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EYE-BALL Opinion – After the Fact: Will Gillard escape? Gillards Epitaph: Criminal or Feminist hero –


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– After the Fact: Will Gillard escape? –
– Gillards epitaph: criminal or Feminist hero?  –
| Author: EYE-BALL Opinion | 27th June 2013 |
The ballot result – 57-45 was convincing enough – but came far too late to resurrect true Labor supporters.

The end to end media coverage yesterday got it wrong most of the day in who would be victor, and it was not until Shorten made his statement of support for Rudd 30 minutes or so before the ballot that it became clear Rudd had the numbers.

ABC’s Chris Ulman reported Shorten was trying to get his supporters to vote for Rudd,  whilst he would remain faithful and vote for Gillard as a show of support.  The truth if this is so is that Shorten has cooked himself as the instigator that pulled the trigger on two Prime Ministers just months away from an election – surely his star has faded …

It was reported the Shorten faction gave Shorten a ultimatum – ‘if you want us to vote for Rudd it will only be after you declare publicly that you support Rudd’.   That quite possible was an ultimatum that will crush Shorten’s own ambitions to be Leader.

Shorten and Paul Howes are now due a stoush that could see the AWU splinter asunder …

Today will be a day of the long knives and all done away from the prying eyes of the media and public.

What happens now – Abbott’s game plan will be to attack Rudd basis the commentary offered up by ALP Ministers who dumped on him 18 months ago.

This strategy will be a moving target on both sides – negative campaigns have a way of turning feral on those who engage in it.

If poll momentum builds for Rudd pressure will go on Abbott and he may find himself in a Leadership question given how the Coalition held the table whilst Gillard remained PM.

Indications are that the GG will support Rudd as PM and that will be tested on the floor this afternoon if Abbott wants.  Rudd’s immediate task is to fill his Cabinet under his statement – ‘all is forgiven’ …

Senior Ministers have already quit and already around 4 or 5 have stated they won’t be re-contesting the next election.  There will be more revealed in coming days.  Those already announced – Gillard, Emerson, Garrett, and Roxon.

The morning shows are chock full of accolades for Gillard – and this is the truth about the shallowness of our media – nobody tells it like it is – it’s a soap opera and the key word is ‘entertainment’.

This site has been committed to getting rid of ‘Gillard the criminal’ – and now that she is gone the focus will allow a more reasonable approach to the political agenda.

Gillards fate with her criminal past will still be a focus but me thinks a deal has been done … and that is a greater injustice than Gillard having be promoted to serve as our PM.

All the ‘wake’ commentary this morning is about Gillard’s status as the ‘first female PM’ and how will Australia respond to her being disposed of in the same fashion as she disposed of Rudd, her predecessor, and her successor … such irony …

What will be interesting to see will be if the ‘blogland’ hatred of Gillard will transfer to Rudd … an era has finished and the next few months will decide so much about who we are and where we are headed as a Nation …

The circus continues ….

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