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EYE-BALL Opinion – Gillard’s Demise – Almost done –


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– Gillard’s Demise –
– Almost done –
| Author: EYE-BALL Opinion | 30th July 2013 |
The  combined efforts by many have helped see the demise of Gillard from our Parliamentary ranks.  Yet – the job is still not done –

For now those who fought for her removal can take a break and feel the satisfaction in their accomplishment.

Ms Gillard has abandoned her Victorian Home and her constituents and is moving herself back to South Australia – already packed and vacated well ahead of her parliamentary responsibilities.  It is so typical of how our democracy is no longer about the people but about the individual.

Can you see a football captain sacked quitting the team … perhaps not the ideal analogy … but the context is relevant.   Gillard was voted to represent the people who lived in her electorate – not to be the PM but to be representative of constituency.  Why has she deserted them and please don’t think that because an election is looming is a legitimate reason.

She will be provided with a parliamentary pension somewhere near $200k+, to go along with additional perks as an ex-PM to fund the rest of her life.

Her criminal past renders her as a person who should not be entitled to live off the public purse.

In the time since Gillard was replaced by Rudd – some 4 weeks ago – the political fortunes of the ALP have responded – another reason to congratulate the efforts over the last 30 odd months to have her removed.

But from this bloggers perspective it was not so much about the ALP v coalition – Gillard had a criminal past all ALP parliamentarians knew about yet they still elevated her to be our PM.   Those who fostered, schemed, lobbied, and voted for her promotion,  now have to deal with their own roles played in her elevation.   This should never have happened and those responsible all have to be made accountable.

There is too much invested in the AWU scandal and if Mr Rudd tries to make it go away, and the same for the Craig Thompson, Peter Slipper, and the Eddie Obeid corruption scandals, he will find his political revival will be short-lived.

Justice has to be served and seen to be served.  Our parliamentary system is constantly rorted by corrupt politician’s greasing their remunerations via expense account billing – all under a sense of entitlement.  It all has to be exposed.

The justice dished out to those who believe in this sense of entitlement has to be the equal of our courts, and more importantly because of the trust invested and extended to our leaders – any wrongdoing should carry harsher penalties.

If the AWU inquiry ‘goes’ away under a Rudd or Abbott Government, then a great injustice will have been served upon the Australian people.


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The EYE-BALL Opinion …

  1. July 31, 2013 at 7:39 am

    Today ICAC will hand down their findings and the Obeid and McDonald shenanigans will change gear. DPP will take several days to assess the report, when blind freddie knows they should be arrested and charged. Steven Hume was arrested and charged last night and on the evidence presented by media. He too claims most of the allegations are false. Both Obeid and McDonald will attempt to claim Apprehended Bias by ICAC against them.

    This comes to Gillard and AWUWRA. Why would young Dad Steven Hume be arrested and charged when Former PM is not being given her day in court to attempt to clear her name once and for all. If she is as innocent as she claims to be, then like any other she should answer the allegations. Why no charges? It is definitely not an issue with statute of limitations.

    This then leads on to the opposition. The fact that they choose to not prosecute Gillard and the unions over AWUWRA is not OK. There is a similar approach to HSU. After it was reported that Tony Abbott repaid flights claimed on expenses while promoting his book it shows that they too have snotty noses. They fear the repercussions of going down the path of electoral funding and self interest.

    The polls suggesting another close run election are very frightening, touching on depressing. More of the same inept, corrupt and self interest government. Why are the opposition so weak?

    Grow some ethics/heart/brains!

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