and McDonald.

    The only way out of any downward spiral is real action. Much more than words or speculation.
    We want to have heroes in white 10 gallon hats. Then we know they are good guys. By that very fact, anyone wearing a black hat (or non white) is bad, or bordering on bad according to shade.

    Alexander Solshenitzen wrote (amongst others) that if we were to corral all evil with a view to extermination there would be a part of each and everyone of us corralled to be exterminated.

    Ian McDonald sold his soul for the price of a whore, according to ICAC. Does that make him the first, a scapegoat, a martyr? I simply say string him up by his thumbs and leave him to starve. Not because he is a scapegoat or a martyr but because of his abuse of his position of trust. But does that mean I might need to be strung up by my thumbs for 5 minutes? Maybe 7 minutes.

    America was built on white 10 gallon hats. Therefore Bradley Manning in his dark military beret must be capable of bad. That is why Julian Assange is abnormally blonde or grey. That proves that he is a good guy. The Grand Jury better not don that black cloth over their horsehair wig or that will prove they are bad if they ever catch up with Julian Assange.

    Rupert Murdoch was ever so close to gaining full control of BSkyB when the phone hacking scandal broke. Over the years since the early 60’s Rupert has won some most audacious plays. He had Channel 10 Sydney, Sydney’s Daily Telegraph, then Channel 0 in Melbourne and Brisbane, then the Times, Herald and Weekly Times, becoming an American citizen and on and on. Why is he so gifted. Get one South Sydney Rabbitohs supporter to talk on Super League. To this day, they hate FOX. About the phone hacking scandal was it a situation slowly simmering away, or was it too exposed by a whistleblower? Rpert as a younger man had very dark hair, bordering on black. That proves it, he must be bad.

    Above Julian writes about lack of transparency. The term transparency is one of those beautiful catch all academic phrases inferring accountable, honest beyond reproach.

    I don’t deny for one milli second that the Federal ALP under Rudd or Gillard was fully accountable, totally honest and without peer. The evidence is overwhelming, even though some might query the use of the term Evidence. Do you mean Hard or Soft Evidence?

    We can stop this downward spiral. Would anyone like to suggest where we start? I still wouldn’t mind partaking in a lynch mob to settle Obeid and McDonald. But before we do we better check the colour of their hats.

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