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EYE-BALL Opinion – A Nation held to Ransom – Gillard calls another spill and so the circus continues –


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– A Nation held to Ransom –
– Gillard calls another spill and so the circus continues –
| Author: EYE-BALL Opinion | 26th June 2013 |
All day the News cycle has been on repeat over an impending Rudd challenge.This coverage is only ever repeated 2-3 times a year – Melbourne Cup and Footy grand finals.  Even tonight’s State of Origin is pushed to the bleachers as the media become consumed by the possible, as opposed to the ponderable.

What will it mean if Rudd is successful – what can he hope to achieve or is there a third ‘dark-horse’ in the contest.

Gillard has placed a condition on the spill – that the loser should immediately resign from politics.  That has upped the anti … and Gillard has placed herself into the hands of the very people who promoted her – and a prison sentence s a possible reward if she is forced to comply with her ‘leave politics immediately’ condition.

To take that stance and lay her career on the line for the second time would suggest  Gillard still has a trick or two still up her sleeve …we’ll know in a few hours what her fate will be …

As for Rudd – who cares … he will be PM of nothing and will become the slaughtered pig at a post election wake for the once powerful ALP.

ALP MP’s and Senators are beholding to their Unions – Union polling  among union members in recent weeks show a significant shift in ALP support if Gillard stays as PM.  Under Rudd the poll results show an 18% increase in support.

This is the only media game in town and it is all about nothing – desperate parliamentarian’s wanting the media cycle for what???

What is being served up as Governance of a Nation is an embarrassment and has been for all of Gillard’s term as PM.  It now draws to a close in the face of what is possibly the worst political crisis this Nation has faced since the Whitlam dismissal.

What is obvious is that the Leadership ego’s within the ALP, and the Union ‘kingmakers’ don’t blink in situations like this – the caucus members are the ‘blinkers’ … blokes to the right, sheila’s to the left type of stuff …

Whatever the outcome tonight the ALP as a political force will have b een damaged forever.  New party’s like based around Katter, Palmer, and Wikileaks founder Assange will carry a lot of support in the upcoming election.  Not so much because they’ve earned it but because people are fed up with the way our democracy works …

The 7:00pm ballot tonight will run into the State of Origin prelude and make tonight’s all important game lesser then it could be.

Why do politicians think they are above the Nation’s interest – tonight of all nights – no NSW or QLD footy fan give a stuff about politics on a night like this … particularly when Gillard is already in a ‘slow-cooker’ and Rudd if he wins, will join her.

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