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EYE-BALL Opinion – The Elephant in the Room – Gillard’s Police Investigation –


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– The Elephant in the Room –
– Gillard’s Police Investigation –
| Author: EYE-BALL Opinion | 2nd July 2013 |
As a young Nation by World standards, and with a human heritage made up of ‘convict stock’, Australia’s development as a Nation has hinged on our own ability to distinguish right from wrong, to know what is moral and what is immoral, and to make choices that are beyond self-interest.

Our allegiance to the Commonwealth and our Colonial masters taught us much during WWI –  even more during WWII.  We came of age during Vietnam when fostering new allies in America, but still felt the need that we were ‘babes in the woods’ in a globe full of Nations with centuries of history we could only envy.

Political corruption has been a part of our heritage ever since Federation – Corporate and most of how our business growth has fared has also not been without criminal involvement and intent, i.e. Bond, Skase, Spalvins, Elliot, Home a Court, Goward and many other self made men have all added to our colourful past and shown that ‘larrikin’, ‘ockerism’ combined with ‘white collar’ criminality has become our accepted way of life for success.

Rivkin proved that justice is not equal – if you can afford a legal defense, the courts allow you to be treated differently, allow the perception of justice to escape the guilty, and where poverty and the lack of a good legal defense often allows the courts to dispense justice unfairly.

As a Nation we are a long way from being complete and we still struggle with the ‘fair-go’ concept believing that petty untruths and crimes are not all that wrong.  We just act out if we get caught.

How many of us have traced our heritage back and discovered forbearer’s and their reasons for being sent or coming to Australia?

The ‘Elephant’ in the room in recent years has been the Gillard AWU scandal.  It has been an anchor around her credibility ever since she was elevated to Deputy PM.   Mainstream media took the approach to leave it alone – even last night on the ABC’s “Q&A” – the audience did not ask a single question about whether the AWU police investigation was a factor in the reason the ALP caucus took the course of dumping Gillard.

There were no question on whether the poll’s were a reflection of the ‘blog’ campaign to damage Gillard over her criminal past.

Her dumping as Prime Minister now brings forward the opportunity for police investigators to interview Gillard as – ‘the person of interest’ – over her involvement in the AWU fraud – will it happen?

In the six days since Rudd became PM – there has not been a story anywhere in MSM about the police investigation and how it might now proceed other then Mike Smith’s blog comment yesterday.

Reports yesterday about Thompson’s court case and its expected hearings in September, can only hurt the ALP and remind voters of the other corruption scandals that are ongoing – i.e. the Obeid/MacDonald corruption scandal within NSW Labor and the corruption within the Unions, all to be exposed further in coming months if justice is to be served.

All the stories written about the fall of Gillard in recent days, and during her tenure, her association with her criminal past has never been seen nor reported on as the reason for her demise.

As a politician Gillard proved time and time again that she had the goods, that she could spar with the best of them – but for this author, it was her criminal past that prevented acceptance of her in the role as PM.

Hell – if criminals are allowed to become Prime Minister, and spread themselves among our elected MP’s and Senators,  it can only confirm an outsiders view we are still a Nation of convicts, and unable to elect and promote political leaders with a moral code beyond reproach.

The continued tenure as MP’s of Slipper and Thompson, both facing serious fraud charges, and seen as criminals by most is proof enough that we allow and condone a different set of rules for politicians.  They are allowed to hide in full view behind the protection of the Parliament – why is that?

In relative recent times, the case of Senator Mal Colston comes to mind – a corrupt politician allowed to serve and avoid jail time because of a disclosed terminal illness.

Was his parliamentary pension voided as a result of his actions?

A brief extract from Wikipedia about Colston’s political career is posted below: linked here

Role in 1975 constitutional crisis

Colston indirectly played a role in the 1975 Australian constitutional crisis.

On 30 June 1975, Queensland ALP Senator Bertie Milliner died suddenly. The Labor Party nominated Colston to fill the casual vacancy in the Senate. The Constitution provides that a Senate casual vacancy is filled by a person chosen by the relevant state parliament. Although it did not become a constitutional requirement until 1977, it had been long-standing convention that the state parliament choose a person nominated by the departing Senator’s party. However, the Premier of Queensland, Joh Bjelke-Petersen, claimed that Colston was a “dangerous socialist” and refused to appoint him. Officially though, Bjelke-Petersen expressed doubts over Colston’s integrity and instead appointed Albert Field, who was a member of the Labor Party but was staunchly opposed to the policies of the Gough Whitlam Labor government.

The ALP challenged Field’s appointment in the High Court, and he was on leave from the Senate almost from the day of his appointment. This gave the Coalition a greater advantage, and it was therefore a crucial event in the events leading up to the dismissal of the Whitlam government.

Labor Senator

At the ensuing 1975 election, Colston was elected as a Labor senator. He continued to serve in that capacity until 1996.

From 1993 until his retirement from the Senate, he was a joint Father of the Senate, along with Brian Harradine.
Resignation from the Labor Party

After the 1996 election, the Labor Party refused to nominate Colston to become Deputy President of the Senate. In a bid to win him over, the Howard Coalition government offered to support him. Colston resigned from the Labor Party by fax message at 11:30 a.m. on 20 August, and he took his seat as an independent that afternoon. In the evening, he was elected Deputy President, on the nomination of the Coalition. Whilst he opposed the Coalition’s industrial relations package, he voted for the sale of a third of Telstra and some other government initiatives. Colston subsequently sat as a “Queensland First” senator.

Travel allowances scandal

In 1997, Colston was charged by the Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions with 28 charges of defrauding the Commonwealth by allegedly misusing his parliamentary travel allowance. He then revealed that he was suffering from cancer. Prosecution was not pursued after medical opinion was provided that Colston was unlikely to live long enough for a trial to be completed. In the event, he survived for a further six years. He retired from the Senate at the end of his term on 30 June 1999.

Death and estate

Colston died of colon cancer on 23 August 2003. He appointed his wife, Dawn Colston, as executor and trustee of his will, however Dawn died eleven months later, before she had disposed of her husband’s will. Dawn had appointed her brother, Brian McMullen, as executor of her will. The Colstons’ son, Douglas Colston, then initiated legal action against McMullen, claiming he was entitled to half the income of his parents’ estates. The case was ongoing as of September 2011.

What could the ‘income of the parents estates’ relate to – the income from a lump sum parliamentary pension payout perhaps …

Colston escaped justice and remained on the taxpayers payroll until he died.  His wife and now son were and are beneficiaries of his parliamentary pension.

Australia’s apathy to criminal behaviour in our Political Leaders is our own legacy – it will only change when outrage forces a change.

Gillards AWU fraud involvement is such an opportunity and the crime itself and its cover-up involves so many current and past political leaders, it would be the opportunity for our Leaders to draw a line and make an example.

As a Nation we are owed this.  We have to bring this to a head and force the Parliament into change in the way pre-selection of candidates are vetted and is conducted.

Gillard owns her past and she now needs to be made accountable for it.  Her conning of the ALP and the electorate into a – ‘I did nothing wrong’ belief has to be exposed in full view.

Her retiring parliamentary pension entitlement of $200k a year, plus all the perks of being an ex-PM running to near $1 million a year, has to be reviewed if her criminality in the AWU fraud is proven.

Not pursuing this investigation is not an option.

The people who helped promote Gillard to the Leadership role also have a case to answer – they were also AWU Union heavyweights who knew of the fraud yet still promoted Gillard with the knowledge of her involvement.  Bob Carr is involved, Graham Richardson, and many other Labor MP’s, past and present, all have knowledge and yet they stayed silent.

Condoning a criminal past that had someone ‘struck-off’ in legal terms, and to allow them to be elected to serve as the Prime Minister, proves we have not come far from our convict heritage, and we still have a long way to go before we can call ourselves ‘decent and honest’ people.

We are perhaps one of the most tolerant Nations in the world – we can accept anything that has fairness and does not impinge on the way each of us want to live our lives.  Cross that line and deliver us something that has a smell about it, and you can kiss that tolerance goodbye for good.

We are harsh judges when it comes to small things.  The bigger picture stuff is beyond most and we just don’t care as a general rule.  Touch or harm our kids, or try to shake us down and you’ll see a different side to our lay-back yobbo way of life.

When it comes to Politics, everybody gets a fair go and you only get one chance, screw us over or tell us a lie and we don’t forgive.

We are easily sold on a political message until someone else gives us a reason to doubt – very few care enough to get interested and follow Political Parties or their policies.

We are gullible and rely on the media to keep us informed and that trust is always abused.

We just don’t really care, we all know that Politicians lie and are corrupted, the very nature of how our democracy operates breeds deals and trade-offs and that always involves some sort of corruption.  Until we can tell right and wrong when they stare us in the face and be prepared to risk personal safety to defend it, we are no better than our heritage …

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The EYE-BALL Opinion …

  1. barry
    July 2, 2013 at 9:15 am

    Tolerant?? I’d call it bone lazy.

    And that , my friend , is why Australia is in the state it is .

    Many years ago , in Alice Springs, an Asian builder was asked if he was busy , his reply ..” It easy to make money in Australia , Australians spend most of their time in the pub”
    Sort of speaks volumes, don’t you think?

  2. Herman O Hermitage
    July 2, 2013 at 10:30 am

    “Tolerant?? I’d call it bone lazy.” is provocative. generalisations will generally offend. I often speak in apathy and ignorance. What is the proportion of apathy or ignorance?

    Far too many Australians are not political. They do not connect with our concepts of Westminister. Strangely last week Tony Windsor spoke of “who turns up”. There are many who would love to create real conscious choice.

    On the AWUWRA we now depend on Denis Napthine or Colin Barnett prosecuting. It will have political overtones rather than justice about it. Why will the ALP not deal with it properly or the Federal Opposition? Do we need to make the same mistakes we see in foreign capitals on TV? Today the best example is Cairo, or Turkey, or Syria, or Athens or…..? It is all around us. We don’t choose to incite violence, but it is always just one more protest omnipresent. One over zealous protester or one radical police officer. It takes two to start a fight. The greatest revolutions in history have started with a when a force meets an irresistible object. Tensions build slowly. What makes an apathetic or ignorant seeth?

    Australia is slowly building an underclass. Those on the outside looking in. Radicalism is not the way forward. Our middle management are just as self centred as the Asian builder. Our middle management become senior management by not rocking the boat. Apathy is rewarded. Change is progressive or ? (regressive suits my mood)

  3. Barry M
    July 2, 2013 at 10:50 am

    The Gillard/Labor sycophants employed in the tabloid section of NewsLtd and in Fairfax, Sky TV and ABC will stay ‘mum’ on this fraud case. For them to become ‘honest brokers’ of the news that all Australians have a right to know about would expose the unabashed biased approach they have to reporting news. They would make fools of themselves. Has anyone ever seen or heard a journalist apologise for ‘getting it wrong’, their egos do not allow for that to happen. It also proves that the are plain lazy, the documented facts are there for them to see on Smithnews if they took the time to do the research.
    It will be left to the blog sites and possibly The Australian to follow through on the investigation. the only positive that may allow a change is that Gillard is no longer in a position of power that allows her to continue threatening and bullying the lilly livered senior management of the media organisations. They are the people who should be exposed for what they are.
    The Australian public are now in the hands of the Victorian Fraud squad and relying on them to see and get justice done on their behalf.

  4. Barry M
    July 2, 2013 at 10:56 am

    I doubt any politician or political party be it the Coalition, Labor,Greens,Independents will force judicial action. They are all shit scared of their own dirty laundry getting an airing.
    They are more lilly livered than the senior editors and management in the media.

  1. July 2, 2013 at 1:43 pm
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